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Greek life 







Epitome 2003 

33 CoppEE Drive 
Bethlehem, Pa 18015 








:' » 

:'p- •< 


As we graduate, it is easy to reflect on our undergraduate years spent at Lehigh. 
Looking back, we often wonder how we managed to make it through; what 
characteristics helped to shape us into the men and women we were when we walked 
down the aisle at Goodman Stadium on May 1 9, 2003? 

During our time here, we were faced with a wide array of challenges: four o'clock 
quizzes, term papers, relationship problems, or simply trying to walk back home after 
a Saturday night on the Hill. But as Lehigh students, we faced all of these challenges 
head on. When we first received that letter of acceptance in the mail, it was because 
the university recognized that we could and would SUCCEED. By graduating, we proved 
this correct. 

In one way or another, all of us had our moment in the SPOTLIGHT. Some of us were 
star athletes, andsome were star students. For others, this moment in the spotlight may 
have been attained by performing in a play at Zoellner or simply by participating in 
a student organization on campus. We may have been recognized tor our accomplish- 
ments, and even if we weren't, we could be satisfied knowing we were able to make a 
DIFFERENCE in one way or another. 


After living under the security of our parents for most of our lives, we found ourselves 

thrust into a new, sometimes uncomfortable environment. But soon after we 
anxiously waved good-bye to our parents during freshmen move-in, we had to learn 
how to SURVIVE on our own and get along with the people with whom we'd be sharing 
our triumphs and tragedies, our music and bad habits, our bathrooms and study 
lounges. In doing this, we learned how to BUILD A house, first in our fteshmen dorms, 
then in our fraternities, sororities or oft-campus houses. 

Through all of the ups and downs that college lile presented us with, whether in 
the classroom, on the athletic field, or in our personal lives, we all managed to 
persevere. With graduation now behind us, it is time to move ahead, but in doing 
so, we should remember what it took to make us Lehigh students. We hope that 
this book will do just that, for many of these same characteristics will help us 
throushout life. 


-^ - 






Section Editors: Rachel Goodman and Risha Meht" 





ome may say that the spotlight 
shines only on those people who have 
the biggest smiles, the best attitudes 
and are at the center of attention. 
While this may be true for Broadway 
musicals and movies, the Features sec- 
tion is an eclectic mix of what it takes 
to be a Lehigh student. Numerous 
events, including Halloween, Family 
Weekend and Greek Week, are special 
to students. However, the spotlight is 
on the Lehigh communirs' and what it 
takes to celebrate, commemorate and 
raise monev as a group. These numer- 
ous experiences that we share with 
friends will continue to be part of our 
lives for vears to come. 

A true friend is 
the most 
precious of all 
possessions and 
the one we take 
the least 
thought about 

— La Rochefoucauld 


Right: Freshmen 

carry boxes, 

bins and cartons 

from the distant 

parking lot, up 

the stairs, down 

the hallway and 

into their new 

rooms. This 

tedious process 

makes many 

freshmen wish 

they hadn't 

brought so 


Above: The university always provides a 
free lunch to freshmen and their parents 
on move-in day. Some freshmen enjoy 
the food while sitting on the Universit/ 
Center lawn. Right: The first stop on 
move-in day is Alumni Memorial, where 
freshmen pick up their keys and ID card. 
Far right: A freshman and her parents 
review the information in the welcome 



^ ^■'-^^^^fl^^^l^^VZ^^B 

Freshmen have many important tasks to 
do in their first days at Lehigh, including 
setting up their e-mail accounts at 
Linderman Library. 


Freshmen lug furniture up many flights of 
steps in the sweltering heat. It always 
feels like the warmest day of the year is 
freshmen move-in. 

Each year Freshmen ConvuLaiiun i-, nt^id 
in Packer Chapel. The new class hears 
speeches made by many prominent mem- 
bers of the Lehigh community. 

a time for new 


Freshmen Move-In 

Entering college brought freedom, anxiety and excitement to the members of 
the Class of 2006. On August 23, the new freshmen poured onto the campus 
en masse. Many volunteers helped freshmen lug suitcases, computers, boxes 
and more into the dorms — many times the items were lugged right back out 
of the dorm and into the vans when the freshmen realized that thev would not 
fit into their rooms. The freshmen spent their first weekend on campus bonding 
with Gryphons, hall-mates and roommates. The same night that the freshmen 
arrived, the hypnotist, Tom DeLuca, visited the campus and left the new 
freshmen laughing so hard that they were rolling in the 
aisles of Lower Grace. Then it was off to the psychic fair 
in the Moonlight Cafe at Lamberton for many freshmen. 
For the rest of the weekend, freshmen were kept busy 
with karaoke, the freshmen rally, freshmen convocation 
and orientation meetings. The Hill was closed to freshmen 
for the first two weeks of classes, so they had to find 
entertainment elsewhere. To help the freshmen adjust to 
college life, many upperclassmen volunteered to lead orientation groups. 
Orientation sessions gave freshmen an overview of the campus and student life. 
The annual freshmen rally brought the members of the Class of 1 956 back onto 
campus to adopt the Class of 2006. The Class of 2006 was so excited to be 
adopted by the Class of 1956 that they accidentally broke the new 2006 flag! 
Many freshmen got a head start on college life by participating in one of the 
many trips or activities the week before classes started. These experiences 
included the outdoor experience trip, the volunteer experience and band camp 
with the Marching 97. These activities allowed many freshmen to start college 
with many good friends and warm memories. The Class of 2006 had a busy start 
to their Lehigh career. * 

Above: Friends sit bacl< and relax in their 
car before the game starts. Right; Stu- 
dents walk around tailgates, finding friends 
and familiar faces. Far right: Some fans 
get very excited for tailgates and the 


A Lehigh student and his deer pose for a Thetruespiritof tailgates comes out with Lehigh students enjoy bringmy ; -ir 

picture during tailgates. friends entertaining and amusing thenn- real and fake pets. This student brings his 

selves on Goodman Field. dog to tailgates. 

a time for 


Tail g;ates 

Each fall, students look forward to home football games. While the games are 
exciting and engrossing, many students also await the prcgame festivities. The 
banging of pots and pans can be heard throughout residence halls while Boones 
and Bagels, along with Sunrise Cocktails, dominates the Greek and off-campus 


scene.This culminates with more festivities on Goodman \^ 

Campus. Fraternities show up in trucks filled with grills, 

couches, music and much more to ensure a full tailgate 

experience. As students walk around tailgates, seniors 

lament on their last year of tailgates as freshmen anticipate and engage in a 

Lehigh pastime enjoyed by many. Unfortunately, a torrential downpour 

dampened the atmosphere of the last tailgate of the year. However, this did not 

stop students from venturing onto the field of Goodman Campus. Students at 

Lehigh will never allow inclement weather to ruin their college experiences. * 

Right: Students bow their heads 
in a moment of silence during a 
candlelight vigil. Far right: In 
Packer Chapel, the American flag 
stands as a symbol of freedom 
and unity. Below: Members of the 
ROTC march down the aisle of 
Packer Chapel for the anniversary 
of the September 11 attacks. 

Right: Students 

recite hymns 

during the 

ceremony held at 

Packer Chapel to 

mark the first 

anniversary of the 

September 1 ; 

terrorist attacks. 




a time to 


September 11 

More than a year ago, the tenth day of September was just another day of 

success, failure, peace and violence for America and rhc world. The morning of 
the next day changed everything. September 1 1 , 2001 will Forever be remem- 
bered as a horrid day of tragedy. On the anniversary of this date, I.chigh faculty, 
staff and students came together to remember those who lost their lives and 
those whose heroism saved lives when the world as we knew it seemed to be 
threatened. The dav of remembrance started with each 
classroom observing five moments of silence in honor of 
those who died on September 1 1 and everyone else 
whose lives have been taken by terrorist acts. In the 
afternoon a memorial ceremony was observed to re- 
member and pray for the victims of 9-1 1 . During the 
evening on this day oi remembrance, something special happened. Hundreds 
of students, faculrv' and staff came together for a candlelight march that started 
at the Newman Center and ended at Packer Memorial Chapel. Silence was 
observed durina; the march as the Lehieh community walked with lit candles 
in hand. All who walked felt the pain the terrorists brought to America. Some 
may have lost a loved one or a dear friend, and students came to the aid of other 
grieving students to trv to comfort them. The events of September 1 1 were 
devastating and terrible, bur in the midst of this horror, people around the 
country have come together in iniir\' for a common cause. Lehigh is an 
extension of this unirv and is proud to have such a strong communit}' with 
support and pride. * 

Freshmen Brandy Gottlieb, Becky Hiro, Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity memtjers hold Lehigh's Marching 97 forms the letters 

Lauren Barton and Linda Hendhxson stand a three-on-three t)asketball tournament "USA" on the football field. 

at the front of a proud group of Americans as a September 11 fund-raiser. 

and Richards House residents. I9*' 


Below: The festivities were marked by bal- 
loons throughout Campus Square and the 
entire campus. Right: Students and members 
of the Bethlehem community gather for the 
opening of the Square. 





Above: The Lehigh 

community enjoys 

streamers and 

confetti as the 

Square officially 

opens. Right: 

Students, faculty 

and guests 

continue the 

celebration in the 

Alumni Memoria 





r ^ J 


President Farnngton delivers a speech to The music of the Main Street Blues reso- The crowd listens as Bethlehem Mayor 
the guests. nates throughout the Square. Don Cunningham speaks. 

a time for opening 


Founder's Day 

Founder's Day commemorated the 107th hirthday of Lehigh. Heavy rain did 
not interrupt the planned festivities, as many gathered in Packer Chapel to 
recognize leaders throughout the university and listen to the harmonious 
melodies of the Lehigh Choir. Not only did this Founder's Day commemorate 
Asa Packer's establishment of the universit)', it also 
marked the official opening of Campus Square. During 
a Saturday morning celebration, President Gregory 
Farrington and Bethlehem Mayor Don Cunningham cut 
die ribbon diat officially opened the Square. Prizes were given out by die businesses 
in the Square, and tours of the newly finished apartments were offered. The main 
purpose of the huge opening ceremony was to promote C^ampus Square to both 
students and die community. This marked an ongoing effort to better-integrate die 
city of Bethlehem with Lehigh. Founder's Day commemorated two major events 
in the universit\''s histon': the birth of Lehigh, .ilong with its future. - 


Above: A student and his family display 
their Lehigh pride. Right: An extended 
Lehigh family enjoys the football game 
while showing some spirit. Far right: 
Lehigh parents like to get in the game 



A student and his parents have fun at the Drum Major Steve Giffin prepares to con- A student and his family are excited about 
reception. duct the marching band and rally the a nice play. 

crowd at the game. 

a time for a 

family visit 

Family Weekend 

Family Weekend is a time tor loved ones to get together and enjo\- Lehigh life. 
What better way to celebrate in the Lehigh tradition than with football. 
Unfortunately, the Hawks fell to Colgate, but everyone 
still enjoyed the game. Fall and football are two ot the 


Mil •■«■«■«• 

had the opportunity to find out why. Veteran visitors ^f^^^t^^ fv^^ V* V' ■'*P'I^'**. 
had fun. Parents, grandparents and students alike gathered to show their 
Lehigh spirit. Many alumni came to show their support, fondly remembering 
their days here as students. After the game, parents were invited to a dinner 
and reception in which President Gregory Farrington met with students 
and their families. Family weekend was a chance to get rid of that nagging 
feeling of loneliness that can occur in the long stretch between Pacing Break 
and Thanksgiving. * 

Right: We have a witch, a prepette and a 
cat. Is this "The Wizard of Oz" or "Caddy 
Shack?" Far right: Officer! Arrest these 
guys, for they l<now not what they wear. 

Above: A group 

of girls poses 

before going 

out to celebrate 


Maybe they'l 

even get a little 

candy the way 

they're dressed. 

Right: This 

group of girls 

from Dravo 

poses before 

their night out. 



a time to trick 

and to treat 


Halloween is a holiday enjoyed by both children and adults who acr like 
children. At Lehigh, everyone from college to grade school students are able to 
participate in the Halloween festivities offered. The first thing that makes 
Halloween at Lehigh interesting is that the campus looks like a stereotypical 
Halloween scene, with Gothic buildings and the crisp fall 
atmosphere. This year, several events were held around the 
campus to mark the holiday. Several fraternities and sorori- 
ties sponsored haunted houses, which aided their efforts to 
raise money for charities. One event in particular made this 
holiday special. The evening before Halloween, children from local elementary 
schools were invited to visit dormitories, fraternities and sororities to partici- 
pate in fun trick-or-treat activities. The event was sponsored by the community 
service organization and the office of Greek affairs. Of course, in addition to 
these community oriented events, there were many Halloween parties to enjoy 
and much fun to be had. ?» 

"Hey Wilma, I found some stale apple Watch out ladies, Jimmy's on the 
juice!" microphone. 

This guy looks perturbed. Perhaps it is 
because he does not know how he's 
going to get his soda through his beak. 


Right: An ROTC member lifts a cheerleader as 
she rallies for Lehigh spirit. ROTC members 
gave the cheerleaders added support through- 
out the season. Below: The LoveStones per- 
form at the indoor bonfire. 

Above: Steve Giffin 

conducts the 

Marching 97 as the 

band plays for the 

South Side 

Boosters and the 

senior football 

players. Right: 

Members of the 

Marching 97 begin 

their trek through 

campus by 

marching outside 

the Zoellner Arts 

Center. Far right: 

Lehigh's dance 

team performs at 

the bonfire. 



' » ■ "''t' ■■ 





^™*J !jM 


M^K w^^ ^ m all 

1 V m 




Pete Matt, Karen Miranda and Sandy Members of the Marching 97 play fight Whether it is at bonfires or parties, Lehigh 
Narowski show their spirit by acting weird, songs from the balcony in Alumni Memo- students have a lot of spirit. 

rial the day before the big game. 

a time to show 

school spirit 

J^ehigh^Lafayette Week 

The Lehigh-Lafayette football rivalry gets many students riled up, especially 
during the week leading up to the big game. The parties get wilder and more 
frequent, and everyone tries to outdo each other in school spirit. The campus 
events this year started on Thursday with the annual Turkey Trot. Students, 
faculty and staff started the race at the corner of Packer Avenue and University 
Drive and ran all the way up the Hill. That evening, the South Side Boosters 
held their annual dinner at the Se-Wy-Co firehouse. At 
the end ol the dinner, football Coach Pete Lembo and 
the senior football players arrived and were greeted by 
the Marching 97, which played fight songs such as, 
"Lehigh will Shine," "Lehigh Fight," and the "Lehigh 
Victory Song." The much anticipated bonfire and 
fireworks display were supposed to be held Thursday night, but unfortunately 
they were rained out and the festivities were moved to Lower Grace. There, live 
music was performed by the cover band, LoveStone, along with appearances 
by the Marching 97, the dance team and the cheerleaders. On Friday, students 
became psyched up for Saturdays big game as the Marching 97 marched 
through classrooms, playing fight songs. The week preceding the Lehigh- 
Lafayette game shows just how much spirit Lehigh students have for their 
alma mater. * 



Right: The Marching 97 urges the 
team on with a rousing fight song. 
Far right: A football player makes a 
great play. Below: These fans don't 
hold back their spirit; they even 
deck out their car in Lehigh garb. 



Right: Quarter- 
back Chad 
Schwenk looks 
to make a pass. 
While the team 
made several 
stellar plays, 
they were 
Lehigh's loss to 

a time for the 

brown and white 

Lehigh-j-yafayette Game 


It takes a major event to get Lehigh students out of their beds before noon 
on a Saturday morning. The nation's oldest college football rivalry, Lehigh- 
Lafayette is one such event. Hours before the game, busloads of Lehigh 
students take the trip to Lafayette to get a jump on the 
tailgates. Barbecue, hot dogs and hamburgers serve as 
breakfast for hundreds of Lehigh and Lafayette 
students as they take part in the pregame festivities. 
Added to the Lehigh team was the Marching 97, the cheerleaders and the 
Mountain Hawk. Despite bitter cold temperatures and bone chilling 
winds, Lehigh students, faculty and alumni ventured to Lafayette College 
to cheer on the team. But all the support wasn't enough to secure a Lehigh 
victory and the Hawks suffered a crippling defeat to the Leopards. Better 
luck next year. ■» 

The Lehigh banner proudly waves over Students and other Lehigh football fans The Lehigh-Lafayette game brings 
a vehicle in a Lafayette parking lot. get tanked up before the game. friends together to celebrate their faith 

in their alma mater. 


Right: Erin McEnerney t3ll<s to representatives 
from Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Many 
local companies, such as Air Products, actively 
recruit at the career fair. Below: A student 
reviews some of the material given to him by 
a company at the fair. 



Members of the Marketing Club solicit Faisal Khan makes valuable contacts at Members of the Asian Cultural Society make 
new members at the fall club fair. the career fair. do with the cramped space at the club fair. 

The fair was held inside due to rain. 

a time to prepare 

for the future 

Career and Club Fairs 

This year's career and club fairs were certainly well attended as always, by 
both students and presenters. At the club fair, which was held on the third floor 
of the University Center, navigation was somewhat difficult due to the sheer 
number of clubs presenting, as well as the vast number of interested students. 
Students, however, seemed to enjoy themselves as they 
discovered new clubs and revisited old favorites. This 
year's career fair went a long way to show students that 
the economy was not as bad as they thought it was. With 
more than 1 1 5 companies in attendance at the Rauch 
Field House, students had plenty of companies to choose from. Although 
most of the companies present were business or engineering firms, there 
was a strong presence of students from the College of Arts and Sciences. 
Overall, a promising experience once more for students throughout the 

universitv. « 


Right: Rachel Goodman tries to learn 
Automata and Formal Grammars by diffu- 
sion. Far right: Greg Silverman helps him- 
self to the many free goodies at Rathbone 
Nights. Below: Dan Miller studies for his 
history exam in the comfort of his own 
living room. 




Right: Seniors 

Justin Woodruff 

and his friends 

enjoy their last 

year of 





a time to 

study hard 


"We all came to college, but we didn't come for knowledge." Unfortunately, 
with the many splendors of tailgates, parties, shows, dances and other campus 
delights comes many hours of grueling over books. At the end of each semester, 
students are ficed with the dreaded finals period. Thankfully, Lehigh understands 
the stress involved with finals. For three nights, students 
can hang out in Rathbone until the wee hours of morning. 
The university provides free hot dogs, bagels, soda and 
Pop Tarts. Students can use this time to take a break from 
studying or to meet friends to study with. In addition to Bone Nights, The 
Fairchild-Martindale Library is open 24 hours for students to pull their 
infamous all-nighters. During finals, Wawa is quite popular with the students. 
With the opening of Jazzman's Cafe this year, students had another place to go 
when they needed a break. Finals can be a very stressful time; thank goodness 
the university is on our side. * 

^ ■ ^*m 

EJ Walsh waits for his study guide to 
finish printing at the Fairchild- 
Martindale Library. 

Patrick Schmid takes a quick nap In the Dave McClelland, Heather Thomson 
library after studying numerical and Lauren Garlett take a break from 

methods for hours. studying to play cards in Rathbone. 


Right: Cripple Billy Claven (Tyler Mossman) 
is engrossed in a book and thinks about 
America in "The Cripple of Inishmaan." Be- 
low: A student performs in the Lehigh Jazz 
Ensemble under the direction of Professor 
Bill Warfield. Far below: Dana Chehansky 
performs in "All The Fall." The show was 
about a radio station's reading of a show on 
the air. 




'■^ k.V«%^ 

'4\ L 

Jessica Brams-Miller and Lou Gruber read Members of the technical crew play on Dan Rank and another cast member look 

something funny in the newspaper during the set of "Oleanna." The play makes the concerned during "Sticks and Bones.""StJcks 

"The Cripple of Inishmaan." audience question what the definition of and Bones" was a student production for 

harassment really is. the theater department's directing course. 

a time to 


Fall at Zoellner Arts Center 

•^^r?v ■■ 

Students at Lehigh enjoy expressing themselves in many different ways. The 
fall season at Zoellner Arts Center was packed with events covering a broad 
range of artistic outlet. From theater and music department productions to 
guest performances, there were plenty of opportunities to watch or participate. 
Theater productions included "All That Fall," directed by Professor Pam 
Pepper, "The Cripple of Inishmaan," directed by Profes- 
sor Augustine Ripa, as well as student-directed plays 
"Oleanna," "Sticks and Bones" and "Agnes of God." The 
fall music series included performances by the Philhar- 
monic Orchestra, which performed "The Tempest and 
Other Tales," the Choral Arts, the Jazz Ensemble, the Band and Combo and 
the Wind Ensemble. Christmas Vespers, a yearly Lehigh tradition, capped the 
events for the fall. As if that wasn't enough, there were plent}' of guest artists 
to enjoy. Smokey Robinson, the Shanghai Ballet, the Australian Dance 
Theater, Stomp and Itzhak Pedman were a few of the performers who passed 
through during the fall season. * 

35 « 






Even though they're being chased by the Students enjoy sledding down the hill by It might work better with the tray under 
abominable snow man, the girl in the Zoellner Arts Center on a food tray taken you.Tocafeteria workers, winter is a time 
middle stops to get a snapshot. from a dining hall. to keep a close eye on food trays. 

a time to 




As the last days of November turn into the first days of December, when the 
temperature decreases and the days become shorter, we start to dream of snow. 
We look forward to racing down the icy slopes of the Pocono Mountains and 
for the possibility of some on-campus sledding on rectangular, orange objects 










normally used to eat meals off of Because recent winters have 
produced little to no snow in the area, good skiing, sledding and 
snowball fighting have merely been pipe dreams. This year, 
however, students dusted off their sleds and fine-tuned their 

throwing accuracy as the winter proved itself capable of producing more snow than 
we knew what to do with. The snow that fell was not only good to create hours of fun, 
but it was sufficient ro provide students with days of uninterrupted entertainment. 
The white stuff from above kept on coming and in the end, students were excused 
from three days of classes. Movies were watched, snow tossed, sleds broken and many 
happy people enjoying their snow days. ?•< 




Left: Students 
trudge through 
'he snow and 
slush in front of 
Packard Lab 
during a freak 
April snowstorm. 

Above: An open window and flying 
person: you do the math. Left: 
Lauren Garlett and Rachel Goodman 
enjoy one of many snow days as they 
return home following an intense 
snowball fight. Far left: First strap on 
the board, then slide down the hill. 

37 « 

Right: Karen Smith gives a tall< on the 
politics of hunger to students in Whitaker 
Lab. The event l<icl<ed off National Eating 
Disorders Awareness Week. Far right; 
Students march from the Mountaintop 
lookout to the flagpole in a Take Back the 
Night march for women. 

Above: Students 
sing soul music at 
Lamberton Ha 
Right: Several 
students were 
given a unique 
opportunity to 
meet with then- 
Iraqi ambassador 
to the U.N., 
Mohammed Al- 
Douri, in Febru- 
ary. A portrait of 
Saddam Hussein 
hangs in the 


a time to 

stand up 

Campus Events 

Students were given many opportunities to take a break from their studies 
and listen to good music, laugh with a comedian, learn how to write a 
resume, or listen to a powerful speaker. University Productions sponsored 
numerous events for students, including an appearance by comedian Colin 
Mochrie. At Lambertons Moonlight Cafe, students could hear Eric fiiman, 
the Slicked Up Nines, Daniel's Prayer and That Fleeting World, just to 
name a few of the artists who performed. The Moon- 
light Cafe did not feature music alone, as poetry 
readings and comedians were also common. At Cam- 
pus Square, Jazzman's Cafe and Pastaficio's sponsored 
performances by several musicians, including Tom 
Charles, Walt Bibinger and the Watergap Banjo Band. 
The Mustard and Cheese drama society gave students a chance to shine as 
it sponsored numerous open mic nights. In addition, many speakers came 
to Lehigh to help educate sttidents on a plethora of topics. There were 
speeches about sexual assault, eating disorders, the war with Iraq, dating 
violence, reparations for African-Americans, music, Jewish-Arab relations, 
sex and more. The Wellness Center hosted a Spa Night, meditation sessions 
and classes on weight management. Regardless of one's interests, there was 
always something for everyone going on around campus. * 

students, faculty and staff gather around Students participate in a multicultural 
the flagpole to protest the war with Iraq. discussion at Maginnes Hall. 

In the spirit of the American Idol craze 
sweeping the country, students held their 
own Lehigh Idol competition. Here Leela 
Neti sings her heart out. 


Oscar De La Villa, Emily Beil, Sarah Youssef Shannon McGuire, Gladys Chow (back), LindseyCarloni, Laury Jones and Deanna 

and Yomaris Maldonado enjoy their break Nirali Shah, Helen Chan, Debbie Guha Carloni spend a day at South Beach in 

in the Dominican Republic. and Mego Chen (front) spend a night out Miami. 

in Panama City. 

a time for 

fun and sun 

Spr ing Break 

Spring Break 2003 took place during the second week of March. After the many 
snowstorms encountered during the winter, everyone longed for warm weather 
and sunny beaches. Even those who did not travel to warm places awaited a break 
from the rigorous course load and exams. Many traveled to the usual Spring Break 
hot spots: Cancun, Jamaica and Panama City. However, other students decided to 
take an alternative from the usual fun in the sun. The Earth and Environmental Sciences 

department sponsored a trip to Argentina, where students not only 
learned about the environment, but also about the culture. Many 
other trips were sponsored during the break in which students were 
given the opportunity to give back to the community. Some traveled 
to diflFerent parts of the country to help with Habitat for Humanity. While all of these trips 
seemed exciting and served as a nice getaway, many students simply enjoyed going back to 
their hometowns, where they could relax and catch up with old friends. No matter where 
students ended up this year, everyone enjoyed a nice break from the hills of Lehigh. Students 
returned refreshed and ready to learn as they looked forward to finishing the final month 
of the semester. * 

Left: Brian 
Babcock, Blake 

Professor Ed 
Evenson, Andy 
Trish Ward, 
Sarah Pickard 
and Augie Ripa 
have a learning 
experience as 
they stand 
proudly in front 
of the highest 
peak of the 
Andes in 

Above: James Snevily, Susan Green, 
Justin Woodruff, Franklyn Pintado, 
Tiffany Morrison, Andrew Steinhandler, 
Kristen Actis-Grande and Chris Pedecine 
spend their last spring break together in 
St. Thomas. Left: While most people lay 
out in the sun, Christina Park and Hye 
Rim Kim bundle up in the snow-covered 
parks of New York City. 

41 « 


The Philharmonic Orchestra performs in The men fight inside a train during the The Lehigh Jazz Band performs under the 

Zoellner's Baker Hall. The performance fea- performance of "The Music Man" in Baker direction of Bill Warfield. 

tured Unfinished Legends along with two Hall, 
concertos written by Lehigh students. 

a time to 


Spring at Zo ellner Arts Center 

Zoellner Arts Center bustled with activity during the spring. The Wind Ensemble 
performed an original piece by Professor David Diggs that featured music from the 
Civil War era, some of which had not been played in more than 100 years. The 
Philharmonic Orchestra delighted the audience with the Unfinished Legends concert, 

while the Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Band played many favorites. The 
symphonic band featured many classics, including selections from 
"The Producers." The Choral Arts dazzled the audience with "War 
Requiem." "The Music Man," performed entirely by students, was 
also a hit. Students could also be found performing in "Joe Turner's Come and Gone" and 
"Fire in the Basement." Students enrolled in the theater department's directing class put on 
their own one act performances, which ranged from comedy to tragedy, in the Black Box 
Theater. One student, Jill Harrison, even directed the musical "A... My Name is Alice." The 
art gallery featured the works of Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip. 
Throughout the spring, there was never a dull moment at Zoellner. * 


n W^t 

u ^B 




V j^^^^^^^PE^^^^i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

Left: Leela Neti 
and Allen 
perform In "Joe 
Turner's Come 
and Gone" at 
Theater. "Joe 
Turner" tells the 
story of a man In 
search of his 

Above: The townswomen sing in "The 

Music Man." The musical was a joint 
performance between the music and 
theater departments. Left: Michael 
Cloud In "Joe Turner's Come and 
Gone." Far left: Dave Dunham 
performs with Lehigh's Jazz Ensemble. 



Friends join together to laugh and talk Aaron Probst waits for a balloon artist to Two girls lounge in the sun waiting for the 

about the past year while having a good make him a hat. next act to come on stage. 


, . , 1 a time to 

be in the sun 



It looked at first as though this year's Sundaze festival was going to be a bit dreary. After 
all, the week had begun with six inches of snow, followed by a few days of rain and 
general misery. Something happened with the weather, though, and April 12 was a 
simply gorgeous day. The sun was shining, and although the event was moved from 

Sayre Field to the lacocca Hall parking lot, hundreds of students 
showed up to enjoy the festivities. There were several vendors and 
; - activities, with giveaways and contests for all. The music started with 
a performance by the winner of Lehigh's Battle of the Bands, Simon's 
Awake. After they took the stage and warmed up the crowd, students were wowed by one 
act after another. OK Go, whose hit single is featured in the Madden 2003 video game, was 
next. The Donnas followed, playing songs including "Take it Off," the video for which can 
be seen on MTV. Finally, the crowd seemed to grow and Keller Williams blew everyone away 
with his one-man band approach to classic songs, new hits and some of his own interesting 
blend of sounds. Everyone had an amazing time, and Sundaze was a perfect end to a cold and 
rainy Greek Week. * 

Above: Four students face off during a 
mock game show. Left: It was hard to 
find a spot in the crowd once the bands 
began playing. Far left: Students found 
many ways to have fun, including 
attaching themselves to bungee cords 
and seeing how far they could run 
before being jolted back. 



Right: A crowd of students and commu- 
nity members gather to enjoy the bazaar. 
Far right: Students sample a variety of 
ethnic foods. Below: The lawn in front of 
Fairchild-Martindale Library was deco- 
rated with a number of flags representing 
Lehigh's diverse population. 



a time to be 


International Bazaar 

The l6th annual International Bazaar took place April 13 in front of the 
Fairchild-Martindale Library as the community gathered to learn and experi- 
ence different cultures. Not only were Lehigh students present, but residents 
from Bethlehem and nearby communities also partook in the festivities. Several 
clubs and societies presented dances, songs, fashion shows 
and demonstrations of various sports. Among the coun- 
tries represented were Germany, China, Japan, India, 
Greece, Turkey and France. Aside from the entertain- 
ment, a variety of ethnic foods including crepes, baklava, spring rolls, sausage 
and dumplings were available for sampling. There was also a "kiddie corner" 
where children participated in different cultural activities. Promoting diversity 
was an issue heavily addressed within the Lehigh community this year, as the 
administration worked with various organizations such as the Global Union to 
achieve this goal. The bazaar was a way to promote diversity, learn about other 
cultures and have fun, all at the sar»e time. 

Members of the Global Union executive Students show off their martial arts skills. Members of the Indian Student Associa- 
board unite to pose in front of the flags. The bazaar included more than just dances tion gather after their cultural dance per- 

and fashion shows. formance. 

47 •• 

Above: Snow in April? Although the cal- 
endar said it was spring, the weather did 
not act accordingly and put a damper on 
GreekWeekfestivities. Right: These men 
carefully prepare to make a bid at the 
annual date auction. Far right: Two of 
Lehigh's eligible bachelorettes show off 
on stage as they prepare to be auctioned 
off to the highest bidder. 








ffT^^^Z"' ^mi ^S5^^^ 



idience members cheer on the ladies at There's no holding these women back as Sarah Friedman and her co-host at the These ladles begin to get rowdy in anticl- 
leta Chi's annual Dreamgirl competi- they show off karate moves during the date auction introduce one of Lehigh's pation for the date auction, sponsored by 
in, held in the Packard Lab auditorium. Dreamgirl competition. eligible bachelorettes. Kappa Sigma and Alpha Chi Omega. 

^ a time to 


Greek Week 

This year's Greek Week saw many firsts. Since classes ended several weeks earlier 
than in the past, the week's celebrations were moved up to the second week of 
April. This coincided with an unusual spring snowfall that pummeled the 
campus on Monday, April 7, the first day of Greek Week. The snow would serve 
as an omen for what was to come. Rain and cool weather 
persisted the entire week, putting a damper on the 
festivities. In the end, only three of the ten scheduled 
events were actually held. Annual favorites such as the 
dance competition went by the wayside. Still, not all tun was lost. Some of 
Lehigh's finest ladies, representing each sororit)', battled it out in the annual 
Theta Chi Dreamgirl contest. The Kappa Sigma and Alpha Chi Omega date 
auction also went on as scheduled, as members of each Greek house willingly 
went on stage before a crowd and were sold to the highest bidder. All proceeds 
were donated to charirv'. ■• 


I^litics and E^^ents 

Above: President Bush talks about the economy during a visit to St. 
Louis. Bush touted small business tax cuts as a tonic for the ailing 
economy, firing back at critics who warned the plan could lead to rising 
budget deficits. 

Above: First Lady Laura Bush and Iran Brown participate in the holiday 
program at the Children's National Medical Center In Washington, D.C. 
Brown was the 13-year-old victim critically wounded in the Washington area 
sniper attacks. Right: The space shuttle Columbia lifts off on Jan. 15, 2003 
from Kennedy Space Center In Cape Canaveral, Fla. Seven astronauts, 
Including Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut, began a 16-day mission 
that ended In tragedy. 

With tfie Capitol In the background, a front loader clears snow from a street 
on Capitol Hill on Feb. 19, 2003. The past weekend's snowstorm dumped more 
than a foot of snow throughout the MId-Atlantlc. 

vear in review 

The Bahamas-registered oil tanker, 'Prestige,' Is broken In two pieces 
before sinking into the Atlantic Ocean some 150 miles off Spain's coast on 
Nov. 19, 2002. The stricken tanker carried 77,000 metric tons, or 20.5 
million gallons, when It sank, threatening an environmental disaster off the 
northwest coast of Spain and Portugal. 

,bove: Police lines are strung across 
he front of the Epitome night club in 
:hicago where an early morning 
isturbance set off a mad scramble 
Dr the exits that left 2 1 people dead 
nd many more injured. Below: A 
lotorist passes a Shell gas station 
T Menio Park, Calif., after an uni- 
entified person put up this sign 
xpressing his feelings about in- 
reasing gas prices. 

Above right: Former President 
Jimmy Carter receives the 2002 
Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway 
on Dec. 10, 2002. Below right: 
John Allen Muhammad is shown in 
this 1995 booking mug released by 
the Pierce County, Wash., Sheriffs 
Department. Muhammad, along 
with 17-year old John Lee Malvo, 
was arrested for questioning in the 
wave of deadly sniper attacks. 

The space shuttle Columbia crew poses for a photo before their tragic 
flight. NASA declared an emergency and feared the worst after losing 
communication with the space shuttle as it was flying over Texas, only 
several minutes before its expected landing on the morning of Feb. 1, 

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., the newly elected House minority leader, 
celebrates with former leader Rep. Richard Gephardt, D-Mc, on Capitol Hill 
Nov. 14, 2002. 


year in rev 

The Road to War 

Llxaqi ^jXEEOo, 




"T' -iv, s^iirin*' 











Above: Pakistani women chant antl-Amerlcan slogans during a demonstratk 
held in Multan, Pakistan. Some 200 women staged the pro-Iraq rally in centr 
Pakistan, burning an American flag and demanding the United States stop i 
threats of war. Left: U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell holds up a vial th 
he said could contain anthrax as he presents evidence of Iraq's allege 
weapons programs to the United Nations Security Council. 

Above: An Iraqi girl holds In her left hand a toy gun and In her right har 
a doll during a demonstration In Baghdad on Feb. 2, 2003. Thousands < 
Iraqis gathered, many carrying guns, to show support for Iraqi Presldei 
Saddam Hussein and to protest the United States. Left: A U.S. Marine kee[ 
his rifle ready as Iraqi soldiers surrender with hands raised In the air nei 
the southern Iraqi border city of Safwa on March 21, 2003. 







t j^ 

""^ "^ wKi ' ■^ 

\..^^ fi 



^ — ^^^ 

On the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. President Bush walks 
past family members and the wreath he laid at the memorial site where Flight 
93 crashed into the countryside In Shanksville, Pa. 

The late afternoon sun falls over The World Trade Center site and the World 
Financial Center on the day before the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 
terrorist attacks. 


vcar in review 

Left: A U.S. soldier from the 1st Ma- 
rine Expeditionary Force stands guard 
by a burning oil well at the Rumeila Oil 
fields in Iraq on March 23, 2003. 
Several oil wells were set ablaze by 
retreating Iraqi troops In the Rumeila 
area, the second largest offshore oil 
field in the country, located near the 
Kuwaiti border. Still, fears that Saddam 
would burn most of Iraq's oil fields did 
not come true as U.S. forces managed 
to secure them early In the conflict. 

Above: President Bush addresses 
the U.N. General Assembly on Sept. 
12, 2002, one day after the first 
anniversary of the Sept. 11 at- 
tacks. World leaders and diplo- 
mats opened their annual debate 
as U.S. threats of action against 
Iraq topped the global agenda. 
Below: Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, 
an alleged Sept. 1 1 mastermind, is 
seen shortly after his capture dur- 
ing a raid in Pakistan. 


An undated photo taken in Afghanistan of Saudi dissident Osama bin 
Laden. Bin Laden, the suspected mastermind behind the Sept. 11 terrorist 
attacks, still made headlines In 2003 as questions about his whereabouts 

Buses traveling from North Korea pass by South Korean soldiers at the 
demilitarized zone in Kosung. Despite the escalating nuclear standoff on 
the Korean peninsula, many South Koreans traveled to North Korea by bus 
on a newly built overland route that links the rival states. 


vcar in rei'iew 

That's Entertainment 

Above: The Osbourne family members pose as they arrive at the 54th annua 
Primetime Emmy Awards Sept. 22, 2002, at the Shrine Auditorium in Lo; 
Angeles. From left to right are Kelly, Ozzy, Sharon, Robert Marcato and Jack 
Marcato is an 18-year-old friend of Kelly's who recently moved in with the 
family after his mother died of the same type of cancer afflicting Sharon. 

Above: Anaheim Angels members Scott Spiezio, Bengie Molina, Tr( 
Percival and Troy Glaus react after the Angels won the World Series 
Anaheim, Calif., on Oct. 27, 2002. Left: Lance Armstrong celebrates f 
fourth consecutive victory in the Tour de France in Paris on July 28, 200 
Armstrong defeated Joseba Beloki of Spain by 7 minutes, 17 seconds. 




Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger hold their awards for Best Actor and 
Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture for "Chicago" at the 
60th annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, Calif. 

Norah Jones holds her five Grammy Awards at the 45th annual Grammy 
Awards in New York City. Jones, who won in every category she was 
nominated for, tied Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys for most wins by a female 
artist in a single night. 


LMr in review 

ibove: Actress Winona Ryder is 
een through a tinted glass win- 
low as she arrives for opening 
rguments at the Beverly Hills 
ourthouse on Oct. 28, 2002. Be- 
Dw: Dwight Smith of the Tampa 
lay Buccaneers runs into the end 
one for a touchdown as the Oak- 
and Raiders give chase during the 
econd half of Super Bowl XXXVII 
n San Diego on Jan. 25, 2003. 

Above right: Fred Rogers, who gently 
invited millions of children to be his 
neighbor as host of the public televi- 
sion show "Mister Rogers Neighbor- 
hood" for more than 30 years, died of 
cancer in February. Below right: Gwen 
Stefani of the group No Doubt gives a 
thumbs up after the band was awarded 
Best Pop Video of the Year for "Hey 
Baby" during the MTV Video Music 

Evan Marriott of the FOX reality show "Joe Millionaire" speaks to members 
of the media as Paul Hogan, who played the butler on the show, looks on. 
The media session was part of the Television Critics Association press tour. 

Serena Williams (right) holds up her winning trophy as her sister Venus 
Williams (left) holds on to the second place trophy after finishing the 
women's final at the U.S. Open tennis tournament in New York City on Sept. 
7, 2002. Serena Williams won 6-4, 6-3. 

year m review 


Section Editors: Jeremy Eberhardt and Linda Murad 


J he word "academics" usually 

evokes images of books, classrooms and 
long hours ot studying in the library. 
However, a student's full academic ex- 
perience is by no means limited to the 
classroom. In fact, some of the best 
learning experiences take place outside 
of the classroom in the form of semi- 
nars, lectures, the arts and real-life ex- 
periences. Taking the initiative to seek 
out these opportunities is the quality 
that differentiates a good student from 
the crowd, tor success can be attained 
so long as one desires it. While success 
might mean something different to each 
of us, it shares one common characteristic 
— it will only come to those who seek it. 
Clearly, the Lehigh experience gives stu- 
dents the skills necessarv to do this. 

The key to 
happiness is 
having dreams. 
The key to 
success is maldng 
your dreams 


come true. 

— ^Anonymous 


"The College of Arts and 
Sciences offers a diverse 
education that has helped me 
open up my mind to new areas 
of study that I previously 
would never have considered, 
giving me a more well-rounded 
experience at Lehigh that I can 
carry with me in the future." 

-Kym Murphy '05 




college of 


The College of" Arts and Sciences is Lehigh's home for the liberal arts. The college 
consists of approximately 190 faculty, 1,900 undergraduates and 480 graduate 
students. It fosters intellectual development with flexible curricula, often crossing 
traditional disciplines with personal attention to students at all levels. The 
college's faculty work at the forefront of their disciplines and inftise their passion 
for scholarship and service into the college environment. 

Bobb Carson 

Carl Moses 
Associate Dean 

Hannah Stewart-Gambino 
Associate Dean 

Ingrid Parson 
Associate Dean 

Right: The public computing site at Grace Hall is one of 
several scheduled to be upgraded with state of the art 
computers and flat panel monitors next year. Below: The 
computers at the Fairchild-Martindale Library are a popular 
destination for students working on group projects. 


Right: It is easy to 

lose track of time 

while working on a 

project in this 

windowless computer 

lab in the basement of 

Rauch Business 

Center. Below: 

Roberto Escalante 

surfs the Internet in 

the Linderman Library 

reading room. 

axl: and axahits^ctuxs 

iJLoLoqiaal laiEncEi 

1/^ '^ I ^ 

''9 '"' J^k 

. laifl 

^^^R. .JBt- - ■ JB 

Front row: L. Cans, R. Viera, 8. Soothe, D. Snyder. Row two: I. Zaknic, A. 
Viscardi, A. Fors'/th, D. Mason, C. Ussier, T. Peters. 

Front row: J. Schneider, W. Knight, L. Lowe-Krentz, N. Simon, S. Perry, R. 
Skibbens. Row two: D. Cundall, S. Krawiec, V. Ware, M. Itzkowitz, M. 
Kuchka, B. Bean, J. Swann, J. Abel, M. Behe, J. Sands. 


Left: Joey Touzin gets 
down to business in Rauch. 
Far left: Hye Rim Kim 
shows her friend a 
computer project in the 
IMRC at Maginnes Hall. 

Left: Hours of staring 
intently at a computer 
monitor make this student 
tired and wary. 

Getting Technical 

by Joy Fasanya 

Library and Technology Services provides computing ser- 
vices to all university departments and research centers, 
serving the needs of students, faculty and administrative 
users. More than 400 microcomputers are distributed across 
campus for convenient use by Lehigh sttidents at more than 
20 computing sites. There are more than 100 microcomput- 
ers in the libraries and Computing Center, and another 100 
in the Rauch Business Center. A 24-hour site at Grace Hall 
has 33 machines. There are also portable laptops equipped 
with wireless network cards available for short-term loan to 
students at both libraries and at the Media Center. Local and 

wide area networking solutions are in place to give students 
and faculty access to site-licensed software applications and 
central file space from the campus sites or their residence 
facility. Each full-time student receives access to an enhanced 
Microsoft Professional software package for his or her own 
computer. Providing technology and consulting services to 
support classroom teaching, laboratories and other aspects of 
the academic program is a strategic priorit)' for Lehigh. 
Library and Technology Services also provides technical 
support for an increasing number ol fullv-equipped class- 
rooms, suitable for hands-on computer instruction. 

c namiitu 






Front row: N. Foster, M. Messmer, J. Roberts, S. Regen, K. Klier, D. Zeroka. 
Row two: N. Heindel, L. Jia, J. Larsen, G. Simmons, G. Ferguson. 

Front row: G. Bebout, K. Kodama, L. Windham, A. Meltzer, P. Zeitler, Z. 
Yu. Row two: C. Williamson, B. Hargreaves, D. Anastasio, D. Morris, 
F. Pazzaglia, E. Evenson. 


Right: Oscar DeLaVilla, 

recipient of the Student 

Life Leadership Award, 

displays his certficate. Far 

right: Seniors gather 

outside the Wood Dining 

Room at lacocca Hall for a 

reception preceeding the 

awards banquet. 

Far right: Kristen-Actis 

Grande, Yomaris 

Maldonado and Lisa Opare 

are excited after being 

announced as the winners 

of the Alumni Association 

Merit Award. 

Changing Student Life 

by John Misinco 

Each year some of the best students around campus are 
recognized with Student Life Leadership Awards. This year, 
award recipients and their guests gathered in the Wood Dining 
Room at lacocca Hall on Monday, April 2 1 . Top award winners 
included Jon-Paul Matychak, recipient of the Bosey Reiter 
Leadership Cup. This award is given to a senior whose leader- 
ship is "defined chiefly in terms of moral character." Matychak 
served as president of the Student Senate and as sports director 
tor the campus radio station WLVR. Another award winner was 
Anne Tierney, recipient of the University Service Award, given 
to a senior who devotes an extraordinary amount of time 
serving fellow students and the university community. Tierney 
was captain of the women's basketball team and holds the 

record as Lehigh's all-time leading scorer and rebounder. Award 
recipients were determined by both the university Prizes and 
Awards Committee and the Dean of Students Awards Commit- 
tee. Other award recipients included Yomaris Maldonado, 
awarded the Contribution to Student Life Award and the 
Alumni Association Merit Award. The Residence Hall Leader- 
ship Award was given to Adam Butauski. Emily Aagaard and 
Brian Lime earned the Service Above Self Award. The following 
students earned Student Life Leadership Awards: Bethany 
Balta, Oscar De La Villa, Joshua Hermias, Safiya Jafari, Joy 
Vanterpool, and Sarah Youssef. Other awards given during the 
ceremony included the Student Senate Leadership Awards and 
Alumni Association Merit Awards. 

Front row: A. Bross, B. Kroll, J. Fergus, E. Dolan, P. Ingham, V. Steele, B. 
Traister, E. Fifer. Row two: M. Haronian, R. Mundhenk, S. Gordon, E. 
Gallagher, E. Lotto, A. Singh. Row three: P. Beidler. 


Front row: J. Walters, M. Najar, J. Smith, G. Cooper, J. Saegar. Row two: 
S. Cutcliffe, R. Phillips, M. Baylor, K. Carrell-Smith, R. Simon, J. Savage. 
Not pictured: J. Soderlund, B. Scott, T. Peters, S. Goldman, I. Duffy, J. 

Left; Vice Provost 
for Student Affairs 
John Smeaton 
presents Sarah 
Youssef with her 
award. Below: 
Sharon Yoshida 
(center) talks to 
award recipients 
Shelita Burks and 
Yomaris Maldonado 
prior to the 

IntExnatLonaL XELatloni. 

iouxnaliini & commwiication 

Front row: R. Wylie, C. Kaufmann, B. Moon. Row two: R Menon, J. Engel, 
H. Barkey, 0. Smolansky. 

Front row: J. Lule, D. Dymek, S. Friedman. Row two: W. Trimble, K. Olson, 
N. Ross, D. Wills, L. Lipko. 

Right: Bruce 

Taggart, vice 

provost for 

Library and 



welcomes the 

crowd. Far 

right: Students 

sign a birthday 

card for the 



Front rovv 

SzczepansK), ; 
Dodson, C. Jc. 
Ghosh, 3. King, t mmux, 

S. Khabbaz. Row two: W. Huang, S. 

~ H. Fegan, J. Yukich. Row three: B. 

■ .ot pictured: D. Davis, V. Dobric, B. 

. Queen, R. Venkataraman, L. Zhang. 

Front row: L. Lefkowltz, A. Prieto, S, Katz, M. Nicholas, S. Coughlin. Row 

two: L. Wolfgang, T. Bohlsen, M. Andrade, K. Lee, C. Cook, M. Armstrong, 
D. Pankenier, M. Chabut, V. Stegmann. 

Left: Students try some of 
the punch at the birthday 
celebration. Far left: Bruce 
Taggart joins students to 
cut the birthday cake. 

Left: The Melismatics help 
commemorate the 
anniversary at the big 
birthday bash. 

Celebrating Ubranes 

by Joy Fasanya 

l.indcrman Library celebrated its 125th birthday this spring. 
Events for the celebration began in early February and lasted 
hrough April. The kickofF event featured the music of the 
iouth Mountain Brass in an unusual but increasingly popular 
enue — the Linderman Library rotunda. The short concert 
ras followed by refreshments. Frances Mayes, author of the 
lest selling book, "Under the Tuscan Sun," shared her own 
xperience of moving bevond comfortable cultural hound- 
ries. Ihc poet, novelist and professor skillfully evoked the 
ense of place that makes settings memorable and meaningful. 

"Cin^ of Light" author Lauren Belfer spoke as a special finale 
to the On the Same Page program, in which students and 
facult)' were encouraged to read her book and then discuss it. 
The grand finale of the celebration was a birthday bash on 
April 9. Students and facult)' stopped by to enjoy cake and 
music, and to share their feelings about Linderman on a giant 
birthday card. Held during National Library Week, the event 
commemorated the library's dedication in April 1878. Do- 
nated by Lehigh founder Asa Packer and named for his 
daughter Lucv, the librarv was built in 1877. 



Front row: P. Chou, N. Sine, E. Albulescu, S. Sametz, D. Field, D. Diggs, 
P. Salerni, W. Warfield. 

Front row: G. Beam, S. Goldman, M. Bickhard. Row two 
A. Levine. Not pictured: R. DilkDn, R. Weiss. 

Right: EJ Walsh tries 
eating wings while 
studying. Everyone needs 
a study break during 
finals week. Far right: 
Playing indoor study- 
lounge baseball looks like 
a great way to avoid 
doing work. 

Right: These students 

take a break and enjoy 

Student Appreciation 

Night at Rathbone Hall. 

Slacking Off 

It is no secret that it takes a lot of hard work and determination 
to succeed academically at Lehigh. Of course, there are times 
when it can be quite difficult to get any work done. There are 
usually more inviting things to do than school work. In 
addition, countless distractions are bound to arise whether one 
is in the dormitory, sorority, fraternity or off-campus house. It 
seems as if the library or a public computing site is the only 
escape from these distractions, but even there it is not too 
difficult for a student's imagination to drift off and focus on 
anything but studying. Here is a list of the top ten things 
students can do instead of studying: 

by Jeremy Eberhardt 

1 . Go to Wawa 

2. Talk on the phone 

3. Play hall sports 

4. Watch TV 

Read e-mail or people's away messages 

6. Play video/computer games 

7. Party 

8. Take a nap 

9. Chat on Instant Messenger 

10. Daydream 

jjoii t icaL 

ll !■■ I II I ■■ ' 


Front row: R. Emrich, R. Folk, M. Stavola, V. Dierolf, A. Kanofsky, H. Ou- 
Yang. Row two: G. DeLeo, R. Shaffer, W. Fowler, Y. Kim, G. Borse, G. 
Watkins, D. Hong. 

Front row: J. Laible, H. Stewart-Gambino, R. Matthews, E. Morgan. Row 
two: F. Davis, K. Kersch, L. Olson, A. Wurth. 



Left: Sometimes when stuck on 
a problem, the best thing to do 
is take a nap. Far left: A student 
stops to read The Brown and 
White instead of going to class. 
Below: These students decide to 
move their group study session 
out in the hall. Between all the 
talk, food and the comfortable 
floor, not much work is getting 

Front row: B. Malt, G. Moskowitz, M. Gill. Row two: D. Hyland, G. 
McRoberts, P. Seaghdha, T. Mclaughlin-Volpe. 

Front row: K. Kraft, L.Weissler, M. Gaumer. Row two: B. Wright, L. Steffen, 
M. Raposa. 


Right; Bob Teufel Jr. '59, chair of the renova- 
tion planning committee, examines the details 
of the newsroom as John Misinco, Heather 
Rodale Stoneback, 74, and Joe Abel look on. 

Right: An alumnus 
stares in amaze- 
ment as Amanda 
MacMillan (left) 
shows off The 
Brown and White's 
new computers. 
Below: Guests 
gather in the lobby 
of Coppee Hall 
before the 

H. Johnson, R. Rosenwein, N. Tannenbaum, J. Gatewood, J. Lasker, J. 
Mcintosh, E. Nastasi. 


Left: Nur-E Rahman tells 
guests how Coppee Hall 
will revolutionize the 
journalism program at 
Lehigh. Far left: John 
McFadden, 70, and Helen 
Richardson, 77, catch up 
on their Lehigh journalism 
history as they view 
presentation boards in the 
new Brown and White 

Left: Andrew Lees (center) 
shows off the new Epitome 
yearbook office to alumni 
and manages to give them 
a few tips about producing 
good layouts. 

A New Home 

The Weinstock Center for Journalism at Coppee Hall was 
dedicated in grand style on April 9. Coppee Hall has been the new 
home for the journalism and communication department since 
the beginning of January. Although renovations on the facility 
were slightly behind schedule, the building was able to open just 
in time for the spring semester. This project was years in the 
milking. Plans for renovating Coppee Hall were first discussed in 
the mid 1 980s, but without financial support the project was put 
on hold. The project was reconsidered in 2000 when the univer- 
sity announced a major plan to improve the journalism depart- 
ment. With fiindine; secured from more than 25 donors, includ- 

by Jeremy Eberhardt 

ing Jane and Luke Weinstock, '36, whom the center is named for, 
the renovation began in March 2002. The project cost a total of 
$3.2 million. It might seem like a large amount of money, but this 
was no ordinary renovation. The project involved preserving the 
historic architecture of the 1883 building while completely 
reconstructing the inside for more modern use. The interior was 
transformed into state-of-the-art technolog)' classrooms with 
wireless Internet capabilit)', in addition to bctilt)' ofiices. The new 
space is also enjoyed by the journalism department. The Brown 
and White and the Epitome yearbook, which were iill located in 
the University Center basement since the fall of 1957. 


Front row: A. Rlpa, J. Stahrr, K. Johnson, E. Hoelscher, P. Pepper. Row 

two: D. Laub, K. Witte, J. Milet. 


"My professors make my 
experience in the College of 
Business and Economics a 
more enlightening one. Their 
constant stories, experiences 
and random facts always make 
the classroom a more open, 
friendly space, while also 
making it oriented around the 
subject at hand." 

^Cindy Seto, '05 



college of 


With its interdisciplinary approach to learning, this college is powerfully 
positioned to develop leaders. It provides strong programs at both the 
graduate and undergraduate levels. The college offers a variety of niche-based, 
market-driven programs such as supply chain management, computer science 
and business, integrated business and engineering and a variety of concentra- 
tions w^ithin the MBA program. 

Richard Durand 
Herbert E. Ehlers Dean 

Joan DeSalvatore 
Associate Dean 

Arthur King 
Senior Associate Dean 

Kathleen Trexler 
Associate Dean 

Right: Jesse Smith, a 
peer adviser for 
career services, 
prepares to meet 
with a student. 
Below: Two students 
are excited as they 
review the opportuni- 
ties offered by a 
company participating 
in the career fair. 

Left; Since 1990, Rauch 
Business Center has served 
as the home of the College 
of Business and Economics 
and the career services 
office. Far left: Pearl Kim 
has a mock interview with 
a peer counselor at career 

Left: Yomaris Maldonado 

(center) contemplates 
joining the Peace Corps at 
the urging of Sarah 
Youssef. Far left: Students 
converse at the career fair. 

Career Development 

by Hye Rim Kim 

As the Class of 2003 prepared to graduate, the American 
economy was still facing recession. Although the effects of 
this economic situation were felt dramatically in terms of 
dwindling experimental education opportunities (intern- 
ships and co-ops) for underclassmen, it also had an adverse 
effect on seniors seeking full-time employment. However, 
the career services office provided Lehigh students with 
various opportunities to explore internship, externship, co- 
op and employment possibilities. Career counselors were 

also available to assist students select and change their 
majors, research companies, schools and programs, decide 
on career paths, develop resumes and job application essays, 
gain interviewing skills, perfect job search strategies and 
choose between job offers. Career services also held work- 
shops to provide information on various career develop- 
ment needs such as networking and building portfolios. 
With its career fairs and mock interviews, career services is 
the perfect outlet for students to connect with companies. 

Front row: J. Dearden, J. McDonald, M. Deily, L. Taylor. Row two: W. 
Weng, T. Watkins, T. Hyclak, N. Francis, R. Thornton. Not pictured: J. 
Aronson, T. Behr, N. Das, B. Kennelly, V. Munley. 



Right: Professor Linda 

Lefkowitz and her students 

stand in Alhambra, Spain. 

Far right: A student gets 

information at the study 

abroad fair outside of the 



I^iddle right: Lehigh 

students in Ireland. Far 

right: Erica Smith, a study 

abroad adviser, shows Hye 

Rim Kim her options for 

traveling the world. 

Studying Abroad 

by Hye Rim Kim 

Lehigh recognizes that in the future, every aspect of hfe 
will involve a greater diversity of people and cultures. This 
interdependence will characterize human society and all of 
its activities to an unprecedented degree. Lehigh empha- 
sizes the importance of a learning experience outside the 
country at a quality institution of higher education and 
encourages study abroad and international internships in 
order for students to obtain a broader perspective. Study 
abroad programs are provided in more than 50 countries 
and may run for one semester or for the entire academic 
year. They provide academic opportunities that comple- 
ment majors at Lehigh and allow a high degree of integra- 

tion into local culture and student life. Students may also 
participate in Lehigh faculty-led programs, which are 
planned and directed by faculty during the summer or 
winter breaks to avoid conflict with regular courses at 
Lehigh. These programs are held in a dozen different 
countries including Belgium, England, France, the Czech 
Republic, Italy and China, and new programs are con- 
stantly being developed. Approximately 300 students study 
abroad each year. Lehigh's goal is to have a minimum of 30 
percent of each graduating class study abroad by 2006, and 
looks forward to enhancing international dimension on 

Front row: S. Thode, D. Myers, S. Buell, T. Simmons. Row two: G. 
Vasconcellos, N. Nayar, J. Greenleaf, R. Kish, S. Weaver. 

Left: Students gather information at the study 
abroad fair. Below: Professor Rick Weisman and his 
crew in Costa Rica. 

A College of Education. Dean s Office 

A Department of 

^ D' -Tiical Engineering 

"As a faculty we are committed 
to excellence and innovation in 
research and teaching, and to 
recruiting students with the 
highest academic credentials. 
Our future is very bright as we 
collaborate with school-based, 
human service and instructional 
design and technology profes- 
sionals to solve world issues." 

^Dean Sally White 


college of 


LehiglVs College oF Education recognizes that the key to education in the new 
century is a commitment to the development of quality research that is 
disseminated to students and professionals through innovative teaching. In 
addition, the college is establishing new educational methods that challenge 
old ways of learning. With this, the college has adopted a new philosophy of 
"learning beyond limits." 

Above: Students listen 

intently during class. 

Right: Professor Karen 

Stout leads a class 

discussion. Far right: 

Professor Warren 

Heydenberk sits with 

students in one of the 

college's computer labs. 



Front row: E. Shapiro, K. Stout, L. Kern, L. Bambara, M. George, A. Bodzin, 
A. Inman, M.J. Bishop. Row two: A. Spokane, K. DiPietro, W. Gates, C.R. 
Mayo, C. Cole, G. White, J. Brill, A. Moe. Row three: J.G. Lutz, A. Walker, 
G. DuPaul, Visiting Professor, W. Heydenberk, Visiting Professor. 

Left: The lacocca Hall main 
lobby. Far left: College of 
Education students listen 
to a lecture and ask 

Left: This student listens 
attentively to her professor 
during class. 

5 Year Degree Program 

by Hye Rim Kim 

The five-year degree program in the College oi Education 
provides a teaching certificate to students with tindergraduate 
najors in other fields. This is especially beneficial for Presi- 
dential Scholars (students who graduate with a 3.75 or higher 
jPA) since they can receive a fifth year of study tuition-tree. 
During their four years of undergraduate study, students can 
najor in their own fields and use the fifth year to earn teaching 
:ertificates. Tim Brosnan, a graduate student in the College of 
Education, said he believes Lehigh does a good job preparing 
;tudents to become real teachers and readies them to plunge 
'ight into the classroom. Although his courses are rigorous. 

Brosnan has acquired valuable lessons through practical as- 
signments that could be applied to real life situations. The 
assignments actually made him create lesson plans and design 
a science web site, which can be used by his future students to 
help them with research. Lehigh also provides a unique 
teaching experience through the community service program 
America Reads-America Counts. Through the program, 
Lehigh students get to tutor elementary and middle school 
students around the Lehigh Valley area, helping them to 
confirm their love for teaching and to broaden their teaching 

# ^^V 



»^ i'^ 

Left: These students work on an in-class 
exercise. Below: Education has gone digital 
as this student and Professor Ward Gates 
work with a computer learning program. 


^'M^fw^^ I 

"The College of Engineering drives us, as 
aspiring engineers, to take an innovative 
approach to thinking and problem solving. 
Since Lehigh is such a progressive school in 
engineering philosophy, which delivers 
highly trained engineers year-in and year- 
out to the work force, we also must strive to 
take our learning experience to another 
level. By this I mean that we combine a 
competitive edge in our academics with a 
critical awareness of our evolving world. 
This is due in part to students' hunger for 
knowledge and our professors desire to give 
us all that we will need to be successful." 

-Joseph Fuller, '05 





p.c. rossin college of 


At the P.C. Rossin College ot Engineering and Applied Science, the core 
mission is to educate students through the integration of teaching and 
research. The faculty is united in their passion for teaching, for mentoring 
students and for creating new programs to enrich the learning experi- 
ence. The P.C. Rossin College is proud of its reputation, its success and 
its traditions. 

Richard Weisman 
Associate Dean 

Right: Emily 

Coates carefully 

measures out 

solution into a 

pipet. Below 

Tom Stretton, 

Evan Grodin and 

Rebecca Reynolds 

cautiously dissect 

and identify a rat 


Front row: R. Kneller, R. Armbruster, E. Correll, L. Adamcik, I. Wachs, L. 
Sperling, R. Gabriel. Row two: K. Tuzla, G. Poehlein, H. Caram, M. Kothare, 
W. Luyben, P. BIythe, J. Hsu, A. Klein, W. Hencke, J. Chen. 

Front row: W. Zhang, C. Naito, S. Pamukcu. Row two: A. SenGupta, R. 
Weisman, R. Sorensen, D. Brown, L. Lu. 


Left: Ed Webber 
meticulously explores 
the anatomy of his rat 
specimen as Scott 
Sundby looks on. 

Left: David Luksenberg 
and Maun Warren talk 
and analyze the data 
they ]ust collected. Far 
left: Ellen Lempereur 
gets up on the lab bench 
in order to get the most 
accurate measurement 
while her partner, Matt 
Stauffer, looks from 

Learning by Doing 

by Jeremy Eberhardt 

Lehigh oHcrs many difterenc majors, trom urban studies 
to chemical engineering. The one thing that is common to 
ahnost all majors is the dreaded lab requirement. Yes, a lab 
that usually lasts three hours at the end of a day can be the 
low point in most students' schedules. Although a labora- 
tory might not be high on the list oi classes students like to 
take, the practical experience of just "doing" and investi- 
gating in a lab is invaluable to the undergraduate experi- 
ence. Labs can seem boring and tedious — they may 
include tasks such as measuring a volt meter or watching a 
pressure gauge rise — but being in a lab allows students to 
apply the knowledge they have learned from the textbook. 
Lehigh of^ters many different lab classes such as basic 
chemistry, physics, genetics, thermodynamics, organic 

chemistry and stagecraft. Students can be exposed to a wide 
range of experiments from the simple, calculating gravity, 
to the more complex, analyzing Bangladeshi soil samples. 
Taking a lab is much different then any other class on 
campus. First, there are many more rules. In addition to a 
prohibition of eating and drinking, there are countless 
safety rules regtdating everything from the proper shoes to 
wear to the appropriate length of students' pants. Once 
students get past the rules, they have to embrace the idea that 
it's a totally different r\'pe of work. Instead of reading and 
writing, most lab work involves observation and interpreta- 
tion. In addition to reinforcing material learned in class, labs 
provoke critical thinking and problem solving, skills that are 
useful no matter where your career takes you. 

LEahw2al& aonil^uhx EiiqinEEWiq 

Front row: B. Davison, M. Schulte, T. Boult, S. Corbesero, D. Hillman. Row 
two: J. Heflin, E. Kay, H. Munoz-Avila, S. Gulden, G. Blank, G. Kessler, W. 
Pottenger, R. Nagel. 

S. Tatic-Lucic, D. Frey, A. McAulay, B. Fritchman, Y. Ding, J. Hwang, M. 
Wagh, K. Tzeng, D. Decker, D. Bolle. 


Right: Anti-war protesters 

gather and listen to a 

motivating speech. Far 

right: Tal<e Back the Night 

participants mal<e their 

way down one of the many 

stairways leading to 

Lehigh's main campus. 

Right: Lighting candles 

provided a visible and 

dramatic symbol for Take 

Back the Night's cause. 


Creating Awareness 

by Jeremy Eberhardt 

The Lehigh community came together many times this year 
to spread awareness and understanding beyond the classroom 
walls. From condemning hate and protesting the war in Iraq 
to highlighting violence against women, Lehigh students, 
faculty and staff took on some tough issues. These rallies and 
protests were planned and sponsored by many different 
departments and clubs including the Dean of Students office, 
the Progressive Student Alliance, the Women's Center and 
Student Senate. Besides giving an outlet for students to voice 
their opinions, activities such as these influenced other stu- 
dents and brought about greater understanding of current 

events to what some people have called an apathetic campus. 
Events such as these implored the use of many colorful 
posters and banners to help get the message out. Just as 
moving as the posters were, the candles used at the Take 
Back the Night march against rape and sexual assault had 
a large impact. Many of these activities were comple- 
mented by speak-out forums and lectures that were part of 
week-long activities. Not only did these events bring the 
campus community together, but they also involved local 
community organizations and attracted the attention of 
local media outlets. 

L ndudixiaL & ii/ifgmi, snguiE^miq matsiiiaLi 

d ^ 

d iCLaicE ana snauiEEXui 





Front row: M. Groover, K. Gardiner, N. Odrey, R. Berger, R. Storer. Row two: 
S. Wu, L. Plebani, E. Perevalov, T. Ralphs, G. Wilson, J. Hartman, G.Tonkay, 
E. Zimmers, A. Ross. Not pictured: J. Linderoth, J. Adams. 

Front row: G. Cargill, H. Chan, W. Misioiek, D. Williams. Row two: A. 
Soukhojak, H. Jain, R. Vinci, M. Notis. Row three: C. Lyman, C. Kiely, R. 
Pearson, A. Eades, A. Harder. 


nzcliajiLaai En qbiEzrlnq & t-malicviLci 

III xiIl J' ■■■ ^"" ■■■ ' ' 

Front row: J. Coulter, D. Rockwell, S. Neti, C. Smith, K. Sawyers. Row two: 
H. NIed, P. BIythe, B. Lucas. Row three: J. Grenestedt, J. Ochs, T. Delph, 
R. Hartranft, S. Johnson. 

Left: Anti-war 
protesters gather 
around the flagpole 
in the center of 
campus and listen to 
speeches by students 
and professors. Far 
left: War protesters 
brave the cold and 
march around 
campus to spread 
their message. 

Above: Participants in 
the Take Back the 
Night march start their 
way down to campus 
from the Mountaintop 
lookout. Left: Jennifer 
Forbes and Lynn 
Bankson discuss the 
message they are 
trying to send to the 
campus by participat- 
ng in the march. 


President Gregory Farrington 

Remember your first days at Lehigh? Moving in? Trying to fit everything into your new and spacious dorm room? 
Convincing your parents to leave? Then, the challenge of learning the campus, surviving academically, and all that 
goes with the first year on campus, including developing hill-climbing skills. 

Well, those days are a long time ago, and just yesterday too. So is a world that seemed much calmer and more 
predictable. This year you will graduate into a different globe than the one that was spinning when you arrived 
on campus. International events are much more complex and the job market less welcoming. Of course, you are 
not the first generation to face difficult times, not that the thought brings a lot of comfort. 

Your memories of Lehigh should be good ones; not every single memory of course since life doesn't come in a 
single perfect flavor but has chunks in it, not all of which are chocolate. There were trips up the hill and down, 
four o'clocks to survive, great evenings at Zoellner, afternoons of football on crisp fall afi:ernoons when the world 
seemed to stop if only for a few hours, the triumphs ot women's volleyball and basketball, "once-a-semester" visits 
to the Tally Ho, a party now and then, and even a professor or two who really made a difference in your life. 

Now you have to leave. It's time to take on graduate school or a job. Time to be real. Fortunately being real can 
be a lot of fun, as I hope it will be for you. Fortunately you should be well prepared for success in the real world. 
Lehigh is known for producing great graduates. You should be no exception. 

Speaking for the faculty and staff of Lehigh - and personally as well — we all sincerely wish you the very best for 
your lives. May they be rich in experience, successful professionally, but most importantly filled with good family 
and friends. "^ ,. 

I think you will find that, after all is done, people count the most. My experience is that as Lehigh alums grow 
older, the more their memories turn to people - from faculty and coaches who touched their lives to roommates, 
fraternity brothers and sorority sisters who became friends for life. The same will probably be true for you. 

So, as your life takes shape, take time to be a good person - daughter, son, mother, father and friend. Contribute 
to your world. It has contributed a lot to get you to where you are today. 

And don't forget Lehigh. Come back from time to time and tell us how things are going. All of us will be eager 
to know how you are doing. All of us wish you good, prosperous and rewarding lives. 

CT 7^^i^-w>^v^ 

Gregory C. Farrington 

James R. Tanenbaum 
Chairman, Board of Trustees 



Roland K. Yoshida 
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Nelson G. Markley 
Senior Vice President 

Bonnie N. Devlin 
Vice President for Advancement 

Bradley M. Drexler 
Vice President for University Relations 

Mark H. Erickson 

Vice President for Administrative and 

Governmental Affairs 

Margaret F. Plympton 
Vice President for Rnance and Administration 




John W. Smeaton 
Vice Provost for Student Affairs 

David B. Williams 
Vice Provost for Research 


Bruce Taggart 

Vice Provost for Library and Technology 


Sharon K. Basso 
Dean of Students 

J. Bruce Gardiner 
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid 

Joseph D. Sterrett 
Executive Director of Athletics 


Left: Senior Class President 
Katie Breckenridge is 
recognized at Founder's 
Day. Far left; Dean 
Mohamed El-Aasser walks 
in the faculty procession at 
Packer Chapel. 

Left: Students intently 
follow along with their 
program at the Founder's 
Day ceremony. 


History of Lehigh 

by Jeremy Eberhardt 

Lehigh University was fotinded by Asa Packer, who was an 
ndustrial pioneer. Packer built the Lehigh Valley Railroad 
ind controlled a coal-mining empire in the mountains of 
eastern Pennsylvania. He had a vision of founding a univer- 
sity that educated people in both the liberal arts and sciences. 
He believed that it was essential for people to combine both 
practical skills with informed judgments and self-discipline. 
Packer built the university on a railroad junction in a commu- 
lity that was founded in 1 74 1 by Moravian missionaries. Asa 
Packer chose this site, saying that because much of his wealth 
A'as derived from that area, he wished to devote a portion of 

this wealth toward an educational institution for that area. 
The university was created based on several founding prin- 
ciples. First, the university combined scientific and classical 
education. Second, the size of the student body was to remain 
proportionate to the abilities of the facult)' in order to foster 
effective teaching. Third, the institution was to be nonde- 
nominational and was to admit students based on merit. 
Today, Lehigh is physically much different from when it 
was founded, but still adheres to the founding principles; 
it is small enough to be personal but large enough to be 

Right: Dean Rick Weisman 
and Provost Ron Yoshida give 
their congratulations at the 
Founder's Day ceremony in 
Packer Chapel. 

Far right: Choir member 
Cassandra Flonan sings her 
heart out dunng the Founder's 
Day ceremony. 


What it takes to PERSEVERE... 




s ^. 






'***! i..* 




. A 

Section Editors: Craig Goldberg and Erin McCallum 


— / ers 

erseverance is perhaps one of the 
most important qualities in any ath- 
lete. Hours of practice, the long bus 
ride to an away game and the heart- 
break of a loss are not always easy to 
endure. No matter how successful an 
athlete is, he or she must undergo all 
of these things at some point. Quali- 
ties that we traditionally associate with 
a good athlete — sheer physical 
strength, skill and coordination — 
are of little use in coping with the 
hardships. Instead, an athlete must have 
a strong desire to persevere. EventualK', 
the hours of practice will end, the bus 
ride will be over and any losses will give 
way to victories. Being able to persevere 
in a sport is a qualit)' that will ha\'e 
ftifure benefits both on and oft the held. 


Patience and 
tenacity of 
purpose are 
worth more 
than twice 
their weight of 
cleverness.^ ^ 

— Thomas Henry Eiuxley 

91 »' 



the gridiron 

The defense 

stuffs a 



Lehigh won 

many games 

on the 

strength of 

its defense 

this season. 

Wide receiver Michael Sutton outruns one 
defender before eluding the next. Sutton 
was Lehigh's big play receiver this season. 


Running back Jermaine Pugh accelerates 
downfield. Pugh was the heart and soul of 
a dangerous Hawk offense this season. 

Tight end Adam Bergen celebrates one of 
his many touchdown receptions. As a 
sophomore, Bergen is part of a core of 
young players that will make Lehigh a 
team to beat in the next two years. 

Linebacker Matt Salvaterra returns an 
interception for a touchdown. A four- 
year starter and two-year captain, 
Salvaterra will be missed next season. 


Left: Junior Joey 
Touzin slams an 
opponent to the turf. 
Far left: Matt 
Salvaterra celebrates 
a touchdown as 
Lehigh students 
cheer him on. Below: 
Behind his fortress of 
an offensive line, 
junior quarterback 
Chad Schwenk looks 
for the open receiver. 

What it takes... 


Key Players 

■« Jermaine Pugh ran for more than 1,300 yards and scored 1 1 touch- 
downs. Teams knew that Pugh was Lehigh's most lethal offensive 
weapon, yet they often failed to stop him. 

i* Matt Salvaterra started during all four years at Lehigh and was an 
unprecedented nvo-year captain as a defensive back. 

Season Highlights 

;» This season was filled with many memorable moments. An opening 
win against Division lA Buffalo was very impressive. The team's 
character was on display all season long and never wavered. Facing 17 and 
1 1 -point deficits heading into the fourth quarter against Princeton and 
Harvard, respectively, the Mountain Hawks valiantly battled back for 
victories. The team's ability to battle adversity was evident when they 
followed every losing effort with a win. The lessons learned through wins 
and the few losses should help the team build for seasons to come. 



W 37-26 




W 31-24 


L 24-21 


W 36-33 


L 23-19 



^olv Cross 



W 26-23 OT 


L 28-14 





93 •! 

Right: Senior Ali-American midfielder and 
forward Evan Bruno sliows his determina- 
tion as he pushes past his opponent for the 
ball. Below: Junior forward Steve Fisher 
shields his opponent to steal the ball. Senior 
midfielder and two-time captain Dan 
Perciballi lool<s to mal<e a move on the 
opposing defender. Freshman midfielder 
Adam Williamson battles to win the ball. 
Senior Evan Bruno cuts past his competitors 
despite their best efforts. 

hands off 

and cleats first 


Left; Sophomore 
midfielder Kyle 
Hartman beats his 
opponent to the 
ball. Far left; Junior 
midfielder Doug 
Cusick leaps above 
his opponents to 
win a header. 
Below; The team 
gets ready for the 
big game. 

What it takes... 


Key Players 

* Senior Evan Bruno, the team's only All-American player, was named Co- 
OfFensive Player of the Year in the Patriot League. He was also named to 
the Patriot League first team. He closed his career with 1 1 points and 40 
goals; the second best record in Patriot League histor\' and the all-time 
highest at Lehigh. 

* Senior Dan Perciballi, a two-time team captain, was named to the AJl- 
Mid Atlantic first team and the Patriot League first team for the second year 
in a row. 

Season Highlights 

"* The Mountain Hawks won a school record of eight straight games. 
Lehigh also earned a trip to the Patriot League Championship game for the 
fourth time in six years and advanced to the NCAA Tournament for the 
second time in three years. All of the team's efforts propelled Lehigh to No. 
14. its highest national ranking in school histor}'. 



Co egeofChareston 








Virginia Commonwealth 


Drexe! ^^ ^ 



Co gate ^^^^^L 




Army mf^\' 





W 1-0 (20T) 


W 1-0 




Tl-1 (20T) 






Right: Senior 

midfielder Natasha 

Taylor tenaciously 

approaches the ball. 

Far right: Megan 

Edwards uses her 

defensive skills to 

prevent the 

opposition from 

sliding by with the 

ball. Below: Hedy 

Kishel looks to steal 

the ball from her 

opponent as senior 

Christene Banda 

looks on. 

What it takes... 

Key Players 

"« Sophomore goalkeeper Erin Iwaskiewicz was honored as a Patriot League 
All-League Squad first team member. Iwaskiewicz is only the second Lehigh 
goalkeeper in the program's 1 2-year histor)' to earn league honors. 

* Senior midfielder Lauren Day, despite missing most of the season due to 
an injury, finished the year as one of the team's top scorers. 

Season Highlights 

'* Lehigh began the season with a 1-0 shutout victor)' over Fairleigh 
Dickinson. Later in the season the Mountain Hawks earned an important 
win by beating arch-rival Lafayette 2- 1 . In her first game back from an injury, 
sophomore Jocelyn Helwig notched the game-winning goal. Unfortunately, 
the Lafayette game was Lehigh's last win of the season. Senior Natasha Taylor 
was awarded the Scholar Athlete award at the team's end of year banquet. She 
had the highest GPA of anyone on the team and is an annual member of the 
Patriot League Honor Society. 


Seton Hal 


Fairleigh Dickinson 




Pittsburgh IH 

tt L3-0 

De aware "^ 

■1^ L 2-0 




1 L3-0 

La Salle 

^ Wl-0 














T 0-0 (20T) 



Ho y Cross 



L2-0 ^ 


Left: An opponent looks to steal the ball 
from sophomore midfielder JocelynHelwig. 
Below: Junior Adrienne Grunwald main- 
tains possession of the ball for Lehigh. Anne 
Johnson waits for the ball. Junior midfielder 
Lauren Rybas kicks the ball to Megan 
Edwards. Edwards battles it out with her 
opponent for possession of the ball. 

hands off 

and cleats first 


men's cross country 

Right: Freshman 
Luke Clay and 
senior Bart Brown 
warm up before 
their race. Far 
right: Junior Dan 
Bader clenches his 
fists with determi- 
nation during his 
gruelling race. 
Below: Sophomore 
Kevin Fong, 
freshman Luke 
Clay, freshman 
Dan Esposito and 
freshman Chris 
Wojciechowski are 
led in a warm-up 
by Dan Bader. 


What it takes... 

Key Players 

Co-Captains Mike D'OrvLlliers and Tim Monahan provided leadership 
to their fellow teammates. D'Orvilliers clocked 27:05 in the 8-kilometer 
race and finished in the top seven twice. 

(•> In his first ofiicial collegiate race, Freshman Rob Hampson finished first 
overall at the Lehigh Valley Championship. His performance earned him 
recognition as Patriot League and ECAC Runner of the Week. 

Season Highlights 

* The men's cross country team was quite young this year. Freshmen 
and sophomores served as nearly all of the top runners. These young 
runners rose to the occasion and all had strong seasons. Early in 
September, the Mountain Hawk men finished first in the Lehigh Valley 
Championship meet with 29 points. Later in the season, the team easily 
defeated Lafayette 18-45. Although hoping to edge out Colgate for 
fourth place during the Patriot League Championship, the men finished 


Army XC Relays Unscored 

Lehigh Valley Champ. 1st place 

Delaware Invitational 2nd place 

Paul Short Invitational 1 5th of 33 

Lafayette Dual W 18-45 

Albany Invitational T 3rd place 

DeSales Invitational 18th place 

Patriot League Champ. 6th of 7 

NCAA District II Champ. 18th of 26 


Left: Sophomore Eric D'Orvilliers leads the 
pack through the water. Below: Bart Brown 
commands a distant lead over his oppo- 
nent. A Lehigh runner is determined to 
reach the finish line. Bart Brown prepares to 
jump through the water. Freshman Chris 
Wojciechowski was one of the many new- 
comers to this year's young team. 

running the 

long race home 


Junior Co- 
Chrissy Boyd 
is determined 
to lead the 

pack at the hr '-'■ ^' i 
Lehigh Valley P>* ■'*»***' 

^mr^r-t ^^rm^^st^m 

running the 

long race home 

Members of the opposing teams look 
flustered after being dominated by Lehigh 



Freshman Lauren Barrett strides out in 
front at the Lehigh Valley Champion- 

Sophomore Jackie Amato looks to the 
finish line and pushes out the last couple 
of meters. 

Co-Captain Edann Brady leads the pack 
for Lehigh at the beginning of the race. 

women's cross country 

Left: The Lehigh girls 
take advice before 
their race. Far left: 
Freshman Jenna 
Breidinger led the 
freshmen on the 
cross country squad 
and even placed first 
in a meet. Below: 
Freshman Trade Falls 
expends her last bit 
of energy during the 
last leg of the race. 

What it takes... 

Key Players 

* Senior middle distance mnner Maureen Schaub was named team MVP 
at the awards banquet and made the All-Patriot League second team. 

* Senior Co-Captain Edann Brady helped the team to many victories 
and performed well in the outdoor track season. She made the All- 
Patriot League second team along with Schaub. 

Season Highlights 

'•p The women's cross country team had a consistently strong season, 
remaining in the top four of every Patriot League meet. They finished 
strong in the Lehigh Valley Championships and the Delaware Invita- 
tional, placing second and first, respectively. The team scored a major 
victor,' when it beat Lafayette at Regionals, following a loss to Lafayette 
earlier in the season. 


Arm\' XC Re avs 


.ehi^h Vallev Champ. 

c . r 

Ind place 

De aware Invirationa 

St place 

^au Short Invirationa 

13th of 33 

Lafayette Dua 

L 23-32 

Albany Invitationa 

4th place 

•^atriot League Champ. 

4th of 7 

NCAA District II Champ. 

17th of 27 


-LI—- - 

Right: Freshman 
Annie Rapson looks 
to gain control of 
the ball from her 
opponent. Far 
right: Junior 
forward Blaire 
Goodwin looks on 
as she contem- 
plates her next 
move. Below: 
Junior back Lisa 
Nichols moves in 
on her opponent. 


What it takes... 

Key Players 

* Junior Blaire Goodwin was the leading scorer of the season, becoming the 
1 1 th overall scorer in Lehigh histor\'. She ranks eighth in goals scored during 
a single season. She was also named Athlete of the Year. 

* Freshman Maureen Harrington was named Rookie of the Week after 
scoring two goals in the LaSalle game. With a season total of nine goals, 
she became the fifth highest scorer for a Lehigh freshman. 

Season Highlights 

* Lehigh's season had a great start with an overtime victory against 
Temple in the first game of the season. Freshman Marissa lannarone 
scored the first goal and Kristi Miller scored a beautiful shot in 
overtime to seal the win. Throughout the rest of the season the team 
developed mental toughness and united together for a 3-0 win over 


































■ -■ Wl-0 




ticking with 



phomore Dana Griffin, sophomore 
anine Hoff and freshman Annie Rapson 
ateglze the team's next move. 

Freshman Marissa lannarone eagerly 
anticipates the next play. 

Freshman Maureen Harrington, sopho- 
more Sheila Clabby and freshman 
Marybeth Kuenne enjoy an open field. 

Freshman Marybeth Kuenne starts a 
drive upfield. 


Right: Junior Captain Jill Kober spikes the 
ball over the net. Below: Head Coach 
Patrick Nicholas strategizes with Samantha 
Stahl on the sidelines. Positioning is key to 
playing good volleyball. Team members 
stand for the National Anthem. Senior 
Captain Rochelle Healea attempts to make 
a save after the ball soars over the net. 

setting spikes 

to success 



Left: Teammates 
take a moment to 
celebrate a winning 
play. Far left: 
Rochelle Healea 
prepares to spike 
the ball as Morgan 
Volkart looks to 
make the assist. 
Below: Lisa 
Furusawa rises to 
set the ball while 
outside hitter 
Morgan Volkart and 
middle blocker 
Samantha Stahl 
provide backup. 

What it takes... 

Key Players 

* Senior Captain Rochelle Healea broke Lehigh's career record for most 
kills and most attempts, while helping push the Mountain Hawks deep into 
the Patriot League Tournament this year. 

* Freshman Morgan Volkart was seleaed as the Patriot League's Rookie of 
the Week three times and managed 1 1 8 block-assists, good enough for fifi:h 
on Lehigh's single season list and I4th on the Mountain Hawks" career list. 

Season Highlights 

•m Numerous milestones were reached not onlv in the league finals, but 
during the regular season as well. The Mountain Hawks hit an amazing .308 
as a team duri ng the final against American ;ind held the Patriot League Player 
of the Year to a meager .111 hitting percentage, including 1 4 errors. Rochelle 
Healea led all hitters during the league final, hitting .417 with 24 kills and 
only four errors. Healea also wound up in the top 1 in single-season kills, 
kills per game, attack attempts, digs and digs per game. Lehigh was the only 
team in die league to hold American under 23 points. 




Army ^ ^ 

Holv Cross 
























W 3-1 









* Patriot League games cm ^ 


cheering the 

way to victory 

Right: Angela Capece, Vicky Cioppettini 
and Miciielle Hornung wow the crowd at 
Goodman Stadium. Below: These cheer- 
leaders demonstrate the long-lasting 
friendships developed on the team. 
Michelle Hornung and Kelli Crabtree lead 
a cheer. Angela Capece is always excited 
to cheer at a football game. The cheer- 
leaders show off their skills at the Lehigh- 
Lafayette game. 



* 1 uo 

What it takes... 

Key Players 

^ Captain Katie Bex returned tor her fourth year on the squad. Bex 
suffered an injur)- during the kjotball season. 

■'* Newcomer Katie Getz began her first year coaching the squad. 

Season Highlights 

* The cheerleading squad is very busy during its seven month season. 
The women cheer during both the football and basketball seasons, 
leading the Mountain Hawks on to victory. They are proud to have 
contributed to repeated victories throughout the year. Aside from their 
duties at the games, the cheerleading squad is involved in other activities. 
In the summer they attend UCA camps to improve their skills and learn 
fresh material. Throughout the school year, they also make appearances 
representing Lehigh. All of these experiences have fostered bonding and 
helped form friendships both on and off the field. 

Left: The cheerlead- 
ers show their spirit 
on the sidelines at a 
football game. Far 
left: Kerri Schramm 
captivates the crowd. 
Below: The 2002-03 
cheerleading squad. 



and high hopes 

Right: Senior guard Matt Logie goes up 
against a Swarthmore player in a Novem- 
ber non-league game. Below: The Moun- 
tain Hawks came out hard, beating the 
Garnet Tide 83-46 in the fourth game of 
their season. Teammates huddle at the 
end of the first half. Freshman forward 
Mil<e Fischman takes on a Garnet Tide 


What it takes... 

Key Players 

■M Senior standout Matt Logic ended liis l.ehigh career with 1,524 
points. He finished first ail-time in Patriot League free throw percent- 
ages and seventh all-time in three-point goals made. He now continues 
his basketball career playing for the USBL's Pennsylvania Valley Dawgs. 

'•Senior guard Zlatko Savovic earned MVP honors at the team's end- 
of-season banquet and made the first team All-League. Savovic led the 
Hawks in assists and minutes played for the season. 

Season Highlights 

'* The Mountain Hawks ended their successful season 16-12 overall and 
8-6 in the Patriot League. This record more than tripled their win total from 
last season. They suffered four consecutive losses late in the season to Patriot 
League rivals Lafayette, Colgate, Holy Cross and Bucknell despite early 
season wins over Lafayette and Bucknell. The team will return with 1 1 of 
its original players, having lost four seniors. 



W 76-59 


W 60-56 


W 57-54 


W 85-73 


W 78-61 

-ioy Cross 

L 63-39 

Co gate ^^^ J, 

L 77-68 

W 68-46 


W 61-49 

American ^j^ffl 
Army /f^' «^ 

L 69-59 

W 59-52 

L 86-68 


L 75-68 


L 72-64 

*Patriot League games ONL^• 


men's basketball 

Left: Assistant 
Coach Brett Reed 
gives the players a 
lecture. Far left: 
Senior forward Mike 
Cowgill protects the 
ball and outmaneu- 
vers the defenders. 
Below: Senior 
guard Zlatko 
Savovic flies 
through the air to 
intercept the ball. 


M/r>rnon'c basketbal' 

Far right: Sopho 

more guard Mary 

Frances Hynoski 

goes up against a 

Santa Clara player 

for the rebound. 

Right: Hynoski 

drives past a Santa 

Clara defender. 

Below: The 

Mountain Hawks 

cheer as they pull 

ahead by one. 

What it takes... 

Key Players 

"r» Senior Captain Anne Tierney broke Patriot League history by earning 
All-Patriot League first team honors for the fourth year in a row. She was 
also Lehigh's leading scorer and rebounder. 

* Freshman guard Dawn Gorynski made her mark early, logging more 
minutes than anyone else on the team and winning the title of Patriot 
League Rookie of the Year. 

Season Highlights 

*The Mountain Hawks ended the season with an overall record of 12- 
1 5 and a Patriot League record of 9-5, finishing third in league standings. 
The Hawks, despite beating Army in both regular season games, went 
down to them in the quarter finals. The play of the team this season was 
largely paced by leading scorer Anne Tierney and Rookie of the Year 
Dawn Gorynski. The team loses four talented seniors and will look to the 
younger talent to fill their shoes for next season. 



W 75-72 


W 75-67 


L 71-67 


W 70-43 


W 64-59 

-loly Cross 

W 58-56 

Co gate 

W 83-77 


W 68-57 


W 68-61 


L 53-47 


W 62-51 


L 72-71 


L 72-60 


L 78-65 


L 78-70 

*Patriot League games only 




and high hopes 

The Hawks 
during a 
time-out at 
an early 
Santa Clara, 
.vhlch they 
ost 64-63. 

)phomore forward Jessica DePalo and Senior captain and leading scorer Anne Senior guard Shelita Burks hustles for the Senior guard Bllll Ford takes a break from 
ammates show their support from the TIerney gets ready to shoot a free throw, ball against Santa Clara defenders. the action to take a breather. 



pinning them 

to the mat 

A wrestler throws his University of Michi- 
gan opponent. This was the last match in 
Grace Hall before renovations began. 


Head Coach Greg Strobel instructs his 
players from the side of the mats. Fans 
fill the stands, a testament to Lehigh's 
strong wrestling tradition. 

This wrestler attempts to throw his Michi- 
gan opponent to the ground. Michigan 
went on to win the meet 26-12. 

In a mass of arms and legs, a Lehigh 
wrestler emerges to control the match. 
Lehigh finished the season 17-3 and 
undefeated in the EIWA. 

What it takes... 


Key Players 

'•Jon Trenge ranked No. 1 in his weight class, 197-lbs., all season. He 
placed second at the NCAA Championship. 

^Troy Letters inaugurated his career at Lehigh with a .34-2 season. He 
also won the EIWA Championship in the 165-lbs. division. 

Seasor^ Highlights 

*Thc Hawks had a strong season, dropping matches to only Michigan, 
Iowa and Penn State. They were undefeated in the Eastern Intercolle- 
giate Wrestling Association and placed first in the EIWA tournament. 
The team's win was its third in the past four years, and five wrestlers 
walked away with individual titles: Cory Cooperman, Derek Zinck, 
Troy Letters, Brad Dillon and Jon Trenge. Both Trenge and Letters 
made it to the final round in their weight divisions in the NCAA 
tournament before falling suddenly to their challengers. The team placed 
fourth in the tournament. 


L 26-12 



Iowa State 










W 30-1 1 




W 31-12 









Midlands Tourn. 

6th place 



Penn State 

L 24-13 

PENNmVAN'lA W 24-18 


W 23-15 

EIWA Champ. 

1st place 

Virginia Duals 

NCAA Champ. 

4th place 



Penn State 




Above: Heavyweight 
Joe Sahl puts his 
opponent beneath 
him as he looks to 
the sideline for 
guidance. Left: Jon 
Trenge puts his 
opponent in a hold. 
Trenge finished the 
season with a 34-3 
record. Far left: The 
referee raises junior 
co-captain Brad 
Dillon's arm in 


making waves 

and a splash 

Head Coach John Morrison imparts some Senior Captain Brian Quigley asserts his 
knowledge and instruction on breaststroke dominance in the 400-meter individual 
technique to freshman Jason O'Koren. medley, breaking the school record. 


Sophomore Jason Koch shows his prow- 
ess in the distance free. 

Freshman Grant Flothmeier is on his way 
to breaking the school record in the 100- 
meter breaststroke. 

Left: Freshman 
Jason O'Koren 
comes up for air in 
the breaststroke 
leg of the individual 
medley. Far left; 
Sophomore Joey 
Beagen backstrokes 
his way to a top- 
place finish in the 
100 and 200-meter 
free. Below: Junior 
Brian Golebiewski, 
junior Matt Titko, 
senior Jack Fletcher 
and sophomore 
Jess Dudley cheer 
on their squad at 

What it takes... 

Key Players 

* Senior Bing Padmasankha ended his swimming career as Lehigh's 
all-time point leader with 491 points. He also holds four school 

■'» Senior Captain Brian Qtiigley ended his career with a record- 
breaking performance at the Patriot League Championship in the 400- 
meter individual medley. 

Season Highlights 

* The men ended their season with a 6-5 overall record, and 2-2 in the 
Patriot League. They placed second to Bucknell University in the 
Patriot League Championship. One of the program's major highlights 
this year was the team's five-meet winning streak that spanned a five- 
month period during the middle of the season. Members of the team also 
broke eight school records. 






L 133-105 


W 140.5-101.5 

Co gate 

W 163-137 1 


W 136-105 J 


W 164-77 I 

.a Sa e 

W 1,274-93P 

Oe aware 

W 1,274-872 1 


L 122-121 . 


3uclvne ^^ 

L 181-119 1 

L 157-143 m 


L 157-96 ~ 



Right: Senior Katy 
Hunchar and 
sophomore Christine 
Capone enthusiasti- 
cally support their 
team. Far right: 
Junior Caitlin Fiedler 
reaches to finish the 
200-meter baclc- 
stroke. Below: 
Freshman Alyssa 
Zellner concentrates 
on her breathing in 
the 200-meter relay. 

women s swimming 


What it takes... 

Key Players 

* Two-time Senior Captain Laura Gabrynowicz ended her career by 
breaking her own 400-yard medley relay record, which was set when she 
was a freshman. 

* Senior Missy Capone had a career-high performance at Patri- 
ots, breaking the school record in the 100-yard free with a time 
of 53.07. 

Season Highlights 

'•* The women had a successful season, moving up to third place in 
the Patriot League. They ended with a 6-6 overall record and went 2- 
3 in the Patriot League. Nine school records were broken by the team, 
which finished with more than 500 points. One important season 
highlight was beating Lafayette 176-66. 





L 137-94 


W 153-89 

Colgate ^^■ 

L 170-130 

Navy ■■ 

^L 183-117 


' W 156-95 


W 176-66 

Delaware Invitationa 

1127 (2nd) 


W 143-120 


L 215-85 


L 215-85 


W 158-85 

^atriot League Champ. 

3rd place 


making waves 

and a splash 


is on her 
way to 
breaking the 

record In the 
200 and 

reshman Andrea Scott andjunior Joanna Sophomore Jenna Marie DeVito surges up Junior Linsey Kokal shows why she is the Junior Kate Donald plunges back under 
leming cheer on their team. and toward the wall in the 200-meter fly. top fly sprinter on the team. the surface in the 200-meter breast. 


winter track and field 

Right: Freshman 

Vaclav Maiek 

overcomes hurdles 

to finish the race. 

Far right; Senior 

Mickael Kitchko 

thrusts the shotput 

with all his might. 

Below: Sophomore 

Deanna Willard 

reaches out to grab 

the baton from 

Tracie Fails during 

the relay. 

What it takes... 

Key Players 

'* Senior Justina Barone won three titles during the Patriot League Cham- 
pionship and set school records in the high jump and pentathlon. Barone was 
one of only four coOege smdents to participate in the 2003 USA Indoor 
Combined Events Championship, where she placed 1 2th in the pentathlon. 

'^ Junior George Evans was recognized as the men's track Athlete of the 
Week after shattering his own 60-meter dash record. His time of 6.97 
made him the first Mountain Hawk to break 7 seconds and helped the 
team place second at the Lehigh Quad. 

Season Highlights 

'.» Strong individual efforts at the Patriot League Championship helped 
push the women's team to the number four spot, while the men's team placed 
fifth. During the championship, Lehigh set a total of seven school records. 
In addition to Barone's achievements, sophomore Lindsay Hinsch set a 
record for both the long and triple jumps. On the men's side, Evans, who set 
a school record of 6.35 seconds in the 55-meter dash during the semifinals, 
placed second during finals. 


Rutgers Invitational 



Milrose Games 
Armory Invitational 
Patriot League Champ. 

M- 2nd of 4 
W- 2nd of 4 
M-L, 91-91 
W-T, 90-90 
M- 2nd of 6 
W- 2nd of 6 
No team score 
No team score 
W- 4th place 
M - 5th place 


Left: Sophomore Mary Guenther hurls 
her body over the bar in the high jump. 
Below: Aaron Lynn and Andrew Drabick 
exchange the baton during a relay. Jes- 
sica McCreary clears a hurdle with ease. 
Freshman Laura Wilson is determined to 
finish her race in first place. Freshman 
Jillian Koste outruns the competition as 
she nears the finish line. 

preparing for 

the spring 


Head Coach 

Sean Leary 

instructs his 




Sliding toward 


Sophomore Mil<e Dettelbach throws his Coach Leary, Coach Mack ana Coach Freshman Mil<e Sandonato makes the Sophomore Forrest Doane and sopho- 
body into the hit and connects. Cerminaro converse and strategize to- first base play. more Brian Cameron prepare to go up 

gether at the Buckneli game. to bat. 



baseball t 

Left: Freshman 
Andrew Smith 
contemplates the 
steal. Far left: 
Sophomore Brian 
Cameron lays down 
the bunt. Below: 
sophomore pitcher 
Adam Marr on his 
vvinninn oamf 

What it takes... 

Key Players 

"'• Junior Jesse Novalis completed an accomplished season, winning the 
honors of Patriot League Player of the Year, making him the first in 
Lehigh history to win this honor. 

* Junior shortstop Eric Hoffman earned a place on the All-Patriot 
League second team despite battling a hamstring injuiy during the 

Season Highlights 

* The baseball team had a somewhat disappointing season, finishing 19- 
22 overall and 9-11 in the Patriot League. This dropped them to the 
number three seed in the league. They competed in the Patriot League 
playoffs for the second consecutive year, after beating Lafayette in a 
must-win game. A major factor in their wins was All-American pitcher 
Jack Muscalus, who had six victories in the season. 




Holv Cross 






















*Patr!OT League games only 


Right: Freshman 

Mary Wieder 

slides past a 

Lafayette Infielder 

to safety. Far 

right: Sophomore 

second baseman 

and team leader 

in homeruns 

Jessica Young 

steps up to the 

plate. Below: The 

Hawks look on as 

their team shuts 

out Lafayette. 






What it takes... 


Key Players 

'f> Senior Jenny Bender finished her Lehigh career on a high note, being 
named to the Verizon Academic All-District team. She also ranked 
second in the league in career saves and led the team in RBIs. 

* Senior Stephanie Digneo ended her career in record-breaking fash- 
ion. She broke both the school and Patriot League records for hitting 
and was named to the Verizon Academic All-District Team. 

Season Highlights 

i* The Mountain Hawks ended the season as League champions, 
topping the Patriot League in hitting, pitching and fielding. They 
finished with an impressive 19-1 record in the Patriot League and 39-10 
overall. They broke many records along the way including the most 
league wins, most wins in one season, the longest ever winning streak and 
the best fielding percentage in the league. The team is losing two of its 
strongest players, Bender and Digneo, to graduation, but will return with 
an exceptionally talented squad nonetheless. 























Tatriot League games only 

fill 22 

Left: Junior Elizabeth Gripp is encouraged 
by teammates for her performance. Be- 
ow: Young winds up for the pass and 
shows why she was recognized for All- 
League honors. Freshman catcher Mary 
Wieder waits for the pitch. Senior record- 
breaker Stephanie Digneo rounds first. 
Below; Senior Mid-Atlantic first team se- 
lection pick Jenny Bender pitches a shut- 
out against Lafayette. 

head, heart 

and homeruns 


Right: Freshman Jon 
Swanson waits for the 
ball as teammate 
Craig Ditman looks to 
back him up in 
doubles play. Far 
right: Senior Ryan 
Cann performs well 
both on court and in 
the classroom with a 
3.91 GPA in mechani- 
cal engineering. 
Below: Cann prepares 
to swing. 

What it takes... 

Key Players 

"* Sophomore Ty Esler was named to the All-Patriot League second 
team and was awarded Athlete of the Year at the team's end of year 
banquet. He will return as the lone captain next season. 

?* Senior Craig Ditman won the Scholar Athlete of the Year award at the 
team banquet and ended the season 6-9 in singles and 8-6 in doubles 
play. Ditman will be on the coaching staff as a graduate assistant next 

Season Highlights 

* The men's tennis team had a season this year indicative of seasons to 
come. Although they are a young team and still growing, they managed 
to improve on last season's record and hope to improve even more next 
season. Head Coach David Shook is confident that the program is going 
to continue to strengthen as the team grows. 



i L7-0 


- W6-1 


i W6-1 


' W4-3 









ARMY ^^ 


Co gate 







making a 


(., ■ 


> 1 

Ty Esler 
wills the ball 
to his racket 
and wins his 
way to 
Athlete of 
the Year. 

Senior Craig DItman plays up at the net Freshman Randall Smalley contorts to Smalley lunges toward the ball from Esler prepares to backhand the ball 
or the quick return. facilitate the connection. back court. over the net. 



MMMai\MM ty ex. 


Right; Senior Captain Andrea Scott sets 
the tone for the team as she hustles for 
the ball during her match. Below: Junior 
Kristen Nowicki demonstrates her win- 
ning moves. Sophomore Maria Anorga 
backhands the ball over the net. Sopho- 
more Jamie Pass shows her grit and 
determination. Anorga rallies with a pow- 
erful forehand. 


What it takes... 


Key Players 

* Krisren Nowicki, a junior transfer student from Penn State, made a 
huge impression in her first Lehigh season by winning a place on the All- 
Patriot League first team and the MVP award for her team. She returns 
as captain next season. 

* Junior Alina Kors won the Scholar Athlete award at the team banquet 
and will be joining Nowicki as co-captain next season. 

Season Highlights 

* The women faced some tough Patriot League competition this season. 
They ended with an overall record of 1 1-7 (1-4 in the Patriot League). 
They fell to Bucknell 4-1 during the Patriot League Tournament and 
were eliminated. During Spring Break, the team travelled to Florida and 
completed their tour 3-0, defeating Eckerd College, the University of 
Tampa and the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay. 
































women's tennis 

Left: Sophomore 
Kristin Mulstay 
stands ready and 
focused to receive 
the serve. Far left: 
Junior Kristen 
Nowicki, who ended 
the season ranked 
second in the state, 
aims high. Below: 
Senior Captain 
Andrea Scott follows 
through on a 
winning doubles 


winging into 


Right: Senior Rob McMenimon drives the 
ball with good form. Below: Nam Kyu Park 
watches intently as he lands one on the 
fairway. Freshman Ben Rodney delivers a 
powerful drive. Freshman Jason Moloney 
fends off a wasp that is circling his head. 
Sophomore Patrick McCahill was recog- 
nized as team Athlete of the Year. 

What it takes... 


Key Players 

■'• Junior Patrick McCahill was selected for the All-Patriot League team 
and was named team MVP. 

"■* Senior Captain Rob McMenimon took home the Coach's Award 
after a tough season due to the fact he tore his ACL. 

Season Highlights 

* The men's golf team finished an impressive season with 107 wins 
and only 59 losses. The highlight of the season was the first place 
finish in the Big Five Classic, hosted by the University of Pennsylva- 
nia at the Philadelphia Cricket Club. The team also placed second in 
the Patriot League Championship, trailing the United States Naval 
Academy. The men will return three seniors short next season and 
hope to improve their record. 

Coo;ate nvitationa 

2nd of 22 

kcknc nvitationa 

4th of 16 

James Madison Invitationa 


])uquesne nvitationa 

7th of 10 

Temp e Invitationa 

6th of 13 

.ehi^h nvitationa 

2nd of 16 


2nd of 15 

3ig Five C assic 

1st of 8 

Wil iam and Marv 

14th of 19 

George Washington 

8th of 20 

^avy Invitationa 

9th of 20 

■•rinceton Invitationa 

lained out 


1st of 4 

•knot Leaaie Cliamp. 

2nd of 8 


D r 

n's aolf 


Left: Senior Tim 
Llewellyn concen- 
trates on his swing 
while an admirer in 
the background 
concentrates on 
him. Far left: 
Sophomore John 
Jaravata takes a 
swing worthy of 
landing him a spot 
on the All-Patriot 
League team. 
Below: Sophomore 
Nam-Kyu Park 
assesses the green 
before making his 



Moriah Britt 

focuses on 

being the 

ball as she 


swinging into 


Junior Liz Eaton follows the "staying put" 
rule of survival when lost and wonders 
when her teammates will find her. 


Ashley Fitzgerald, Danielle Kochenour, 
Liz Eaton and Jessica Terlecki demon- 
strate the less serious side of golf. 

Freshman Lauren Barton watches on as 
teammate Danielle Kochenour practices 
her putting. 

Freshman Sarah March relaxes in t 
tween rounds. 

women's golf 



-.^ j^ ^ 


- — " - -li- 

Left: Sophomore 
Alexis Foucek in 
mid-swing. Far left: 
Alexis Foucek 
concentrates on her 
stance before the 
swing. Below; 
Danielle Kochenour 
works up an 
appetite as she 
jses her sand- 

What it takes.. 

Key Players 

"* Senior Danielle Kochenour, having been awarded the Presidential 
Scholarship, will return for a fifth year as captain in 2003-04. She was 
also awarded the Scholastic award at the ream banquet. 

* Freshman Sarah March was named the Athlete of the Year at the 
team banquet. March led the team in all three tournaments played 
during the spring. 

Season Highlights 

'• The women's team finished off their second year as a varsity 
team. Coach Gutshall said the highlight of the season was the 
rewriting of the arrangement between the Saucon Valley Golf 
Club and Lehigh, which allowed the women's team to play at the 
club for the first time. The team is expecting five new freshmen 
recruits for next season. 



1st of 4 

Mt. St, Marvs Invitationa 2nd of 5 

^rinceton Invitationa 

13th of 13 

(utztown Invitationa 

1st of 3 

.ehigh Invitationa 

3rd of 3 

lutgers Invitationa 

13th of 17 

Georwtown Invitationa 


13th of 14 

McDanie Invitationa 

lained out 

kcknell Invitationa 

12th of 14 

Muh enber^ Invitationa 

Rained out 

Hartford Invitationa 

lained out 

(utztown Invitationa 

2nd of 3 




Mng for 

a fast break 

Right: Freshman Tom Weiss cradles the 
ball down the field while freshman Jeff 
King stands ready to back him up. Below: 
A Lehigh attackman looks a little shaken 
up, despite the protection of his helmet. 
Below: Senior midfielder Mike Titus keeps 
the ball away from a hungry Colgate 
defender. Below: Head Coach Wakely prays 
for a win. Sophomore Greg Morin steps up 
to receive the pass from sophomore An- 
drew Lucas. 

What it takes... 


Key Players 

^ Fifth-year senior Tony Lowe led both his team and the nation in 
scoring, having twice scored seven goals in one game. He made the 
second team All-Patriot League and was a player the team looked to 
when good oHense was needed. 

'* Senior Scott Carpenter was to Lehigh's defense what Lowe was to the 
offense. He made first team AJl-Patriot League, was a two-time captain 
and was a USILA AJl-American Scholar. 

Season Highlights 

* The men ended the year with a somewhat disappointing 5-9 overall 
record (2-5 in the Patriot League). They suffered some tough losses late 
in the season, but came through with the win over arch-rival Lafayette. 
The team was voung this year, but expects to improve as it grows in 
coming seasons. 







Holy Cross 








LI 1-4 






L 17-14 



L 15-11^.^^1 

W 12-8 


Left: Sophomore 
attackman Andrew 
Lucas winds up for 
the pass. Far left: 
attackman Greg 
'lorin looks for the 
Den man as he 
luns the ball down 
the field. Below: 
The Hawks huddle 
around Coach 
Wakely at 


Right: Sophomore midfielder Jen Fleming 
and junior midfielder Meredith Carso wish 
each other luck as they take the field. 
Below: Carso makes herself free for the 
pass. Sophomore attackman Barrie 
Cominsky hustles to mark her girl. Sopho- 
more midfielder Sarah Starsoneck runs 
by a Drexel defenseman. Fleming marks 
her woman. 


a a 

King for 

a fast break 


women's lacrosse 

Left: Sophomore 
attackman Kellan 
Van Hoesen jumps 
to receive the 
pass. Far left: 
Junior attackman 
Emily Studdlford 
faces a Drexel 
defender head-on. 
Below: Junior Ella 
Studdiford battles 
two Drexel players 
for the ball. 

What it takes. . . 

Key Players 

"* Senior Captain Rosie Sherry, ranked the seventh defensive player in 
the nation, earned the honors of being selected for the Brine IWLCA/ 
U.S. Lacrosse Mid-Adantic second team. She also led the Patriot League 
in turnovers. 

'■* Sophomore attackman Kellan Van Hoesen led the team in goals 
and ranked second in total points. 

Season Highlights 

t» The women's lacrosse team ended the season 10-4 overall and 3- 
3 in the Patriot League, marking an improvement of six games from 
last season. The team made their first ever appearance in the Patriot 
League Championship, but lost to American University in the first 
round. The team returns all but one of their players next season, 
captain Rosie Sherry. 



W 8-4 


W 13-3 




W 7-5(01) 


L 10-9(OT) ^ 



Sacred Heart 






VI anova 

W 13-11 


W 10-9 (201) 



"lo V Cross 

W 11-10 

^atriot League Champ. 


L 16-3 





left to go 

Freshman distance runner Rob Hampson 
focuses on his breathing as he begins his 


Sophomore distance runner Samuel Kirk 
sticks the landing in his steeple chase 

Senior hurdler Kwesi Asamoah contem- 
plates life in between events. 

Senior Chris Lambert strikes a pose with 
his javelin. 

What it takes... 

Key Players 

* Junior sprinter/jumper Francis Vincent earned the men's Field 
Athlete of the Meet award at the Patriot League Championships. He also 
set a new triple jump record. 

<• Junior sprinter George Evans was an integral member of the team with 
consistent strong performances despite a spring football injury that pre- 
vented him from participating in the Patriot League C^hampionships. 

Season Highlights 

* The men's track team finished the season tying tor fifth place with 
Lafayette for a score of 75 at the Patriot League Championships. Vincent 
broke the league record in the triple jump and senior Patrick Dugan 
placed second in the javelin throw. Senior Mike Kitchko and sophomore 
Nick Maiorino earned the honor of being named to the 2003 Verizon 
All-District II second team. 


Lehigh Valley Champ. 
Lafayette Dual 
Virginia Invitational 
Penn Relays 
Patriot League Champ. 

189.5 (1st place) 
W 104-99 
55 (5th place) 
178.5 (3id place) 
No team score 
75 (5th place) 

men's track and field 

Above: Distance 
runners Rob 
Hampson and Mark 
Swanson stick 
together against 
Lafayette during their 
race. Left: Sam Kirk 
and Todd Scurci 
represent Lehigh in 
the steeple chase. 
Far left: Freshman 
Gregory Bosch 
launches himself over 
the bar in the pole 
vaulting event at the 


women's track and field 

Right: Senior Captain 

Edann Brady will not be 

slowed down as she 

plows through the 

water in the steeple 

chase. Far right: 

Sophomore Jessica 

McCreary defies gravity 

as she flies toward the 

long jump pit. Below: 

Senior Captain Justina 

Barone clears the 

hurdle out in front 

while sophomore 

teammate Khayla Lowe 

follows suit behind. 

What it takes... 

Key Players 

t" Senior Captain Justina Barone earned the title of women's Track 
Athlete of the Meet at the outdoor Patriot League Championships and 
shattered the school record in the heptathlon at the ECAC/IC4A 

'*> Senior Yasmin Deliz was named both the Patriot League and ECAC 
women's Field Athlete ofthe Weekaft:er placing ninth in shotput at Armory. 
She placed second in shotput during the Patriot League Championships. 

Season Highlights 

* The women had a satisfying season, finishing fourth in the Patriot 
League Championships with a score of 118. Head Coach Matt Utesch 
was named the league women's Track Coach ofthe Year and said that this 
season's team exemplified their most coordinated team effort ever at the 
Patriot League Championships. 

Lehigh Valley Champ. 
Lafayette Dual 
Virginia Invitational 
Penn Relays 
Yale Invitational 
Patriot League Champ. 

170 (1st place) 
L 103-100 
55 (5th place) 
166 (3rd place) 
No team score 
No team score 
4th place 





left to go 

snior thrower Yasmin Deliz focuses on 
3r form as she readies her javelin dur- 
g the Lehigh-Lafayette meet. 

Senior Captain Edann Brady prepares to 
hit the water in the steeple chase event 
at Lehigh-Lafayette. 

Brady outraces the competition as a 
teammate follows close behind. 

Junior distance runner and cross country 
captain Chrissy Boyd leads the pack. 



Right: The Lehigh 

rowers paddle their 

way down Tampa 

Bay during their 

winter training camp. 

Far right: Lightweight 

men's rowers practice 

their skills in the 

Schuylkill River in 

Philadelphia. Below: 

The men's novice 

team easily conquers 

the waters of 

Tampa's Seddon 


What it takes... 

Season Highlights 

* The team gave Lafayette a run for its money at the River Cup 
Championship in early April. Despite poor weather conditions, the 
rowers still came out on top. During the first race, the novice men's 
A boat took a 12-second victory over Lafayette's first eight boat, 
although the novice women's team was not as lucky. The team 
finished its first race in second place, despite a hard-fought battle. In 
varsity action, the men's and women's teams both defeated Lafayette 
easily, helping to secure the River Cup for the fourth-straight year. 
The men ended the day with a victory in the varsity eight race, beating 
the competition by a close 6 seconds. The women's varsity team also 
performed well, scoring a 28-second win over Lafayette. 





men's team 
form as 
they row 

loach Jeff Szeker gives advice to Monica 
.eahy and Angela Moudy. 

Coach Jason Moorehead stands with the 
novice lightweight men at Dad Vails in 

Glen Behrend, Vinny O'Reilly, Kurt Lesker 
and Go Kokabu maneuver the boat in 
Tampa Bay during winter training. 

Head Coach Paul Savell commands the 
troops during a meet. 

141 »' 

Restoring a Class! 

Above: The front of Grace Hall, as seen before renovations began in the sprinc 
of 2003. Despite the extensive changes being made to the building's interior 
the outside will maintain its histonc look. Left: Junior Co-Captain Brad Dillor 
prepares to take the mat during the final wrestling meet held at Grace Hal 
before the project began. When completed in the fall, the new facility wil 
contain seating for approximately 2,200 wrestling and volleyball fans. 

Above: The fencing team practices inside the "snakepit" at lower Grace Hal 
in March 2002. In the lower right-hand corner is an animation of what thi: 
same scene will look like when renovations are completed. A glass wall wil 
separate the arena from the building's lobby and a stairway will lead directi' 
to the Ulrich Student Center, located on the fourth floor of the building. 

Although most of the building is being modernized, certain architectural 
features such as this stairway are being preserved. This integration of old 
and new will only add to the building's unique nature. 


A shot of the back portion of the arena. Often referred to as the "snakepit,' 
the new venue will be named the Leeman-Turner Arena at Grace Hall. 

During the winter, work began to transform 
the 'snakepit' into a state-of-the-art facility. . . , 

4- J- I5Y Amanda Manthey 

Since 1942, Grace Hall has been a staple of the wrestling program. It was nicknamed after the 1940 movie, 
"The Snakepit." 

The women's volleyball team has also called Grace Hall home since its arrival in the 1970s. The two 
championship teams have long been a part of the lower Grace tradition. 

The snakepit has drawn many successful wrestlers, making it the residence to one of the most successful 
wrestling programs in the East. Many of the wrestlers who passed through Grace Hall have received numerous 
awards. Eighteen different wrestlers have won 24 national titles, while the team has claimed 29 Eastern 
Intercollegiate Wrestling Association (EiWA) titles, including one in 2000. The snakepit has been home to 
Olympians, All-Americans, NCAA Champions and Academic Ail-Americans. 

One o\. the advantages for fans supporting the team has been the proximity to the mat that thev have with each 
match. The layout of the gym enabled supporters to sit as close to the mat as possible, which annually drew fans 
in droves. This has been one of the many reasons why the snakepit is one of the toughest and most memorable 
places to wrestle in the country. Wrestlers and fans enjoy the unforgettable experience and the fact that they are 
surrounded by history. 

Since the addition of the women's volleyball team to the athletics program at Lehigh, it has shared Grace Hall 
with the wrestling team. The women have also won many awards, including the Patriot League titles in 1993 
and 1997. The team has qualified for every league tournament since its addition to the league in 1990. 

The renovations to Grace Hall, which began during the winter, call for preserving tradition while improving 
it. This means that a modern, spacious area will be created, while keeping the stone facade and rich wood floors 
and moldings in place for historical value. There will be unobstructed seating for up to 2,200 fans, as well as an 
additional skybox for VIP seating and social functions. There will be a special media area for television and radio 
broadcasts to allow them greater ease in covering events. The lobby will feature a glass wall that comes into the 
arena, as well as a tower of stairs leading to the Ulrich Student Center. 

A locker room for the Hawks, as well as one for the visiting team, will be added. Storage rooms for the wrestling 
mats and other equipment will also be expanded and the restroom facilities will be enlarged. 

The intramurals department will be housed in the newly renovated Grace Hall. Three full-sized multipurpose 
courts will be added under the retractable seating in the lower stands. Storage rooms will also be available to store 
the equipment for these courts. 

Ihe historical and traditional value of Grace Hall will still be present in the new facilirs; bur it will have a 
much-needed modernization. 

One of the many small, dark hallways that can be found in Grace Hall. 
These areas will be used for locker rooms, storage areas and offices for the 
intramural sports program. 

This photo, taken in late June, captures the front portion of the arena. In 
the back is the building's main entrance on Taylor Street. The lobby will be 
separated from the arena by a glass wall. 

What it takes to MAKE A DIFFERENCE... 

V y 


Section Editors: Rachel Goodman and Yomaris Maldonado 





ith more than 100 active stu- 
dent organizations at Lehigh, it is easy 
for students to find something that 
interests them. From service organiza- 
tions to academic clubs, there is truly 
something for everyone. Most impor- 
tantly, these organizations are all led 
by students. In their own way, mem- 
bers of these clubs make a difference in 
the surrounding community, whether 
it is by participating in a more visible 
activity such as a food drive or theater 
performance, or by doing something 
as simple as discussing an academic 
subject or hobby with fellow club mem- 
bers. All that is required is a willing- 
ness to learn, help others and most 
importantly, have fun. 

Being good is 
but only when 
it is combined 
with doing 
good is it 


— ^Anonymous 


Right: The members of 

Student Senate gather 

in the University 

Center's Asa Pacl<er 

Dining Room for the 

annual induction 

ceremony. Below: Two 

members of the Senate 

play with their gifts. 

Executive Board 

President- Jon-Paul Matychak 
Vice President- Anne Glowacki 
Treasurer- Matt Giusto 
Secretary- Julia Nolf 
Parliamentarian- Melissa Klein 

2002-03 Accomplishments: 

1 . Credit card reader 

2. Club cosponsorship flind 

3. TRACS wallet cards 

4. Academic integrity research 

5. Weekend kickoff concert series 

6. Funding for student political clubs 

7. Food and dining information session 

8. Campus safety improvements 

9. Founder's Day events, September 1 1 
memorial ceremonies and Light-Up the Night 

' This year's senators: 

Sororities: Anne Glowacki, Gina Leffler, Katie 
Schiewetz, Sharon Wright, Priscilla Law, Ashley 
Weakland, Sarah Friedman. 

Fraternities: Mike D'Alessio, Jon Marshall, Matt 
Regan, Lawrence Scheinert, Zach Channing, John 
Harrison, Noah White, Chris Schnaars, Aresenio 
Rodriguez, Brian Coulombe, Matt Weintraub. 
Non-Freshman Residence Halls: Kim Aquila, 
Renae DeBonis, Rosalia Italiano, Matther Lisk, 
Julia Nolf, Matt Lavell, Melissa Klein, Meagan 
Meier, Erica Panis. 

Off-Campus: Jessica DeSantis, Sanket Kapadia, 
David Hanus, Stephen Zanias, Emily Kasprzyk, 
Julie Diorio, Rick Longenecker, JP Matychak, 
Oscar De La Villa. 

Freshmen: Cassi Bagaglio, Marley McDermott, 
Sarah Muse, Mike Zuckerman, Kip Wallen, Erik 
Kaiser, Tyler Rock, Jatin Gupta, Mike Fusco, 
Victoria Conte, Sonya Tokarchyk. 



The purpose of Student Senate is to act as a governing body of all other student- 
run organizations on campus. The Senate officially recognizes all clubs, 
allocates funding to student clubs and reviews club performance. The Student 
Senate consists of 46 members who come from different living constituencies 
on campus: sororities, fraternities, non-freshman residence halls, off-campus 
and freshmen. The Student Senate works closely with its advisers. Dean of 
Students Sharon Basso and Maureen Sheridan, as well as many other campus 
officials, faculty and staff to look at all aspects of Lehigh life. From educational 
policy and academic integrity to campus aesthetics and food and dining, the 
Student Senate provides input for improvement and acts as a collective 
representation of the Lehigh student body. 

The Student Senate proudly sponsors the 
Organizations section of the 2003 Epitome. 


Right: Features Editor Rislia 

Mehta is congratulated by 

Adviser Linda Lipl<o for her 

years of service to the 

yearboolc. Below: Erin 

McCallum and Features 

Editor Rachel Goodman put 

the finishing touches on 

their layouts. 

E section staffs -|— , 
pitomE ?* 


Editors: Rachel Goodman, Risha Mehta 

Staff: Andrew Lees, Tucker Hottes, Steve Lawson, 

Cassandra Runyan 


Editor: Jeremy Eberhardt 

Staff: Joy Fasanya, Hye Rim Kim 


Editors: Craig Goldberg, Erin McCallum 

Staff: Katie Drewes, Donald Gerstenberg, Allison Baum 


Editors: Rachel Goodman, Yomaris Maldonado 
Staff: Emily Rohm, Leslie Eurice 

Greek Life 

Editor: Amanda Manthey 

Staff: Amy Shotmeyer, Kathleen Hurley 


Editors: Erika Riddle, Olga Stewart 

Staff: Christina Connar, John Aliquo, Cassandra Bagaglio 


Editors: Laina Erde, Yomaris Maldonado 


Editor: Yomaris Maldonado 

Staff: Sean Anderson, Cody Smart, Patricia Nugent, Gabe 

da Graca, Patrick Hahn, Amanda Simens, Yasmin Deliz 


The 2002-03 Editors. Front row: Yomaris Maldonado (photography editor), Erika Riddle (living editor), Olga Stewart (living editor), Rache 
Goodman (features editor), Laina Erde (graduates editor), Linda Murad (associate editor). Row two: Ann Koffel (senior business associate), ^ 
Linda Lipko (adviser), Craig Goldberg (athletics editor), Amanda Manthey (Greek life editor), Nick Cappadona (managing/technical editor),! 
John Misinco (editor in chief), Sean Anderson (senior photographer), Diane Dymek (assistant adviser). Not pictured: Marjorie Hoffmanr 
(co-editor in chief), Risha Mehta (features editor), Jeremy Eberhardt (academics editor). 

Eyster, the design consultant for Jostens Printing Despite spending hours of hard work on the yearbook, Steve Wilson tries his hand at creating a layout and gets 
Publishing, collaborates with Co-Editor in Chief Managing Editor Nick Cappadona and Editor in Chief plenty of advice from Amy Komarinetz, Katie Drewes 
lorie Hoffmann during a planning session. John Misinco manage to find time for a break. and Rich Pearson. 



For more than 125 years, the Epitome yearbook has been the official record of history at Lehigh. 
The yearbook is an entirely student-run publication, as students handle all aspects of production; 
they design layouts, write copy and captions, edit pages, take photographs and set the editorial 
policy Two dedicated advisers help oversee production of the book and handle business operations 
while providing support to editors and staff members. The Epitome began publication in 1875 
and was put together by the Class of 1 878 in its sophomore year. The earliest yearbooks were 
approximately 50 pages and contained class histories, as well as lists of fraternities, clubs and 
graduates. Slowly, photographs of sports teams and clubs were included, but it wasn't until 1914 
that photos of graduating seniors were added. The 2002-03 school year marked a new chapter in 
the Epitome's history, as it joined The Brown and White and the journalism department in moving 
to a brand new, state-of-the-art facility at Coppee Hall. Earlier in the year, the Epitome upgraded 
its technological arsenal with a new fleet of high-end Dell PCs, a file server, scanners and digital 
cameras. Although preparations for the January move and the subsequent unpacking process 
halted work on the yearbook for approximately four weeks, editors met the challenge and the book 
was finished an entire month earlier than last year. This also marks the first year that all 
photographs used in the book were processed digitally. Photographs taken by the staff were 
developed and placed onto CDs, eliminating the piles of photographs that previously cluttered the 
yearbook office. At a time when many universities are discontinuing production of yearbooks,* the 
Epitome stands strong, capturing the memories and histor)^ of Lehigh through a new century. 


Right: Assistant Sports Editor 
Davie Frisch is so deep in 
thought that fellow editors 
Craig Goldberg and Morgan 
Henning make corrections to 
his article without him even 
knowing. Far right: Safiya 
Jafari prepares an advertise- 
ment for the next issue of 
the paper. Below: Advisers 
Wally Trimble and Jack Lule 
teach Managing Editor Joe 
Abel the importance of 

Above: Assistant Lifestyle Editor Liz Condaxis puts 
the finishing touches on her layout. The new Brown 
and White newsroom at Coppee Hall includes two 
state-of-the-art computer labs. Top right: Assistant 
Sports Editor Erin McCallum pages through an old 
issue of the paper to help generate article topics for 
the next issue, as Sports Editor Jessi Schimmel and 
Morgan Henning look on. The Brown and White's 
sports staff has always been a tightly-knit group. 
Right: Science Pages Editor Andrew Olesnycky dreams 
of the legendary days when journalism legend Bill 
White was editor of The Brown and White. 


Editorial Pages Editor Nur-E Rahman tal<es notes for Business Pages Editor Bryan Tomlinson tal<es a breal< Editor in Chief Keith Yimoyines takes one last look over 
her next editorial during a meeting. while he makes his assistant, Jen Gach, do all the work. the paper before sending it to press. 

The Brown 
& White 

For almost 50 years, The Brown and White was produced in the dark, cramped confines of the 
University Center basement. That all changed with the January 21, 2003 issue of the 
newspaper, which was the first to be produced from The Brown and White's new home at 
Coppee Hall. Just two days earlier the editorial staff, as it does every Sunday afternoon and 
Wednesday evening, gathered for its first press night at the new facility, which occupies the 
building's entire third floor. Despite the fear of chaos and technical glitches that might result 
from a mid-year move, the paper was produced without a hitch. If it were not for a brief notice 
of the move contained on the front page, the unsuspecting reader would not have even known 
the difference. But the editors certainly noticed a big change, now having at their disposal two 
brand new computer labs, each equipped with 20 high-end Dell computers and flat-screen 
monitors. This was a big relief for everyone who had grown accustomed to the routine of slow 
computers and frequent crashes that were all too common in the old newsroom. Editors gained 
several other treats, including a much needed conference room and an office for the editor in 
chief. With the move to Coppee, 1 he Brown in White is now well-prepared to continue 
delivering "all the Lehigh news first" for many years to come. 

151 »• 

Right; Brian Simpson and Rob 

Guzzon beat their drums. Far 

right: The executive board. 

Front row: Josh Eaton 

(librarian), Lauren Gariett 

(senior rep.), Randy Maurizio 

(toots), Karen Miranda (publicity 

manager), Rachel Goodman 

(suits). Row two: Jessie Atwood 

(refritch), Sanket Kapadia 

(refrosh), Sandy Narowski 

(student conductor). Row three: 

Steve Giffin (drum major), Pete 

Matt (staff assistant), Joe 

Oberlander (manager). Below: 

Band members patiently 

waits in the stands for their 

scum (better known as 

water) at UPenn. 

Above: Senior members of the Marching 97. Front row: Randy Maurizio, Heather 
Belaus, Rachel Goodman, Craig O'Donnell, Chris Klump. Row two: Heather 
Thomson, Lauren Gariett, Karen Miranda. Row three: Shayne Sobell, Joe 
Oberlander, Steve Giffin, Brian Boyars, Mike Dammer. Above right: The band 
flames the Fordham game. Right: The band performs the halftime show at the 
Princeton game. 




^^^^k ^^^^^^^H 











VAjr; 4 


¥9 WiQ^B 


If «^-/ 





Marching 97 

What do you get when you cross too much YuengHng Lager, Vanilla Ice, "the fund-raiser," 
fun-filled football fiestas, the blue van of doom, crap, Artie, the over 200 club. Lemmings, 
bouncing short people, homestarrunner, llamas, boop and bing, frosh and fritch, really 
bad music arrangements, the piccolo dance, the L-train, Engineers, saxophones tuning, 
Lafayette SOCKS, and a whole lotta psyche? Why, it's the Lehigh Marching 97, of course! 
The finest band east of all points west went undefeated in Patriot League play this past 
season, battling such reckonable forces as rain, flying dinner rolls, ugly raincoats, more 
rain, Pacing Break, the girl from Princeton who forgot her pants, mud, baritone 
saxophones in the mud, rain, stray place-kickers, sketchy alumni, a decent portion of the 
music department and, oh yeah, can't forget the rain. We played some music at some 
football games too. The Marching 97 would like to thank our fearless, tireless and utterly 
insane executive board, for keeping things in a state of organized chaos; our really old 
seniors, who have shown massive amounts of dedication and PSYCHE during the past 
four years; and our facult}' director, Al Neumeyer, for putting up with all of us. 

The Lehigh Marching 97.'s dot com. 


Qy\ss OF 2003 

The senior class officers spent the year 
working diligently, ensuring that the Class 
of 2003 rose to the standards set by all 
previous classes. Under the leadership of 
President Katie Breckenridge, Vice Presi- 
dent Brandon Rogers, Secretary Jessica 
MouraviefF, Treasurer Brad Giardino and 
Class Gift Chair Kristen Actis-Grande, the 
officers organized several class unity events 

including senior nights and formals. In addition, the five organized Senior 
Week activities and selected Tim Russert, host of NBC's "Meet the Press" as 
the speaker for spring commencement. 

Above: Senior class 
officers Brandon Rogers, 
Jessica Mouravieff, Kristen 
Actis-Grande, Brad 
Giardino and Katie 
Brecl<enridge at the Mardi 
Gras senior night, held at 
the Copperhead Grill. 
Right: The senior officers 
and senior gift committee 
with Ricardo Viera, 
director of the Zoellner 
Arts Center gallery and 
sculptor Karel Mikolas, 
who has been commis- 
sioned to build a statue of 
Asa Packer. The statue is 
this year's senior class 


Class of 2003 Officers 

President- Catherine Breckenridge 

Vice President- Brandon Rogers 

Secretary- Jessica Mouravieff 

Treasurer- Brad Giardino 

Class Gift Chair- Kristen Actis-Grande 

Class of 2004 Officers 

President- Michael Schaefer 

Vice President- Christina Accardo 

Secretary- Matthew Regan 

Treasurer- Melissa Klein 

Class of 2005 Officers 

President- Marinee Cabrera 

Vice President- Kelli Crabtree 

Secretary- Erika Murdock 

Treasurer- Geoffrey Brock 

Class of 2006 Officers 

President- Michael Psathas 

Vice President- Jordan Miller 

Secretary- Kate Donigan 

Treasurer- Purvish Shah 

University Choir 

The Lehigh University Choir today is an active 

Force in campus life. During the year, the choir 

lours internationaiiy and gives three major concerts 

on campus. Ihc choir hcqucntly performs with 

the orchestra such works as Carl Orff s "Carmina 

Burana," Mozart's "Mass in C Minor" and 

Handel's "Messiah." The choir has appeared with 

the internationally renowned ensemble 

Chanticleer in New York and at I.ehigh in 

performances of Monteverdi's "Vespro della beata Vergine" (1610). The 

choir performs new music regularly, including many works written 

specifically for them. They have been heard five times in recent years on 

National Public Radio. Recent tours taken by the choir have included 

Florida, California, the Virgin Islands, Russia, Germany, Austria, France 

and Asia. 



Christine Bao 


Parag Gupta 

Gelsey Bcll'^ 

Melissa ,\Jexander'^ 

Charles Hagaman* 

Liz Conroy 

M. Victoria Conte 

Ryan Hansen 

Man- Beth Davidson 

Kirsten Jacoby 

Todd Hunter 

Genevieve Jones'^ 

Nicole Robertson 

Richard Kurz 

Ehzabeth Luber'^ 

Brett MacMinn 

Marcia Mierzwa 


Brett Philpotts 

Julie Spitzer# 

Paul DiSciascio 

Dan Schankel 

Thomas Gamarello 

David Stanek 


Terr)' McLaughlin 

En-Tseh Wang 

Lori Cotabish'^ 

Justin Morea 

Brad Woodward 

Cassandra Florian 

Derek Wilson 

Ellen Lemperciir 


Kathleen Rooth'^ 


Tom Blank 

Deborah Sacarakis 

Devon Battagli.i 

D. Zachan,- Farrelh 

Allison Schiefer 

Chris Delp 

Rob Guzzon 


Myles Gobeille* 

Jonathan Havel 


Philip Miller 

Matthew Ilardi'^ 

Shira Gladstone 

Chris O'Dvvyer 

Chris Kramer 

Natalie Home 

Timothy White'^ 

Greg Parent 

Raina Savitsky^ 

Nate Zander 

Ben Rodney 

Nadine Sine 

Tyler Tate 

Holly Thompson 

Lauren Van Hoesen'^^ 

'^Choral Arts Scholar 

#Section Leader 

Above: Steven Sametz 
directs the University 
Choir and Choral Union 
during Christmas 
Vespers, held in Packer 
Chapel. Left: Two 
members of the choir 
embrace each other. 
The choir builds close 
friendships among its 


Kappa K>\ppa Psi 

The Kappa Gamma chapter of Kappa Kappa 
Psi national honorary band fraternity has 
had a great year serving the band programs 
of the Lehigh community. We contributed 
to the purchase of a new soprano saxophone 
for Lehigh's music department, organized 
music for the Marching 97, went carohng at 
St. Luke's Hospital during the hoHday sea- 
son and provided refreshments to musi- 
cians after all band rehearsals, just to name 
a few of our many projects. We've also been 
working with the Broughal Middle School 
band — marching with them in their pa- 
rades, giving them instrumental lessons and helping them with their lund- 
raising. As the big brother chapter to the Zeta Alpha colony at Bloomsburg 
University, we've kept ourselves busy. We were also selected to publish the 
Northeast Notes, the fraternity's district newsletter, which was quite an 
undertaking. In all of our hard work, however, we still managed to have our 

fair share of 

fun through 
social events 

such as the brotherhood dinners, ice skating, bowl- 
ing, game nights and our annual formal. In March we 
headed to the Northeast District Convention at 
James Madison University, where we received the 
honor of being nominated for the Top Chapter 
Award. We were excited to welcome the Iota class to 
the Brotherhood in April. All in all, it's been a 
wonderful year for Kappa Gamma and we are looking 
forward to continuing our service to Lehigh's bands 
in 2003-04 and beyond. 

Above: The Kappa 

Gamma chapter of Kappa 

Kappa Psi. Right: After 

marching in the Fountain 

Hill Halloween Parade with 

the Broughal Middle 

School band, brothers and 

other band members tal<e 

a moment to relax. Front 

row: Heather Thomson, 

Lauren Garlett. Row two: 

Mil<e Dammer, Glenn 

Peters, Brian Boyars, Matt 

Casey, Randy Maurizio, 

Jack Morgan, Kym 


2002-2003 Officers 
President- Rachel Goodman 
Vice President- Joshua Eaton 
Treasurer- Michael Kowalski 
Recording Secretary- Michael Dammer 
Corresponding Secretary- Heather Belaus 
Alumni Secretary- Lauren Garlett 
Historian- Kimberly Murphy 
Parliamentarian- Heather Thomson 
Sponsor- Professor David Diggs 


I<C^PA Alpha Psi Fi^^ternity, Inc. 

Omicron Kappa Chapter 

The Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity was founded on the 
campus of Indiana University on Januar\' 5, 1911. 
The fraternity's fundamental purpose has a! 
ways been achievement. Kappa Alpha Psi 
started its legacy at Lehigh in the spring 
of 1987. The chapter at Lehigh was 
officially chartered as the Omi- 
cron Kappa Chapter on May 
18, 2001. Since its incep- 
tion on Lehigh's cam- 
pus, the brothers ' 
have toiled and jr 1 
strove for excel- 
lence not only on 
campus, but in the 
community as well. The 
brothers can be seen work- 
ing at the YMCA, helpin< 
at Broughal Middle Schoo 
ing clothes through their Kappa Kloset 
clothing drive and performing steps at a 
number oi venues. Other events they spon- 
sor include Kappa Week, the Kappa Kafe, a 
Kappa Kommunit)' Klean-up and the Kappa Kook- 
Out. In April, Kappa Alpha Psi was recognized as 
Lehigh's Organization of the Year. 

Brothers: Philip Pleasant, 
Robert Daye, Corey Harrison, 
Louis Brown III, Avon Mack, 
Brant Hall, Khalcel Fisher, 
Quaison Dodd. 

Special thanks to 

Brother Cedric 
_^^^^^^^^^^ Hickerson from the 
l^H^BmRBe^ Lambda Xi chap- 

ter for contin- 
ued support. 




College Democrats 

During the fall semester, the College Demo- 
crats continued to work for local and statewide 
Democratic campaigns: Ed Rendell for Gover- 
nor, Ed O'Brien for U.S. Congress and Jim 
Maza for State Senate. We attended rallies and 
events for the candidates, and canvassed many 
neighborhoods throughout the Lehigh Valley prior to the election. On Election Day, Ed 
Rendell won a major victory, but unfortunately, our other candidates did not. 

The College Democrats join then- 
gubernatorial candidate Ed Rendell 
at a campaign rally in Bethlehem. 
From left to right: Matt Salner, 
Barret Katuna, Brad Cohen, Adam 
Kornfield, Ed Rendell, Mike Polec, 
Phil Colburn James Duane. 



Formula Sae 

Formula SAE is a collegiate compcririon in which srudcnrs from 
schools as far away as England and Japan design, fabricate and 
^ race open-wheel race cars. For the past two years, the Lehigh 
FSAE has worked to complete the fifth car it has entered in 
competition. Virtually all major parts of the car are designed and 
fabricated by students. 1 he car is very much a real race car and is 
extremely quick. It will go hom to 60 mph in under 4 seconds 
and outrun any street car on the planet. Properly geared, it is 
capable of speeds more than 1 50 mph. 

Formula SAE members; Joe Costanzo (co-captain), Tal Cohen (co-captain), Ben 
Coppola, Rebecca Roth, John Janick, Kelley Erb, Ryan Swartz, Nick Burgess, Brian 
Kaplun, Eric Kimball, Josh Kunz, Andrew Laich, Zach Pricker. 


Accounting Club 

The aim of the accounting club is to promote by means of 
various activities the exchange of academic and social ideas. 
The organization helps stimulate student interest in the 
accounting profession and provides career information. 
















Alpha Chi Sigma 


Alpha Chi Sigma is a national professional chemistry fraternity, course, numerous brotherhood events that make for a frin 

Its goal is to bring together students who are pursuing a wide filled school year. This year's officers were Master Alchemis 

variety of chemistry-related careers, but it is not limited only Nick Casde, Vice Master Alchemist Linda Wu, Treasure 

to chemistry. The Lehigh colony pursues these objectives Matt "Spider" Stewart, Secretary Heather Knutson, Maste 

through activities including outreach programs with the local of Ceremonies Heather Thomson and our chapter advisei 

community, a semesterly Freeze N, ice cream social. Professor Keith Schray. For more information, please visit u 

educational field trips, National Chemistry Week and of online at www.lehigh.eduZ-inaxe/ 


students stop to get punch during the Freeze N-, ice 
cream social. 



Brothers of the Lehigh colony. Front row; Jeremy Eberhardt, 
Heather Knutson, Linda Wu, Matt "Spider" Stewart, Elaine 
Murray, Brian Boyars and Jonathan Havel. Row two: Nick 
Castle, Julie Molinari, Heather Thomson, Abby Oelker, 
Kate Newman, Li Jen Huang, Lauren Williams, Kathryn 

Dinner at the Schray house. Front row: Linda Wu, Ma 
Spider Stewart, Heather Knutson and Jeremy Eberhard 
Row two: Professor Ned Heindel, Gabe Kuklis, Nic 
Castle, Jonathan Havel, Donald Drinkwater, Laure 
Williams. Row three: Professor Keith Schray. 

2002-2003 Officers 
President- Robert Leichtcr 
Vice President- Daniel Norell 
Treasurer- Alison Murphy 
Corresponding Secretary- Ingrid Schatrick 
Recording Secretary- John Kovich 

Alpha Pi Mu 

Alpha Pi Mu is the honorary industrial engineering society at 
Lehigh and gives recognition to qualified industrial engineer- 
ing students, fosters high professional standards in the field 
and assists the industrial engineering department in its prepa- 
ration of innovations in the field. Membership is open to 
outstanding juniors and seniors. Meetings are held as needed. 
The initiation fee is $50. 

American Chemical Societ/ 

The American Chemical Society at Lehigh is a student 
iffiliate chapter of the national ACS organization. The 
Jtudent affiliates program supports undergraduate stu- 
dents, their faculty and local section members in promot- 
ng professional development, mentoring and peer-sup- 
3ort mechanisms for those majoring in the chemical 
iciences. ACS works in conjunction with the chemistry 
department to organize social events such as potluck 

luncheons, the annual holiday dinner and a spring picnic. 
ACS also strives for professional growth through research 
opportunities, career speakers and industry tours. Other 
events include National Chemistry Week and the popular 
and trendy beaker mugs. This year's officers were President 
Linda Wu, Vice President Nick Castle, Treasurer Melissa 
Klein, Secretary Julie Diorio and our chapter adviser, 

Professor Keith Schrav. 

Nick Castle, the mole and Linda Wu celebrate Mole Day 
during National Chemistry Week. 


Amnesty International 

Amnesty International (AI) is a worldwide movement of people who 
campaign for internationally recognized human rights. AI's vision is of 
a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined 
in the universal declaration of human rights and other international 
human rights standards. In pursuit of this vision, AI's mission is to 
undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending 
grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, 
freedom of conscience and expression, and freedom from 
discrimination, within the context of its work to promote all 
human rights. AI does not support or oppose any government or 
political system, nor does it support or oppose the views of the 
victims whose rights it seeks to protect. It is concerned solely with 
the impartial protection of human rights. 


The mission of the American Institute of Chemical Engineering 
is to enrich our chemical engineering education and broaden 
our knowledge of the chemical engineering field through 
interactions with fellow students, professors and practicing 
engineers. AIChE members went to the 2002 national 
convention in Indianapolis, where they learned about 
continuing chapter improvement, gained knowledge of recent 
technological innovations, improved professional skills, 
networked nationwide with fellow students and professionals 
and nurtured the interest of sophomore and Junior members 
with continued involvement with the AIChE student chapter. 
AIChE also hosted a career night. 

2003-2004 Officers 
President- Danielle Higgins 
Vice President- Jill Gliem 
Secretary- Crystal Halverson 
Treasurer- Zachary Channing 
Social Chair- Lisa Toback 
Faculty Adviser- Harvey Stenger 



The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) 
International was founded in 1880 by prominent mechanical 
engineers and led by Alexander Lyman Holley, Henry Rossitcr 
Worthington and John Edson Sweet. On April 7, a formal 
organizational meeting was held at Stevens Institute of 
Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, with about 80 engineers — 
industrialists, educators, technical journalists, designers, 
shipbuilders, military engineers and inventors. Today, ASME 
is a worldwide engineering society focused on technical, 
educational and research issues. It has 125,000 members and 
conducts one of the world's largest technical publishing 

operations, holds 30 
technical conferences 

2002-2003 Student Officers 
President- Taurin Spalding 
Vice President- Edwin Gerenski 
Secretary- Andy Carr 
Treasurer- Brian Homeijer 
Faculty Adviser- Terry Delph 

and 200 professional 
development courses 
each year, and sets 
many industrial and 


The Association of Computing Machines is devoted 
to providing a community of technical resources for 
computer enthusiasts at Lehigh. The ACM hosts a 
variety of events, including regular technical talks, 
a LAN (computer gaming) party, a picnic and other 
social events to promote interaction among stu- 
dents of the computer science and engineering 

Matt Kriebel demonstrates that older 
games are always the best. 

Aaron Batalion answers questions at 
an ACM technical presentation. 

Chris Creswell and Matt Kemmerer compete at the Lj'VN Matt Kriebel, Scott Weber, Matt Casey, Walter Scheirer, Club members set up their computers in preparation for 
party. Tim Cunningham and Dave Deschenes at the ACM an afternoon of gaming. One can never have too many 

SCENE conference at Temple University. computers. 



Balance is the art and architecture department's stu- 
dent-run club. We are dedicated to providing art and 
architecture students with a well-rounded experience 
while they are at Lehigh. Our most successful events 
are the fall and spring galas, held at the end of each 
semester. The gala is an open house in which all 
studios in the department display a project. We invite 
Lehigh faculty members, faculty from other architec- 
ture schools and alumni. This year, the club painted a 
mural at a nearby elementary school as part of a 
community service project. The club helped to design 
a mural and involved kids at the school to paint the 
design. We plan on continuing community service 
projects like these in the future. Balance also publishes 
a quarterly newsletter, which discusses current topics 
and controversies related to architecture, for students 
and department faculty to read and enjoy. This year's 
club officers were President Hayley Burns and Trea- 
surer Lynore Arkin. 

Chi Epsilon 

Chi Epsilon is the national honor societ)^ for those 
working toward a degree in civil and environmental 
engineering. Membership is based upon scholastic 
achievement. Students must be in the top third of their 
class to become a member. Our primary objective is to 
recognize civil engineers who uphold a high academic 
record and promote a sense ol community among the 
civil and environmental engineering student body. We 

host different social events and guest speakers throughoui 
the year and are also involved with community service. 

2002 - 2003 Officers 

President- Greg Hucklebridge 

Vice President- Jonathan DiLauro 

Treasurer- Elizabeth Tyler 

Secretary- Patrick Dugan 



V ^ - ^n 

2002 - 2003 Me 

Leo Cruz 

Decker Hai 

Justin McCar 

Karen Miran 

Greg Paren 

Natasha Tay 

Regina Willia 

Faculty Advi 

Professor Stephen 





*««*• -^1 


Collegiate Christian Fellowship 

The Collegiate Christian Fellowship exists to en- 
courage students to consider a life of faith in C^hrist 
through Bible studies and discussions, and to give 
opportunities for further spiritual growth, develop- 
ment and service to the local church. We meet every 
Thursday night in Room 401 of the Universit)' 
Center at 7p.m. fora Bible study and prayer session. 
Mr. Rice, who has been working with campus 
ministries for more than 25 years, generally leads 
the Bible study. Please feel free to come out and join 

us anv time. 

gather at Mr. 
Rice's house 
for Thanksgiv- 
ing dinner. 



Darning Yu, 
Mr. Rice 

College Repubug^ns 

The College Republicans began their work even drops throughout the area. From their involvement in 

before the school year started. During the summer the campaign, the CRs gained valuable insight and knowl- 

months, members began assisting with several local edge of the inner-workings of a local political campaign, 

campaigns, most notably the race for state represen- During the second semester, the club focused on creating a 

tative in the 135th District, which serves most of newsletter to serve as a forum for students to comment on 

Bethlehem and a small part of Allentown. The CRs various political and social issues affecting the nation. Under 

served as a grassroots base for the campaign by going the leadership of President Neal Hoffman, the club is 

door-to-door with the Republican candidate, put- prepared for another busy campaign season in the fall, 
ting together mailings and conducting literature 

Lauren Eisner, 
Sharon Retos, 
Keith Strunk, 
Mary Yoder and 
Neal Hoffman 
pose for a 
group shot. 

State representa- 
tive candidate 
Keith Strunk 
shakes hands with 
his campaign 
manager, John 




The purpose of the Lehigh earth and environmental science club is 
to raise environmental awareness on campus and within the 
community, to explore issues and opportunities in the environmental 
field and to encourage undergraduate participation and interaction 
within the earth and environmental science department. The 
department blends contributions fi^om environmental scientists, 
ecologists and geologists. The club seeks to promote this 
understanding of earth systems and their components by integrating 
geological and biological views of how these systems function and 
interact. The department's fundamental work lies in basic research 
and field-based, experiential, multidisciplinary education, but it 
actively cooperates with other students and scholars at Lehigh to 
examine the broader ramifications of human interaction with the 

Economics Society 

Although the department of economics is housed in 
the College of Business and Economics, students 
have an option of either earning a bachelor's degree in 
economics through the College of Business and 
Economics or the College of Arts and Sciences. 
Students are choosing the economics major in growing 
numbers because it can be easily adapted into an 
individual's unique course of study and long-term 
goals. For many, economics provides the necessary 
foundation leading to a career in the business or 
finance world. Others use it as a vital complement in 
their preparation for law school or other areas of 
study, such as government, history, international 
relations or journalism. The Economics Society helps 
to make students aware of these facts. 


FoNi Journal 

Oii^iiKilly published in 1996 by the English as a Second of diverse culrural backgrounds. We welcome submissions 

Language program, hONl oFficially became a club in all year round, so please contribute to our efforts in 

2()()(). From submissions offellow students and faculty, we acknowledging diversity at Lehigh. 

ercate a yearly journal that has the prevailing theme and 

emphasis of intercultural experiences. FONI is a giant Web site: www.lehigh.eduZ-infoni 

mixing bowl of prose, poerr\' and artwork from students E-mail submissions: infoni^^ 



Front row: Rodlene Lazzard, Kathy McNally (adviser), 
Chris Forstall, Richard Wong. Row two: Grace Hahn, 
Ben Wong, Ian Ma, Kit Ming Chan, Zhafri Abdul-Rahim. 

History Club 

The history club is open to anyone interested in the study of 
history. We seek to bring together students and faculty in a 
nonacademic setting. The history club had a great year with 
barbecues at professors' homes, a movie night, a trip to Philadelphia 
and visits to local historical attractions. The history club creates 
a sense of communit)' among the students within the history 
department, while also bringing together these students with 
their professors. 



The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 
has been quite active this year. Led by President James 
Pontius, Vice President Heather Belaus, Treasurer Chris 
MacDonald and Secretary Rachel Goodman, the group 
has begun to bloom on campus. The group celebrated its 
100th anniversary this year with a banquet in the Asa 
Packer Dining Room, where Professor Douglas Frey spoke 

about famous people in the electrical engineering field. In 
addition to the 1 00-year celebration, IEEE and ACM held 
several coffee and doughnut mornings. These were a hit 
among students, faculty and staff IEEE also participated 
in engineering basketball at Lafayette. IEEE would never 
have been so successful this year without the help of 
Professor Donald Talhelm and Scott Weber; thank you. 

ELECTJ|iq^L o 

Collin Nippert discusses upcoming events with Vice 
President Heather Belaus. 

Front row: Christine Baler, Heather Belaus, Philip Garcia, 
Rachel Goodman. Row two: Sandra NarowskI, James 
Pontius, Chris MacDonald, Ed Smith, Collin Nippert, 
Sean Anderson. 

President James Pontius leads a midyear meeting of 
the organization. 

iNSTrriiTE OF Industrial Engineers 

The objective of the Lehigh student chapter of the Institute of 
Industrial Engineers is to promote the profession of industrial 
engineering among undergraduate and graduate industrial 
engineering students. This is done through the organized 
efforts of group study, research and discussion of the fields 
related to industrial engineering and through the dissemination 
of knowledge thereby gained. The chapter promotes 
membership in the HE by acquainting the student body with 
the ideas, purposes and objectives of HE. This year the 
institute hosted a tour of the Mack Truck facility. 

2002-2003 Officers 
President- Shane Cloyd 
Treasurer- Chris Cassin 
Secretary- Tom DeMarffy 
VP Development- Mike Trexler 
VP Membership- Scott Mazur 
VP Programming- Brad Giardino 

You can always 

find Shane Cloyd 

working on a 

difficult computer 

program In Mohler 



Industrial And 
Systems Engineering 


Investment Club 

While managing the Riglus Portfolio (worth 
approximately $90,000), Lehigh's investment club 
members get firsthand exposure to a real trading 
environment. The investment club always welcomes 
new members at its weekly meetings, where 
presentations are made to buy or sell positions for 
our portfolio. A trip to the stock exchanges in New 
York City is planned once a semester, and club 
members are encouraged to attend in order to see 
exactly where all the trading takes place. 

Hellenic Club 

The Hellenic club's purpose is to promote Greek culture and 
heritage on the Lehigh campus. The many events in which the 
club participates during the year include Greek Indepen- 
dence Day on March 25 and the International Bazaar in 
'^pril. The Hellenic club has both members of Greek origin 
and non-Greeks. The club is a way to celebrate the ancient 
traditions that we still value today. 

rene Vardaxis, Marcos Stamldis, Irene Hatzimatis and 
)lga Algeros dance at the International Bazaar. 

KY ROM ' -^ 



Atexandfoupolis ) 
'Kavaia •/ 

Joannina Umnas 

Liusa' .V6tos l^^,^ 

Pdlrai * Chios 

Elelsis.^ .. 

Peiratefs"* ATHENS 5*™* 




Hellenic club members perform a Greek dance during 

an informal get together. 


Marketing Club 

Lehigh University's marketing club is affiliated with the 
American Marketing Association. Through this 
connection, members enjoy a quarterly news magazine, 
networking opportunities and access to exclusive benefits 
available to AMA professionals. As a club, we strive to 
bring in local professionals in the field of marketing to 
speak to members as well as visit local businesses to see 
what a marketing career is really like. In the past, our visit 
to Just Born was a great success, and this year we were lucky 
enough to visit the MTV studios in New York City. As we 
enter our third year of affiliation with the AMA, we expect 
even greater opportunities. 


The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is the interests of high school students in technical fields such as 

largest student-managed organization in the country science, mathematics and engineering. Students from 

dedicated to increasing the number of African-American high schools in the area come to Lehigh's campus once a 

engineers. With 15,000 members and more than 300 week, where the NSBE and Lehigh students facilitate 

chapters, NSBE supports and promotes the aspirations workshops. The workshops focus on SAT preparation and 

of university and pre-coUege students and technical informing students about the requirements needed to be 

professionals. Its mission is to increase the number of accepted into engineering schools and programs. NSBE 

culturally responsible black engineers 
who excel academically, succeed 
professionally and positively impact 
the community. A large part of NSBE 
is the Pre-College Initiative Program. 
As NSBE's largest community service 
project, it is designed to stimulate the 

students also facilitate discussions about 
college life and take the students on 
tours ofother universities. Other events 
sponsored by the NSBE have included 
Gumbo Night, a Halloween candy 
gram fund-raiser and a sweet potato 
pie sale. 


President Nicole Jones works on engineering home- 
work in her room. 

Phi Alpha Theta 

Phi Alpha Theta promotes the study of history while career panel discussion and a trip to Philadelphia. This 

bringing together students, teachers and writers of international honorary history fraternity encourages 

history for intellectual and social exchanges. The Lehigh excellence in the study of history. Eligible students 

chapter of this history honor society holds dinners and must maintain a minimum overall GPA of 2.75 and a 

mixers, as well as numerous other events, including a 3.0 GPA for 12 credit hours of history classes. 

2002-2003 Officers 
President - Justin Federici 
Vice President - Stella Maher 
Secretary - Jeff Samuels 
Treasurer - Sam Wallace 
Rush Adviser - Rachel Zief 
Initiate Adviser - Mark Elloff 
Historian - Jess Maurer 
Adviser - Rich Freed 

Phi Sigma Pi 

Phi Sigma Pi is a coeducational national honor, service and 
social fraternity. The Delta Chi chapter of Phi Sigma Pi was 
founded at Lehigh on December 3, 2001. It's been an exciting 
year as the club welcomed two wonderful pledge classes — the 
Gammas and Deltas. 

Matlonal President Tammy MIeziva presents the chapter's 
:harter to Vice President Stella Maher and newly- 
nitiated brother Alex Schwendeman. 

Brothers Stella Maher, Daryn Reyman and their guests 
enjoy a fun night in Philadelphia at the Gamma Xi 

Kai Schlingmann (far right) and Alumni Adviser Ryan 
Marquiss (center) pose with friends at Alpha Eta during 
a pledge trip to the Tripod 21 Conference. 


Pi Tau Sigma 

Pi Tau Sigma is a mechanical engineering honor society 
that was estabHshed to create a closer bond of fellowship 
among its members. This will result in mutual benefits to 
those men and women in the study and in the profession 
of mechanical engineering. Pi Tau Sigma's core values are 
integrity (soundness of character and moral conduct), 
service (serving the mechanical engineering profession 

and the community) and leadership (being foremost anc 
fostering initiative through example in a professiona 
manner). Our primary mission is to be a mechanica 
engineering honor society that strives to create bette 
engineers through commitment to academic excellence 
and dedication to service. 

2002-2003 Officers 

President- Elisabeth Kuebler 
Vice President- Holly Thompson 
Secretary- Benjamin Coppola 
Treasurer- Daniel Lehman 
Adviser- Dr. Richard Roberts 

Front row: EricHahn, RyanSwartz, MIkeCasarella. Row 
two: Daniel Lehman, Benjamin Coppola, Holly Thomp- 
son, Elisabeth Kuebler. Not pictured: Jason Fry 

PuBuc Relations Studeintt Society 

The declared purpose of the PRSSA is to cultivate a 
favorable and mutually advantageous relationship between 
students and professional public relations practitioners. 
We aim to serve our members by enhancing their knowledge 
of public relations and providing access to professional 
development opportunities. We aim to serve the public 
relations profession by helping to develop highly qualified, 
well-prepared professionals. 

Chapter Awards and Honors 

* Recognized as a National Bateman winner. 

* Recognized as a four-time Regional 
Bateman winner. 

* Recognized as a Regional C5 Crisis 
Competition winner. 

* Recognized as the 200 1 winner of the 
National Award for its newsletter. 

Some fun facts about the Lehigh chapter of PRSSA: 

- The chapter was chartered in 1985. 

- It is one of 220 student-run chapters in the United States that is affiliated with the national 
professional organization with more than 20,000 members. 

- The chapter averages more than 40 members a year. 


Reformed University Fellowship 

The Reformed UnivcrsityFellowshipLsan evangelical ministry Christian Arhleres to boost unit)'. Thanks to everyone who 

open to everyone at Ix;high. We apply the scriptures to the came to our events; it was a great year. 

problems facing Lehigh students on an everyday basis while 

remaining faithRil to the historic creeds of- the church. We 

enjoy a large Bible study group, many small study groups and 

social events every week. This year we sponsored a missionary 

trip to Acapuico, Mexico, to work with orphaned children, 

and we held several joint events with the Fellowship of 

2002-2003 Officers 

President- William Whitesel 

Vice President- Leslie Bauer 

Secretary- Heather Thomson 

Treasurer- Sarah Braymer 

Campus Minister- David Green 

Society of Hispanic 
FtoFESSiON^ Engineers 

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) 
promotes the development of Hispanics in engineering, 
science and other technical professions to achieve educational 
excellence, economic opportunity and social equity. It is not 
a prerequisite to be Hispanic or an engineer in order to 
become a part oi the SHPE. The only requirement is an 
interest in any science-related field and a willingness to help 
those in our community. 

Left: This fun evening included dinner at Red 
Robin with Jerry Natale, Samuel Lewis, Oscar De 
La Villa, Roman Martinez, Elkin Mejia, Andrew 
Lascar, Jessica Bedoya, Jose Torres, Marvin 
Rodriguez, Marcela Hernandez and Yomaris 
Maldonado. Above left: Andrew Lascar, Marcela 
Hernandez, Oscar De La Villa, Jessica Bedoya, 
Daniel Leon, Roman Martinez, Elkin Mejia and 
Samuel Lewis gather during a general meeting at 
Campus Square. 



The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is an Its membership is comprised of manufacturing producdor, 

international professional society dedicated to serving its research and design engineers, practitioners, corporat 

members and the manufacturing community through the executives and students. Members have a variety of majon 

advancement of professionalism, knowledge and learning, including industrial engineering, manufacturing system 

Established in 1932, SME has 60,000 members in 70 engineering and 

countries and sponsors more than 295 chapters in districts mechanical 

and regions, along with 275 student chapters worldwide, engineering. 

SImi Mihil Modi-I o| 
Aimriciin Flag: 

Society of Women Engineers 

The SWE is an organization that strives to help women 
engineering students further their personal, academic 
and professional goals. SWE hosted a wide variety of 
activities this year, including a resume workshop with 
Unisys, haunted hayrides, dress for success days and a 
celebration of women in engineering. In cooperation 
with Mohamed El-Aasser, dean of the engineering col- 

lege, the SWE helped plan CHOICES, a hands-on- 
learning program for seventh and eighth grade girls tc 
help them learn about women in science and engineer- 
ing. Girls came for one day on April 3 to participate ir 
fun engineering experiments such as asphalt cookies 
funny putty, the M&M abacus and the egg drop. Every- 
one in attendance had a great time. 

^ ^ O A 

Front row: Jen EJenkovIc (web designer), Tasha Taylor (treasurer), 
Rosemary Berger (faculty adviser). Row two; Laura Limata (newslet- 
ter editor), Kristin Pszalgowski (vice president), Lori Shuler (presi- 
dent). Crystal Halverson (publicity), Alix Echelmeyer (secretary). 


Kathleen McLaughlin and Lauren Kovacs help girls with the 
funny putty experiment at CHOICES. 

Student Materials Socieiy 

The Student Materials Society is a yioup oi Kiii-loving 
materials science and engineering majors. The goal of the 
society is to help undergraduates get to know each other 
and the faculty, as well as provide events for materials 
science students. These events include everything from 
seminars to plant visits. Other events include a young 
members night in conjunction with the professional 
materials organization (ASM/ TMS), as well as fall and 

spring picnics for undergraduates, graduate students and 
faculty, and a winter banquet. With all this action going 
on, members can't help but have material science infused 
into the very fibers of their being, making them better 
engineers and the world a safer place for you, the humble 
yearbook patron. 2002-2003 Officers: President Andy 
Prcscott, Vice President Jess Miller, Treasurer Ken Adams, 
Secretary Kim Pinkos and Adviser Rick Vinci. 

Mateiials science majors wonder what the department 
IS trying to feed them. 

Amie Carbone, Amy Fiore and Professor Martin Harmer 
spend quality time together. 

Junior materials science students gather for a picnic 
behind Whitaker Lab. 

Tau Beta Pi was foimded at Lehigh University in 1885 
by Professor Edward H. Williams. Today Tau Beta Pi 
is the oldest, largest and the only honor society that 
represents all branches of engineering. Its purpose is to 
honor in a fitting manner those engineers who have 
excelled in their chosen field. This year the district 
conference was brought back to Lehigh after a decade- 

Tau Bet^ Pi 

long lapse. Students from different universities in Penn- 
sylvania and Delaware came to Lehigh to conduct dis- 
trict affairs. Tau Beta Pi would like to thank its advisers, 
Professor Richard Vinci, Dean Mohamed El-Aasser, 
Professor Brian Davison, David Lewanda and the dis- 
trict directors, Michael Malmstrom and Edward 
Gorzkowski, for their help and support. 

President Patrick Schmid is highly Involved In Tau Beta 
PI. In fact, he Is always armed with his iPAQ to take care 
of any last minute business. 

2002-200.3 Officers 

President- Patrick Schmid 

Vice President- 
Mohammed Khambalia 

Initiation Coordinator- 
Karen Miranda 

Corresponding Secretary- 
Benjamin Coppola 

Treasurer- Adam Baughman 

Initiation Coordinator Karen Miranda takes a break 
from planning districts and initiations to soaks up some 
sun in Ocean City. 


Women in Business 

The Women in Business club provides an environment for 
learning about careers through speakers and networking. The 
organization also builds business skills and knowledge through 
various activities that cater to undergraduate women and 
alumnae. The purpose ofWomen in Business is to support and 
promote women, particularly those linked to Lehigh, who are 
entering the business world or are already established within an 
industry. The club achieves this through networking with 
external businesses and industry executives, Lehigh alumni 
and other student organizations. 

President Erin McEnerney talks with an Air Products 
representative at the career fair. 

World Affairs Club 

Membership in the club is open to all Lehigh stu- 
dents interested in expanding their understanding of 
world politics, global issues and foreign cultures. The 
club arranges lectures, films, interviews and field 
trips with international and foreign policy dimen- 
sions. The club closely operates with the Upsilon 
(Lehigh) chapter of Sigma Iota Rho, a national 
honorary society in international relations, and with 
the editors of IR News, which is presented both in 
print form and on the Internet. 


Alpha Phi Omega is a national community service 
fraternity with chapters in more than 300 tmiversities 
in the United States and many others throughout the 
world. It is the nation's largest intercollegiate fraternity. 
APO is different from many other fraternities at Lehigh 
because it is coeducational, does not have a house is not 
exclusive (members can also join any other fraternity or 
sororitv) and its dues only cost $30 per year. Each week, 

Alpha Phi Omega 

approximately 50 members have a brotherhood meet- 
ing, eat dinner together at the Food Court, plan a 
community service project and have a social event. 
Minimum requirements for active membership consist 
of 10 hours of commimity service per semester, atten- 
dance at a minimum ol one social program and half of 
the brotherhood meetings, and the completion of the 
pledge program. 

Al;jlia Phi Omega members embrace after completing Alison Diefenderfer, Lisette Torres, Sylvia Ciesluk, Joe On a crisp fall day, Alison Diefenderfer, Sally Schuster 
a service project. Oberlander, Alex Schwendeman, Chris Klump, Tarence and Lisette Torres go pumpkin picking. 

Smith and Sally Schuster gather together for a Christ- 
mas celebration. 

Japanese Club 

The primary purpose of the Japanese club is to promote take excursions to neighboring Japanese restaurants 
awareness and appreciation of the Japanese language and and can participate in sushi preparation demonstra- 
culture. The club's goal is also to make others recognize the tions. In addition, the organization is responsible for 
vast and beautiRil array of cultural differences between teaching members about Japanese culture through Japa- 

Japan and the United nese movies, which also play an important role in 
States. The Japanese club enhancing language skills, 
has weekly meetings that 
welcome anyone inter- 
ested in learning about 
the language, as well as 
cultural ethics and man- 
nerisms. Club members 


Best Buddies 

®f5V ©I^®©0[I5« The mission of Best Buddies is new friends, go new places and meet people who ar 

to provide an opportunity for outside of their often limited social settings. Best Buddie 
college students and persons with is a multipurpose program; however, the key element is 
mild to moderate mental commitment to friendship, 
retardation to become friends. 
Since contact between college 

students and persons who are mentally disabled seldom 

happens spontaneously, Best Buddies facilitates social 

contact by organizing group outings and requiring ongoing 

one-to-one activities for college buddies and buddies. Best 

Buddies seeks to contribute positively to the social and 

psychological development of all involved and to the 

communityat large. Students increase their understanding 

of themselves and learn more about living together in a 

large and diverse community. For persons with mental 

,.,.,.. „ T> 1 1- rr 1 1 • 1 Memberof Best Buddies present information and recruit new members during the ( 

disabilities, Best Buddies arrords the opportunity to make fair. 


FORWARD (For the Organization and Recognition of 
Women's Advancement, Rights and Development) is 
an organization open to both sexes that works to 
empower women and raise awareness of issues that 
affect their lives. To celebrate Love Your Body Day in 
October, members made and hang positive body image 
posters in women's restrooms. We also asked people, "if 
your body could talk, what would it say?" Students 
wrote their responses on index cards and put them on 
a larger poster that was displayed in the upper Univer- 
sity Center. In November, we organized a candlelight 
Take Back the Night March to draw attention to the 

disturbing occurrences of rape and sexual assault. Fo ' 
National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, we brough 
in Karen Smith to address the Lehigh community: 
Smith is the founder of Full Living, an organizatior 
devoted to helping women overcome eating disorders; 
Every year, we cosponsor Lehigh's production of Ev£ 
Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues." We also cospon- 
sored Sexual Assault Awareness Week in April. Oui 
members come from every college and have a variety o: 
interests. This year is especially important; it's the first 
time we've had male members (senior Daniel Lehmar 
and graduate student Joshua Ehrig). 

. wi 


Josh Ehrig, Kate Rooth, Kym Murphy, Sarah Smith, 
Kathleen Mish, Farhana Kassamali and Linsey Kramer 
hold a meeting for FORWARD in the Women's Center. 


The officers of FORWARD gather at the "Vagina Mono- 
logues." Treasurer Madhusha Dissanayake, Secretary 
Sarah Smith, Vice President Kym Murphy and President 
Lisa Schulter. 

Kym Murphy, Laura Bassette, Lisa Schulter, Joshua 
Ehrig, Madhusha Dissanayake and Kate Rooth enjoy 
dinner at Bridgeworks. 

Gaming Club 

The Lehigh gaming chib phiys host ro scores of avid gamers seeking ro 
experience the best and latest in role-playing games, collectable card 
games, board games and much more. We are a motley aggregation of 
mosrU' humanoid life-forms, drawn together by an insatiable need to 
spend long hours battling other-dimensional monsters and solving 
twisted puzzles, sometimes so twisted that the game ends with a rousing 
session oi "Duct Tape the GM To A Bench." 

2002-2003 Officers 
President- Tavlor Connor 
Vice President- Rich Therkorn 
Treasurer- Steve Glassman 
Secretary- Joe Souto 
Minister of War- Adam Gonthier 
Webmaster- Rich Stein 

Gospel Choir 

The purpose of the Genesis Gospel Choir is to enlighten others of the 
worth, value and uniqueness ot Gospel music, a distinguishing mark of the 
African-American heritage. 


Fiuvi Society 

Lehigh's Film Society is a group that loves movies. From 
watching films to sponsoring movie presentations on 
campus, this club provides countless hours of enter- 
tainment for its members. 







_~- ii 



Emergence Medico Services 

The Lehigh EMS is a student-run volunteer organization that provides emergency medical care to the university communir 

24 hours a day, seven days a week. We handle situations such as cardiac and respiratory emergencies, sports injuries, seizure 

and various other medical and trauma related incidents. Students are not our only patients; we often treat faculty, staff, visitor 

and members of the Bethlehem community. The Lehigh EMS was founded in 1991 with the intent to provide prompt, 

quality emergency care to the Lehigh family. 

We began with only a small handful of 

students who handled an average of 30 

incidents per year; since then we have grown 

to a 35-member organization that responds 

to nearly 200 emergencies during the 

academic year. 

The EMS Alert 
van sits in front of 

Rathbone Hall, 

ready for the next 


f> 1 80 

The Hdi^nna.'ti cs 

Colle<^ fi^capella a't t'ts bes^ 

Members: Kasia Voychick, Kim Aquila, Raina Savitsky, Derek Wilson, Dan Schankel, Sheryl Cherian, Chris O'Dwyer, Ryan 
Hansen, Brett Philpotts, Nate Zander, Amir Montgomery, Jessy Sclnocker, Kirsten Jacoby, Danny Greenawalt and Gelsey Bell. 

Paintb^\ll Club 

The paintball club was created to provide an outlet for all paintball club participated in the World Record Paintball 

hose wishing to participate in the extreme sport of Game at Skirmish USA. On October 1 9, the paintball 

Daintball but didn't know anyone else to play against. We club and University Productions organized a trip to Skir- 

lave organized several trips to local playing fields Skirmish mish USA. Everyone is looking forward to a great season 

JSA and Global Paintball. On September 8 and 9, the next year. 

1 a 1 4.- 

Pep Band 

The purpose of the Pep Band is to play for and cheer on place Arena in Maryland to support the basketball teamj 

Lehigh's athletic teams. This year the Pep Band attended in the Patriot League Tournament. Next year the Pep Band 

most of the women's volleyball meets and all of the men's hopes to attend all these games in addition to a wresding 

and women's basketball home games. At one of these match and soccer game, 
basketball games, the Pep Band partnered with the Donegan 
Elementary School band to more than double its size. To 
finish the season off, the Pep Band traveled to the Show- 

Ben Loyle and Sanket Kapadia haggle the oppos- Students from Donegan Elemen- Members of the Pep Band don war paint in preparation for the basketball tournament 

ing team, hoping to break their concentration. tary school and the Pep Band put in Maryland. The Pep Band follows the basketball teams to the tournament every year. 

their fingers in the air for a free Front row: Sanket Kapadia. Row two: Lauren Garlett, Randy Maurizio, Joe Lala, Kristin 

throw. Nardella, Pete Matt, Ben Loyle, Joe Oberlander, Mike Dammer. 

Progressive Student Alliance 

This is a club involved with liberal causes such as human and animal rights, 
environmental issues and social welfare. This club works closely with 
Bethlehem organizations to raise people's awareness on a wide range of 
issues. This year, the PSA was very active in sponsoring peace rallies and 
marches on and off-campus, as well as many lectures, including one called, 
"Dismantling the War Economy." Students from the PSA also took part in 
a massive march on Washington, D.C. to oppose the war with Iraq. 




^Bji^^ -t-^.T:^.. ■flfeit^feswii 



^^^Vr Oi. r ni 

^^^^Bl^^^^^^^^V r Zh^^^^^^^^^HI 

^^V ' " ^'■'- it 

HHPil^^viM.^^ '^^I^H^ 

^iM ^KJ 

i * ml 1 1 

^ -W^. 

■r '" V' 







The purpose of the Scabbard and Blade Society is to serve 
the community, spreaci interest in the ROl'C, develop 
American traditions and aid the training of our future 
officers. Scabbard and Blade at Lehigh is unique in 
comparison to other Scabbard and Blade societies be- 
L.iuse it is not only an honor society, but also a service 
organization. Some of our key events include an annual 
Christmas partv for the Boys and Girls Club of Bethlehem, 
Valentines for nursing home residents and Easter carcis 

Scabbard & Blade 

and treats for the pediatric patients at St. Luke's Hospital 
in Bethlehem. Through their participation and involve- 
ment in these service activities, RO 1 C cadets have the 
chance to interact with and give back to their surrounding 
community. As an honor society, our members have a 
high level of military bearing and are proud to carry on the 
traditions of the society. This year's officers were President 
Elizabeth Papapietro, Vice President Elizabeth Eaton, 
Treasurer Becky I.apidow and Secretary Beth Konarski. 

)dea Parson sits with children from the Bethlehem 
leys and Girls Club. 

Paul Carroll, Beth Konarski, Bill Brine, Joe Dark, Odea 
Parson, Elizabeth Papapietro and Kevin McKittrlck. 

Elizabeth Papapietro spends time with children from 
the Bethlehem Boys and Girls Club. 

Swing Club 

swing is back again! From the Glenn Miller Orchestra to taken trips to other off-campus swing societies and 

:heBrianSetzerOrchestra, swing dancing from the 1920s sponsored a swing lesson with a professional dance 

las made a comeback in the new millennium. The Lehigh instructor. Swing, jitterbug, jive; call it what you want, but 

wing club helps promote its vintage jive by holding it's easy to learn and a blast to dance, 
veekly swing dance lessons in Lamberton Hall. The swing 
;lub has cosponsored dances with a local swing band. 

tudents gather In Lamberton Hall to swing to the 
ounds of the Slicked Up Nines. 



VISIONS Worldwide is an international youth-run non- 
profit organization dedicated to improving public health. 
The first chapter originated in India in 1995 with pro- 
grams focusing on education and empowerment regard- 
ing the growing HIV/ AIDS epidemic. VISIONS Lehigh 
is committed to providing education, empowerment, 
outreach and global understanding with respect to the 
HIV/ AIDS pandemic. For World AIDS Day 2002, VI- 
SIONS raised money and nonperishable food for the less 
fortunate families and individuals living in Bethlehem 

who are affected by the disease. VISIONS raised mort 
than $750 for CHAMPS 4 KIDS, an AIDS organizatior 
whose purpose is to provide comfort and medical supplie; 
for children suffering from HIV/ AIDS. VISIONS mem- 
bers also attended conferences at Harvard and in Wash- 
ington, D.C., to exchange ideas and information witf 
other sister chapters and with Student Global AID5 
Campaign (SGAC) members. In the future, VISIONS 
hopes to conduct HIV/ AIDS awareness programs at loca 
high schools. 

Members of VISIONS organize a fund-raising event. 
Front row: Stacey DeMaio, Jennifer Randall, Linsey 
Kramer, Kathleen Mish, Madhusha Dissanayake. Row 
two: Asher Edwards, Nimi Patel, Andy Lomasky. 

Members of FLUSH at the Indiana University of Penn- 
sylvania sing "Seasons of Love" before their improv skit 
performance in Kenner Theater at Lehigh. 

The first ever SGAC conference was held in Washing 
ton, D.C., in February. The secretaries of health anc 
human services from the Bush and Clinton administra 
tion addressed many issues. 

African-Caribbean Culture 

The African-Caribbean culture club is dedicated to pro- activities and events, we aim to establish interactions and 
moting the awareness of African and Caribbean culture on nurture healthy interactions among people of all ethnic 
the Lehigh campus and in the sur- \j ', ^ backgrounds by uniting to share in 

rounding community. Through our \a \^Hl1^H9^Hk^_ mi ? Jl African and Caribbean traditions. 


Asian Cultui^al Society 

The Asian Cultural Society (ACS) is an organization that serves to 
ecognize and celebrate all Asian and Asian-American cultures. 
Through the sponsoring ot cultural festivities, educational 
programming and social events, the organization hopes to 
;ontribute to the effort of increasing the Lehigh community's 
iwareness of a diversifying nation. 

2002-2003 Officers 

President- Charles Shin 

Vice President- Sung Hoon Juhng 

Secretary- Olivia Park 

Treasurer- Albert Hong 

Webmaster- Daniel Chun 

Chinese Culture Club 

rhe goal of the Chinese culture club is to promote 
[iwareness and appreciation of Chinese culture to all 
members of the Lehigh community; therefore, the 
ictivities provided by the organization 
include monthly Chinese movies, a 
weekly Ching-Dynasty's story show. 

group physical exercises, the moon festival parr\', the Chinese 
New Year party and the Prize Chinese Movies Festival. Most 
members of the club are graduate and undergraduate students 

from the Republic of China (Taiwan), 
the United States, Singapore and Hong 



Turkish Student Association 

'^' '"-■.' Islanbut^ 


Sam sun • 





'Balikesif 'Eski^ehir 


* .Sivas 




.Konya , ^ 







.SanliUrfa ,. 

_ ../> 

The Turkish Student Association is an organiza- 
tion designed to promote the knowledge of Tur- 
key and the Turkish language and culture. Many 
activities are held such as trips to New York and 
Philadelphia, as well as Turkish food cooking 
nights. It is an excellent club for practicing one's club also participates in the International Bazaar, 
Turkish speaking skills at weekly meetings. The held during the spring semester. 

Geriw\n Club 

The purpose and aim ot the Lehigh German club is to 
promote German culture, language, history and litera- 
ture in order to appreciate German heritage and create 
a more international atmosphere at the university. In 
addition to the typical activities like Oktoberfest, mem- 
bers take dinner trips to local German restaurants, 
support events at the Moonlight Cafe and meet weekly 
for Kaffee Klatsch Stunde, a German chat session over 

a few cups of Java. This year we worked with other clubs 
to provide a fashion show and music as part of Interna- 
tional Week, in which Austrian and German dresses 
and folk-tunes were showcased. We still offer rides to 
lectures concerning German culture and topics of in- 
terest in the valley. To fundraise and celebrate German 
culture, we also fired up the grill and manned a table at 
this year's International Bazaar. 

1 1 

r ■*:© r^ 


Patrick Schmid embraces his fellow club members at an Bart Brown, Lindsay Nelsen, Patrick Schmid, Dani Rhen, Members of the German club man their booth at the 
event. Haley the dog and Ors David. International Bazaar. 


Indian Student Association 

rhc purpose of the Indian Student Association is to give both 
ndian and non-Indian students a better understanding about 
oLirh Asian cultural interests and goals, and to give these students 
I chance to share common interests and establish new ones. I hesc 
)hotos show how the ISA gets down at the 
nternational Bazaar. 

International Club 

rhe international club is an undergraduate campus-wide club 
or all international students. The club plans social activities and 
lelps with the orientation program for international students. 


University Proi5»ctions 

University Productions is Lehigh University's student-run programming board. UP organizes student 
entertainment including music, comedy, arts, excursions and other special events. UP is divided into 
several programming and marketing committees, which are overseen by an executive board. During the past 
year, UP has brought in talent such as Colin Mochrie, Virginia Coalition and Dave Attell. They also have run 
trips to Blue Mountain Ski Resor t and vario us professional sporting events. They brou ght the year to a close 
with Sundaze, which featured Tl^^|^k)K Go, Keller Williams and Sf 

Wlvr Radio 

WLVR FM is Lehigh's student-operated campus radio 
station. WLVR's format offers a wide variety of music, 
including punk, alternative, rock, rap and indie, in addi- 
tion to talk and educational broadcasts. Students have the 
opportunity to be a DJ, work in the music department or 
handle business operations. The station moved into new 
and improved facilities in the Ulrich Student Center at the 
beginning of the year. The station was located in the 
basement of the Universirv Center. 


Mustard & Cheese Sociby 

Founded in 1884 in the back room oi Renning's Bar, the 
Mustard and Cheese Drama Society is the second oldest in 
America behind Penn and before Harvard. The Drama 
Society was the brainchild of brothers Richard Harding 
and Charles Belmont Davis. NXTiere did the name originate? 
The menu at the organization's Saturday night meetings 
initially consisted of sweitzed cheese and mustard, washed 
down by beer. It was unanimously agreed that "Mustard 

and Cheese" would be the more appropriate name. Their 
first performance was "Mary, the Child of Misfortune," 
written by R.H. Davis and presented early in 1885. 
Mustard and Cheese now works with the theater 
department to provide academic and extracurricular 
opportunities for those interested in theater. Students 
work under professional guidance, as well as with other 
students in all phases of drama. 

^^Ua»<bJ ' W ' 





V^^H'^^Bi'v^F^ SlBMLKdd^ll 

Concession Prices 

* Ul ? ! 


^^Hr J 

J, ,n Bombino, president of M&C, pours Devon Battaglla sells concessions at a performance In The show would never go on Members of M&C enjoy the recep- 
soda for fellow members. Diamond Theater. M&C sold concessions at all of the without the help of the techni- tion after a performance of "All that 

Diamond performances to raise money. cal theater members. Fall." 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

The goal of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) 
is to help students (specifically athletes, but not exclu- 
sively) learn who Jesus is and to have a closer relation- 
ship with him. We meet every week to hang out and 
study the Bible. We also had special events such as 
barbecues before football games and we traveled to 
sporting events together. 





Sabrina Slater and Samantha goof around during a 

Front row: Seamas Whitesel, Regina Chesney, Alison 
Kulp, Jon Osterbrock. Row two: Kelly Kliewer, Sabrina 
Slater, Samantha, Rob, Jesse Smith. 

Regina Chesney and Alison Kulp hang out in the 




The dance club at Lehigh, Dancin, holds weekly classes in jazz, tap, 
ballet and hip hop. Different levels of dance classes (beginner,i 
intermediate and advanced) are held based on the demand of each. 
Teachers from outside studios and students in the club choreograph and 
teach dances, which are then performed in a recital at the end of the year.i 

A member of the dance club glides across the floor as Members of the club practice their jazz routine in the 
she shows off her moves. dance studio at Zoellner Arts Center. 

Three members of the club dazzle the other members 
with their skills. 

Dance Team 

2002-2003 Officers 
President- Natalie Ryan 
Vice President- Karen Kelly 
Treasurer- Laurentia Ash 
Fund-raising Chair- Jillian Tengood 

The dance team performs at Lehigh's basketball games and makes 
appearances at the football games. The team provides the crowds 
with flawless, cutting-edge moves. 

;> 1 90 

'I1ic Lchiyh cycling club provides students with an 
opportunity to ride recreationally with other students 
interested in cycling, or to race in the intercollegiate 
circuit on a number of competitive levels. The club has 
grown rapidly in the past three years and sent eight racers 
to the C^ollegiate Mountain Bike Nationals in New Mexico 
i n the fall of 2002. The race team received a number of top 
10 fmishes in Division II this year. The club secured 

Cycung Club 

numerous corporate sponsorships this fall; many were 
from prestigious bike and accessory manufacturers. The 
club first sponsored a collegiate road criterion on the 
Mountaintop campus in the spring of 2002, and one was 
planned again for March. The club isdedicated to improving 
and spreading the sport of cycling — both road and mountain 
— on Lehigh's camptis and is devoted to providing students 
with all possible access to any needs pertaining to cycling. 

The cycling club rides at the Lehigh Valley Velodrome 
in Trexlertown. 

A member of the club catches some air as he rides 
through rough terrain. 

A member of the club proudly accepts his award after 
a competition. 

Equestrian Club 

The Lehigh equestrian club gives students the opportunit)' riding lessons and other activities. Some club members 

to develop and refine horsemanship skills. The club is compete as a team at horse shows sponsored by the 

designed for enthusiastic riders of all levels. Club members Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. Lehigh is a 

can meet other equestrians and have the opportunity to sanctioned member of the IHSA, and club members 

participate in horse-related activities. The equestrian club who join the IHSA can compete in local and regional 

participates in intercollegiate horse shows and arranges horse shows. 

President Katie Von Seekamm, Charmian Cooper and 
Rachel Suna take a moment to rest. 

Front row; Lauren Mohan (co-captain), Andrea Popovich, 
Jessie Wobb, Julie Spitzer, Katie Sancuk. Row two; 
Rebecca Merola, Rebecca Resnick (vice president), 
Katie Pichler, Laura Fonte, Melissa Duerbig, Chelsea 
Williams (treasurer), Marisa Kalmer (coach), Katie Von 
Seekamm (president), Charmian Cooper, Erin Smith. 

Rachel Suna and Lena Andrews (co-captain) walk along 
side of Jessie Wobb, who is riding her horse. 

191 »; 


Fencing Club 

The Lehigh fencing club is the only active fencing club 
at the school. It is a coeducational club sport that is for 
the experienced, as well as the inexperienced fencer. If 
you are interested in fencing or looking for a unique 
fitness opportunity, then this is the club to join. We 
compete in a number of tournaments a year and fence 
all three weapons — the foil, epee and sabre. The 2002- 

2003 school year was an important one for the fencin 
club. For the first time in years, we are again active 
Dramatic increases were seen in membership, the amoun 
of equipment and public awareness. We anticipate an evci 
better season next year, with still increased membershi] 
and better training and equipment as we plan to atten( 
multiple competitions. 




„.„ ^ ."^ * -i* 


'i '•' : IS 

r^ ^••- 




mm " 

John Lamp and Mike Petite face off at the International 

John Gerace and Kai Schlingmann demonstrate the skill 
involved in fencing. 

Don Lavelle and Matt Bresin compete to show th 
audience who the real boss is. 

Fly Fishing Club 

The Lehigh fly fishing club is a great way to explore the outdoors and 
enjoy the waters of the Mid-Atlantic trout streams. Members participate 
in casting lessons, fly-tying clinics and exciting day trips to area streams 
and rivers. The LFFC welcomes all students, regardless of previous 
experience, who are interested in learning about fly-fishing with other 

Fly Fishing Club President BIythe Beaubien displays thi 
trout she just caught. 

Jess Browne and Lee Jagoda are doing what they do best 
as members of all levels participate in a casting clinic. 

BIythe Beaubien is not afraid to get her feet wet in ordi 
to make the perfect catch. 


I he purpose of the ice hockey A team is to provide students 
with the opportunity to continue their hockey careers 
[without the full commitment of a varsity sport. The club 
'plays in the ECHA (Eastern Collegiate Hockey Associa- 
ition) against teams such as Rhode Island, Navy, Duquesne, 
iVillanova and Scranton. The league is very competitive 
land fast-paced, and the Lehigh team has quickly estab- 
lished itself as a respectable organization within the league 
and the university. The highlight of the season was defeat- 
ng Rhode Island, previously unbeaten in their first seven 
games. This was the first of eight victories this season for 
the A team. With many players returning next year, the 
team hopes to make the playoffs. 

2002-2003 OflPicers 

President- Brian Piacitelli Adviser- Ben Wright 

Vice President- Dan Corbett Assistant Coach- Kevin Kelley 
Freasiirer- Ted Fisher Assistant Coach- Steve Jennings 

Head Coach- Mike Lichtenberger 

Ice Hockey A 

#12 Seth Williams, 
#23 Matt Schneider 
and #29 Russ Kuchar 
stick It to the 

Face-off: #9 Tom 
Gianos, #8 Shane 
Sauer, # 5 Dave Vogel 
and #26 Joe Lentine 
fight for posession of 
the puck. 

Ice Hockey B 

The purpose of the ice hockey B team is to play competitive 
lockey against the other colleges and universities in the 
^ehigh Valley. We play approximately 14 games per year 
md have four to six practices each semester. The main focus 
if the team is to have fian playing hockey. The B team was 
ormed to allow those students who do not have the time 
lor money for the A team a chance to play. The B team had 
11 strong year, posting a 10-2 record by season's end. Captain 
[OC^ayne DePrince led the team to its second championship 
n the past three years. The team finished the season strong 
vith three consecutive shutouts and a 6-4 victory in the 
bhampionship game against Northampton Communit)' 
ollege. Next year the team will be looking to repeat its 
uccess and keep the tradition alive. For more information 
bout the ice hockey B team, please contact President James 

#23 Matt Schneider, #8 
Shane Sauer and #29 
goaltender Russ Kuchar 
look to score a goal. 

#19 Brian Piacitelli, #3 
Paul Schuster and #30 
goaltender Matt Corey 
please the crowd with 
their quick plays. 


Men's Lacrosse Club 

The Lehigh men's lacrosse club competes in the National 
Club Lacrosse League (NCLL). The club has grown in 
leaps and bounds during the past two seasons. During 
that period of time, we have seen our numbers increase, 
and team attendance at games has almost doubled. In 
addition, "winning" has been taken a lot more seriously 
throughout the past two seasons. Last season the team 

finished with a record of 11-2 and reached the semifinalj 
in both the league's annual Beltway Bash tournament i 
Maryland and in the NCLL playoffs. This season has one 
again been a great one. We surpassed even last season 
performance, finishing 7-3 and making it to the NCL] 
Final Four. Next season is also shaping up to be quit 

A Lehigh player plans his next move on the field. 

A member of the club tries to outrun his opponent. Lehigh players guard the goal. 

Women s Lacrosse Club 

Only founded three years ago, the women's lacrosse club 
has grown tremendously and has had extremely successfiil 
seasons during both the fall and spring. This friendly, 
yet competitive team consists of players of all levels and 
grades and competes against teams all along the East 
Coast. The laughter and memories from the past couple 
of semesters will never be forgotten. Memories such as 
the game against NYAC (where some of us ended up 
taking a three-hour detour) playing Navy and 

screaming beirut as our pregame cheer, driving zhost 
dreadful 15-person vans, the huge tournament held a 
Lehigh in 2002, driving up to Mountaintop (where h 
conveniently began to rain every time we reached th( 
top), and let's not forget playing it up with the men'; 
team. The good times just kept coming. The dedication 
enthusiasm and perseverance shown by the players wa; 
remarkable, making the team unprecedented. Here's tc 
an unforgettable 2003, ladies. 

The entire women's lacrosse club poses for a group 

* 1 94 


The club battles their opponents on the Ronald J. Ulrich 

Members of the club pose before a big game. 

Outing Club 

OCe arc the outdoors cltib of Lehigh University. Our activities runs trips for its members. We send out e-mails to all of our 

ncludc rock climbing, hiking, camping, backpacking, skiing, 
lA'hitcwater rafting and more. Nearly every weekend the club 

members with information about trips. Anyone interested 
is welcome to come along. Often times no experience is 
necessary to join a trip, just a willingness to learn and try 
new .md exciting things. 

2002-2003 Officers 

President- Aaron Bergmann 

Treasurer- Katrina Rooney 

Webmaster- Katrina Rooney 

The ping pong club provides a fim and exciting outlet for 
students who enjoy playing and introducing table tennis 
to those who are not as familiar with this sport. The 
primary goal of the club is to make table tennis a recog- 
nized sport at Lehigh for which anyone at any level can 
participate in. It is hoped that in the future the club can 
possibly compete with other schools. 

Ping Pong Club 


Men s Rugby Club 

The Lehigh men's rugby club competes on the Divi- 
sion I level in the Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union. 
We field two teams, an A team and a B team, which 
travel together. Men's rugby is open to all undergradu- 
ates, and no experience is necessary. Through its 
program of intramural sports, the university endeav- 
ors to maintain among its students a high degree of 
physical fitness, to establish habits of regular and 
healthful exercise, to foster the development of such 

valuable by-products as self-confidence, good sports- 
manship, a spirit of cooperation and to provide each 
student with ample opportunity for acquiring an 
adequate degree of skill in sports of the type in which 
participation can be continued after graduation. Club 
sports are oriented toward mutual interest and physi- 
cal activity. The underlying purpose of any club is to 
join together those members of the student popula- 
tion that share a common activity interest. 

Women s Rugby Club 

Founded in 1994, this club emphasizes fun and fitness as well as competitiveness. Everyone from 
beginners to veterans is welcome. There is a fall and spring season, each consisting of five or six 
games with A and B sides. 


Ski Team 

The 2002-2003 men's ski team continued their previous 
y^ear's success this season, consistently dominating the 
field from week to week. 1 he team earned First place 
with a 6-0 record in the New Jersey (Collegiate Ski 
Conference, qualifying for the Mid-Atlantic Regional 
Championship. Led by senior Brendan Sherriff junior 
Colin Gallagher, sophomore Dan Scovill, freshman 
Brad Bartkowski, Trevor Seaman and Eric Kimball, the 
men's team raced to a remarkable seventh place at the 
Regional Championship. The women's team, in the 

midst of rebuilding, had a tough season as they finished 
fifth place in the conference. Jessie Richter, the top scorer 
for Lehigh, had a successfiil season, placing seventh in the 
conference. She was also the conference's individual qualifier 
at the Regional C'hampionship. Other top women's racers 
included juniors Lauren Weinstein and Katie Arscott and 
freshmen Jessica Davidson, Emily Divver and Elena 
McGovern. Overall, the entire team enjoyed success both 
on and off the snow. Both teams look forward to being a 
strong force on the slopes during next winter season. 

V member of the team prepares for the upcoming race. 
uckily, Mother Nature gave the team plenty of real 


A member of the ski team files down the slope at record 

A member of the ski team reflects on his race. 

LJltimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport that requires 
igility, speed and quick thinking. Ultimate is a combina- 
:ion of soccer, football and basketball in a fast-paced 
^ame played with a frisbee. Ultimate Frisbee is a fast 
growing sport with lots and lots of running. It exists 
A'orldwide and it culminates in the United States each 
/ear with UFA college sectional, regional and finally 
lational championships. Lehigh Ultimate Frisbee is a 
:ompetitive, intercollegiate activirv that involves prac- 

Ultimate Frisbee 

tice, tournaments and camaraderie. The team plays on the 
Maginnes Hall lawn from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays. All 
skill levels are welcome; the team members will gladly help 
and teach this amazing sport to anyone who is interested. 
There is both a men's and a women's team at Lehigh. The 
women's team split from the 30-year-old men's team this 
year. They practice three times a week and at weekend 
tournaments in the fall and spring. For more information, 
visit ww^v.lehich.edtiZ-intift. 

he Ultimate FnsUcc Lean, Ld^cs a ni^jHici 
fter a tournament on Goodman campus. 

relax Here's the captain. Dedication is the name of the 

game in ultimate frisbee. 

Members of the Ultimate Frisbee team celebrate after 
their first tournament at Penn State. 


What it takes to BUILD A HOUSE... 

Section Editor: Amanda Manthey 


I he university has had a strong 

Greek community tor quite some time. 
With a total of 23 fraternities and nine 
sororities, the system inckides approxi- 
mately half of the student body. In fact, 
fraternities first appeared on campus 
more than 100 years ago. Although 
times have changed, the basic premise 
of fraternities and sororities has not. 
They still serve as a means for gaining 
leadership experience, as well as devel- 
oping lasting, lifelong friendships. In 
this process, the better students de- 
velop their leadership and social skills, 
the stronger their houses will become. 
Houses are not just made of pillars and 
beams; instead they are made largely 
bv the people who inhabit them. The 
life that we bring into a house is what 
reallv makes it a home. 

We cannot seek 
achievement for 
ourselves and forget 
about prosperity for 
our community. Our 
ambitions must be 
broad enough to 
include the 
aspirations and 
needs of others^ ^ 

— Cesar Chavez 

greek life 

Pcinhellenic Counc'i 


The word "panhellenic" means "all Greek," and Lehigh 
certainly has a strong Greek system. The Panhellenic 
Council represents all sorority women on campus, as 
each sorority house is represented on the council. The 
council is comprised of seven executive officers, nine 
delegates and the presidents of all nine chapters. The 
Panhellenic Council is the primary forum for women's 
issues throughout the Greek system and is ultimately 
responsible for assessing the needs of the sorority 
system. Together, the members of Panhel coordinate 
sorority recruitment, housing, inter-sorority relations, 
social events, community service activities and various 
other programs on campus. This year, the counciPs 
primary goals involved strengthening the relationship 
between the nine sororities, strengthening the relation- 
ship between Panhel and the Interfraternity Council, 
as well as improving ties with national Greek organiza- 
tions and the entire Lehigh administration. Promoting 
more community service, improving body image and 
self-image for Lehigh women, improving alumni rela- 
tions and creating a safer Greek environment are all 
goals that Panhel is working toward. Panhel is an 
organization dedicated to friendship, academics, lead- 
ership, service and fun. 

Above: Sorority members participate In the annual Theta Chi Dreamglrl 
contest. Far above; Alpha Phi sisters Blair Tapper and Daphne 
Goldfarb help with a Halloween event for children. 

Students gather on the University Can- Chi Omega bunnies NIrali Shah, Debbie Students gather for the annual date PI Beta Phi members perform a skit dur- 
ter front lawn for the annual Panhel Guha, Helen Chan and Mego Chen. auction, sponsored by Alpha Chi Omega ing Rush festivities. 

Suitcase Party. sorority and Kappa Sigma fraternity. 


greek life 

Above: Alpha Gamma Delta 
members at an event for 
sisters. Far left: The Kappa 
Alpha Theta Intramural 
soccer team. Left: These 
fans cheer on Gamma Phi 
Beta at an intramural soccer 

201 «! 

Alpha Chi Omega 

theta Chi 


What if?. ..Dana Aguanno wasn't a Deeva? Emily set up camp 
at the gym? Claire couldn't do impressions? Lindsey Close 
didn't go bobbing for beers? You couldn't hear Amy Cohen 
from halfway across campus? Carrie's favorite food was ketchup 
with a side of mayo? Eisler wasn't introduced to scarves? Zoe 
had a mean bone in her body? Jenny attended every house 

meeting as a senior? Jaime Gabor wasn't 
from Staten Island? Steph Getsinger 
really did drive a minivan? Allison didn't 
look foreign? Ali didn't drive every room- 
mate she had crazy? Bess dated some- 
one under 5'H"? Tina really did like the people at Lehigh? 
O'Shea ate junk food? Pamela didn't get dressed up to go to 
Rauch to meet boys? Sapirstein looked prude? Shadoff wasn't 
married with kids? Silverman rebelled against society? Danielle 
wasn't Jackie Flam's only favorite? Kim was really married to 
Peck? Megan's eyes never drifted? Ronni needed a miracle bra? 
Sarah ever had a roommate? Our entire pledge class didn't 
transfer? We actually got to pledge? Camilla didn't sleep 
through pref night? Lexi was in arts and sciences? Jackie 
Spielman really was in our pledge class? We actually knew our 
pledge song? We weren't responsible for a Chi O no show? We 
finished the Monets, or if Andrea knew how to pronounce it? 
A stripper really showed up at our doorsteps instead oi a 


Above: Jen Borck, Allison Horowitz, Alice Tyler, Dori Katz, 
Jani Actman and Caitlin Finn enjoy a formal. Far above: 
Ashley Weakland, Jani Actman, Allison Horowitz, Barrie 
Cominsky, Danielle Press and Jamie Kovens smile after a fun 
night out. 

B*^ ^^9t 

1 M :^^^|k. 

Members of the Xi pledge class learn Heather Majczan, Erica Rubinstein, Bari Dori Katz, Allison Horowitz, Rebecca Martha Consor, Bari Goldman and Lauren 
what it takes to make a good toga party. Goldman, Jani Actman, Tina Panagiotou Reynolds and Caitlin Finn. Kennedy. 

and Stephanie Strauss. 


ereek life 

Left: Hanging out in the A 
Chi hallway. Far left: 
Danielle Press, Alice Tyler, 
Felicia Delia Fortuna, Dori 
Katz, Francesca Kennedy, 
Sarah Wasserman, Kelly 
Bouchard and Leigh 
Paterson. Below left: Jani 
Actman, Allison Gladstone, 
Dori Katz, Bess Lawrence, 
Barrie Cominsky and Sarah 
Wichryk always enjoy a 
good toga party. Below: 
The entire A Chi crew at 
a formal. 

greek life 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

zeta beta 

IMAGINE IF: We never joined Alpha Gam * Lisa didn't like 
hockey players * Jillian never watched movies * Amanda was 
passive * Missy was irresponsible * Kacey was six feet tall * We 
lived in Upper Cents * Woody was called Stephanie * Kara 
never listened to rap music * Kristen didn't date questionable 

boys * Caroline never went to Crow * 
Wendi never played soccer * All of us 
were flat * Lea didn't want to be Britney 
Spears * Liz didn't leave a mark * Dolan 

never drank * Super was neat * Steph McElroy hated Dave 
Matthews * We never got drunk together * Steph Martinez 
never left * Lauren never threw tantrums * Trish never went to 
an all-girls high school * Michelle didn't like Jewish boys * 
Mandi was still missionary * We never went on Spring Break * 
Gabriella never "dated" * Laura had one personality * Sara never 
went to Phi Delt * Margot didn't dye her hair blond * Karen didn't 
wear low-cut shirts * We were never friends!!! ***The sisters of 
Alpha Gamma Delta wish all of their seniors the BEST OF 

Above: Wendy Croft, Mary Lynn Super, Laura Vanaskie and Michelle 
T T T^T^iii ^vr -11 • 11 II ^vm T /^^ n- A/r-vT Till*** Mulcahy enjoy dancing the night away. Far above: Alpha Gam sisters 

LUCK!!! We will miss you all so much! WE LOVE YOU!!!*** get ready for their fall date party. 

Christina Dolan, Trish Nugent, Lisa Michelle Mulcahy, Lea Bender, Lisa Stephanie McElroy, Christina Dolan, Liz Schwartz, Sara Asheroff and Karen 
Gorbaty and Lea Bender are cowgirls for Gorbaty and Mandi Levine look splendid Kristen Brown and Kacey Kohlman take Castellano are all having a blast at the 
the night. for a night on the town. a picture break after studying hard. spring formal. 

greek life 

Left: Laura Vanaskie, Liz 
Schwartz, Stephanie Richart 
and l^issy Morris stop for a 
group shot. Far left: Lea 
Bender, Kacey Kohlman, 
Lisa Gorbaty, Mandi Levine 
and Margot Paige all show 
off their big smiles. Below: 
Alpha Gam seniors at the 
spring formal. 


Alpha Omicron Pi 

lambda upsilon 

In 10 years. ..Beth McDermort will still be looking for her 
underwear on 1-78. Leigh Ann Zangaro will definitely be in 
Pittsburgh. Christina Schindele will still be at the library. 
Andrea Brown will still be making up songs about sponges and 
hoops. Steph Rogers will still be wearing AOPi shirts every 
Monday, wishing she could still attend house meetings every 
Tuesday, and saving money to donate a mansion to AOPi on 

the Hill. Christine Gorst will still not 
be wearing underwear. Rosie Sherry 
will still be deciding on an outfit. Kelsey | 

Musselman will finally have gotten to 
first base. Jen Benfield will still be talk- 
ing. Jill Lagowski will have built the 

perfect man. Hayley Thompson and Luke will star in "Taebo 

Gone Wild." Steph Sterrett will be in Utah where she can 

legally have eight husbands. Irene Bagby will be the new 

Martha Stewart. Kim Porpora will finally have a date. Tara 

Scollans will have given up men to spend the rest of her life with 

Oscar, her dog. Reagan Finnesey will be working on her third 

marriage. Jess Mouravieffwill be getting pinned. ..again. Brooke 

Colflesh will be an exhibitionist. Dana Clymer will become a 

dancer in a rap video. You will still be able to hear Lynore Arkin's 

laugh from miles away. Abbie Hass will be the new AOPi chapter 

consultant traveling all around the country. Deanna Carloni and 

Laury Jones will still be attached at the hip. Lindsey Carloni will 

still be as succulent as ever. Hayley Niles will still not be able to 

remember her nights out. MargOt Schneider will be happily Above: Christine Gorst, Hayley Nlles, Kimberly Porpora, Reagan 

Finnesey, Leigh Ann Zangaro and Jen Benfield. Far above: Andrea 
married to Sam and will raise their two short children. Brown, Hayley Niles, Kristen Charmoz and Abbie Hass. 

Ejfl^K ^^ 



1 ^H ' 



Alpha Omicron Pi members hang out at Reagan Finnesey and Christine Gorst 
a sisterhood event. enjoy tailgating. 

greek life 

Beth McDermott, Steph Sterrett, Jen 
Benfield, Tara Scollans, Brooke Colflesh, 
Kim Porpora, Rosie Sherry, Kelsey 
Musselman and Dana Clymer. 

Kristin Charmoz, Kelsey Musselman and 
Margot Schneider. 

Left: "Dazed and 
seniors party on 
Halloween night. 
Far left: Abbie 
Mass, Kristen 
Charmoz, a 
friend and Jess 
always know 
how to dress up. 
Below: AOPi 
seniors gather 
for one large 
group hug. 

greek life 

Alpha Phi 

epsilon psi 

The Epsilon Psi chapter of Alpha Phi at Lehigh tries to 
participate in as many activities as possible. Various philan- 
thropy events include the Alpha Phi Fashion Show, Singing 
Valentines and the Breast Cancer Walk. These three events raise 
a generous amount of money, enabling us to donate to worthy 
causes. In addition to participating in philanthropy events, the 
sisters are involved in a variety of student organizations. The 
sisters have many different interests, and club membership 
reflects this diversity. Alpha Phi is represented on The Brown 
and White, the Epitome, the golf team, the marketing club, 

the accounting club and many other 
student organizations. As the year 
ends, we reflect on how much we have 
enjoyed our time with the senior mem- 
bers of our sorority. They have taught 
us so much about sisterhood. Thanks 
for the memories. We will miss you 

Above: Jaime Hesser, Amanda Menig, Erika Papaccioli and Amanda 
Manthey. Far above: Amanda Menig, Jess Glass, Jaime Hesser, 
Elizabeth Barkauskas, Samara Fischer, Tracey Lomrantz, Darcy Marks, 
Jen Ryan, Erika Wortman, Lauren Montgomery, Erika Papaccioli and 
Alison Markowitz. Left: Alison Markowitz, Alicia Hubley, Amanda 
Menig, Julie Moscow, Erika Papaccioli, Amanda Manthey, Jaime 
Hesser, Jess Glass and Samara Fischer. 

Ruthie Joseph, Jess Glass, Erika Wortman 
and Darcy Marks. 

Darcy Marks, Jess Glass, Erika Wortman 
and Jen Ryan. 

Tracey Lomrantz, Lauren Montgomery, 
Ruthie Joseph and Jess Glass. 

Lauren Montgomery, Tracey Lomrantz, 
Erika Wortman, Ruthie Joseph, Jen Ryan, 
Darcy Marks and Jess Glass. 

ereek life 


1 ?i *., 


Left: The Alpha 
Phi senior 
their skills. Far 
left; Erika 
Wortman, Jess 
Glass, Darcy 
Marks and Jen 
Ryan. Below: 
These sisters 
always enjoy 
sharing a good 

greek life 

Chi Omega 

phi mu 

Never forget... 'Dog Show!'.. .texas toast.. .cardinal & straw.. .Halloween 
date party... the big wind blows when... elephant stomps down the hall... 
Terri's stink bug issue... extended N.C. visits... dirty egg pans... scavenger 
hunt.. .oops.. .three hotir executive meetings in M&M...NO, not a 
bug.. .a butt... carnations and light bulbs needed at 8 a.m... parties on 
Birkel...big/litde week. .Chi Omega tea.. .our own personal pastry chefi 
Lisa.. .stripper.. .brown vs. black shoes.. .rush workshops with Sgt. 
Weaver... no white undergarments... "You Give hove a Bad Name" is our 
song because we do... Bon Jovi...our football obsession... Palm Springs 
convention with advisers... Spring Break in Jamaica... are you listening? 

(with cheesecake)... "shoot, basically, shoot, 
basically". .."ready, 1, 2, 3, start! "..."col- 
lege"... pho Fridays... "Friends" trivia... 
Amsterdam... sledding at 2 a.m.... bunnie 
Halloween bash.. ."Everybody was Kung Fu 
fighting. ..those kids were fast as 
lightning... "..."gotta have my amaretto"... 
"well, ifyou're with her then it's OK, otherwise 
she has to be more than 1 8. ..Um. 'excuse me.' I'm 22!" I, Jenni Riegel, 
leave to Chi O my hilarious personality to tell the best jokes and stories 
ever; I leave Jess and Christina my organizational skills and knowledge 
to be great chemical engineers; 1 leave Jess the ability to be an awesome 
New Member Educator (yay first pledge class... always remember the 
memories!) I, Linda Wu, leave my sisters laughter, spirit and joy tor all 
their years to come: costtime parries, train engines, crazy sing-a-longs, 
booties, late night rtins for dessert, family nights, spring breaks; the list 
goes on... I, Rose Deeter, leave to my fellow sisters my positive spirit and 
pride for the house; to Teri and Jess the ability to kill srink bugs, to Kate 
S. my ability to stay calm; to Barbara all of my Capri Suns and finally to 
my family, all my love. I, Mego Chen, leave to Chi O my sixth sense of 
interpreting dog barks. 1, Deidre Jacob, leave my ability to wash my e^ 
pan. I, Katy Dubina, leave the chapter a match. May it provide you with 
the spark to keep you going in the dark. I , Tovah Ross, leave to the chapter 
my ability to multi-task, i.e. talk on the cell while doing many things. 
Leigh and Allison: the beginning ol a family Amanda: My love of the 
ganie; my love of the Eagles: go birds! 1, Shira Gladstone, leave to Chi O 
my candid sense ofhiumor and the hope that someone will continue my 
legacy of the all- things-Boston obsession. 

Above: Michelle Stringer, Barbara Duffy, Deidre Jacob, Becky 
Carlson, Shira Gladstone, Laura Limata and Rose Deeter. Far 
above: Mego Chen, Gladys Chow, Debbie Guha, Helen Chan and 
Shannon McGulre. 

Deidre Jacob, Jenni Riegel, Rose Deeter 
and Shira Gladstone. 

Barbara Duffy, Teri Rosener, Jess 
Brutsche and Christina Hwaru. 

Mego Chen, Shannon McGuire and Helen 

Teri Rosenar, Shira Gladstone and Deidre 

greek life 

Left: Stephanie Whitacre, 
Allison Mohler, Lauren 
Eisner, Becky Carlson, 
Marina Chumakov, Amanda 
Ecker and Lisa Campbell. 
Far left: Rose Deeter, Shira 
Gladstone and Tovah Ross. 
Below: A bunch of Chi Os 
hang out during Greek 
Week festivities. 

greek life 

Delta Gamma 

epsilon lambda 

Delta Gamma offers women of all ages a rich heritage. The 
primary purpose of the sorority is to create long lasting 
friendships between members. Delta Gammas mission is 
accomplished through planned collegiate and alumnae pro- 
grams. These programs provide intellectual motivation, the 
opportunity for graciousness in daily living and community 
awareness, all of which enrich the lives of members and instill 
in them a respect for enduring values to be gained from the 
sorority. In addition to these social aspects, Delta Gamma hosts 

the annual Anchor Dash during Greek 
Week to help raise money for charity. 
Other events sponsored include 
formals and date parties, some ofwhich 
are cosponsored with fraternities. 
Delta Gamma would like to wish all 
seniors a heartfelt good-bye. 

Above: Sandy Anglin and Joann Barton smile for the camera. Far 
above: These sisters are always sure to have fun at a formal. Left: 
Cheers to the Delta Gamma sisters. 

Delta Gamma sisters join together for a 
group photo. 

Several Delta Gamma sisters hang out at 
a party. 

Stephanie Kirschenbaum, Meredith Somers Being a member of a sorority can build 
and Meredith Burns. lasting friendships, as these three good 

friends have discovered. 

greek life 

"The ornaments of a house are 

the friends who frequent it." 

-Ralph Wiildo Emerson 

greek life 

Gamma Phi Beta 

delta kappa 

Where will we be in 10 years? Marge: will be competing in the 
newest Olympic event, hill tumbling, and is still wondering if 
it is time to go to New York City? Molly: still with Gar-dog. 
Wait, not with Gar-dog. Wait, now they're back together. 
Christa: will be doing the sound effects for the upcoming 
"Jurassic Park 7. " Davis: has recently launched a national 
speaking tour on shopping cart safety. Becky: still chilling like 

a villain. Elias: will be traveling the 

country as a motivational speaker. Ferrel: 

will be playing Tigger at Disney World. 

Pine: will be Ferrel's boss as CEO of 

Disney. Noelle: will be the personal 

assistant and wardrobe designer for 

Christina Aguilera. Beater: will become 
Bethlehem's most popular landlord, ousting Doug Miller for 
first place. Lehrhoff: will be enjoying a successful career as the 
newest "Dr. Ruth." Mootz: still being mistaken for Katie 
Holmes. Jada, Banda, Eden, Day: will be members of the 
national Samoan soccer league. Piperato: will live out her 
lifelong dream to become Carmela Soprano by marrying the 
head of the kalian mob in North End, Boston. Po: will be 
living with Maskulka in the Interbrew headquarters. Amy: will 
be credited with taking sushi to the masses by pioneering the 
nationwide expansion of Musashi. KP: will still be waking up 
Marge at 4 a.m. Kir: will be living the fulfilling life of a 
Rastafarian. Erika: will be the nation's Lactaid spokeswoman. 
Ange: MIA ever since that fateful self-made tornado. Whalen: will 
be working at the Spanish division of Pfizer to come up with the 

newest anti-vomit medication. Mia: still a man pirate, still run- Above: Vanessa Knopp, Heather Whalen, Alison Pine and Erika 
. 1 • 1 n • • Riddle. Far above: Heather Whalen, Katie Preate, Marianne Burkley, 

ning. Kim Z.: married. 10 kids. Surprise, surprise. Sarah Piperato and Chrlsta Connar. 



Heather Whalen, Mia Yantis, Noelle 
Gecik, Christa Connar and Lauren 

Christa Connar, Andrea Servidone, Noelle 
Gecik, Sarah Piperato, Kirstin Rabe and 
Mia Yantis. 

HeatherWhalen, Amanda Elias and Amy 

Heather Whalen, Becky Dreibelbis, Erika 
Riddle and Andrea Servidone. 

greek life 



1^^ ■• '■ iA' 

d^i i*^^ «i'^ 

JB ^^^ /^ ^ \ 



Left: The Gamma 
Phi Beta women 
spend a night on 
the town. Far left: 
The sisters break 
from dinner to be 
Below: Erika 
Riddle, Andrea 
Sen/ldone, Noelle 
Geclk, Sarah 
PIperato and 
Christa Connar. 

- 1 ? «: 
greek life 

Kappa Alpha Jheta 

epsilon rho 

Theta means to me.. .Date parties, late night chats, pansies, 
Spring Break trips, friendships, sisterhood, memories, music 
in the shower, laughter, twin stars, Nintendo, being yourself, 
flowers, extended wardrobe, tailgates, foldy chairs, dinner 
chats, Pat, all nighters in the chapter room, parking tickets, 
potty chats, home, cookouts on the front lawn, Halloween 
parties and spooktaculars, pulling together in time of tragedy, 
being loved, pansy box, hotels, puffy paint, kites, laughter and 

a lifetime of memorable moments. 

Through laughter and tears, Theta 

memories shine bright in our sister- 
hood, which will last a lifetime. To our 

dearest Theta seniors, the memories 

we shared with you will be cherished 

for a lifetime: Carrie: Thank you for 
being such a great president and for your amazing enthusiasm 
for the house. "Do they call you Carrie or Mom?" Carrie is the 
best sister you could ask for. The Fab 4: Theta would definitely not be the same without you guys! The grair 
train and the Wawa house will be missed next year. Bell: your little-little loves you. Your enthusiasm anc 
addicting personality will be missed. Tiernan, Cassar and Ross: "Hey guy..." you three are out of control! Laurer 
Cassar and Lisa Tiernan: I love you 'guys.' Jessi: Thanks for always taking the time to talk. Your late nighi 
conversations will be missed! Way to love the orphan of the house as if she's your own. Theresa: here's to pseudc 
big-bigs! Have an awesome time in Ireland. X's and O's to the Theta Gryphons. Sharon W.: Lots of love and lucl< 
at medical school. You'll be awesome! Sharon K.: you're crazy; always a fun time. No one can make us laugh 
quite like you. Wassi: "I need to take a rest." Sara and Sharon are awesome and will be missed. Tania: you're the 
best big ever. Priscilla: Thank you for being the best big and a wonderful friend. Jodie: We missed you while yot 
were gone. Theta will not be the same when you're gone. Becky: we're all going to miss you and grandpa at the 
end of the hall. Theta won't be the same without Steinitz's all nighters, the Fab 4 outings, Cair-Cair and Bell- 
Bell as neighbors, seeing Becky and Grandpa at dinner, Sean and Tania on the weekends and of course Ross. 
Cassar and Tiernan. There are too many good times to remember. Theresa and the ping-pong ball tricks, "youi 
daughter come on my property," gum in the shower, "guy-ese," etc. Here's to random adventures in 
Easton...wait, where are we again? Sketchy stone dogs, hidden egg roll hunts, dice and weird guys, and a secret 
underground cellar. Thanks for the late night convos and advice. Best of luck in the future and remember there 
is always a special place at Theta reserved for you. You will be missed! 

Lauren Bell, Nicole Roach, 
Cinnamond and Amber Grant. 

Kim Lauren Bell and Kappa Alpha Theta Presi- 
dent Carrie Hance. 

Rachel Kastrinsl<y and Kat Karmokohas 
are always happy to hang out together. 

Nicole Roach, Lauren Bell, Kim Cinnamond 
and Amber Grant. 

greek life 

greek life 

Pi Beta Phi 

Pennsylvania kappa 

Colonized at Lehigh only five years ago, Pi Beta Phi is continu- 
ally becoming a stronger sorority. We had another successful 
year led by our president, Colleen Furey. Our biggest accom- 
plishment was our first annual Haunted House, a hugely 

successfiil fiind-raiser. The event, co- 
sponsored with Delta Tau Delta fi^ater- 
nity, benefited 'Up Till Dawn, a charity 
for St. Jude Children's Hospital. Many 
of our members have had their own accomplishments in 
academics and athletics. We wish our graduating seniors the 
best of luck. We will miss them. 

Pi Phi Memories 

6 a.m. fire alarms * That really was my boyfriend! * Don't be 
weird * Get a spoon * Red Fingers. ..hellooooo!!! * Ja Rule: Pi 
Phi's always been true, to the wine and the silver blue! * Doobie 
Sisters * "I'm in it for the girls" * Phil-Ann * The naked guy * 

Nachos * Basketball champs * I'll just sit right down on the Above: Elisabeth Kuebler, Amie Carbone, Amy Fiore and Sarah 

Pickard are all smiles. Far above: Yasmin Deliz (center) appears 
out of place as her sisters look more appropriately dressed for a 

bucket Not so much Ditto prep school. 

Several sisters relax for a beautiful day Delia Kurry and Kendra Ksiazek bring Amie Carbone, Jenny Silversmith and Pi Phi sisters know how to dress up for a 
of tailgates and football. home the gold for Pi Phi. Julie Wulf always enjoy hanging out night out on the town. 


r«2 18 
greek life 

Left: Sarah Pickard, Yasmin 
Deliz, Jess Gorske and Kelly 
Price. Far left: No parking 
allowed, girls. Can't they 
read the sign'' Below: The Pi 
Phi crew goes to great 
lengths to dress up for 
Halloween. Don't the 
Hooters waitresses look 

m ^^i^ 





Interfratemity Council 

The Interfratemity Council is the principle governing body 
for the 23 fraternities at Lehigh. Comprised of a six-member 
executive council, seven committee heads and the presidents 
of each fraternity, it acts as the primary liaison between the 
university and fraternities. The council works to promote 
good relations with the university administration, Greek 
alumni and the local Bethlehem community by sponsoring 
activities and charitable events, creating newsletters and orga- 
nizing functions with faculty and staff Additionally, the 
council is tasked with coordinating rush, assisting the indi- 
vidual houses in their efforts to recruit new members and 
planning Greek Week, a week-long celebration of Greek life 
that includes various events planned by individual chapters. 
The council also sponsors numerous education programs that 
allow Greeks to grow both as individuals and as chapters. This 
year, the IFC took on the task of conducting a system-wide 
audit so that the Greek system could better itself as a whole. In 
addition, the university announced a plan to examine the 
Greek system and look for ways to address the problem of 
declining membership. As part of this effort, the university 
hired NPower, a Greek life consulting form, to conduct an 
independent study to determine the causes of this problem 
and develop possible solutions. The IFC also committed 
fraternities to a community service requirement to support the 

Above: It appears as if this guy has found his dream match at the 
Children's Home of Easton and created a housing committee annual date auction held during Greek week. Far above: A contestant 

tries to convince the audience that she is Lehigh's "Dreamgirl" during 

to help fraternities improve living conditions. the contest sponsored by Theta chi. 

This contestant seems to think she is a 
shoe-in to win the Theta Chi Dreamgirl 

greek life 

"The Brad" is confident that the ladies 
are willing to pay big bucks for him at the 
date auction. 

Phi Sigma Kappa brothers gather to- 
gether at a formal. 

Several Theta Chi brothers stop to ges- 
ture at the camera during a roadtrip. 
They should probably keep their eyes on 
the road instead. 


The 2002-03 IFC Executive Council: Seth Yerl< 
(president), Brian Krawitz (vice president for 
administration), Aaron Leff (vice president for 
judicial affairs), Richard Schuman (treasurer), 
Andrew Elko (rush chair), Neil Dalvi (external 
relations coordinator), Adam Baughman (Greek 
Week chair). 

Above: Several Phi Sig 
pledges sing for their 
fellow brothers. Left: A 
large crowd is ready to bid 
at the annual date 
auction, sponsored by 
Kappa Sigma fraternity 
and Alpha Chi Omega 
sorority. Far left: Chad 
Kettering pins his date as 
the two prepare to attend 
a fraternity formal. 
Formals and date parties 
are an important part of 
fraternity life at Lehigh. 

greek life 

Alpha Chi Rho 

phi mu 

Alpha Chi Rho, also known as Crow, is located at the top of the 
Hill, overlooking the city of Bethlehem. Crow contains ap- 
proximately 30 brothers, most of whom live in the house. They 
pride themselves in having the tightest brotherhood on the 
Hill. The brothers are all very different and diverse, yet come 

together to form the amazing bond of 
brotherhood. Brothers can be found 
hanging out and having a good time at 
all times of the day and night. Crow 
also takes an active role in philanthropy events, the largest of 
which is Up 'Til Dawn, a charity that raises money for the St. 
Jude Children's Hospital. Overall, Crow is a great place to be. 

Above: Brett Royer and Jeff Mullen. Far above: Tripp Handke, Ryan 
Kent and Scott Schaffran. Left: Kevin Licursi, Adam Rudolph, Brett 
Royer and Tony DiPompo. 

Geoff Brock and Kevin Licursi stare aim- 
lessly down the hallw/ay. 


greek life 

Brad Giardino, Kip Durling and Darren Derek Harmel, Andy Rosenbloom, Scott Lehigh's newest cheerleaders, Brad Giardino, 
O'Rourk chill on the mean streets of the Schaffran and Brian Jaffe. Chris Pedecine and Mike Wersan, show theii 

Hill. moves. 

Left: Jalford Neely and Josh 
Lieberman. Far left: Darren 
O'Rourk and Tripp Handke. 
Below: Tony DiPompo, Andy 
Rosenbloom, Kevin Asarnow, 
Scott Schaffran, Jeff Mullen, 
Adam Rudolph, Geoff Brock, 
Tripp Handke, Kevin Licursi, 
Darren O'Rourk, Brett Royer 
and Kip Durling. 

ereek life 

Alpha Sigma Phi 

beta epsilon 

Will you be forced into some sort of mold? Hardly. Though a 
chapter may seem to have a "personality" that is the consensus 
of its members in their pursuit of common goals and objec- 
tives, each brother of the group should 
exhibit his own individual capabilities 
and character traits. Alpha Sigma Phi 
is made up of individuals whose per- 
sonality and individuality become 
stressed and manifested through participation in its programs. 
The motto of Alpha Sigma Phi is "To Better the Man." In 
short, it is the goal of the fraternity that members leave school 
as well-rounded individuals; our task as undergraduates is to 
encourage one another in this goal. This means that we want 
to prepare ourselves academically, socially, physically and 
intellectually for life after college. 

Above: Dave Mait crashes on the couch in the house living room. Far 
above; Alpha Sig brothers are always ready to have fun at tailgates. 
Left: Jesse Schwarz, Brad Wimmer, Brad Donahue and some Gamma 
Phi Beta sisters at a 70s dance party. 

Mm' V ] 


An Alpha Sig brother goes for the 3- Alpha Sig brothers have many talents, This brother sneaks out of the house to Alpha Sigma Phi boasts world class ath- 

pointer during an early morning game of including the ability to balance basketballs fit in a few practice shots. 


greek lite 

on their heads. Or is this guy being hit by 
the basketball instead? 

letic facilities, including a state-of-the- 
art basketball court in its parking lot. 

greek life 

Alpha Tau Omega 

alpha rho 

Do you remember when. ..Bobby didn't hang 
out...Freedman beat up AbeL..Perdoni crushed a potato 
on his head. . . Kressel took a walk. . .Todd had two legs. . .Carey 
brought out the guns...Krawitz knew everything... Kyle 

threw rocks. ..Finny advised 
us...Youngblood did not party 
hard...Piccini did something for the 
housc.Callahan got stigmata... Abel 

admitted to being wrong. ..D'Alessio had ATO's name 
changed to ATO Inc. ..Hutch got caught. ..Garrett earned 
money legitimately.. .Sterrett had a car... Duquette did a 
job. ..Hart didn't bet. ..Tom's name was Tom Lee...Kellar 
didn't lift. ..Roger played extreme beirut...Pell lived 
here. ..Austin ate an eggplant. ..Trux said "hey 
guy"... Bowman had his name changed to Ralph... Peck had 
his house cleaned by the nibs. ..Kevin peed. ..Kelly lost to 

Krawitz in a sport? 

Above: Matt Perdoni (right) tries to convince Jason Kressel that he is 
from the east side, even though we all know he comes from 
Minnesota. Far above: The guys hang out together In the ATO living 

Eric Bowman, Kelly Kramer and Mike Andy Hutchinson, Freddie MarianaccI 
Peck eat dinner. and Eric Bowman hang out. 

greek life 

Although families rarely share dinner Steve Callahan, Scott Freedman and Jer- 
together these days, fraternity brothers emy Piccinl. 
always manage to spend good quality 
time with each other. 

Left: Chris Kellar, Bobby 
Hooper, Todd Ryngala and 
Ryan Carey. Far left: Eric 
Bowman gets the attention 
of his fellow brothers. 
Below: Joe Abel, a freshman 
pledge, Kyle Corkery, Brian 
Hart, Ben Pell and Scott 

greek life 

Chi Phi 

psi chapter 

Chi Phi traces its origin at Lehigh back to 1 872, when it served 
merely as a place to get together and trade a few stories at the 
dining table for some of the school's lettermen. Since that time 
the house has undergone a great series of changes and improve- 
ments; its essential character has changed from a mere eating 
club to a substantial fraternity and its physical nature has also 
seen a good deal of innovation since the house's move to 
campus in 1 923. Chi Phi sayings: Avalanche. Hey man, wanna 

hang out? GOULEESSS. Only the 
strong survive, -KJL. Blumpkins. I act 
when I act upon. I can't sleep in your 
room, there's a mouse. Yo dawg. No 
doubt. Tushy yum yum base. Mmm 
deelish. Def, let's just be friends. I don't 
have a girlfriend. E-A-G-L-E-S, 
EAGLES. Wait, which one is the Chi and which one is the Phi? 
Room Nazi. Boom boom. Beaver. Roz and Lonny. Chicken 
cheese quesadillas. I told her to come back tomorrow. Insane- 
O. You're kuch. I'm Batman. Balls to the wall. You wanna get 
nuts? Lets get nuts. Ah Trebec. Nice hair Wasserman. Piano 
man. Smoochaholic. Yagermonster. The wizard. Pool parties 
and IM lootball. Grad classes are fun. Bench pressin. Lock the 
elbows. You a NIB. Chewy come here. Blue men. Narnacle. 
Strength and honor. General Tso's chicken. Palumbo = sketchy. 
Anyone wanna shotgun some beers? Porch parties. Thanks 
Dick. Benini. Palumbo, please stop talking. Bottigs, what are 
you doing right now? I GOT NOTHING. If he dies, he dies. 
My life is a snow day. Itsa me, itsa Mario. Stuntman. DONE. 
Cerebral giants. Pull for the next guy. Ey dere Mack truck. 
Orobono School of Modeling. Danny Tanner. Hey buddy, I 
got news for you. "Captain Morgan and the Adventure of Skull 
Island." Frat guys watching "10 Things I Hate About You." 
Gladiator. L8zz. 

Above: Erik Zambelli is without a doubt the world's biggest smoochaholic. 
Far above: Several brothers prowl the halls of Chi Phi. 







R "^-^ 


The guys hang out together at one of Mike Lozanoff is covered in whipped cream; 
many formals held throughout the year. what a sight. 

Are Brad Boyle and Mike Lozanoff playing 
beirut by using each others' mouths in- 
stead of cups? That's a new game. 

Erik Zambelli is happy about some- 

greek life 


Above: An 
early spring 
shot of the 
Chi Phi house. 
Left: Chi Phi 
brothers know 
how to dress 
In style. Far 
left: These 
guys are 
ready for a 
day on the 
golf course. 

greek life 

Chi Psi 

alpha beta delta 

Chi Psi, or the Lodge as it is better known, is one of the 
oldest fraternities at Lehigh. The longevity of the Chi Psi 
fraternity is a credit to the commitment to growth of the 

individual in a social environ- 
ment that inspires integrity, dig- 
nity and maturity. A selective 
association of diverse individu- 
als, Chi Psi is dedicated to the cultivation of a unique 
environment that instills a lifelong commitment to broth- 
erhood. The mission of Chi Psi is to create and maintain 

an enduring society that stimulates intellectual, ethical and social growth, while encouraging the 
sharing of traditions and values. In this pursuit, Chi Psi will encourage leadership, respect for oneself 
and others and responsibility to the university community. Chi Psi acknowledges its responsibility to 
the larger community by encouraging personal involvement in student activities and community 
service. Participation in intramurals, student government, athletics and other extracurricular activities 
is an integral part of a college education. A large number of brothers participate in varsity athletics, 
including football. Above all, the Chi Psi fraternity seeks to draw the best academic performance out 
of each member. Every effort is made to encourage scholastic excellence. 

Several Chi Psi brothers decide to cool Charlie Jigarjian and Ricky Moore con- 
off on a hot day by taking a swim. verse at a social event. 

greek life 

The Chi Psi guys always find exciting DerekHewlett, Thomas Matarazzo, Casey 
places to party at. Here they are in a White and Sam Roberts get crazy at a 
kiddie pool. formal. 

Till Brown and Wiirn- 

March 21, 2003 

BY Lindsay McFillin 

Chi Psi brothers mourn loss of dear friend 

'The term "[x-higli family" hasaditfcrciu meaning to Carolyn 
l.oupos after the imtimely death of her husband, Peter I.oupos, 
a cook at Chi Psi for 20 years. 

Lonpos passed away Feb. 24, 2003, after a battle with cancer. 

"it is really like an extension of my family," said Carolyn 
l.oupos in reference to the Lehigh community. "Peter always use 
to say, we may have tu'o daughters and no sons, but really it's like 
we have 250 sons." 

She said that many Chi Psi brothers would refer to Peter as 
"Pappy" and herself as "Mom." The two of them, as well as their 
two daughters, played an active role in the fraternity and 
through the years would often help out during special events 
like Parent's Weekend and Lehigh-Lafayette Week. 

She said that the number of people from Lehigh that came to 
show their final respects at her husband's funeral services was a 
tribute to her husband's life. The emotions of the young men 
made her realize the impression he had left on many lives. 

C'arolyn said that during the 20 years her husband worked at 
Chi Psi, he impacted many lives and formed strong bonds with 
many faculty members, students and alumni. Many alumni 
have kept in touch with the family, calling at holidays and 

Peter Loupos began working in the food industry at age 7. His 
father owned a Quality Restaurant, and he worked there after 

school to earn money to help put his two brothers through 

After graduating high school he married his s-weetheart, Carolyn, 
in 196L Shortly thereafter, he enlisted in the Navy. 

Following major layoffs in 1982 at Bethlehem Steel, where 
Loupos was employed, his cousin, who was the cook at Alpha 
Lau Omega, got him an interview for the position at Chi Psi. 
Loupos got the job. He worked there until last October. 

Loupos finally found a job that he loved and would become 
a huge part of his life, while making lasting impressions on 

His work ethic, family values and positive attitude rubbed off 
onto many he came in contact with. 

Loupos was more than just a cook, mentor and friend to 
the Chi Psi brothers. In 1992, he was inducted as a Chi Psi 
brother and went through all of the same ceremonies that 
student members participate in. He was also referred to as the 
house historian, keeping the facts of the stories and traditions 
straight to the brothers who were not there to experience 

"He was very personable and always had a compliment for 
you or your girlfriend," said Chi Psi brother Derek Hewlett, 03. 
"He was a great man with a big heart and he devoted his life to 
Chi Psi." 

greek life 

Delta Phi 

nu chapter 

Junior year: Simply sleep, Tylenol PM, Unisom, "fascinating," 
continuum transfunctioner, "and den?" spike, lost levels, girl on the 
couch, various antianxiety medications. Project Gotham, Kiehls 
products, Goldberg drinks himself a personality, throwing various 
objects through Camacho's window, obscene amounts oi vegging 
glass and large furniture items, occasional fire starting, disastrous 
attempts to use the fire extinguisher, ZWIRN STOP BREAKING 
s***, Larry incoherently mumbling to his own shadow on his 21st 
birthday, "she's my best friend," golf, playing Asshole for 12 straight 
hours under the tarp while raining, Larry lights his table on fire, 

Cecilia has a rough night, 1 ,200-cup beirut, 
dance with the devil, the Heisman, Mush 
can't break the window at the football 
game, Joe loses battle with his loh. Gabby 
Berg, Hurricane Zwirn, Joe makes friends 
with Mo, Nelson, Houdini, Maverick. 
Senior year: Leon's, boycotting the Ho, "1 
mean," 24 obsession. Jack Bauer is my 
hero, OC looks like a crack house, thank 
you Hughes, Berbit who was it this time?, Goldberg's shakes, Flax 
wins the one-on-one tournament, Goldberg pees everywhere, 
mushrooms, TKE adventures, cop takes Zwirn's car key and his car 
mysteriously vanishes months later, diggers, caps. Superman, ACS, 
Shakaka, the only thing straight about you is your Geeness, Corn!, 
Joe running around the house naked, Saturday through Sunday- 
Berg, Erin you suck, seeing her naked: most wackable moment ever, 
whack, nap, whack, shower, booze, persevere, "come on!" Joe finally 
doesn't have a loft anymore, "I swear I didn't know she was a virgin!" 
team high school, Annie Berg, Zwirn: "the warmth!" new liver 
please, power session, Homer and Lizard, Taj, Van Wilder, debating 
everything, "Goodfellas," country butcher, new McDonalds, 
Goldberg's not real. Figment, Adderall necklace. Jamaica: Jerk 
Gerstein, Mush's British crack whore, Goldberg chews his face off, 
Rainman, 8-ball corner pocket. Albino Corn Lizards, 1 16 dominates 
the beirut tournament. Delta Phi has a better Mardi Gras party than 
Margaritaville, no running water, all inclusive my ass, Sclafani is 
Jamaican, waterfalls, "I need alcohol to do anything," starting caps and 
beirut at Legends, Flax and Sclafani have awfial judgment regarding the 
psycho Syracuse chick, Ms. Brown's mushroom tea, cooking snow at a 
Jamaican's house, grundle pain. Thanks for coming out and drink long 
life to Delta Phi. Brothers, 11 6; Freshman, 0. 

Above: Dave Zwirn and Sumit Bose. Far above: D Phi brothers havt 
always taken great pride In their fraternity. 



Dave Zwirn appears to once again be 
lost In his own hallway. 

Delta Phi brothers are proud to show 
support for their country. 

Will Kanjo, Dave Zwirn and Larry Koestler 
hang out at the house. 

Bentley Hall makes a funny face, 
we're not amused. 


greek life 

i"^^," >«.WW>— 

Above: Delta Phi 
brothers and their 
friends gather for 
a game of table 
football, or is that 
a beirut table 
instead' Left: Paul 
Schuster, Larry 
Koestler, a friend 
and Adam 
Steinbach. Far 
left: Delta Phi 
builds lasting 

greek life 

Delta Sigma Phi 

beta theta 

Delta Sigma Phi is based on loyalty. This loyalty is the key to 

lifelong membership, but more importantly lifelong friend- 
ship. We at Delta Sig can offer strong ties and a bond that will 

last beyond our time in college. Brothers are warmly welcomed 

at Delta Sig chapters all across the country and perhaps in their 

home towns. We encourage brothers to visit other chapters 

and to always be active in the fraternity. Academic strength 

plays an important role at Delta Sig. 
We have many resources, most impor- 
tantly the companionship of others 
seeking academic accomplishments. 
Among the brothers at Delta Sig, we 
have a wide variety of majors, enabling 

us to help and advise people in their studies. In past years. Delta 

Sig has consistently been at the top of all Lehigh fraternities in 

terms of house GPA, but more importantly, we encourage all 

brothers to be well-rounded, to pursue something that inter- 
ests them and to be successful. However, man cannot live on 

work alone. That is the reason why Delta Sig provides numer- 
ous releases from a particularly tough curriculum at Lehigh. 

Weekend parties, tailgates and cocktails are just some of the 

ways we at Delta Sig choose to relax. Our social atmosphere has 

much more to offer than the classic weekend party. We also 

enjoy smaller events — playing weekly football games, going 

on weekend roadtrips with other brothers, hanging out in our 

chapter room, playing ping pong and watching movies or TV. 

Delta Sig offers a perfect compliment to Lehigh's rigorous Above: The brothers sit down for an early breakfast in the house 

kitchen. Far above: Delta Sigma Phi is well known for its frequent band 

academic schedule. concerts. 

These two guys and their lady friends Brian Portny and Chris Capotosto always PeteMattshowshissupportforBethlehem Walter Bates, Brian Simpson and Jessie 
are ready for a night of partying. take time to enjoy breakfast. firefighters after they respond to a false Atwood hang out in the basement. 

alarm at the house. 


greek life 

E2*^Ln^ >i t" r-^^**' 


Above: The Slicked Up 
Nines wow the crowd as 
they play during Delta 
Sig's band party. Left: 
Brian Simpson cooks up 
some treats for his 
fellow brothers at a 
barbecue. Far left: The 
Delta Sig basement is 
the perfect location to 
have a concert. 

grcck life 

Delta Jau Delta 

beta lambda 

On October 15, 1984, an advertisement appeared in The 
Brown and White. It was simple; it was composed of a 
fraternity's coat-of-arms and a few words. Those words truly 
said it all; they made a resounding difference in the lives of 44 
men. The ad presented the opportunity to recolonize a frater- 
nity that had been dissolved on 
campus four years prior. The words 
read, "Delta Tau Delta returns with 
a promise of glory and a potential 
that remains to be seen!" Delts sayings: The dirty mitten. . . How 
many miles to Hartford. . . Final score . . .The shady stalker in the 
bushes. ..Why don't they call it a beauty aid. ..Side A.. .The 
felon. ..Scotalicious... It's on like Donkey Kong.. .Is Brian 
Piacitellia here. ..The ladies. ..Gravity causes blindness. ..I found 
my 40. ..No one hangs up on the Machine. ..Singapore. ..Kegs 
on the five finger discount. ..Derek's soul 
mate. ..Dieeeeeeeeetz... It's hospital time. ..Scott on the 
freezer.. .Hey guys, it's Hayden...Hey babe... You like Mario 
Cart. ..If you can't shock 'em, spac'em! 

Above: Scott Mazur and Brian Piacitelli at a formal. Far above; Tyson 
Witte, Ben Lay, Scott Mazur and Derek Gates always know how to 
have a good time. In fact, they're having so much fun that one of them 
got lost in the photo. 

Eric Schreiber and Scott Mazur lounge Ron Schulhof gets a much desired kiss Brian Burke's "Love Pad" is open for Move out of the way, the chef in the 
around as they prepare to attend a from his girlfriend. business. No wonder he's all smiles. kitchen. Oh, never mind; it's only Bill 

costume party. Dietz acting out his dream career on a 

Playskool oven. 


greek life 




^^^^^^'^ ^^^^^^^^^1 

1 '^^ 



^^^^^^^^HHr* ^^^^^^^^^_ * ^^^^1 



Left: What on earth are 
these guys doing' Far left: 
Neal Brown, Colin Reardon 
and Eric Schreiber can 
always be found goofing 
off around the house. 
Below: The Delts crew gets 
aild at a formal. 

Kappa Alpha 

alpha of Pennsylvania 

The Kappa Alpha Society, the oldest social Greek letter frater- 
nity in the nation, has been a part of the Lehigh community 
since 1894. Within the walls of the lodge, brotherhood, 
responsibility and a commitment to academics are all ideals 
that are strongly upheld. Even with its emphasis on scholarship 
and personal development, Kappa Alpha maintains a rigorous 
social calendar that reinforces a "work hard, play hard" men- 
tality. When the sun comes out, barbecues and volleyball 

become a necessary agenda, and many 
hours are spent enjoying our college 
life. Participation and success in 
intramurals has been a staple of the 
society in the past, and we hope to 
continue that tradition well into the 
coming years. With participation in 
IPC, community service and other events around campus, KA 
will always play a major role in shaping the lives of its members 
and others around us. Kappa Alpha sayings: NIBS suck. The 
rapizle. The mayor ol Browntown. Jergens and his TV shows. 
Stoney the "optimist." Comrade Ilya. Russia 0, USA 5. There 
is a door in the stairwell. You thought we had three pillars, but 
there are actually four. Iron Times. Sugar Man. Do not light 
the grain. Double secret probation. Professor JASS strikes 
again. You think this afro will help me get girls? "Do it for D 
Phi" at the gym. Where did those 12-dozen eggs go? Jess and 
his parade of girls. PV Paul's five minutes of fame. "Fight 
Club" in the hall. Are those sumo suits? Take your pick, 
Thunderdome or Batcave? 5,000 cup. Tranquilize that 
animal. We have decided to represent ourselves. What 
citations? Free Phoebe. Suf needs to find a home. In any 
scenario, light it on fire and throw it off the terrace. 
Jewbacca. Schechter, put em on the table. 0-16 in beirut. 1 
hate alumni. Wait, how old are those girls. PUMP THE 
KEG. This place is filthy. Can YOU taste the bubbles? 

Above: These guys take advantage of a warm, sunny day. 
It's not often you find someone at Lehigh who knows how 
milk a cow, or in this case, Andrew Rothstein. 

Far above; 
to properly 

Sometimes fitting into a box is the best 
way to deal with life's problems (and 
sometimes it's not). 

greek life 

The more tired you are, the less it mat- 
ters where you sleep. 

Andrew Rothstein and James Pontius 
have a race with their drink of choice. 

Andrew Rothstein, Frank Kunzier, Mike 
Reich and a lady friend. 

Above: Bryan Stear, Ilya 
Gnedy, Dave Farber, Mike 
Bergen, Paul Vlecides and 
Eric Kronenberger. Left: 
Ryan Lowe, Frank Kunzier, 
Clay ToporskI, Andrew 
Freed, Ryan Yokel, Adam 
Sporn and Mike Brandt. Far 
left: Ryan Yokel goes old 
school with a pair of 
vintage roller skates. 


greek life 

Kappa Sigma 

beta iota 

The Beta Iota chapter of Kappa Sigma was founded Novem- 
ber 28, 1900 at Lehigh. In the 100 years since its founding, 
the chapter has had more than 1,000 initiates. Things to 
remember: Dirtbag. Sloth. Wacko ff.Puddy. The dude. Buca 

Di Bathhouse. Shaggy. White trash. 

Kappa frat. Pizza Hut. "The Pit." 

Save the house. Birdies. Bombers. 

Wings. My CornialThe RAV4. Ghost 
of wine and cheese past. Cameron=gimp and Virg=Myal. 
Jersey trash. Hal. Bisquits. Dalbacca. Lester. Mickey Cohen's 
missing H. Snow days. Zips in the wire. Days of deafness. 
Horseface. The worst. Lizard king. Spitetro. Going to 
bullfights on acid. After shave. UVA. Naked golf swing. 
Crawfish. Needle at noon. The weasel stole my TV. Stacked. 
Shenanigans. Triple H. Pudding. Stiff-arm. Flying camel. 
AC, do you know what mung tastes like? It tastes just like 
it smells. ..delicious! 

Above: Kappa Sigma brothers know how to dress in style for 
formal. Far above: These guys take a break from the action at . 

Kappa Sigma brothers always know how These guys step into the hallway to cool The crowd at a Kappa Sigma formal Party-goers fill the Kappa Sigma livinc 
to enjoy a good drink. down during a formal. looks more like a mosh pit. room for a formal. 

preek life 

Below: The Kappa Sigma 
brothers look like a happy 
bunch as they share a 
drink together. 

241 « 

greek life 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

gamma psi zeta 

During our four years at Lehigh, we have made hfelong friends 
and lasting memories of the most fun years of our hves. In our 
time here, the Class of 2003 has won Greek Week, won the Mr. 
Lehigh competition, attained an average house GPA of 3.0 and 
won IM basketball. We started with 13 and now we're down to 
seven, plus A- Rod and a few stolen TSs. Freshman year: Booras 
discovers the couch; Bear shots; two CDBs, Chavez; apple-flar 
tops; hard guys; Viking dinner; Pete becomes smallest kid to 

win Mr. Lehigh; G's and hoe's; Judd, 
pick up your pants; Gabby replaces 
Todd and Jonny Boy's childhood sto- 
ries; winning Greek Week with Phil 

playing his best Justin Timberlake. Sophomore year: New class in the house vows foi 
more women; Pete gets Max the worst dog ever; Odd invests stock in Depends; Brad} 
becomes first ever sophomore president and then runs away; Jonny boy dips his "heads' 
into hot sauce and deep-fry oil; Garton thinks lab shade makes him a Mortal Combat character; Booras roll* 
over while on the couch; Justin discovers present in trash can and drops the S-bomb at the house meeting. Junioi 
year: Spatula hands; Sasquatch; Cocko; cheese; Grandpa; Dirty-Merc; Cecil; Gloff JR; WhiteyT; Lou; the 
Clarks; attack of the killer deer; Kinnicutt doesn't know he graduated, Pete meets Kia, Phil settles down, Justin 
and Pete become the Ambiguously Gay Duo; Walton discovers that five is better than one; Garton breaks hh 
wrist and gets mono in one month; Schnaars and the second floor hallway beat box; the Cocko and Cockettt 
show begins; the Blinger gets his soul brother. A- Rod for a roommate; Booras moved off the couch and weni 
to the bathroom; Merc meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer; 20 minutes late; luck officially robs the cradle. Senioi 
year: Only five left in the house; Phil's dictatorship ends; Pete discovers the second floor hallway works as c 
bathroom; Rudy arrives and the hall never smelled the same since; Justin gets McCarron as a new partner; Niece 
is a Backstreet Boy; Frank discovers that his five years at Lehigh weren't enough; Monaco meets Morgan; Fuzz\ 
and Wuzzy; Chubby and Wubby; the election weigh-in; Chubby wins 220 lbs.; Booras comes back fron^ 
bathroom and lies on couch; Chavez scores a woman and a choade at the same time; Brett holds Danielle hostage 
and throws barrels at all intruders; old-school Nintendo comes back; Fuzzy gets arrested once a week; the lasi 
mystery of Lambda Chi is solved — R.D. is not asexual, he has a girlfriend who comes to visit; Daily still doesn't 
have a job; Schnaars actually sees the AOPi red light. 

^ ^ 0^m 

Freshmen join the Lambda Chi brothers 
as they show their school spirit during 
Lehigh-Lafayette tailgates. 

A daring student jumps off of the Lambda 
Chi house into a snowdrift below. 

This guy gets down at the Lambda Chi 
winter formal. 

The brothers hang out during an out- 
door adventure. 

greek life 

Left: The brothers 
take a break at the 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
spring formal. Far 
left: These guys 
hang out at the 
house. Below: A 
wintertime shot of 
the Lambda Chi 

greek life 

Phi Gamma Delta 

beta chi 

Phi Gamma Delta was founded nationally in 1848 and the 
Beta Chi chapter of Lehigh University was founded in 1887. 
The Beta Chi chapter of Phi Gamma Delta, also known as 
Fiji, has always and still continues to strive for excellence, 
honor and respect toward Lehigh, the faculty, students and 

our fellow brothers. We are a house 
that is built in tradition, respect and 
trust, which is why our unity through- 
out the nation is so strong. We, the 
Beta Chi chapter, are presently composed of 32 brothers 
who live in the house. Each year, we organize the Fiji Rivalry 
Run, which supports the fight against cancer. The Fiji 
brothers from both Lafayette College and Lehigh run a 
football from one school to the other. This is just one of the 
ways that Phi Gamma Delta shows its strength and excite- 
ment to help its community. Our strength within the 
community and the school makes us one of the best frater- 
nities on the Hill. We are very proud to be a FIJI! 

Above: It seems as if almost anything can amuse Kevin Day, Sloan 
Bohlen and Hunter Schwarz. Far above: Kevin Konkos, Josh Baker and 
Kevin Day know how to dress in style. 

Fiji members are so prepared for a pos- Fiji brothers such as Wayne Celia and Erik Morris (nght)knowsthat nothing says Fiji members often have the opportunity 
sible disaster that they stage a bioterror Hunter Schwarz often develop long-last- sophistication more than wearing a suit to travel to far and exotic locations, 
drill. Unfortunately, Andrew Osborne for- ing friendships. and smoking a pipe, causing Andrew Lin- 
gets its only a test. den and Kevin Day to stare in amazement. 

greek life 

Left: These two brothers 
look like they're up to no 
good. Far left: After a long 
day of working at Shop 
Rite, Dan Sikora and Paul 
Huish need a good drink. 
Below: Rory Connolly, 
Kevin Konkos and Nick 

greek life 

Phi Kappa Theta 

Pennsylvania alpha 

Living in a fraternity can be as powerful an influence in 
your life as your family is, and the Phi Kap family is strong 
with a proud history. Phi Kappa Theta represents the 
union of two older fraternities: Phi Kappa and Theta 

Kappa Phi. The two fraternities had 
63 chapters between them when 
they joined forces to form Phi Kappa 
Theta on April 29, 1959, the 70th 
anniversary of the founding of: the original Phi Kappa 
fraternity. The Lehigh chapter dates back to 1919. Phi 
Kappa Theta is an organization that supports the ideals of 
fraternity life with the added advantage of being a highly 
diversified group of individuals. Life at Phi Kap exempli- 
fies college life with close friendships, academics, sports 
and of course, social life. 

Above: Michael Burlando, Kevin Padnes, Hank Swormstedt, Charlie 
Blades and Asher Edwards at tailgates. Far above: Howie Dingle, 
Dave Fusco, Simon Choe, Kevin Bostel and Phil Buchanan head for the 
ski slopes at Camelback Mountain in the Poconos. 

Chuck Ormsoy, jonatnan Fishner and Mark Grabarits, Hank Swormstedt, Jon Serge Lombardi, Hank Swormstedt, 
Sean Flynn. Yeadon, Kevin Padnes and Dave Charlie Blades and Phil Buchanan. 

Degenhardt in Acapuico, Mexico. 

Phil Buchanan, Howie Dingle and Kevin 
Bostel at the Halloween formal. 

til 246 
greek life 

Left: The guys hang out 
together while vacationing 
during the winter. Far left: 
Kevin Bostel, Phil 
Buchanan, Mike Burlando 
and Joe Kachurak are up 
bright and early for 
morning cocktails. Below; 
Several brothers hang out 
at the Hard Rock Cafe. 



^^^t: J^E^^^^^^^^^PjL j 



■^ ' .. \ 

jHSj^v'^^, # -^ 




m\ ^^BbLB^^^^^Bri 












greek life 

Psi Upsilor] 

eta chapter 

We hold Lehigh as a dear home. The steding quahties of 
Lehigh include strong academics, competitive athletics and 
historical architecture, but the greatest feature of all is the 
Greek system. The brothers of Psi Upsilon are a loyal 
collection of friends whose majors vary from history to 

engineering to business. We strive 
for excellence in both academics 
and extracurricular activities. Psi 
U brothers are active on the Inter- 
fraternity Council and participate 
in intramural sports, the ROTC program, the orchestra and 
campus radio station WLVR. What we feel the most pride 
for at Lehigh, however, is our membership in this brother- 
hood. Psi U is a place where we build camaraderie and 
lifelong friendships, and we'll miss it when we're gone. Psi 
U sayings: " comes the fountain," -Me. 
"Be gentle.'s my third time," -Stew. "I wouldn't mind, 
lets say, getting arrested during pledging this year," -Stew. 
"Lee. ..shut up or get out." "I'm looking for my soulmate." 
"I'm looking for someone who doesn't mind my soulmate." 
Where is Butters. ..oh he's getting dominated!!!" "Ding 
Sixes" "GB loves the muffin." "Smith, how about seconds??? 
or thirds???" 

Above: Psi U brothers are not afraid to take risks, even if tiiey liave to 
put tlieir lives on the line to jump off of a cliff. Far above: Formals are 
always a good way for guys to spend good quality time with their 







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Although they are college students, these Living at Psi U is not for the weak. This These daring adventurers dive off of a Watch out, Duffman is in the house. It 

guys are kids at heart. At Superfresh, they brother found that out the hard way after steep cliff into the water below. looks like Ben Loyle has been watching 

use the shopping carts designated for young he became trapped in the trunk of a car. "The Simpsons" a bit too much, 


greek life 

^ *:== 

^^' u h ji J^~'6" 



Left: Psi U members and 
their guests get down at a 
formal. Far left: These guys 
enjoy a warm, early spring 
day by lounging around 
outside the house. Below: 
These brothers take a 
break from the action at a 

greek life 

Sigma Alpha A/lu 

Sigma kappa 

The Sigma Kappa chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu has a strong 
history at Lehigh, spanning 77 years. We take great pride in 
the strength and diversity of our brotherhood. Our brothers 
share a wide variety of interests including academics, club 
sports and student organizations. Sammy sayings: Hey guys. 
Wegmans. MNC. SNCC. We are those guys. The red or the 

white. AHHHHHH. Pretty pissed off. 
Thankyou. Milos. Stingsessions. Don't 
drive to Canada with Ilardi. One bottle 
of vodka is never enough. No move is 
the move. Sir, I figured we'd trap them. 
N-dog. Laces out. Wings. She's definitely all about that cheese 
machine. Red Bull and vodka is bad for your heart. Don't 
worry, they can't hear us, sound always travels up. Bop, Bop, 
Bop. "Oh s***" is not part of our creed. Oh my God, I feel like 
an elf I really thought I was gonna catch those deer. Because 
my father told me so. Kewl. Knock once and say your name. 
Why am I sweating so much and since when has it been 8 a.m. 
Let's hang out later, and by hang out I mean killing massive 
amounts of brain cells and destroying the education we received 
this week prior. The brother that is our pledge educator. Uh oh. 
Last night started oft normal and then got crazy, just like 
everything else we do. 

Above: Fraternity members decorate pumpkins with local elementary 
school students for Halloween. Far above: Sammy party-goers wave to 
the camera. 

The brothers are up early for morning Above: Scott Beaver, Brian Coulombe Michael Beaver is quite the ladies' man. Students compete in the annual volley- 
cocktails. This is one of the few times when and Joe Housel. These women just can't get enough of ball competition sponsored by Sammy, 
students don't mind getting up early. him. 


greek life 

Above; A midwinter 
shot of the Sammy 
house. Left: The guys 
hang out at Third and 
Adams streets in South 
Bethlehem. Far left: 
Sammy prides itself in 
family values, which 
includes sharing a good 
drink with mom. 

greek life 

Sigma Chi 

alpha rho 

Since our rechartering in 1993, the Alpha Rho chapter of 
Sigma Chi has flourished at Lehigh. We have consistently 
scored near the top of the RER point system, winning two of 
the last three semesters. In addition, we have won numerous 
Peterson Significant Chapter Awards, the highest honor be- 
stowed upon an undergraduate chap- 
1| ter of Sigma Chi. Awards aside, what 
makes Alpha Rho great is the diverse 
group of quality men. For example, 
there are varsity athletes, musicians 
and a Gryphon. With all the brothers having different tempera- 
ments, talents and convictions, it makes for a truly rewarding 
experience. New additions to the house include a foosball table, 
a patio and a new member to our family, George the dog. We're 
definitely going to miss our seniors, who have contributed an 
endless amount to the success of our house. It just won't be the 
same without the fearless dance moves of Stanton or the incessant 
rantings of Demarc. Guitar jams on the porch and foosball games 
after dinner will lose their luster without these guys. We'll miss 
hanging out with the ofiF-campus guys. "Crush the turtles, Shred- 
der." And when you guys are gone, "baseball" just won't be an 
excuse for your absence. Just remember, "you the man." 

Above: Gordon Nelson and Mike Kotila. Far above: Brian Cawley and 
Brian Bauer. 

Chris Stanton, Mike Kotila and Jensen Mike DeMarcantonio, Dave MIesse, Matt Chris Stanton and Jensen Andine- 
Andine-Sanchez. Yarnold, Paul Waldeler and Jensen Sanchezwatch"Monday Night Football." 


The Infamous foosball table; a very Im- 
portant fixture at the Sigma Chi house. 

greek life 

greek life 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

pennsylvannia epsilon 

The last of Sigma Phi Epsilon s three principles, brotherly love is 
embodied by the brothers of the Pennsylvania Epsilon chapter. 
The brothers we have at Lehigh become our brothers for life. Once 
a young man becomes a Sig Ep brother, he is a Sig Ep for life and 
lives the rest of his life as a balanced man. In order to promote 
lifelong commitment to brotherhood, we have adopted the 

Balanced Man Project, a developmental 
program designed by the national head- 
quarters. Through this program, each 
brother enters many challenges that pro- 
mote teamwork, leadership and respon- 
sibility, allowing him to hone his social, mental and physical skills, 
all of which are necessary to be successfiil in any professional field. 
During these challenges, no brother is hazed under any circum- 
stances. Sig Ep provides an environment for every young man's 
personal growth. In addition to these challenges, we enjoy 
assorted brother activities such as Friday night football, bowling, 
pool tournaments and movie nights. Another of the tenets of 
Sigma Phi Epsilon is diligence. While brotherhood will require a 
major time commitment on the part of each brother, we realize 
that the reason we came to Lehigh was to be educated. Sig Ep has 
always put an emphasis on academics and has consistently 
maintained one of the top five average house GPAs at Lehigh. 

Joe McGrath tinkers with his guitar dur- 
ing a brotherhood camping trip. 

The brothers hang together at Starters Sig Ep brothers and their dates at a 
Pub. formal in September. 

A game of football does not appear to 
have worn out the Sig Ep guys. 

greek life 

Left: This brother 
certainly knows 
how to dress in 
style: Far left: 
Sig Ep members 
and their guests 
at a costume 
party. Below: 
These under- 
students lend 
their help to the 
Sig Ep alumni 
team during a 
baseball game. 


k life 

Theta Chi 

beta Sigma 



; M Miik'iill ' 

t1! 1 

The brothers of the Beta Sigma chapter ofTheta Chi have not only 
met our formal expectations of achieving an impeccable medioc- 
rity, but have managed to exceed those and set new 'standards' for 
our fraternity. Since our grand millennium reorganization, we 
have reestablished Theta Chi s strong presence on campus. It's been 
a long road with many obstacles, but the brothers persevered and 
accomplished something magnificent. The social calendar has 
been filled with barbecues, cocktails, parties and late nights every 
weekend. And as usual, the Theta Chi beach is the best spot to 

party on campus during Greek Week. 
Theta Chi sayings: Hey you guys. Candy's 
tampon. You mow... I blow. I lost my oar 
up Josh's a$$. Cousin Eddie. You guys 
playing cards? So there you are Tubby, you 
look like a bucket of lard on a bad day, you 
baby gorilla, go back to the zoo and stop 
bothering people. Baskin Robbins called, they're down to five 
flavors. You're swelling up as I talk to you. Hello ice cream, having 
fiin down there (as jiggling belly)? If yous guys thinks this place 
looks spectacula, den yous can go. Salon 212 forever, when pong 
was pong. What the hell are you guys doing? We're painting! Terry's 
clip-on earring. Alumni chain sawing tables as we hum taps. The 
coney. Up Seaberg, down Seaberg. I believe. Theta Chi surprise, 
what's in this? Five guys riding 100 ponies. Building brotherhood 
one shower at a time. Everyone goes hoggin'. Nontoxic blacklight 
party. Whoever had great sex last night, raise your hand. Let me get 
a glimpse. Late night chocolate syrup party. She's not quite Seaberg 
and she's not quite Berman. You know how it gets in the club, son. 
Bows, toes and concrete. Linda's cooking, Goldschein's butter 
sandwich, Russ's boozin. Da beach, boi. Ouzo, hurts so good. 
Never touch the fish. Shout outs to BM, JH and all our other 
buddies at IHQ. It's the end of the world as we know it. 

Above: Mike Newton, Jon Atkins and Walt Michel hang out durir 
Greek Week. Far above: Theta Chi brothers take a moment to re 
during a road trip. 

The Theta Chi house is always this lively 
during a formal. 


greek life 

Seth Rubenstein, Eric Ducey and Mike 
Tobias take a break while on a trip to New 
York City. 

Joe Higgins, Dave Tancona, Jay Horowitz 
and Walt Michel take advantage of the 
Theta Chi beach. 

Chris Neu and Ben Hawthorne show o 
their street smarts. 





$1.99 LB 


Above: Joe Creek, Mike 
Newton, Pete Wilson and 
Joe Higgins catch some 
rays on the Theta Chi 
beach during Greek Week. 
Left: Chris Neu, Pete 
Wilson and Jon Atkins 
always enjoy hanging out 
In the shower together. Far 
left: Mike Newton, Pete 
Wilson, James Duane, 
Manan Shukia and Jared 
Martin make sure to stock 
up on discount clothing 
during a road trip to 

greek life 

Theta Delta Chi 

nu deutron 


Theta Delta Chi fraternity was founded by a group of diverse 
individuals who came together to reach a common goal. The 
brothers ofTheta Delta Chi work together to continually strive 
for the betterment of the fraternity. They achieve a level of 
excellence in everything of which they are a part, whether it be 
social, political, educational or philanthropic. They believe 

that the strength of their foundation is 
derived from the unity of the brother- 
hood. The brothers ofTheta Delta Chi 
derive their enthusiasm from the great 
deal of pride they take in their frater- 
nity. The cornerstone ofTheta Delta Chi, on which all relations 
are based, is the simple principle of respect. Like pieces of a 
puzzle, brothers have their individual colors that come together 
to form the beautiful portrait of brotherhood. The fraternity's 
effort to celebrate each brother's unique ideas and background 
has contributed to a sense of pride. The fraternity would like to 
commend the efforts of all the brothers who have made Theta 
Delta Chi what it is today. With the combined efforts of united 
brothers, all obstacles can be overcome and all goals achieved. 
They have dedicated themselves to each other and to the 
brotherhood. There is a confidence in knowing that they will 
always be united when faced with hardships and will never be 


Above: Three brothers prepare to attend a fomidl. Normals are on^i 
of the staples of fraternity life. Far above; This guy is caught off guar 
by the flash of the camera. 

Several guys join to celebrate a fellow The Theta Delta Chi crew sticks together Four brothers hang out together around This Bridgeworks waitress shows ho\ ^ 
brother's 21st birthday. at an off-campus house. the house. much she enjoys hanging out with th j 

Theta Delta Chi brothers. 


Left: Mirror, mirror on the 
wall, which Is the best 
fraternity of them all? Far 
left: Fraternity members 
join together for a social 
event. Below: Theta Delta 
Chi brothers learn the 
etiquette of fine dining. 

greek life 

Thetd Xi 

eta chapter 

College years at Lehigh are a unique experience, both 
academically and socially. The fraternity is an extension of 
this ideal of growth and development. The brotherhood of 
ThetaXi is based upon the principles of unity, responsibility, 
spirit and personal development. Theta Xi strives to develop 
"^ these bonds among our members, 
and in this way makes the time we 
spend as brothers more valuable than 
a college degree. At Theta Xi, our 
spirit of involvement extends beyond our house. Our indi- 
vidual effort and strengths are well demonstrated in the 
classroom as well as on the playing fields. Lacrosse, rugby, 
baseball and hockey are just a few of the sports in which 
Theta Xi brothers participate. We are also well represented 
in Lehigh's student organizations, including the Interfrater- 
nity Council, WLVR, ROTC and various academic honor 
societies. We have enjoyed our years with the seniors and will 
miss them greatly. Thanks for the memories. 

Above: The brothers celebrate a victory. Far above: Mark Udis, 
Warren Widener, Josh Miller, Bill Guglielmo, Brendan Schmutte and 
Jay Skypeck. 

The current Theta Xi seniors party at a Bryan Lustig, Josh Silverstein, Sean Matt Wanner, Brendan Schmutte and Sean Gormley, Matt Dennis, Brian Semel, 
formal during their freshman year. Gormley, Thomas Toepke, Brian Semel Dan Floberg. Thomas Toepke and Tim McWilliams. 

and Matt Dennis. 


greek lite 

Above: Mark Quinn, Andres 
Chavez, Thomas Toepke, 
Brian Semel, Sean 
Gormley, Jay Skypeck, Matt 
Dennis, Mike Stotler and 
Matt Wanner, Left: Matt 
Wanner, Brian Semel, Sean 
Gormley, Mark Quinn, Josh 
Silverstein and Matt 
Dennis. Far left: Brian 
Semel, Dan Floberg, Sean 
Gormley and Matt Dennis. 

greek life 


Beta Jheta Pi 

beta chi 

^iJ^ Jt;^ 


,,*f ^.-^ 




greek life 

Delta Upsilor] 

lehigh chapter 


Can you say... 


alpha phi 

greek life 

alpha Sigma phi 

alpha chi rho 

_— .~*.- nni 


beta theta pi 

delta Sigma phi 

greek life 

delta tau delta 

kappa alpha 


ihiiiTi^Mriiiiiilipt^t ' 

f' 11 i^IL 



Section Editors: Erika Riddle and Olga Stewart 


i^ incoming freshmen, we often 
find that Hvingwith other people is not 
necessarily the easiest task in the world. 
For most of us, it marks the first time 
living away from home. In addition to 
bringing along our clothing, comput- 
ers and other necessities, many of us 
also briuR our habits, some of which 
can be annoying to others. At a college 
as large and diverse as Lehigh, students 
are also bound to have a wide array oi 
interests, some of which occasionally 
conflict with each other. But even if 
our roommates drive us crazy, we soon 
learn how to get along and work out 
any differences that may arise. Surviv- 
ing life in a campus en\ironment re- 
quires patience, humilit)', empathy and 
most importantl)-, a desire to have a 
eood time. 

In order to survive 
these wild times, 
you're going to 
make a total fool of 
yourself with 
incredible regularity. 
If you can't laugh 
about it, you are 
doomed. ^ -j 

— ^Tom Peters 


Snow Days 

The atmosphere on campus when it snowed for the first time was unbehevable. Acting Hke you are 
six years old again never seemed to be so much fun. Keeping with tradition, many a tray was 
"borrowed" to make good use of on the various hills. Of course, you had to watch out when walking 

because you never knew where a snowball might be coming from. All 
in ail, the first snow day gave everyone a much needed break from 
studying. Soon after Punxsutawney Phil predicted continued winter 
weather, Mother Nature dropped two more feet of snow on our 
beautifiil campus. Everyone was so excited to have not one, but two 
snow days without school. Students reveled in the unexpected "Pacing Break" by using the 
opportunity to enjoy the snow and relax, just how a Pacing Break should be. 

Top 1 Things to Do When It Snows 
10. Dig out your car because its completely buried in snow. 
9. Jump off campus buildings into snow drifts. 
8. Make a snow angel. 

7. Go sledding down the hill behind Ranch Business Center. 
6. Drink hot chocolate while watching movies. 
5. Go snow tubing. 

4. Make a snowman resembling your favorite (or least favorite) professor. 
3. Snowball fight! 

2. Break out the skis for a little on-campus adventure. 
1 . Take trays from the dining hall and go sledding (that ones a given). 


\ I Kl: M.mliov LXirr.ii;!!. Mike, l<.iiul.ill Smallcy, J.imcs Davict. 

A2: Front row: Manbaj Cjill, Josh N4ann, Chns Uty, Arthur Malk-t, Matt IJiana, Luke 
Diiorio. Row two: Kevin Finn, Kcitli Ritchings. Kyle- Heinsen, Matt Ferguson, Josh Speaor, 
Josh Steuerman, Nathanael Washam, Man Schweitzer, Adam Williamson. Not pictured: 
James Neilson and Brooks Clinton. 

V3: Lett side. Itoiu to b.ick: Peter Triiuio, Andrew Ixjmasky, Adam Gormle\ . J.ike Rnvsell, 
^on Argenta. Right side, front to back: Satoshi F.bisawa, l"om, Brian Cros.Siin, Matt 
\rlington, John Aliqiio. 

A4: Icniu Brcidinger, K.itie Bonafide, D In\emo, Emma Furman. L\Tin Bankson. 
M.i]gorzata Klek, Erin Becker, .Shannon V'anDasen, Miranda Ford, Michele Bilsak, Rebecca 
Resnick, Laura Herr, Care\- Yorio, Sarali Murphy. 

B2; knnikr Ltuin, D.iniellc L)c<jclc,,ira Fluster, Hanni Kasniri, Jacqueline Fiiinc^an, 
K.iilierine Newman, Sarah Mase. 


HlI "* ■ t "• vT^IH^^^^H 

^^^ft ^B- ^H ''° ^^ ^1 

w|Bk m ^ 

mC^W mk 

*¥W^ 1 Wmlb^JBm * ■■■ 

Ashley Fitzgerald, Kirstin Schreiber and Brandy Gottlieb 

enjoy Halloween festivities at Richards House. 

2 : »• 



B4: lames Rivn, Scott Weiss, Jared Hot.ding, Brian Biaci<m.m, Greg Solari, Man \X'is!.cr, 
Adam Kichler, Dave Edelstein, JefFWiener, Patrick Skerpon, Dave Larson, Charles Pavlides. 
Not pictured: Chris Orben, Hadji Maloumian, Kyle Collina, Jeff Burt, Jeft Besen, Mike 
Petite, Daji Velez, Martin Seiz. 

B5: Front row: Matthew Lapovsky, Brendon Hajas, Alladin Jaloudi. Row two: Michael 
Villano, Stephen Marhevka, Stephen Penske. 

C3: Asliley Staropoli, Nicole Benton, Farhana Kassamali, Kristine G.ili\'ano, Darby Reed, 
Heather Babby, Meaghan Bertsch, Lauren Toczylowski. Not pictured: Jill Menapace, 
Courtney Kelly. 

Dl/C-Ground: Front row: Ke\in Kirschman. Phillip johiisoii, Andrew la)ng, Steve Sorkin, 
Craig Boutin, Brian Burritt. Row rwo: Ben Jefteris, Dean Elliot, Joshua Pace. 



Top left: Noelle Gecik and Andy Carr. Top 

right: Jeffrey Storey enjoys opening his 

door at Trembley and landing in the snow. 

Bottom right: Cody Smart and Lavar Pope 

enjoying the good life. Bottom left: Molly 

Davis, Jayne Carapezzi and Heather 


)2: Front Row: Maiy Yoder, Linda "Yun Peng" Chen. Tess Carboni, Kara Ba)1og. Row two: 
lebtxc.i Stniw. Christine Stroka, less Browne. Lki D\chas. H)e Rim Kim. Row three: 
teph.uiie .Monorelli. Kristin Nardella. Samantha Kiler. l_aurie Brenner, Sanchita Sen. 

D.V 1 rom row: George Todd, Ste\e Seigei, Billy .\llen, .M.irL I'hcr. IV.mdon Wellington. Row 
two: Adam Sandelo\-sk\', Tim RoUason-Recse, Neal Brian U\, Brandon Fishman. Man 
Me\ers, Bri;in Lenhart. 

273 *i 

lOwer cents 

lu-.irdslee 2: Front row: Jimmy Rock, Joe Bonanni, M.itt W lll^{Ll^, M.iii K.i|iii.iin,iii- Row 
two: Kevin Tempest, Ken Andersen, Cody Smart, Steve Henke, Matt Mozdziez, Kevin 
Clarkson, Matt Galuska. 

Beardslee 3: Becky Henry, Stephanie Lorn, Emily Diwer, Michelle Levine, Amanda Early, 
Allison Cook. 

Carothers 2: Front row: 1 re\'or Seaman, Eric Kimballjohn C.irlin,Jim Deven,', Mike 
Osborne, Brian Filizzi. Row two: Derek Bowen, D,iniel Lee,Rand.ill SkubaAdam Mack, 
Andrew Jennings, Kevin Frost,Mike 0'Donnell,Raymond Kellv, Rob Schneider. 

Carothers 3: Front row: Par Singli, Jess Vitali, Olivia Basu, Kade Dincher, Allison Kir/horter. 
Row two: Mandi Cherewatti, ICitie Drewes, Marissa Noles, Fang Xu, Kristen Sterner. Row 
three: Alessandra Intili, Jenna Seiiffen, Caroline Brirt, Kim Diaz, Jill Rafalko, Samara Adler, 
Julie Raftery. Rachel Feuerhammer. Not picmred: Karen Welby, Becky Paluch, Judy Chow. 

Palmer 2: Chris Hulene, 

David Webster, Mike Walsh, 

Mike Tobias, Russ Newbold, 

Chris Smith, Kai McFarland, 

Andrew John, Andrei Nacu, 

Ryan O' Donnell, Justin 

Bojarski, Eugene Golant, 

Stefan Siwiecki, Eric Ducev. 

Palmer 3: Laying on top; Abhishake Banda. Front row: lesse Yoon, Ed Murtha, Ryan 
KrenLser, Sam Berquist, Roben Guzzon. Row two: Pat Moore, Ed Focacci, D;miel Leon, 
Nikolai Moukhine, Daniel Cynamon, Dermis Grady, Evan Sachs, John Oliver, Adam Jakim( 


lower cents 

lc\ciis Z: I loni nm; Jose l,irin, Jii.Min 1 i|1(kiis, K.U Vliliiigmaiiii, Biadky B.irtkouslj, Vuu Stcwiii 3; 1 rum lou: ,S.ii,i W ■i.vx.niuii, Ijuaii Ritliicr, liiu Strgoni.s. Row uvo: KciiJjj 
K>\lc. Row t%\'o: ("liris Rmck, laLnuki Kokiliii, Samuel IxAvi.s. limotliy Daly, Chris lx)ng, Belanger, Emily (.oatcs, Lunar Dcak-riaii, Daiii Jackioii. Row diro:: Kara Lorraine, Jessica 

•Je;il Hothn.m, t'lrani lloilimeier, John ( ierace, Fred Nytko, Peter Nilsson. Buono, Rachel Flink, Krlsten Harkins, Lisa Casso. Row tour Rachel Kastrinsky, Kate Rooth, 

Justine Surico, Suzie Wilson, jenny Hamilton. 

iiiiiglnon 2: Falling: DiUi Thomian. Front row: Bl.ikc Klciiitop, Patrick Fulton, Benj.imin 
iliK , Matttiew Staufter. lliomas Rovere, Christopher Lnvin. Rov\' t%vo: Stephen McCom-, 
.\ k Schadler, Brian Kaplun, John \'oung, Creg Meyer. 

Stoughton 3: Front row: Shannon Sorenson. Sandra Buitrago, K,tra McKenna, BetsA- Ri»tr 
Row two: Kristin B-JtRLs^iitis, Tripp Ferrer, Angela Moudy. 

^ illi.ims 2: 1 red F.irmcr, ,\ksh,iy Kilam , Doug Moyer, Mike .Adel.son, .•\neesh \'amia, \\ e^ 
lorner, Andrew Quemer, Jack Morgan, Kyle Gold, Scott Rirterman, Mark McCauley, Rick 
\ .igiKT. Dan Rcxlyers, Alex Horn. 

\\ illiams 3: Irnni row: Fniii\ 1 ix. Mlison Zimmemian, .Angcline Panepresso, Leigh Hawldns, 
Sarah Knechel, Alysa Zellner, Sumona Basu. Row two: Kane Chafin, Ashley Brant, Melissa 
Fricke. Yos Priesd\', Andrea Soffin, Katie R\an, Gen Feldman, Malissa Underwood. 

275 « 


Al: Front row: Lauren Kreslofi, Lauj Kokol!, LVvky JonibLh, Ivide Joseph, Maggie Thomas, 
Me^an Lehmann. Row two: Jessica Davidson, Lauren Shane, Liz Schnur, Jocelyn Rasi<in, 
Emily Jarina. Row three: Lindsay Dallman, Stacy Erici<son, Natalie Leahey, Lindsey Lachman, 
Brigid Provitola, Vanessa Compono. 

Bl: Ryan Lockwood, Ariel Weiner, Cory Mingelgreen, Stephen Nye, Jason Moloney- 

A2: Front row: Eva Kraft, Je,v>n.a Sliuickct, Mm.i Habba, Victoria Conte, Katie Paxson, Mary 
Bedi Davidson. Row two: Olivia Ulnier, Julia Fefterman, Pamela Fried, Elissa Cerruto, Lauren 
Levine, Emily Wickey, Staci Balbirer, Romy Malbin-Hodgson. Row diree: Elise Winderbaum, 
Marisa Markowitz, Shawna Damon, Nina Cebenko, Janine Katz. 

B2: Front row: Joseph Bcrgcr, John V^'ilson, Ashish Pakila, Saiham Shahabuddin, Chris 
Daly. Row two: Michael Peskin, Brian Wishart, Jeft Davis, Mike Gerstenblatt, Joe 
Standley, Jace Keister. Row three: Tony Kritzer, Jeremy Regan, Mark Austin, Rubayet 
Pritom, Mike Cowgill, John Rubin. 

A3: Front row: Alocis Vogel, Hillary Blenke, Melissa Thompson, Gillian Semmer, Sarah 
Teny. Row two: Eunhea Hahn, Lola Ademosu, Nicole Matchett, Meghan Ryan, Molly 
Davis, Nia)le Jung, Blair Sacalis. 

B3: Front row: Kevin Hartm.inn, Eric Natelson, Derek Buckley, Paul Oliveri, Alex Shelly, Jon 
Puleo. Row two: Brad Bu\'ers, Mike Sale, AJ Dinger, Brian Slade, Ian Holmes, Andy 
Zimmers. Row three: Puivish Sh:ili, Vincent Siederm.m, Nick D'Angelo, Mart Dwyer, Chris 
M.irtin, Lewis Woolsey, Eric Greenberg, Keidi Painter, Brian Mack, Keith Torrey. 


The Best Lehigh Experiences 

With years of undergraduate experience under some of our belts, one would think we could 
narrow down the best aspects of Lehigh life. To consider this task difficult would be an 
understatement. Everyone's college experience is different, but there must be some generalizations 
that hold true for everyone. There are at least four facets of Lehigh culture that most of us could 
not live without, and although some may seem trivial, can you really 
imagine this place without them? Number one: The Goose. Need 
we say more? The service is good and the food is delicious. A Lehigh 
student's Saturday and Sunday mornings are never complete with- 
out the remedial Goosey sandwich. Number two: our campus. First 
of all, anyone who says he or she has gone four years here without tripping or falling on campus 
is a liar. Although we may complain incessantly about the inconsistencies of the stairs or the 
treacherous angle of the hill, we are some of the luckiest people just for being able to live in such 
a beautiful, picturesque collegiate setting. Number three: Lehigh tailgates. Although the sheer 
ridiculousness of them has faded a bit over the past few years, they still remain a distinct Lehigh 
activity that few people can pass up. A true melting pot of all Lehigh students, tailgates are, and 
will continue to be, some of the fondest memories held by any student who goes to school 
here. Finally, number four: our friends. We tend to make our dearest and lifelong friends 
during college. In fact, we would venture to say that it's not the amazing sandwiches of the 
Goose, the beauty of our campus in the spring, or even the craziness of tailgates in the fall 
that make us pine for just one more semester or one more year at Lehigh. What makes it all 
worthwhile are the friendships and the relationships we establish here. We hope we have 
accurately covered some of the best things about being a Lehigh student; however, the list 
is not nearly complete. Regardless of what makes one's Lehigh experience unique, it is 
undoubtedly unforgettable. 

Overcoming Boredom 

As soon as the sun sets, Lehigh students know how to have fun and let loose. As many of us 
know, the Lehigh social scene is notorious for being one of the best, but the endless nights 
of partying don't stop at the gates of the Hill. Aside from going to one of the many parties 

that goes on each weekend night, Lehigh and the surround- 
ing area are brimming with all sorts of flin activities. The 
Moonlight Cafe at Lamberton Hall is a great place to check 
out bands, dance parties and other theme nights each 
weekend, just as Zoellner Arts Center is the place to be if 
you're in the mood for top notch theater and musical performances. Through organizations 
such as University Productions, there are always shows - comedians, musicians and much 
more - taking place both on and ofif-campus. And the fun isn't just limited to campus 
activities. Not too far from Lehigh there is a bowling alley with special deals on Tuesdays, 
an ice skating rink, a movie theater with student discounts, the Lehigh Valley Mall, many 
delicious restaurants and countless other places where you can leave your boredom at the 
door. Many students even wander outside of Bethlehem's borders for a weekend in New York 
City or Philadelphia (there's nothing like those bus rides). Even if you find yourself stuck in 
your room with nowhere to go, there are always video games. 


A I liihii MiikIIi .mil \ kiiir ialotta. 

A2; 1 luiu luw: Mar\' W ilcIlt. hnn I lui^crnuhk-, .\ijt.lml Mdu. Kuw iwd: AIlsuji Sicbbiiii, 
Alisa Vasilcnko, Brand)' CKictlii-b, Luira Wilson, Lauren B;in()n. Row tlircc; Sarali March, 
Martlia MacKcnzic, I aura Mulcali)', BingXie, Nishika Vldanage. 

A3: Hront row: Stephen Graham, Gri^ory Peisinger, David Duane. Row two: Matthew 
Cirirtiths, Cniig Watkins, Daniel Zilinski. Adam Saponara, Girlos Caban, R\an Particelli. 
Andrew Ixxs. 

A4; Front row: Evan Gross, Brian Shoop, Mark Shear. Row two: Michael Jacobs, Nicholas 
P.tlmer, R\-an, Andrew GL-incs-, Matthew Haubrich, Stc\'en Deutsch, Nicholas 


^sJL^S / /F^^Ktstt 

n -) 

1 * n 

^H^^H« ^^ ^I^BH 

' ^^^H 

I w 

__iF ^Bpf^fi^JI 

^L^^^P^ - 

H 1 

l^.rHi^' ""''^M 



; mm nm; \ LidisLu ^ linger, Ivivmond, jcilin Koprusck. Row two: Martii.s 
'\ li iliteus, Michael Seldon, Kyle Greaves, JD Mumtord, Pete Phivilav. Brian Dunst, Da\'id 


B2: Front row- Mike KcniiiKi, i 1\. ,%i.v,i liiian StJliran, Pat Thornton, Michael Souders, 
TTiomas Kadielries. Row thr<x: D.ive lliompson, Pradeep Sett\', Daniel Lichtenberg, 
Jonath;in Winter, Chris Reehl, Chris Polchinski, Ke\-in McFarland, Peter Amendola. 


richards & drinker 


1 ^^Si^ ^^^t " 

' ^^> E)jl^a| 



HHI. ill i W 


Richards hi: Front row: Erica Graham, Ashley Fitzgerald, Kirstin ichrcibcr, Caroline Blount. Richards B4; Front row: Terry Hall, Evan Davis, Gregory Constable, Nicholas OXnnuoi, 
Row rwo: Burcu Acarlar, Katie Allan, Chia-Li Sun, Jamie Drici, Stephanie Coccia, Heather Thomas Lorenc. Row two: Takeshi Yamaguchi, Adam Bray, Jeffrey Garretson, Matthew 

George, Kate Arico. Hi^ins, Oliver Josephs, Joseph Dalessio. 

Drinker Al/Bl: Front row: Matt Ruhe, Evan Hilzer, Paul Smith, Jason Atwell. Row two: 
Tim Brosnan, Vadim Kharaz, Joe Marranca, Phillip Michaels, Adam Lupinacci, Eric Gage, 
Tonv Ta. 

Drinker A2: Lyle Bimhak, James fCizer. Ed \C'ebber, William Valet, Alex Melnikow, Tom 
Lorenc, Josh Briggs, David Jones. 

Drinker A3/B3: f'ront row: Alexander Z,ich.iri.ili. Allison Maclnnes, Anne Zurilla, K.uhlecn 
Hurie)', Marge Jacobs, Jackie Cunningham, Matthew Corey. Row two: Donny Mattran, 
Daniel Bower, Noah Ch^isin ^rrphen Hiser, Thomas Blank, Brandon McCoUum, Timothy 

Aye aye, mate! Mia Yantis, Kirby Wycoff and Chrlsta Connar are the Navy's 
latest recruits, or at least for Halloween. 




2: Mok i\k)rark.i ami Ridianl 1 In. 

A4/B4: .'Mcx SchvicnJciiian, Akiku Miyaui, Brigcuc Swaii, Valeric Barix-r, Cliriiiina Gctz. 














■V^ "^^ 









E- l^^l 




Top left; Kip Wallen, Erik Kaiser and AJ Girton enjoying their freshman year. Top right; 
Mitch Gilfillan, Jenny Callan, and Mike Fischman enjoy a late night chat on a bench 
outside Lower Cents. Bottom right: Rachel Walker and Amber Garcia enjoy the creative 
modern art. Bottom left: What a lucky guy! Brandon Rogers with Andrea Servldone, 
Sarah Piperato, Noelle Gecik, Erika Riddle and Christa Connar. 

281 « 


Al : Kris Stefiy, Brad Woodward, Nick Tantillo, Timothy White. 

A2: Amanda Lcong, Amanda Taylor, Kate Domgan, Ntir-e Raliman, Shalea Hicks. 

B2: Front row: Jmini) Aniiiul Nasir, Dzulfahmi Zamzuri, Ikliwan Ari.s, Sean Eggleston, Faiz 83: Laying down: Liz Cintavey. Front row: Kevin Ulkloss, Andrew Mitchell, Tom Aucliter, 
Abu Bakar. Row two: Andrew Racz, David Sisselman, Emily Aagaard, Etigene Chung, Craig Foo. 

Mohammed Firdaus Ahmad Nazlan, Johan Ali Siirani. Row three: Andrew Yeow, Eric Binter, 
John Potter, Steve Lewis, Satiesh Muniandy, Abdul Zhafri Rahim. 



C'l: liom row: |on.iili.i]i I'liuu, Juc l.opiiua, lXi\kl \c^n), MilIucI M.mlunncy, Ralph 
NcIm)ii. Row [wd: Mike D.uiicn, Dc.m Ocscliciici, I'ctcr Green, Cliri.s Kirkinan. 

C2: I mill niw. |uii.iiin.i I l.irAcv, R-ichcl i iillcn. Vera I'anerii, Nalalie I laugen iLhild), Jajiiie 
Bever, IJaiiie Miirra\-. Row two; Siaw Lo, Meera Malik, Jillian Bold, Sarah Pembenon, 
IVhorah VCollenlx-rg, 

C3: ( risiiiia linelii, Scephanie Kravir/, Kadirin Klenshtc)'n, Clreer Brown. 

Living in a dorm is all about developing close friendships. Kate Ahco, 
Heather George, Chris Postlewait, Kirstin Schreiber and Warren Howard 
enjoy their friendship. 

Living Spaces 

Living with a roommate can be a difficult trial, especially if you have always had a room 
all to yourself Some of the important aspects of dealing with a roommate are to show 

respect for each other while still having some time alone. Still, 
the best part about having a roommate is the time you spend 
together talking, laughing and just enjoying the company. At 
times, it is extremely fun to annoy your roommate, whether 
in jest or as a slight "get back." 

The Top 1 Ways to Annoy Your Roommate 
10. Subsist entirely on pickles for a week because you don't have any more Gold Dollars. 
9. Collect Chia Pets. 

8. Stare at your roommate for five minutes of every hour. Don't say anything, just stare. 
7. Whenever the phone rings, get up and answer the door. 
6. Listen to radio static. Or better yet, set your early morning alarm to radio static and press the 

sleep button at least five times before getting up. 
5. Change his or her buddy information in AOL Instant Messenger. 
4. Leave a declaration of war on your roommate's desk. Include a list of grievances. 
3. Be nocturnal. 

2. Refer to your roommate using terms of endearment: "sweet cheeks," "honeybuns," "smoochie." 
1 . Use AOL Instant Messenger with very loud cow noises. 


ScLDiid 1 loor; I luiu lou: I rui.y CiokLsiLin. Sluiinon Cirovo, Jess AuvikkI. Row iwu: l.m. 
SmkLui, M.itt I lajiluk, Nick IaticH, I'.uil D.iky. 

I bird I k)or: I rom row: l.rici I'.mis,,icl Browri.Miiii, Ariana Rtxlrlgucz. Row lv,\>: 
Aiulioiiy IViii. I'liilip Garcia, Man Kciiiiiicrcr, Michael I'aiil. Chris Olzinski. Row three: 
George Belter, Joe Giorgio, Jason Rcir, Dave Cxjicman, Keith Erekson, Chris Creswell. 

1 (Hirth Floor Front row: Christopher Stunma, Robert Lutzkovv. [iilie Molinari. Halima 
Arn|.\d, Stac)- Jones. Row t%vo: Tom M.Lson, Matthew Kriebei. Bilai Khan, Wilson Antoine, 
ISajid H.IS.U1. 

Fifth Floor: Front row: Hiomas Ransonie, Rwui Sin. leiiniter Elliott. Row two: John 
Zawartkay, Benjamin Haas, John ('udne\-, KeMn Kervsin, Icrrod Charles. 

"•imIi I loot I i-Hi: 1... kiiiic Nguyen, Bill les-uiro, John lockc, Mik B\kowski, .\l,irc-Andrc 
ooz. Row rivo: Kesin Cassidy, Chris Florio, Shahin Shaghaghi. 

Rachel Walker and Sonya Tokarchyk hang out together 
upside down. Silly girls! 

285 »• 


warren square 

Warren Sqitirc RO I'C: M.udicw Butucavoli, SciLcy Diinuso, J. Kevin MlKiuii^L, Nie 
Kane, Elizabedi Papapietro. 

Warren Square B: Wahida Hazniiii, \ Lli xsa .Smuuii.., I \ l\u .li, 1 .ili^i.ili Moklitar, 
Azyyati Ahmad Hamizan. 

Warren Square C: Left to right (clockwise From front): Geoffrey Cotter, Israr Kabir, Robert Warren Square E; Front row: Sajju Khatiwada, Tarence L. Smith, Jesse Powell, Meng Guo, 

Dennis, Eric Hochreiter, Bryan Jones, Joshua Sullivan, Tyler Wille, Martin Robert Misiura, Tony Guidice, Liz Conroy, Heather Maisto, Megan Thornton. Row two: Michael Calvanese, 

David Velez, Matthew Krantz, Daniel Morse, Kelly Kennedy, Stephan Lawson, Ryan Boizler, Josh Brickman, Jack DiOdoardo, Matt Adel, Uthsav Ahuja. 
Harry Pinto, Chris Cunningham. Not pictured: Joseph McCabe, Jesniear Acosta, Matthew 
Beaudoin, Jamaal Butcher, Prakcish V.isudevan, Jeremy Kent. 

-, Oliver Josephs, Takk YamaguchI in the Standard dorm attire of T- 

bhiT'i--, c:ru Qvm shorts. 

Peace out! These students casually stroll past Taylor Gymnasium as they 
return to their dormitory. 



campus square 

UillilnigA; |cic /.itiii.iMii, Stic/ci, C^hiiMina I mil, M.itllicu C, MjU Bridgcnuii. Building B: l^ori SIuJlt, Mich.icl Denis, Mcili.iiiiiiKcl K]i.uiiI).i1m. 

luildingC: I mm nm; Ivuic [, M,mncc L.iLiivi.i, Jcnnikr I Iciniiit;. Ivindi I laxnlicii;. Building 1): Alon Abranison, ShLT\l I Jicrian, S.ini I'hilip. \ idy \ .iini\.inuinh\ ih.iirj, 

u>\\ [wo: John Idcn, M.iti Hindlcv, Josh Goldberg, Z<Kh Fricker, Ajidv Baueh. Roi,uid W'.iz, Christine Regalia, Jessica Cilowinski, Kri-sicn Blum, Kristen Blake. 

leghan Wood, Emily Rohm, Bianca Benedetti-Fang and Melody Barbosa pause 
efore having a fun night out together. 

Heather Whalen, Andrea Servidone and Kirstin Rabe know what it means to 
have a good time at Lehigh, especially on Halloween! 



sayre & trembley 




SajTe Building C: Kevin Shepard, Piotr Milkowski, Mmin Utn 

I'rcmbley: Tomin\ t Ja] i^\ . lu^h 1 hcrkuin, Mati OUncliok, Nick Diatchenko, Joe Souto, 
Rich Stein. 


Clockwise from top right: Michelle 
Levine, Rebecca Gawronski, Erica 
Skola and Leeann Williams agree that 
playing in the snow is much better 
than hiking through it to class. Allison 
Frowley, Chrissie Walton, Sylvia 
Ciesluk and Danielle Kochenour 
prepare for a night out. Kaitlin 
Mahaney, KT Hessler, Rachel 
Feuerhammer, Julia Raftery and Karen 
Welby are all laughs and fun on the 
track team! Danielle Kochenour, 
Allison Frowley and Sylvia Ciesluk are 
true Lehigh friends. Ashley Fitzgerald, 
Erica Graham and Kirstin Schreiber 
have learned that laughter is the best 
medicine for calming disputes. This 
Lower Cents crew loves their dorm. 
KT Hessler and Karen Welby face the 
dilemma of wearing the same dress. 


^^-d(9'0II^4<EU XVI? 

02. -03 


couch/trampol ine , 
Colin; Who was the 

^ BBQ's in the beginning, beer flows like wine, women 

flock like the salmon of Capistrano; Bert Cunning- 
Q ham- (not pictured) , refer to 542 Hillside or to; Get Cocked: The French Job, Chickendance, 
Karoake - Silvehardt does Billy Jean, Oh what a Night for 
real Pugh King? Goldilock ill works the female=STOMP (the 
ambassador) ; All Star Game in the KitchenDome- 
Korin crushes 3 apples into centerfield cabinets 
\ for home run record; Bottle tossing in the back; 
I Let me put my key in 
^•^ your ignition, babe; 
or fridge 

with a 




Stevens 3 


Jaime * Amy 
Melissa * Emily 


•k i: ie 



'Turns out not where you are, but 
who you're with that really matters. 

"Time to move on, time to get going 

what lies ahead I have no 

way of knowing." 

-Tom Petty 

•*/ \*rAM ;*nxi 


Oh my ood. 

JewishTI NO FU*k: Hmm..We 

* .., J Unh Fat itouL I 111 noi imtin;! lie li' \"u lu'kers ^ 
ird. null shi* i:)anicllc"s as*. ITifwc dmy m Hoh . tm """'V^ _,^^ t 

TFai was some good «:\. pee*Av^ wv * oo.,.. 1 jgi^c u^ v^^ll The mind of a man LooK at my tvu:e ^^^» and tea 

. W\ vour ftvoott 

The Lovely Ladies of O^d 

Heather Belaus . Lauren Garlett . Rachel Goodman . Karen Miranda . Heather Thomson 

Boop. The BIG cup. It's * 
o'clock and happy hour is 
still going strong. Se\> 
Bitches. There's no ... at 628 
Nintendo. Flying chairs. 
Crack cookies. Don't drink 
the OJ. Wendy's. Donut. 






friends Tftrougfiout 




Senior year on Hillside, a time we'll all remember 

It peaked with the start of TobogganFest one fateful night in December 

Dance parties, Spin the Bottle and screaming "Make Out!" 

"SAUCE" "COCKTAILS" and "MEREDICK" we like to shout 

Drink a Gonads on the Beach or play the game Rudesa calls "Burrito" 

Photo Hunt and Sausage Fingers and the infamous Cameltoe 

Succo vs. the worid, a thought that is so scary 

But Lehigh wouldn't be the same without the stories of Hurricane Larry 

Days and nights at the McTwinneys wouldn't pass without Max and Pierre 

We have peed ourselves, purses, beds, on cars, in helmets, sinks and tubs 

without a care 
Kinter went out with a 31 year-old Herb with a son, too bad we didn't warn her 

When late nights start up, nobody puts Baby in the comer 

We like to chant 'Brandon Tina" and 'GettysBRRG" is our new favorite phrase 

Mr. Imagination and Small Wonder have seen much better days... 

Stotler is a thirteen year-old girl and Charise is our mascot 

When it comes to hooking up just BAG IT if he's not hot 

It would suck to have hands and feet the size of Thich nat long 

"Murder of the Dance Floor" and "Escape" are our favorite dance songs 

Our houses get trashed nightly, the didgeridoo has been tainted 

Its better to have your toe proposed to than it is to be latter day sainted 

Steph and Helene tried to drive a bus after a few too many Blue Ox 

Our Le-Laf limo dnver was bi-polar and Fat Ben wants to penetrate Thumper's box 

Joey is an honorary Twin, A Chi Joe is our number one frat 

Colistra makes a great Joe Dirt, our back staircase houses a cat 

Castelli likes to leave boys in her bed, Cruella is a fright 

What other group of people can get so sloppy drunk every night? 

In honor of Reid's list, we smile every day and Kinter is never fully dressed 

Gonads recommends not projectile vomiting for it makes quite a mess 

Tobogganing, tossing phone books and table dancing, we almost always fall 

But the fun memories we have from Hillside are ones we hardly remember at all 

303 <•? 

^ 5« 7 milsMe «^ 



ovT la,*p^* hoofotK 





-# i^ri 

601 Laufer St r^ 

Guy.. ..this isn't Russia is it? How'ma doin...Neo-hippie...stinkies... anyone know where 
Napack went?...mmo and Duck.. .End-her-chin... did we mention stinkies?...end urself 

Seymour... ESPN... Bledsoe... T-Bone... Green Giant.. .Russia. ..Leopard. ..Slit.. .Rico Suave.. .a 

big "SEEE YA" to Andy and Ben 



Ben ■ Erin ■ Kristen ■ Nate ■ Zack 


"I say unto you: one must still have chaos in oneself to be 
able to give birth to a dancing star. I say unto you: you still 
have chaos in yourselves." -Nietzsche 

Jenny Fried Stephanie Menjivar Jourdan Blanche 


~ 547 Hillside 

Christa, Andrea, Sarah, Noelle, and Erika 

The 547, and only the 547; ED is our best friend; AP, 
enough said; SPRING BREAK 2003!!!; But you always go for 
the gold, Noelle; I am that good; WAAHH; Err, I'm a fol- 
lower; Pass the KY; Cholesterol-free; Bruised nips; We have 
to laugh at ourselves, if we didn't, we'd cry; Motel 547; Hey 
Shorty - it's her birthday; Kl dinners; the sexy dance; We 
can never be - or can we?; Mimosa time!; X<1) suite; oops I 
lost my pants!; sleeping in closets; the sex rabbit - "Oh 
you're tired now?"; shameless=sketchy; penae, anae; .5's; 
the mysterious hookup outfit; vanilla mullet; bathtub 4; 
obvi!; UHaul tailgates; ass-eyes; SP; lucky zebra thongs; 
"Second skin satin - I love those panties!"; "It doesn't count 
if he's a rockstar"; "This is the best night EVER!"; "Did we 
have fun last night, Noelle?"; Runty Vision = SPH; 
Runt, Titrea, Pips, Mamacita, and Monster, THE 547! 


* 216 East Fifth * 

f ]^^H^^^^ , .,j-' |HL me^ > ^fJtlKh^UB^^^ 





||||H^JJ|mH~~~ ^ 1 

nP^ te- ^^^^^^^^^^1 

■^x'..^^ ^^^^^g 

Amanda ^ Amanda ^ Amanda ^ Anita ^ 



421 Webster 

Becks & Molls 
"Jo Dats my babie's Daddy" 

Bccks-n-effects and Molly King esq. 

Sweet Valley High 

Roller Pig & 

Shopping Carts 
down Birkel 

Wawa Runs 










Wi> d' 

^m .^U 




^ L 






^. "^^^^^ 




'' I can't remember 
all the times I've 
tried to tell myself 
to hold on to these 
moments as they 



What it takes to MOVE AHEAD... 

Section Editors: Laina Erde and Yomaris Maldonado 



C_^ / s the old saying goes, all good 
things must come to an end. When 
they do, however, the world does not 
stop and whether we want to or not, we 
are forced to move on to the next 
chapter of our lives. Some of us will 
begin careers, others will continue our 
education and still others will join the 
military. As we begin each new chap- 
ter, we continue to grow as individuals. 
Bur even as we move on to bigger and 
better things, it never hurts to remem- 
ber our Lehigh experience, for the les- 
sons we learned here will have value 
regardless of the path we take through 
life. Only when we learn from our past 
and apply this knowledge can we truK' 
move ahead. 

i he rung or a 
ladder was never 
meant to rest 
upon, but only to 
hold a man's foot 
long enough to 
enable him to put 
the other higher.]^ 

— Thomas Henry Huxley 



c^l 3^ 


Joseph AbramofF Kristen Actis-Grande Kenneth Adams 

Michele Adams 

Andrea Adimando Mark Aevermann Melissa Afromowitz 

Dana Aguanno 

Milan 7\lex 

Lauren Anderson Timothy Anderson 

Jensen Andine-Sanchez Michael Andreychik Michael Applegate 


Lynore Arkin 

Chad Arkoff 

Benjamin Aronson 

John Ascione 

Sara Asheroft 

Scott Astheimer 

Paul Avery 

Fareed Awan 

Melanie Bader 

Irene Bagby 

Joshua Baker 

Keith Baker 

Bethany Balta 

Christene Banda Saptarsi Bandyopadhyay Cheryl Bansal 

Justina Barone 


Ingrid Barrera 


Walter Bates 

Peter Battaglia 



Brian Bauer 

Leslie Ann Bauer 

Michael Bauer 

Luis Bedoya 

Heather Belaus 

Camila Belismelis 

Lauren Bell 

Lea Bender 

David Benedetti 


Jennifer Benfield 

Jennifer Benkovic 

John Bennett 

Rachel Bcnncy 

Alexander Berbit 

Jonathan Berg 

Michael Bergen 

Aaron Bergmann 

Samuel Bethea 

Tillus Beverly 

Katherine Bex 

Above: Aashon Larkins, Yomaris Maldonado, Samuel Perryman and Phillip 
Eversley enjoy a beautiful and warm day at the International Bazaar. 

Left: These graduates double check to make sure everything is written 
correctly on their diplomas. 


r^l 3^ 


Samantha Bilan 

Eric Binter 

Maresa Black 

Brandon Blanchard Jourdan Blanche 

D. Riker Blank 

Kristen Blum 

Joshua Bombino 

Andrew Bond 

Matthew Booras Emily Boulukos 

Blythe Bourger 


Justin Bowers 

Eric Bowman 

Tristan Boyd 

Above: Amanda Manthey (back right) and friends get together for a night of 

great memories. 

Left: Oscar De La Villa gets attacked by a vicious snake on the infamous hiking/ 
skydivlng/rock-climbing/skiing/sailing excursion during his Spring Break in the 
Dominican Republic. 

Edann Brady 

Jillian Brady 

Cadierine Breckenridge Heather Bremenstuhl 

John Brescher 

Benjamin Briggs Carolyn Brockmeyer 

Daniel Brosk 

321 «- 

Andrea Brown 

Kristen Brown 

Neal Brown 

Michael Brubaker 

Katharine Bruce 

Evan Bruno 

Alyssa Bryant 

Above: Jessica Desantis, a friend and Rachel Benney pose for a picture in front 
of the '"03" on the front lawn of the University Center. 

Right: Student Senate President Jon-Paul Matychak applauds the many students 
who were recognized at the Founder's Day celebration. 




Amy Burchard Megan Burkhardt Shelita Burks 

Hayley Burns 

Ashton Bushman Claire Byrne 

Ryan Cann 

Melissa Capone 

Vincent Capozzi David Caputo Amie Carbone Diana Cardenas 

Jason Carini 

Deanna Carloni Lindsev Carloni Andrew Carr 


o2 3^ 


Lauren Cassar Karen Anne Castellano Jennifer Castelli 

Derek Gates 

Wayne Celia, Jr. 

Helen Chan 

Kristen Charmoz 

Andres Chavez 

Jonathan Chen 

Mego Chen 

Mehnaz Choudhury 

Gladys Chow 


Anita Christensen 

Adam Chubb 

Sylvia Ciesluk 

Kimberly Cinnamond 

Lindsey Close 

Dana Clymer 

Arnold Coburn 

Amy Cohen 

Micaela Cohen 

Patrick Cokeley 

Brooke Colflesh 

Elizabeth Condaxis 

Christina Connar 

Kathleen Connell 

Daniel Contreras 


Benjamin Coppola 

Theresa Corbo 

Christine Cornv. 

Joseph Costanzo 

Nathan Cote 

Cheryl Cowles 

Frank Cremen 

David Crockett 

Wendy Croft 

Kerry Cullen 

Christopher Cunningham Jessica Cunningham Christopher Czyzewicz Gabriel da Graca 

Michael Dammer 

Lidia DaSilva 

Peter Davidson 


Lauren Day 

Samantha J. Day 

Claire Dean 











Jonathan Dean 

Rose Deetei" 

Kara DeFilippis 

Yasmin Deliz 

Ronald de los Santos Market de Marcaida 

Above: During Spring Break, these seniors take a moment to relax under the 
canopy of an umbrella made to look like a tropical tree. Many seniors use 
Spring Break to travel to faraway, exotic locations instead of spending the 
week at home. 

Left: Steve Giffin directs the Marching 97 on yet another rainy day. The 
marching band this year was led by six members of the Class of 2003 and four 
members of the Class of 2004. 

327 «! 


o2 3^ 


Michael DeMarcantonio 

Thomas De 

Corinn Dembkoski 

Jennifer DeMucci Matthew Dennis 

Jessica DeSantis 

Robin Dholaria 

Nikolai Diatchenko Christine DiBona William Dietz Stephanie Digneo 

Joseph DiMattina 


Katherine Dimin Maryann DiPasquale Anthony DiRusso 

Above: Two seniors pose near the Lehigh '"03" in front of the University 

Left: Safiya Jafari, a proud member of the Genesis Gospel Choir, sings a hymn 
during a Martin Luther King Jr. celebration at St. Peter's Lutheran Church. 

Paul DiSciascio 

Craig Ditman 

Andrea Dobes 

Angela Dobes 

Christina Dolan 

Kevin Dole 

Sandra Doman Stephen Dominguez 


Bradley Donahue Michael D'Orvilliers 

Bryan Douge 

Andrew Drabick Rebecca Dreibelbis Jessica Dubensky Matthew Dubrovich 

Above: Gabriel Da Graca and Heather Bremenstuhl enjoy some appetizers at one 
of several Senior Nights held during the year. 

Right: Anne Tierney prepares to make a shot. Anne not only broke the 1,000 point 
mark during her Lehigh basketball career, but she also holds the all-time record 
for rebounds. 


Patrick Dugan 

Kate Eden 

Barbara Edmond Evan Eisenberg 

Melissa Eisler 

Amanda Elias 

Kevin Elliott 

Robert Elliott IV 

Brian Engel 

Zoe Ercolano 

Paul Ervin 

Jenna Esposito 

Eric Evans 

Kristian Evans 

Tar)^n Ey 

Samuel Falzone 


^2 3^ 


Christopher Faust 

Katherine Fay Alexandra Feinstein 

Derek Feit 

David Fenster 

Allyson Ferrel 

Melissa Fersch 

Melissa Field 

Michael Finke 

Reagan Finnesey 

Amy Fiore 

Samara Fischer 


Todd Fisher 

Leigh Flanagan 

Brian Flax 

Jack Fletcher 

Tiffany Fowler 

Zachary Fox 

Jeremy Fraenkel 

Jonathan Franklin 

Dennis Freed 

Meredith Frick 

Jennifer Fried 

Allison Frowley 

Glenn Fry 

Carl Fulton 

Corey Fulton 

Ilva Furman 

Brian Fyfe 

Jaime Gabor 

Laura Gabrvnowicz 


George Gadiel 

Kevin Gaittens 

Michael Galler 

Jason Galluppi 

Ariana Gardianos 

Lauren Garlett 

Brian Garrity 


Jeffrey Garton 

Noelle Gecik 

Edwin Gerenski 

Tanya Gerner 

Jason Gerstein 


Kerry Gertler 

Janet Gessman Stephanie Getsinger 

Maeva Ghonda 

Brad Giardino 

Catherine Giften 

Brian Gillin 

Matdiew Giusto 

Allison Gladstone 

Shira Gladstone 

Jessica Glass 

Above: Michael Peck and friends enjoy a warm day at Sundaze. Due to 
inclement weather, Sundaze found a new home this year in the parking lot 
of lacocca Hall. 

Left; A graduate proudly shows off his special warrior creation on his cap. 
Many graduates decorated their caps to show both individuality and to help 
their parents find them in the sea of black robes. 


o2 3^ 


Ilya Gnedy 

Myles Gobeille 

Joni Gochenour 

Adam Goldberg Alexandra Goldmacher Rachel Goodman Caidin Gorand 

Lisa Gorbaty 

Angelique Gordon Christine Gorst 

Joachim Grabo 

Amber Grant 


Matthew Greco 

Susan Green 

John Griffith III 



Hi^ - f r 

f ^ - 


^^^^^^^^K*T^^ 1 - 

■ -1 





^H *^ 







» .- ^ 






Above: Marcelo Vazquez and friends take a moment to pose for the camera 
at a party. Although senior year can be a lot of work, many seniors still find 
the time to go out and have fun! 

Left: As Provost Ron Yoshida puts it, one of the ways to win a woman's 
heart is by knowing how to cook a good meal. Here Yoshida shows 
Yomaris Maldonado the art of ballroom dancing, which is another very 
important key to opening the doors of a successful relationship. 

Jason Gross 

Jana Grossman 

Jeftrey Guasto 

William GusHelmo 

Parag Gupta 

Tara Gustahon 

Dustin Gutshall 

Peter D. Guza 

33" »- 

Daniel Gwiazdowski Andrew Haglin 

Bendey H. Hall 

William Hall 

James Hamfeldt 

Carrie Hance 

Kimberly Hancy 

Above: Senior guard Billi Ford gets ready to jump into the ganne as the (fountain 
Hawl<s face off against Santa Clara. 

Right: Michael Moll and a fellow computer science major discuss a programming 
assignment in front of the University Center. 



'i " M 

John Hanrahan Casey Hanson 

Corey Harrison Jennifer Harvey 

Abigail Hass 

Rocheile Healea James Henderson Darin Henry 

David Hanus Samanrha Harding 

Lisa Hawkins 

Kristen Henry 


loshua Hermias Luis Hernandez Marcela Hernandez Peter Hershon 


^^0 3^ 


Cori Hervey 

Jaime Hesser 

Molly Hesson 

Derek Hewlett Joseph Higgins 

Jessica Hill 

Brendan Hilley 

Katherine Hillman Phillip Hitchcock Edward Ho Adam Hochhauser 

Jonathan Hock Alexander Holz Brian Homeijer Marc Horn Von Muralt 


Ryan Howard 

Gloria Huh 

Lauren Hoyt 

Alicia Hubley Gregory Hucklcbridge 

Katy Hunchar Andrew Hutchinson Matthew Ilardi 

Andrew Jackson Deidre Jacob 

Safiya Jakri 

Matthew Jaffe 

Sara Jensen 

Jess Johnson Matthew Johnson Darr}'l J* 

Laury Jones 

Nicole Jones 

Ruth Joseph 

Justin Kahn 

Tracey Kanar 

Nicholas Kane 

Paul Kaser 

Ronald Kashlak 

Sermet Katun 

Andrew KaufFman 

David Kaufman 

Allison Kaye 

Sean Keck 


Bruce Kelly 

Robert Kennedy 

Ryan Kent 

C^had Kettering 

Benjamin Keularts Mohammed Khambalia 

Michael KilHgrew 

Pearl Kim 

Molly King 

Xaneve King 

Above; Bryan Maculloch treks his way through the snow. When the big snow 
storm hit Bethlehem in February, Lehigh shut down for two days, giving many 
students an opportunity catch up on work, shovel out their cars and marvel 
at the amount of snow on the ground. 

Left: KwesI Asamoah dresses up as Fidel Castro. 



o2 3^ 


f *ir^~ -ff^ 1 

Jaye Kinnard 

David Kinsley 

Allison Kinter 

Michael Kitchko 

Sharon Klahre 

Colleen Knapp Danielle Kochenour 

Adam Kocse 

Michael Koerner 

Lawrence Koesder 

Kacey Kohlman 

Kevin Konkos 

Eric Konst 

Paul Koob 

Sandy Kopp 


Andrew Korin 

Amanda Kosarin 

Kelly Kramer 

Gretchen Krause 

Joel Krayer 

Samantha Kreitzer 

Eric Kronenber^er 

Elisabeth Kuebler 

345 •; 


Delia Kurry 

Jill Lagowski 

Christopher Lambert 

Benjamin Lance Margaret LaNeve Becky Lapidow 

Donald Law 

Above: A senior sings out loud during a party. 

Right: Well, how else are you supposed to get all of this equipment onto the track' 



Priscilla Law 

Lyndscy Leach 

Lauren Leadbcaier 

Steven Leary 

Dianna Lee 

Nathanael Lee 

Rila Lee 

Steven Lee 

Stephen Lee-Urban 

Daniel Lehman 

Amanda Lehrhoft 

Joseph Lentine 

Amanda Leong 

William Levien 

Mandi Levine 

Cara Levitt 


^^0 3^ 


Lauren Levy 

Antoinette Ligas 

Ryan Lindquist 

Melissa Lisch 

Arthur Loder 

Katie Loomis 

Enrique Luna 

Katusia Lundi 

Michael Luongo 

Bryan Lustig 

James Lynch 

Jeremy Mack 

Matthew Mackay 

Bryan Maculloch 


David Mait 

Yomims J. Mcildonado Amanda Manthey Antonio Marino Christian Marino 

Alison Markowitz Darcy Marks 

Jillian Marquart Michelle Marshall 

Thomas Mason Thomas Matarazzo Gregory Matthews Randall Maurizio 

Benjamin Mautner Irina Mazo 

Scott Mazur 

Lezlie McCabe 

grjdi' it;." 

Justin McCarthy Edward McConnell Elizabeth McDermott 


Stephanie McElroy Erin McEnerney Meghan McGarry Michael McGrath 

Timothy McHugh Elizabeth McKinney Stephanie McKinney James McKittrick 

Robert McMenimon 

Risha Mehta 

Elizabeth Mendenhall Meron Mengistu 


Amanda Menig 

Stephanie Menjivar Jonathan Mesagaes Rachel Meshonek 

James Middleton Gabriella Migioia 

Brynn Miller 

Eric Miller 

Above: The senior members of the Marching 97 pose with their mugs at the 
band banquet. The Marching 97 gives all of its seniors engraved mugs as a 
gift to wish them luck In their future endeavors. 

Left: Gerrae Simons waves to her friends and relatives from the field during 


o2 3^ 


Erin Miller 

Jessica Miller 

Joshua Miller 

Michael Milman 

Brandon Miranda 

Karen Miranda 

Maura Misiti 

KristofFer Molendyke Michael Moll 

Timothy Monahan Lauren Montgomery 

Kathryn Mootz 

Caroline Moran 

Justin Morea 

Melissa Morris 


Tiffany Morrison 

Clint Moyei 

Melinda Mucci 

Michelle Mulcahy 

Joshua Mullen 

lohn Murphy 

Kimberly Murray 

James Nagy 


Jenny Najm 

Haydn Nemitz 

Christopher Neu 

Scott Newman 

Michael Nichol Catherine Nicholson Jarrod Niedosik 

Above: Seniors gather together on a curb to rest before continuing their 

Right: Justina Barone thrusts a shot put with all of her might. Work it girl 


Anthony Nigara Caroline Nigg 

Hayley Niles 

Collin Nippcrt 

Jessica Nixon Andrew Nordstrom Richard Novack, Jr. Kerry Novalany 

Patricia Nugent Stacie Nussbaum Joseph Oberlander 


Christopher Olzinski Lisa Opare 

Jada Orr 

Melissa O'Shea 


^2 3^ 


Jennifer Ostrow Shawn Overturf Melvin Oxenreider 

Emirhan Ozsoy 

Margot Paige 

David Palilla 

Erika Papaccioli 

Gregory Parent Pamela Passarello Saloney Patel 

Richard Pearson 

Michael Peck Christopher Pedecine 

Jules Pelto 


Daniel Perciballi 

Helene Perrucci 

Kelli Peterson Matthew Petrozelli Jeremy Piccini 

Sarah Pickard Mathews Pierson Eric Pilarczyk 

Alison Pine 

Kimberlv Pinkos 

Caline Pinto 

Sarah Piperato 

Lauren Pogrob 

Bernardo Pontes Kimberlv Porpora Am)' Pournaras 

Marcus Powell 


Katharine Preate 

Clifford Prescott 

Clinton Preslan 

Kelly Price 

Tania Proechel Meghan Punschke Matthew Puzio 

Brian Quinn 

Mark Quinn 

Jesse Rabinowitz 

Kevin Raftery 

Neil Raghoo 


Nausheena Rahim Stephanie Raimo 

Suraj Rao 

Gibral Raphael 

Mohamed Rasul 

Jason Reier 

Justin Rettaliata 

Richard Reynolds 

Laura Rheinauer 

Danielle Rhen Courtney Riccardelli 

Above: Ridgefield Park Junior-Senior High School (NJ) graduates and now 
Lehigh alumni get together at a Lehigh-Lafayette football game for old-times 

Left: Bethany Balta contemplates a very interesting idea at ttie Senior Awards 
Banquet in lacocca Hall on April 21, 2003. 


o2 3^ 




pm r-a 

OK m^ 

■i <r 



. i 

Stephanie Richart Erika Riddle 

Jenni Riegel 

Nicole Roach Nicole J, Robertson John Robinson Arsenio Rodriguez 

Brandon Rogers Stephanie Rogers 

Phil Rogoff 

Brian Rogovitz 

Samuel Rokoff Matthew Romero Christian Romo 


Peter Rosan 

Above: Kert7 Novalany (center) and friends gather for a group photo on a 

chilly day. 

Left: A student celebrates his graduation with a good cigar. Many students 
wore something to set them apart from the other graduates, like this 
student's lei. 

Eric Rose 

Brett Rosenblatt 

Brian Rotante 

Alexis Roth 

Scott Roth 

Andrew Rubin 

Nathaniel Ruey 

Nathaniel Russell 


Thomas Ruth 

Jennifer Ryan 

Natalie Ryan 

Michael Sackrison Warren Sadaphal 

Joseph Sahl 

Emilia Sama 

Above: Seniors gather on their porch on a chilly evening. The snowfall brought 
many woes to students who live off-campus. Many of these students spent their 
days off trying to shovel sidewalks and walkways. 

Right: Pamela Passarello (right) poses with her friend for a graduation 



Rachel Sapir Jessica Sapirstein Shane Sauer 

Leah Saxton 

Bret Sayre 

Melissa Scagnelli Brittany Schaeffer Justin Schaffer 

Christopher Schaible Darron Schall Maureen Schaub Michael Schechter 

Suzanne Schettini Derek Schiavone Christina Schindele Patrick Schmid 


o2 3^ 


Matthew Schmidt Margot Schneider 

Cory Schofieid 

Valerie Schultz 

Robert Schumaker Deborah Schwartz EHzabeth Schwartz 

Jennifer Schwartz Lauren Schwartz 

Joseph Sclafani 

Tara Scollans 

Andrea Scott 


Michael Seaberg 

Dana Seeley 

Steven Seide 

ill Selbo 

Brian Semel 

Andrea Servidonc 

Patrick Sexton 

Jessica ShadofF 

Nirali Shah 

Allison Shapiro 

Michael Shapiro 

Amanda Sherman 

Brendan Sherrift 

Rosemary Sherry 

Kanoko Shimizu 

James Shondel 

David Shoup 

Kim Showstead 

Keith Shuler 













■-..r ..>-..^H 

Lori Shuler 

Amanda Sidman 

Daniel Siegwart 

1 r 

Randy Silang 

Matthew Silverhardt Amy Silverman 

Jonathan Silverman 

Jennifer Silversmith Joshua Silverstein 

Danielle Simone Jonathan Simonini 

Gerrae Simons 

Stephanie Sinaikin 

Sabrina Skari 



'm''' ' 


Jennifer Skilbred 


Jason Skypeck 

Edward Smith 

David Siobotkin 

Alexander Small 

Bryan Smith 

Erin Smith 

Kelly Smith 

Margo Smith 


■^ ""J 

.. 1 

Above: These happy track and field members hold the Bryan Mundy trophy, 
which goes to the winner of the Lehigh-Lafayette dual meet. 

Left: A graduate proudly shows his parents his diploma so that they know 
that he really did graduate! 

367 «■ 

o2 3^ 


Zachary A. Smith Stuart Smothers 

James Snevily 

Laura Sobocienski Taurin Spalding Jared Spangenberg Samantha Stahl 

Christopher Stanton Michelle Stavola 

Bryan Stear 

Brian Steib 




Jeffrey Steinberg Andrew Steinhandler Jessica Steinitz Joseph Stephanak IV 


Above: Seniors have a good time on Goodman Campus during a fall 

Left: Two seniors pose for a photo at a cocktail party. An advantage of senior 
year is that most students are 21 and can partake in a glass of wine or two. 

Lora Sterner 

Stephanie Sterrett 

Mark Stevenson 

Robert Stone 

Michael Stotler 

Kimberlv Strauss 

Samantha Succop 

Colleen Sullivan 


Mary Super 

Gary Sutton 

Cyrus Tanaka 

David Tancona 

Andrew Tarlau 

Amanda Taylor 

Natasha Taylor 

Above: Seniors Joe Oberlander, Heather Belaus and Jon Adams sit together at 
a graduation party for their friend Heather Thomson. 

Right: Rachel Goodman and Joshua Eaton pose together at the Lehigh-Lafayette 
game. I^lany students were pleasantly surprised that the weather was bitter cold 
for the game, as it has been warmer in past years. 



Perry laylor 

Theresa Teasley 

Zareen Tehsildar 

Lauren Ihayer 

Hayley Thompson Holly Thompson Heather Thomson 

Thaid Thor 

John Timko 

Thomas Toepke Anthony Tokarchyk Albert Tomlinson 

Lisette Torres 

Melissa Towner 

Stephen Trainer 

Michael Trexler 


o2 3^ 


Christiaan Troost 

Andrew Truxel 

Mark Udis 

Russell Vaccaro 

Laura Vanaskie 

Victoria Van Duzer 

Alec van Gelder 

Joy Vanterpool 

Irene Vardaxis Tiago Vasconcellos Vadim Vassiliev 

Marcelo Vazquez 

Steven Vescio 

Rebecca Vezza 


Dean Vlecides 

Paul Waldeier 

Mandy Walls 

Christian Wallace Megan Lucas Wallace 

James Walters 

Christine Walton Matthew Walton Matthew Wanner 

Patricia Ward 

Mauri Warren 

Grant Wasch Jennifer Wasserman 

Sara Wasserman 

Roland Waz 

Luke Weber 

Matthew Weick 

Ronni Weiden 

Liam Weiner 

Jon Weiskopf 

Chris Wenner Lindsay Werkheiser Martin Wexler 

Heather Whalen 

Michael Whalen Jonathan White 

Sarah Wichryk 

Jason Widdes 

Warren Widener Jessica Wildman 

Matthew Wilson 

Kara Winne 


Sun Wong 

Justin Woodruff 

Erika Wortmann 

Kevin Wright 

Mary Wright 

Sharon Wright 

Linda Wu 

Patricia Wu 

Above; Housemates Yomaris Maldonado, Emily Beil and Sarah Youssef enjoy 
an exciting Lehigh-Lafayette football game. 

Left: This student appears not to be in too much of a hurry to accept his senior 

375 •; 


o2 3^ 


Julie Wulf 

Tina Xu 

Resat M. Yalkin 

Amelia Yantis 

Matthew Yarnold 

Andrew Yates 

Esra Yavuz 

Sarah Youssef 

Erik Zambelli 

Francis Zane 

Leigh Zangaro 

Ann Zawartkay 

Anne Zurilla 

David Zwirn 




Joseph Abramoff 


34 Chiltern Hill Drive 
Worcester, PA 01602 
Zeta Psi 

Kristen Actis-Grande 


9 Rockledge Drive 

Brewster, NY 10509 

Senior Class Gift: Chair, Finance Club 

Kenneth Adams 

Materials Science 

40 Cherry Lane 

Howell, NJ 07731 

Student Materials Society (Treasurer), 

Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, National 

Society of Collegiate Scholars 

Michele Adams 

Business Information Systems, 
Supply Chain Management 
42 Apple Way 
Marlton, NJ 08053 
Varsity Soccer Team 

Andrea J. Adimando 

Behavioral Neuroscience 
47 Cherrygate Lane 
Trumbull, CT 06611 

Mark Aevermann 
Computer Engineering 
490 Andover Court 
Lake Forest, IL 60045 
Tau Beta Pi 

Melissa Afromowitz 


388 Northfield Road 
Woodmere, NY 11598 
Alpha Phi 

Dana Aguanno 
Journalism/ Public Relations 
5 Faulkner Drive 
Ledgewood, NJ 07852 
PRSSA (President) Alpha Chi 
Omega (Risk Manager) 

Milan K. Alex 

Chemical Engineering 

1320 Boot Road 

West Chester, PA 19380 

Alpha Phi Omega, American Institute 

of Chemical Engineers, Frisbee Te;mi 

Lauren Elizabeth Anderson 

Finance, Marketing 
3350 Bingen Road 
Bethlehem, PA 18015 
Soccer Club 


Timothy Anderson 

Materials Science 
1040 S. West Street 
Carlisle, PA 17013 
Tau Beta Pi, WLVR FM 

Jensen Andine-Sanchez 

Business Information Systems, Finance 
3121 N. Placita Agua Caliente 
Tucson, AZ 85712 
Sigma Chi 

Michael R. Andreychik 

Psychology, Political Science 

11 1\ Major Road 

Madison Township, PA 18444 

Michael Atplegate 

Finatwe, Marketing 
206 Southview Drive 
Horsham, PA 19044 
Investment Club, Theta Delta Chi 

Lynore Arkin 


4613 Morning Ride Court 

Ellicott City, MD 21044 

Balance (Treasurer), Alpha Omicron 

Pi, Gryphon Society, Hillel Society 

Benjamin Aronson 

Findiicc, Mitrkctiiig 
86 Balsam Road 
Wayne, NJ 07470 
Wrestling Team 

John Ascione 


2 1 3 Bee Meadow Parkway 

Whippany, NJ 0798 1 

Sigma Phi Epsilon (President), 

Iiliterfraternity Council 

Sara Asheroff 


2 Pine Island Road 
Hilton Head, SC 29928 
Alpha Gamma Delta 

Scott Astheimer 

Mechanical Engineering 
431 Eagle Court 
Jaimison, PA 18929 

Paul Avery 

International Relations 

542 S. Second Street 

Steelton, PA 17113 

Delta Upsilon (Social Chair, Rush 

Chair, Vice President), Football 

Team, International Relations Club 

Fareed Awan 


327 Shalimar Court 

Monroeville, PA 15146 

Philosophy Club, Film Club, National 

Society of Collegiate Scholars 

Melanie Bader 
1 1 Longfellow Drive 
Succasunna, NJ 07876 
Women in Business (Secretary), Best 
Buddies, Investment Club, Market- 
ing Club, Outing Club, Alpha 
Sigma Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma 

Irene Bagby 

30082 Hillside Terrace 

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 

Alpha Omicron Pi, Outing Club, 

Mustard and Cheese Drama Society French Club, Student Senate 

Orientation Group Leader, Lehigh 
Volunteer Experience (Coordinator), 
International Relations Club 

Justina Barone 

127 W. 4th Street 
Dunkirk, NY 14048 
Student Athlete Executive Council 
(Co-Secretary, Student Representa- 
tive), C.O.A.C.H., Women's Track 
& Field Team (Captain) 

Ingrid Gabriela Barrera 


5100 N. Ocean Blvd. Apt. 408 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 
Psychology Club (President), 

Joshua Baker 

Mechanical Engineering 

41 Vespa Lane 

Nashua, NH 03064 

Phi Gamma Delta (President, 

Treasurer), Interfraternity Council 

(Rush Chair), Pi Tau Sigma, Tau 

Beta Pi 

Keith Jonathan Baker 

Finance, Marketing 
2380 Seneca Drive 
York, PA 17404 

Bethany E. Balta 

Mathematics, Psychology 
3452 Thornwood Drive 
Bethel Park, PA 15102 
Philharmonic Orchestra (President), 
Orientation Planning Committee 
(Leader), Student Ambassador, 
NCSS, Psi Chi. National Psychol- 
ogy Honor Society 

Christene Banda 

Materials Science 
124 Evans Street 
Rockville, MD 20850 
Gamma Phi Beta, Society of 
Women Engineers, Varsity 
Women's Soccer 

Saptarsi Bandyopadhvav 

Business Information System 
5A Longly Place 
Huntington Station, NY 11746 
Accounting Club, Indian Student 
Association, Association of Informa- 
tion Technolog)' Professionals 

Cheryl Bansal 
Biology, Premedical Science 
12 Maple Stteet i 

Bath, NY 14810 

Indian Students Association (Execu- 
tive Board), Student Health Advisory 
Committee (Executive Board), Sexual 
Health Peer Educator, Lehigh 

Walter Bates 

Business Information Systems, 


338 Lake Avenue 

WiUiamstown, NJ 08094 

Delta Sigma Phi (Steward, Rush 

Chair, Vice President) 

Peter M. Battagll\ 

Mechanical Engineering 
657 Lakeside Drive 
Tobyhanna, PA 1 8466 

Leslie Ann Bauer 

English, Theater 

76-45 175th Street 

Fresh Meadow, NY 11366 

Reformed University Fellowship 

(Vice President), Mustard and 

Cheese Drama Society 

Brian Paul Bauer 

Computer Engineering 
15 Budney Hill 
Ivoryton, CT 06442 
Sigma Chi 

Michael E. Bauer 

Alaterials Science 
353 Cedar Avenue 
Holmes, PA 19043 

Luis Felipe Bedoya 

Industrial Engineering 

420 Plattsville Road 

Trumbull, CT 06611 

Society of Manufacturing Engineers 


Heather Belaus 

Electrical Engineering 
517 MacNary Road 
New Windsor, NY 12553 
Institute of Electrical and Electronic 
Engineers (Vice President), March- 
ing 97 (Librarian), Kappa Kappa Psi 
(Corresponding Secretary, Awards 
Committee Chair, Northeast Notes 

Chair), Tour Guide (Special 
Programs Chair), Dancin', Choral 
Union, Pep Band, Society of 
Women Engineers, Wind F.riscrnhii- 

Camiijv Bki.ismklis 

Industrial l-.n^iueering 
Ave. Las Acacias #125 
San Salvador, HI Salvador 

Lauren Bell 


2016 Redwood Avenue 

Wyomissing, I'A TKilO 

Kappa Alpli.i I'lieta (Vice I'resideru 

of Development), Brown and While 

(Lifestyle Hditor), Lpitome 

Lea Bendfr 

Interdisiipliniiiy Studies 
7 Wensley Drive 
Great Neck, NY 11021 
French C'lub (Global L'nion 
Representative), Alpha Gamma 
Delta (Personal Development 
Coordinator), LU Senate, PRSSA 

David BENHOEni 

Fi):ii)ict'. Marketing 

1" Cireenview Drive 

^■,lrdville, Nj 08620 

Beta I'heta i'i (President, l\ecruit- 

meiit Chair) 


Ihdlogy, Psychology 
1') Kirkdale Drive 
Marlton, Nj ()80S3 
Alpha Cmicron Pi 

Jfnnifer Benkovic 

(. oinpiiter Engineering 

SSS Walnut Road 

ll.irrishurg, PA 1^113 

Siicietv ot Women Engineers (Web 


John Bennett 

/•( (inomics 

IDS Tri-Mountam Road 

Durham, CT 06422 

I i.(inomics Socicr\', Residence 1 lall 


R\c hel Benney 


"iiKi chandler Lane 

Whippany, NJ 07981 

Bet.i Alpha Psi (Treasurer), 

F.O.W.A.R.D. (Vice I'resident), 

Accounting Club (Treasurer), LIniversitv- 

Produciions, Women in Buiincss 

Alex Berbit 


46A Mile Road 

Suffern, NY 10901 

Accounting Club, Lacrosse Team, 

Delta Phi ^ 

Jonathan Bkrc 

Chemical Engineering 
3224 Prydun Drive 
Whitehall, PA 1H052 
American Institute a\ Chemical 
f.ngineers, lau Beta Pi 

Mu 11 ALL Bergen 


5 R.ileigh Court 

llolmdel, Nj 07733 

Kappa Alpha, USMC Officer 

C^andidate School 

Aaron Bfrgmann 


•I 10 Villanova Road 

Glassboro, Nj 08028 

Outing Club (President), Gr)'phon 

Society, Mustard and Cheese L^rama 


Samuel Bethea 

Religion Studies 

92 Hollymead Drive 

The Woodlands, TX 77381 

TiLLUS Beverly 

Chemical Engineering 
715 N. New Street, #2 
Bethlehem, PA 18018 

Katherine M. Bex 


4 Lakeshore Drive 
Newtown Square, PA 19073 
Cheerleading (Captain), Pi Beta Phi 
(Vice President of Social Advance- 
ment), Phi Sigma Pi (Secretar)'), 
Panhellenic Cxiuncil, Rho Chi 

Samantha Bilan 
Chemical Engineering 
267 Windsor Way ' 
Doylestown, PA 18901 
American Institute ot Chemical 

Eric Binter 

Mechariical Engineering 
550 Lippincott Avenue 
Moorestown, Nj 08057 
Paintball Club (President), Ameri- 
can Societv' of Mechanical Engineers 

Maresa Black 


387 Valley Stream Road 
Severna Park, MD 21146 
Delta Gamma 

Brandon Blanchard 

Civil Engineering 

515 Collins Corner Road 

Dartmouth, MA 02747 

American Society o( Civil Engineers, 

Delta Sis;ma Phi, Golf Team 

Jourdan Blanche 


G^IG Greenhill Road 

New 1 lope, PA 1 8938 


chemical Engineering 

619 King Street 

Stroudsburg, PA 18360 

C'hi Phi (President, House Manager, 

New Member F^ducator), American 

Institute o( Chemical F^ngineers 

Kristen A. Blum 

Molecular Biology 
1007lhird Street 
Whitehall, PA 18052 

Joshua Logan Bombino 

Religion Studies, Theater 
1042 Delaware Avenue 
Bethlehem, PA 18015 
Mustard &: Cheese L^rama Society 
(President, Secretary Membership/ 
Publicit)') LU Sound (Vice Presi- 
dent, Secretary' of Publicit)') 

Andrew Richard Bond 

227 Old Norwalk Road 
New Guiaan, CF 06840 
Rugby C:iub, S.I'.A.R. Academy 

Matthew Booras 

61 Kings Way 
Scituate, MA 02066 
Ski Feain, Lacrosse Club, Invest- 
ment Club 

Emily Boulukos 

Sociolog/ISocial Psychology 

12 Grouse Lane 

Huntington, NY 11743 

S.T.A.R. Tutor Mentor, Alpha Chi 


Blvfhe Bourger 

RR2, Box 120B 
Olyphant, PA 18447 
Psycholog)' Club (Co-President), 
Phi Eta Sigtna, National Societ)' of 
Collegiate Scholars 

JusriN R. Bowers 

Industrial Engineering 

811 Rt. 57 

Stewartsville, NJ 08886 

Societ)' of Manufacturing Engineers 

(President. Vice President) 

Eric Bowman 


6 Mattakeesett Lane 

Norwell, MA 02061 

Alph.1 Fau Omc^i ('^X'orth\■ Saitinet) 

Tristan Boyd 


439 Marian Avenue 
Lima, OH 45801 
Wrestling Team 

J 1 I.LI AN Brady 

English, Inlernational Relations 

16 Smith Road 

'Foms River, NJ 08755 

Alpha Gamma Delta, International 

Relations Club, Tour Guide, 

Student Ambassador, .Mustard and 

Cheese Drama Societ). t )rientation 

Leader, Orientation Planning 

ConuTiittec, Women's Rugby 

Edann Brady j 


32 Wcsthill Road 
Plattsburgh, NY 12901 
Women's Cross Country Track & 
Field (("aptain). Mustard and 
Cheese Drama Societ). Outdoor 
Track ' 


Catherine Breckenrhx.f 

English. Political Science 

745 Stockbridge Drive 

Erie, PA 16505 

Class of 2003 (President), Scabbard 

& Blade Society (Vice President), 

SAME (President), Ski Team, Army 


Heather Bremenstuhl 

9601 Brink Road 
Gaithersburg, MD 20882 

John B. Brescher 

Economics, Political Science 
35 Hollowbrook Road 
Pottersville, NJ 07979 
Sigma Nu (President, House 
Manager, Rush Chair), Rugby Club 
(President, Captain, Match Secre- 
tar)'), Economics Societ)', Interfra- 
ternity Council, Order of Omega 

Benjamin Briggs 


52 Taft Avenue 

Hamilton. NJ 08610 

Accounting Club, WLVR-FM, 

Snowboard Club 

Carolyn Brockmeyer 

Marketing, Psycholo^ 

164 Oceanside 

Breezy Point. NY 11697 

Women's Rugby Club, Marketing 

Club, Outing Club, Women in 



Daniel Brosk 

Computer Engineering 
313 Rothbury Court 
Lake BlufF, IL 60044 
Phi Sigma Kappa (Treasurer) 

Andrea Brown 
731 Kings Croft 
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 
Accounting Club (Editor), Beta 
Alpha Psi (Editor), NSCS (Trea- 
surer), Alpha Omicron Pi (Philan- 
thropy Chair), Up Til Dawn 

Kristen Brown 


62 Egbert Avenue 

Morristown, NJ 07960 

Alpha Gamma Delta (House Manager), 

Accounting Club, Best Buddies, 

Women in Business 

Neal Brown 
Computer Science 
28 Frederick Drive 
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 
Delta Tau Delta (Reooiding Seaetaiy) 

Michael Brubaker 

Electrical Engineering 
RD2, Box 134 
Turbotville, PA 17772 
Institute of Electrical and Electronic 
Engineers, Phi Eta Sigma, Soccer Club, 
Tau Beta Pi 

Katharine Bruce 

Africana Studies, Eyiglish 
26 Laurel Way 
Madison, NJ 07940 

Evan Bruno 

Political Science 
n Kolas Court 
Middletown, NJ 07748 
Varsity Soccer (Captain) 

Alyssa Bryant 

Megan Burkhardt 

8826 Bryson Bend Drive 
Charlotte, NC 28277 
National Society of Black Engineers, 
Black Student Union, Multicultural 
Programming Board, Mustard and 
Cheese Drama Society 

Amy Burchard 


P.O. Box 74 

Guys Mills, PA 16327 

Amaranth (Editor), Lehigh Review 

(Editor in Chief) 

428 2nd Avenue 
Bethlehem, PA 18018 
National Society of Collegiate 

Shelita Burks 

Management, Marketing 

2425 Freetown Drive 

Reston,VA 20191 

Women in Business, Basketball 

Team, Gospel Choir, Mustard and 

Cheese Drama Society, Marketing 


Hayley Burns 


41 Park Lane 

Essex Fells, NJ 07021 

Balance (President), Best Buddies, 

Choral Union 

Ashton Bushman 
Civil Engineering 
225 Frank Lowe Road 
Jonesborough, TN 37659 
American Society of Civil Engineers, 
Anime Club 

Claire Byrne 


36 Parkway Drive 
Rye, NY 10580 
Alpha Chi Omega 


Ryan Cann 

Mechanical Engineering 
31 Montgomery Avenue 
Rocky HHl, NJ 08553 
Varsity Tennis Team (Captain) 

Melissa Capone 

Marketing, Supply Chain Management 

200 Katie Lynn Court 

Brick, NJ 08223 

Swim Team (Captain), Student 

Athlete Executive Board (President) 

Vincent Capozzi 


246 Smuli Avenue 

North Caldwell, NJ 07006 

Coffee Club (President) 

Amie Carbone 

Materials Science 

3491 Baliybridge Circle #103 

Bonita Springs, FL 34134 

Pi Beta Phi, Society of Women 


Diana Ingrid Cardenas 


81 Chestnut Street 

Morristown, NJ 07960 

Accotinting Club, SALSA, Chi Omega, 

German Club, Women in Business 

Jason Carini 

Computer Science 

288 Pleasant Place 

Teaneck, NJ 07666 

Men's Club Lacrosse (President), 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Deanna Carloni 

Finance, Marketing 

P.O. Box 406 

Monroe, CT 06468 

Alpha Omicion Pi, Giyphon Society 

LiNDSEY Marie Carloni 

Economics. International Relations, 


P.O. Box 406 

Monroe, CT 06468 

Alpha Omicron Pi (Treasurer), 

Economics Society, International 

Relations Club 

Andrew Carr 

Mechanical Engineering 
175 S. Roosevelt Avenue 
Bexley, OH 43209 
Kappa Sigma 

Lauren Cassar 

English, Psychology 

28-19 172nd Street 

Flushing, NY 11358 

Phi Beta Kappa, Order of Omega, 

Lehigh Admissions Fellow, Dean's 

Scholar, Psi Chi, Presidential Scholar, 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Tour Guide 

Karen Anne Castellano 


55-17 Van Horn Street 

Elmhurst, NY 11373 

Alpha Gamma Delta (New Member 

Coordinator), Marketing Club (Vice 


Jennifer Castelli 

Finance, Marketing 

25 Carrie Drive 

Marlboro, NJ 07746 

Delta Gamma, Marketing Club, 

Toekwando, Women in Business 

Derek Gates 


824 Westover Road 

Kansas City, MO 641 13 

Delta Tau Delta (Vice President), 

Investment Club 

Wayne Michael Celia, Jr. 


lAl Purdue Court 

Paramus, NJ 07652 

Phi Gamma Delta, Rugby Club 

Helen Chan 

Finance, Marketing 
920 Schuyler Drive 
Westchester, PA 19380 
Chi Omega (Vice President, 
Director of Scholarship), Asian 
Cultural Society, Chinese Culture 
Club, Women in Business 

Kristen Charmoz 


8 Abbotts Lane 

Westport, CT 06880 

Alpha Omicron Pi (Public Relations 

Chair, Steward) 

Andres Chavez 


19 Fairview Terrace 
Greenwich, CT 06831 
Theta Xi 

Jonathan Chen 

Marketing, Finance 

83 Reed Drive 

Roslyn, NY 1 1 576 

Asian Cultural Society (Newsletter 

Editor), Epitome, Chinese Culture 

Club, Investment Club, Volleyball 

Mego Ching Yue Chen 


143-35 Poplar Avenue 

Flushing, NY 11355 

Chi Omega (Personnel Chair) Asian 

Cultural Society (Social Chair), 

Chinese Culture Club 

Mehnaz Choudhury 

American Studies, English 
29 E. 4th Street 
Bethlehem, PA 18015 
Lehigh Review (Editor) 

Gladys Chow 

Accounting, Business Information 


334 Old Grove Road 

Mountainside, NJ 07092 

Accounting Club, Asian Cultural 

Society, Toekwando, Women in 

Business, Chi Omega 

Anita Christensen 


8 Braga Circuit 

Kowloon, Hong Kong 

Asian Culture Society, International 

Club, Marketing Club 


\i)\M Chubh 


1 '» hrooklawii Drive 

>h,.rt Hills, NJ 07078 

;i(iss Countf}' Icam, Indoor/ 

, >utdoor Iratk 

Sm ma T. Ciusluk 

/ 1 n/mmics 

S 1 )uck Pond Lane 

Merrimack, NH 03054 

Kiinomics Society (Vice President), 

\lplui Phi Omega (Vice President ot 

1 1 IKiwship) 


S'«i uilogy/Sociiil Psychology 

1 1 Summit Circle 

Somers, NY 10589 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Marketing 


LiNixsEv Close 

Biii/ogy, Psychology 

1 ') Patrick Drive 

Bloomingburg, NY 12721 

\lpha Chi Omega, Cheerleading, 

V rcw, Psychology Club, Gymnastics 


Dana Clymer 

Sui lology/Social Psychology 
479 Manor Drive 
Nazareth, PA 18064 
Alpha Omicron Pi 

Arnold Phillip Coburn 

Cit'il Engineering 

Calle La Piramide 

Caracas, Venezuela 

American Societ)' ot Civil Engineers 

Amy Cohen 


1894 Leonard Lane 

Merrick, NY 11566 

Alpha Chi Omega, The Brown and 


Micaela Cohen 

Cognitive Science 

7 Trumbull Lane 

W. Hartford, CT 11667 

Women's Center 

Patrick Cokeley 

Mechanical Engineering 

^ C'.odington Place 

Somerville, NJ 08876 

1 Vita Tau Delta, Equestrian C^kib, 

Pep Band, SALSA 

Brooke Colflesh 

Industrial Engineering 
36 Kau Street 
Kula, HI 96790 

Alpha Pi Mu (Treasurer). Alpha 
, Omicron Pi 

Elizabeth Condaxis 

5 Linden Tree Road 
Wilton, CT 06897 
Epitome, Lacrosse, Ski 1 earn 

Chrisiina K. Connar 

French, Journalism 

1480 Saucon Meadow Court 

Bethlehem, PA 18015 

Ciamma Phi Beta (Vice President ot 

Membership Education), Epitome, 

Marketing Club, French C^lub 

Kathleen Connell 

9 Sand Bar Drive 
Bayville, NJ 08721 
Soccer Club 

Daniel Contreras 


5920 NW 100 Way 

Parkland, FL 33076 

Varsity Cross Country Team, Track 


Luckshman Coomaralingam 

54 Boyden Avenue 
Maplewood, NJ 07040 
Indian Student Association 

Benjamin Coppola 

Mechanical Engineering 

35 Hillsworth Avenue 

Kingston, NY 12401 

Tau Beta Pi (Secretar)'), Pi Tau 

Sigma (Secretar}'), Society of 

Automotive Engineers 

Theresa Corbo 

Chemical Engineering 

1200 Rachel I'c trace- Apt. 14 

Pine Brook, NJ 07058 

Christine Cornwell 
Political Science 

9 Hickory Hill Road 
Saddle River, NJ 07458 

Joseph A. Costanzo 

Mechanical Engineering 

10 Woodchuck Lane 
Wilton, CT 06897 

Formula SAE learn (Co-Captain), 
Society of Autoaiotive Engineers 

Nathan Coi t 


567 Mt. Vernon Street 

Lawrence, MA 01843 

Wrestling Team 

Cheryl Cowles 


90 La Costa Drive 

Blackwood, NJ 08012 

Soccer Club, Women in Business, 
Summer Bridge tutoring 

Frank Cremen 
Computer Engineering 
1 5 Crescent Drive 
Las Vegas, NV 89102 

David Crockett 

Accounting, Supply Chain Management 
829 Laurel Street 
Turnersville, NJ 08012 
Phi Eta Sigma (President), Student 
Athlete Executive Board (Vice 
President), Accounting Club, 
Football Team, Beta Alpha Psi, 
Fellowship ot Christian Athletes 

Wendi Ellen Croft 
Materials Science 
560 Parmentier Road 
Warminster, PA 18974 
Alpha Gamma Delta, Gryphon 
Society, Society of Women Engi- 
neers, Women's Soccer Team, 
Student Materials Society 

Kerry Lynn Cullen 


RRl Box 585M 

Canadensis, PA 18325 

LU Orchestra (Tour Manager, 

Equipment Manager), LU Wind 

Ensemble (Librarian), Phi Eta 

Sigma, LU Chamber Orchestra, 

Intercollegiate Wind Ensemble 

Christopher J.L. Cunningham 

All Hitzel Terrace 
Rudand.VT 05701 
Gryphon Society (Head Grv'phon), 
Jazz Ensemble. Jazz Combo, Wind 
Ensemble, Psi Chi, NSCS, Phi Eta 
Sigma, Martindale Student Associ- 
ate, College Scholar 

Jessica Cunningham 

International Relations. Predental 


5 Tempesta Terrace 

West Caldwell. NJ 0^006 

Delta Gamma 

Chris Czyzewicz 

Computer Science 
2135 Wharton Road 
Glenside, PA 19034 
Tau Beta Pi 


Fencing (Treasurer), American 
Society of Mechanical Engineers, 
Asian Cultural Society, Chinese 
Culture Club, Epitome 

Michael Dammer 

Materials Science 
1308 St. Vincent Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19111 
Kappa Kappa Psi (President, 
Recording Secretary), Concert 
Band, Marching Band, Pep Band 

LiDiA M. DaSilva 
Accounting, Spanish 
1644 Rosalie Drive 
tk-llertown, PA 18055 
Accounting Club 

Peter Davidson 
Accounting Finance 
10 Crest Road 
Old Saybrook, CT 06475 
Alpha Chi Rho (Scholarship Chair), 
Investment Club 

Samantha Day 

International Relations 
321 W. Summit 
San Antonio, TX 78212 
Outing Club 

Lauren Day 


3 Pleasant Ridge 

Putnam Valley, NY 10579 

Gamma Phi Beta, Women's Soccer 

Team, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta 


Ronald B. de los Santos 

2088 Wetstone Court 
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 
Pi Kappa Alpha (President) 

Margaret A. de Marcaida 
Industrial Engineering 
40 Surrey 1 ane 
East Hanover, NJ 07936 
Catholic Campus Ministry (Choir 
Director), Asian Culture Society, 
Institute ot Industrial Engineers, 
Society of Women Engineers, 
University Productions 

Michael De Marcantonio 
105 West Grant Street 
Pilesgrove, NJ 08098 
Sigma Chi (\'ice President, Secre- 
tary), Soccer Club, American 
Chemical Society 

Gabriel daGraca 

Mechanical Engineering 
8055 E. Thomas Rd.*H 102 
Scottsdalc, AZ 85251 

?8I *■ 


Thomas de Marffy-Mantuano 

Industrial Engineering 
228 E. 58th Street 
New York, NY 10022 
Institute of Industrial Engineers 
(Secretary) Chi Phi, Economics 

Jon Dean 


41 1 Coiwell Court 

Ridgewood, NJ 07450 

Claire Dean 

Psychology, Spanish 

8124 Birnam Wood Drive 

McLean, VA 22102 

Pi Beta Phi (Secretary), Crew Team, 

Phi Sigma Pi 

Rose M. Deeter 

Chemical Engineering 

yn Preston Avenue 

Girardville, PA 17935 

Chi Omega (Secretary), American 

Institute of Chemical Engineers 

(Secretary), Society of Women 

Engineers jL 

Kara deFilippis 

Psychology, Biology 

33 Capp Street 

Carteret, NJ 07008 

Gymnastics Club (President), Alpha 

Gamma Delta, Best Buddies, 

National Collegiate Honor Society, 

Psi Chi 

Yasmin Deliz 


35 Melody Lane 

Jackson, NJ 08527 

Pi Beta Phi (Risk Manager), 

Epitome, Outdoor Track Team, 

Marketing Club 



23 Preserve Drive 

Nashua, NH 03060 

Marketing Club (Secietary), 

Outdoor Track Team, Women's 


Jennifer DeMucci 

Beha vio ral Neu roscience 
146-51 23rd Avenue 
Whitestone, NY 11357 

Matthew Dennis 

Finance, Marketing 

604 Melrose Avenue 

Keniiworth, IL 60043 

Investment Club, Theta Xi, Finance 



Jessica DeSantis 


54 Carson Drive 

Oswego, NY 13126 

Resident Hall Association (President, 

Programming Coordinator), LU 

Senate (Campus Safety Committee 

Chair), Marketing Club, Council of 

Student Presidents, F.O.W.A.R.D., 

Wind Ensemble 

Robin Dholaria 


26 Tiona Avenue 

Belleville, NJ 07109 

Indian Student Association, 

Investment Club, LU Senate, Sigma 

Alpha Mu 

Nikolai Diatchenko 


5 Germonds Village #12 

Bardonia, NY 109^^54 

Christine DiBona 

Industrial Engineering 

1211 Mt. Pleasant Road 

Villanova, PA 19085 

Panhellinic Council (Vice President 

Recruitment), Delta Gamma, 

Institute of Industrial Engineers 

William Dietz 

Industrial Engineering 

3252 Farragut Court 

Bensalem, PA 19020 

Delta Tau Delta (Social Chair, 


Stephanie Digneo 

SociologylSocial Psychology 
2816 S. Beulah Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19148 
Softball Team, C.O.A.C.H. 
Program, Student Athlete Council 

Joe DiMattina 

Computer Engineering 
2103 Richmond Road 
Endicott, NY 13760 
Phi Kappa Theta, Rugby Club 

Katherine Dimin 

Political Science 

1321 White Heron Lane 

Veto Beach, FL 32963 

Maryann DiPasquale 

Finatu'e, Political Science 

710 Charmwood Drive 

Wyckoff, NJ 07481 

Gryphon Society (Vice President) 

Anthony J. DiRusso 

Environmental Sciences 
199 Grist Mill Court 
Ambler. PA 1 9002 

Paul DiSciascio 

Computer E?igineering 

400 Greenview Lane 

Havertown, PA 19083 

LU Choir, Marching Band, Concert 


Craig Ditman 


7 Brittany Court 

Cheshire, CT 06410 

Men's Tennis Team (Captain) 

Andrea Dobes 
Chemical Engineering 
6 Andrew Lane 
Lansdale, PA 19446 
Alpha Phi (Secretary) 

Angela Dobes 

Chemical Engineering 
6 Andrew Lane 
Lansdale, PA 1944 
Alpha Phi 

Christina Dolan 


13 Iddings Lane 

Newtown Square, PA 19073 

Women's Club Lacrosse (President/ 

Coach), Best Buddies, Marketing 

Club, Alpha Gamma Delta 

Kevin J. Dole II 

Mechanical Engineering 

600 Meridian St. Ext. Unit 4T 

Groton, CT 06320 

SAE (President), LU Cychng Club 


Sandra Doman 


11008 Earlsgate Lane 
Rockville, MD 20852 
Lehigh College Democrats (Presi- 
dent, Vice President), Equestrian 
Team (Co-Captain), Choral Union, 
Pi Beta Phi, Crew 

Stephen Dominguez 

Computer Engineering 
6504 Pheasant Run Road 
Piano, TX 75023 

Bradley Donahue 


1852 Brandywine Road 
Wyomissing, PA 19610 
Alpha Sigma Phi 

Michael D'Orvilliers 

Managonoit, Marketing 

40 George Street 

Milltown, NJ 08850 

Cross Country Team(Track Team 

Captain), Outdoor Track Team, 

American Marketing Association 

Bryan Douge 

Business Information System 
139-07 250th Street 
Rosedale, NY 11422 

Andrew Drabick 

Environmental Sciences 
142 Franklin Avenue 
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604 
Track and Field 

Rebecca Dreibelbis 


223 Beartown Lane 
Williston, VT 05495 
Gamma Phi Beta 

Jessica Dubensky 


113-14 72nd Road, Apt. 3L 

Forest Hills, NY 11375 

Women in Business, History Club, 

Phi Eta Sigm.i 

Matt Dubrovich 

Mechanical Engineering 
843 Franklin (Church Road 
Dillsburg, PA 17019 
American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers, Pi I au Sigma, Tau Beta 

Patrick Dugan 

Civil Engineering 

624 Spring Street 

Fleetwood, PA 19522 

Chi Epsilon (Secretary), Track and 


Kate Eden 

Behavioral Neuroscience 

5 Bateau Road 

Hilton Head, SC 29928 

Gamma Phi Beta (Secretary, Alumni 

Relations Chair), Soccer Club 

Barbara Edmond 


26 Harwood Avenue 

White Plains, NY 10603 

Evan Eisenberg 


19 Candy Lane 

Rye Bfook, NY 10573 

Alpha Chi Rho, Investment Club, 

Marketing Club 

Melissa Eisler 


423 Silver Hill Road 

Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 

Alpha Chi Omega (Vice President 

Communications), l^rciwn .iiui 
White, Mustard & Cheese 
Society, PRSSA 

Amanda Elias 


147 Konncr Avenue 

Pine Brook, NJ 07058 

ti.uiim.i I'hi Beta (Financial Vice 

Presidenr). Marketing (!hih 

Ki viN J. Eli.ioit 

Miiteriiib Science 
22523 Country Cove Lane 
Katy, I'X 77494 
InterfVaternity CouiKil (iiiish 
Chair), Psi Fpsilon 

RoiHRi B. El Lion IV 

Mcclmnicul Engineering 
1309 Freas Avenue 
Berwick. PA 1 8603 

Brian En(;el 

621 Wyngate Lane 
BuFfaio Grove, IL 60089 
Sigma Nu 

ZoE Ercoiano 

Biology. Psychology 
57 Plainfieid Road 
Stirhng, Nj 07980 
Aipiia ( 'iii Omega 

Paui Ervin 

( I'crniciil Engineering 

KR2 Box48E 

W .ipvvallopen, PA 18660 

\inerican Institute of Chemical 

Liigineers, Wresthng Team 

Jenna Esposito 


1207 Opdyke Avenue 

Ocean, NJ 07712 

Kristian Evans 

Industrial Engineering 

1070 Dale Road 

Media, PA 19063 

Alpha Pi Mu, Institute of Industrial 

Engineers, Soccer Club 

Eric Evans 


513 E. Muriel Place 

Tucson, AZ 85704 

American Chemical Society, Soccer 


Taryn Ey 

P.O. Box 231 
Sparrowbush, NY 12780 
Accoimting Club, Women in Business 


Samuki FAiy.oNE 

Environmental Science 
1 34 Reiss Road 
Middletown, NY ]()94() 

Chrisioi'hkr R. Faust 

Industrial Engineering 
PMB 207, 442 Rt. 202-206 N. 
Bedminster, NJ 07921 
Institute ot liKiustrial F.ngineers 

Kaihkrine A. Fay 


55 White Oak Road 
Red Lion, PA 17356 
LU Philharmonic 

Alexandra Feinstein 

Industrial Engineering 

990 Swamp Road 

Furlong, PA 18925 

Institute of Industrial Engineers 

(Secretary), Women in Business 


Derek Feit 
Industrial Engineering 
9 Center Street 
Neptune, NJ 07753 

Victoria Marie Fenimore 


24 Bernards Avenue 

Bernardsville. NJ 07924 

David Fenster 

Computer Science 

27 Buffalo Run 

E. Brunswick, NJ 08816 

Ski Team 

Allyson Ferrel 

Political Science 
58 Englewood Road 
Longmeadow, MA 01 106 
Camma Phi Beta 

Melissa Fersch 


240 Cedar Grove Road 

Litde Falls, NJ 07424 

Accounting Club, Women in Business 





Melissa Field 

International Relations 
818 Marilyn Lane 
Baldwin, NY 11510 
Alpha Phi. Hillel Socien-. Interna- 
tional Relations Club 

Michael Finke 
Mechanical Engineering 
4957 Webbed Foot Way 

Ellicott Cit)-. MD 21043 
American Soc of Mechanical Engineers 

Reagan Finnesey 


83 Budd Avenue 

Chester, NJ 07930 

Alpha Omicron Pi. Women in 


Amy Fiore 

Materials Science 

1 1 Ivlmcresi Drive 

Danbury. CL 06811 

Pi Beta Phi (President), University 

Productions (Membership (A)ordi- 

nator), Rho C^hi 

Samara Fischer 

jouriialisynl Public Relations 

1 Horseshoe Lane 

Rye Brook. NY 10573 

Alpha Phi (Vice President, Marketing) 

Todd Fisher 

Computer Science 
938 Old County Road 
Severna Park. MD 21146 

Lfk.h C. Fianacan 

Accounting, I ma nee 
24 Clitftop Road --'^•^^^^ 

Northampton. PA 18067 
Student Ambassador. Tour Guide 

Brian Flax 


8 Melrose Court 

DixHilLs, NY 11746 

Delta Phi (Rush Chair), Interf'rater- 

nity Council (Co-Rush Chair) 

Jack Fletcher 

327 Airy Street 
Spring City, PA 19475 
Swimming Team 

Tiffany Fowler 


213 Carlton Lane 

N. Andover. MA 01845 

University Productions (Executive 

Secretary), Martindale Society 

Zachary Fox 

Political Science 
250 W. 82nd Street 
New York, NY 10024 
Best Buddies 

Jeremy Fraenkel 


253 Hartshorn Drive 
Short Hills. NJ 07078 
Alpha Sigma Phi 

Jonathan S. Frankun 


6366 Warriors Run 

Littleton, CO 80125 

Ai.lison Frowij;y 

Sociology/Social Psychology, Pre- 

Dental Science 

295 Underbill Road 

South Orange, NJ 07079 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Dennis Freed 

Industrial Engineering 

528 Quakake Road 

Weatherly, PA 18255 

Institute of Industrial Engineers, LU 

Sound, Mountain Biicing Club 

Ml KI 1)1111 Frick 


554 Forest Avenue 

New Rochelle, NY 10804 

Delta Gamma 

Jennifer Fried 
Philosophy, Elnglish 
1 1 Arthur Court 
Demarest, NJ 07627 
Amaranth Magazine (Literary 
Editor), Alpha Chi Omega, Philoso- 
phy Club, Drown Writers Series 

Glenn Fry 


26562 Trujillo Drive 

Punta Gorda, FL 33950 

Cari J. Fulton 

Business Information System 

1 560 Ormond Avenue 

Camden. Nj 08103 

National Society of Black Engineers 

(Vice President) 

CoRo Fulton 


1560 Ormond Avenue 
Camden, NJ 08103 
Gryphon Society 

Ilva Furman 

Chemical Engineering 

5-A Harding Avenue 

Delmar, NY 12054 

American Institute of Chemical 

Engineers, Swimming Team 

Brian Fyfe 

Chemical Engineering 
3108Greenhill Lane 
Norristown. PA 19401 
American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers (Vice President, Trea- 
surer). Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma 

Jaime Gabor 

Supply Chain Management 

Tl'j Monahan Avenue 

Staten Island, NY 10314 

Alpha Chi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, 

Women in Business 

Laura Gabrynowicz 

Supply Chain Managemen 
1907 North Sherry Drive 
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233 
Women's Svi^im Team (Captain) 

George Gadiel 

Industrial Engineering 
P.O. Box 129 

Kent, CT 06757 Ife 

Psi Upsilon (President) **^ 

Kevin Gaittens 
Computer Science 
751 Bergen Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19111 


Michael Galler 

Mechanical Engineering 
2 Deer Run 

Old Saybrook, CT 06475 
Kappa Sigma 

Jason Samuel Galluppi 
Electrical Engineering 
49 Fachets Lane 
Kmtnersville, PA 18930 

Ariana Gardianos 

Industrial Engineering 

9 Orchard Lane 

Sea Cliff, NY 11579 

Institute of Industrial Engineers, 

Hellenic Club, Wind Ensemble, 

Society of Women Engineers 

Lauren M. Garlett 

International Relations 
1 MiUbrook Circle 
East Longmeadow, MA 01028 
Kappa Kappa Psi (Service Committee 
Chair, Awards Committee Co-Chair, 
Alumni Secretary), Marching Band 
(Freshman Manager, Senior Representa- 
tive), Concert Band, Pep Band, National 
Society of Collegiate Scholars, LU 
Chtirch Choir 

Brl\n Garrity 


2041 Carolann Way 

Bethlehem, PA 18015 

Finance Club (Executive Board) 


Jeffrey Erik Garton 

Civil Engineering 

P.O. Box 426 Lower Mtn. Rd. 

Forest Grove, PA 18922 

American Society of Civil Engineers 

(Vice President), Lambda Chi Alpha 

(Rush Chairman) 

Noelle Gecik 

English, Psychology 
20 Pembroke Terrace 
Hillsborough, NJ 08844 
Gamma Phi Beta, College Scholar, 
National Society of Collegiate 
Scholars, Phi Eta Sigma, Psi Chi 

ED^x^N Gerenski 

Mechanical Engineering 
141 Colebourne Road 
Rochester, N\' 14609 
American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers (Vice President) 

Tanya Gerner 

Chemical Engineering 
1\ E. 4th Street 
Bethlehem, PA 18015 
American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers (Social Chair), Society of 
Women Engineers 

Jason Gerstein 

Accounting, Finance 

10 Ranch Place 

Merrick, NY 11566 

Delta Phi (President) Interfraternity 

Council (Social Chair), Accounting 

Club, Hillel Society 

Kerry Gertler 

1896 Pacific #302 
San Francisco, CA 94109 
Resident Hall Association, Swim- 
ming Team 

Janet Gessman 

Electrical Engineering 
36 Ocean Terrace 
Staten Island, NY 10314 
Hillel Society, Outing Club, 
Equestrian Club, Ski Club, Society 
of Women Engineers, Tennis Club 

Stephanie Getsinger 


5033 E. Calle del Norte 
Phoenix, AZ 85018 
Alpha Chi Omega 



4725 Julian Way 

Acworth, GA 30101 

Brad Glardino 

Industrial Engineering 
216 Windsor Way 

Doylestown, PA 18901 
Senior Class (Treasurer), Alpha Chi 
Rho (Treasurer, Social Chair), 
Institute of Industrial Engineers (Vice 
President Programming) 

Catherine Giffen 

2 Cedar Road 
Dumont, NJ 07628 

Brian Gillin 


400 Wychwood Road 
Westfield, NJ 07090 
Theta Xi 

Matthew J. Giusto 

Computer Engineering 
211 Maple Street 
Medford, NY 11763 
Student Senate (Treasurer) 

Allison Gladstone 


75 Greenhill Road 
Springfield, NJ 07081 
Alpha Chi Omega 

Shira Gladstone 


66 Baldwin Drive 

Sharon, MA 02067 

LU Choir, Chi Omq;a, Phi Alpha Theta 

Jessica Glass 


13 Black Point Horseshoe 
Rumson, NJ 07760 
Alpha Phi 

Ilya Gnedy 

Business Infonnation System 
7 Sherry Lee Lane 
Peabody, MA 01960 
Kappa Alpha 

Myles Alan Gobeille 

Environmental Science 

RR4 Box 199 

Mifflintown, PA 17059 

LU Choir (Assistant Stage Manager, 

Assistant Manager), Choral Union, 

Outing Club, Swing Club 

JoNi L. Gochenour 


2537 Layman Trestle Road 
Harrisonburg, VA 22802 
F.O.W.A.R.D. (President), Beta 
Gamma Sigma, National Society of 
Collegiate Scholars, Phi Eta Sigma 

Adam Goldberg 


17 Victorian Lane 
Brookville, NY 11545 
Delta Phi 

Alexandra Goldmacher 


P.O. Box 321 

Stony Brook , NY 11790 

Rachel Thais Goodman 

Computer Science 
768 Rockport Road 
Hackettstown, NJ 07840 
Kappa Kappa Psi (President, Historian), 
IEEE (Secretary), Epitome (Editor 
Senior Section, Features Section), 
Marching 97 (Uniform Manager), Pep 
Band, Concert Band, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Tau Beta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, 
Air Products Scholar 

Caitlin Gorand 


8 E. Louis Avenue 

Lake Forest, IL 60045 

PRSSA (Treasurer, Membership 

Director), Delta Gamma (Vice 

President Programming) 

Lisa Gorbaty 


204 Twin Oaks Terrace 
Westfield, NJ 07090 
Alpha Gamma Delta 

Angelique Gordon 

Industrial Engineering 

7044 Elmwood Avenue 

Philadelphia, PA 19146 

Black Student Union (Treasurer), 

National Society of Black Engineers, 

Society of Women Engineers 

Christine Gorst 


60 Marlise Drive 

Attleboro, MA 02703 

Alpha Omicron Pi (New Member 


Joachim Grabo 

Industrial Engineering 
14 Long Hill Farms 
Guilford, CT 06437 
Delta Sigma Phi 

Amber Grant 

191 Shea Road 
Campbell Hall, NY 10916 
Marketing Club (President), Kappa 
Alpha Theta (Recruimient Chair), 
Lehigh Panhellenic Council (Rho Chi) 

Matthew Greco 

Computer Science 
404 Walnut Street 
Mar Lin, PA 17951 

Susan Green 

Economics, Finance, Spanish 

348 Holt Drive 

Pearl River, NY 10965 

John L. Grihi mi. III 


148 lairway Drive 
Princeton, NJ 08S4n 
LU ['MS (C:apt.iin) 

Jason Gross 

(.'.omjiutcr Scic'iice 
23 Sycamore Drive 
Mifflintown, PA 170S9 
Beta Thcta i'i 

Jana Grossman 

Chemiicil iiigiiiffriug^ 

P.O. Box ?> 

Pen Argyl, PA 18072 

American Institute ot (Chemical 

Engineers, Society ot Women 


Jeffrey Guasto 

Meclhinical Engineering. Physics 
216 N. Highland Drive 
Piftston, PA 18640 
American Societ)' ot Mecli;inic;il 
Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi 

William F. Guglielmo 

Mechanical Engineering 
2544 Lavail Court 
Davidsonville, MD 21035 
Theta Xi (Vice President, Steward), 
American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers, Varsirv' Lacrosse, Tau 
Beta Pi, Pi lau Sigma 

Parag Gupta 

Electrictil Engineering 

29 Wildwood Circle 

South Windsor, CT 06074 

Indian Student A.ssociation. institute 

of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, 

LU Choir, S.T.A.R. Academy 

Tara Gustafson 

Finance. Marketing 

11 Miilstream Road 

Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 

Alpha Phi 

DusTiN Gutshall 

Electrical Engineering 

1661 Hicks Drive 

Dauphin, PA 17018 

Rugh\- Ciub(Co-C;iptain), Tau Beta Pi 

Daniel Gwl«;dowski 


64 Trask Avenue 

Bayonne, NJ 07002 

Alpha Chi Rho (Secretar)'), Balance 


Andrew Haglin 

Mechanical Engineering 
7232 Gen. Sherman Lane 
St. Louis, MO 63123 
C'rew C'hih (l-,c]uipment Manager). 
Theta ("hi (Steward, Chaplain) 

Bentley Hall 


19 Littles Point Road 

Swampscott, MA 01907 

Beta Alpha Psi (President), Judiciary 

Committee, Delta Phi (Vice 

President, Social Chair), Accounting 

Club, Interfraternity Council, 

M&M House Council 

William Hall 

Materials Science 
260 Chcrr)' Hill Road 
Brooklyn, CV 06234 

James Hamfeldt 

Mechanical Engineering 
570 Jockey Hollow Road 
Morris Township, NJ 07960 

Carrie Hance 

Management, Marketing 
2725 Holland Cliff Road 
Huntingtown, MD 20639 
Kappa Alpha Theta (President, Rim.ilist, 
IM Chair), Panhellenic Council 

Kimberly Hancy 

Accounting, Finance 
41 Lawrencia Drive 
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 
Finance Club (Secretary), Account- 
ing Club, Epitome, Women in 

John Hanrahan 

Computer Engineering 
723 Old Homestead Highway 
East Swanzey, NH 03446 
Frisbee Team (Co-Captain) 

Casey Hanson 

Economics. Finance 
3500 Bayfield Boulevard 
Oceanside, NY 11572 
Economics Society, Martindale 
Student Associate 

David Hanus 

Accounting, Finance 
54 Green Meadow Boulevard 
Middletown, NJ 0''748 
Student Senate (Of^ Campus 
Representative), Accounting Club, 
Rugby Club 

Samantha Jane Hardin(. 

Asian Studies 

P.O. Box SS-5295 

Nassau, Bahamas 

Chinese Culture Club, International 


CoKiv Harrison 

liusiness Information System 

1 19 Apple Avenue 

Browns Mills, NJ 08015 

Kappa Alpha Psi (President) National 

Society of Black Engineers (Public 

Relations ("hair, Academic Excellence 

Chair, Pre-College Initiative Chair), 

Minority Faith Discussion Ciroup 

(Ix-ader), (ityphon Socict)', Resident 

1 kill Association 

Jennifer Harvey 
Economics, International Relations 
P.O. Box 1274 
Georgetown, CO 80444 
Global Union (Intern, Publicity 
Coordinator), World Affiirs (^lub 
(Global Union Representative), 
International Relations Club, Outing 
Club, Choral Union, Phi Beta Delta 

Abigail Hass 

12 Frances Drive 
Katonah, NY 10536 
Alpha Omicron Pi 

Lisa Hawkins 

Chemical Engineering 

1^1 Poplar Street 

Fleetwood, PA 19522 

Pi Beta Phi (Social Chair), Phi 

Sigma Pi, American Institute of 

Chemical Engineers 

Rochelle Healea 

Chemical Engineering 

3508 NE 151 Court 

Vancouver, WA 98682 

Varsity Volleyball (Captain), Track 

and Field 

James Henderson 

Economics. Finance 

204"0 Oneida 

Clinton Township, MI 48038 

Delta Upsilon, Football Team 

Darin Henry 


2147 County Line Road 
East Greenville. PA 18041 
Football Team 

Kristen Henry ^^^^ 


59 BrandvTvine Road 

Fords, NJ 08863 

Accounting Club, NXTVR-FM, 

Women In Business 

Joshua Hermias 

Economics, International Relations 
1 526 Russett Drive 
Warminster, PA 18974 
Economics Society (President), 
German Club (President), Gryphon 
Society, LU Choir, Crew 

Luis Hernandez 

Industrial Engineering 

P.O. Box 025323 

Miami, FL 33102 

Institute of Industrial Engintx-rs, Supply 

Chain Management Club, Crew, 

Economics Society 

Marcela Hernandez 

160 30th Street 
Northampton, PA 18067 
Society of Hispanic Professional 
Engineers, Psychology Club 

Piter Hkrshon 


41 Meadow Woods Road 

Great Neck, NY 1 1020 

Alpha Sigma Phi, Investment Club 

CoRi Hervey 
History, Political Science 
1909 W. 5th Avenue 
Indianola, L\ 50125 

Jaime Hesser 


P.O. Box 148 

Durham, PA 1 8039 

Theater, Alpha Phi, Women in 


Moi.i V D.AMS Hesson 
Environmental Sciences 
9 Craig Lane 
Malvern, PA 19355 

Derek Hewuett 


1300 Gravel Pond Road 

Clarks Summit, PA 18411 

Chi Psi (Secretar)'. Rush Chair). 

Marketing Club, Football Team 

Joseph Higgins 

288 W oodside Avenue 
Ridgewood, NJ 0~4S0 
Theta Chi (Secretary, Pledge 
Marshall), Thompson Portfolio 

Jessica A- Hill 
Supply Chain MaiBlgffUftlt 
930 Richmond Road 
Bangor, PA 18013 
Universit)' Productions (Member- 
ship Coordinator), Marketine CluV 
Women in Business 

Brendan Sean Hilley 


301 Springvale Road 

Great Falls, VA 22066 

Katherine Hillman 

Biology, Psychology 

P.O. Box 656 

Ccrro Gordo, IL 61818 

Phillip Hitchcock 

Computer Science 
14 Allwood Drive 
Lawrenceviile, NJ 08648 
Lambda Chi Alpha (President, 
Treasurer, House Manager) 

Edward Ho 


1 8 Nottingham Way 

Warren, Nj 07059 

Adam Hochhauser 


1795 Robin Lane 

N. Bellmore, NY 11710 

Lacrosse, LU Senate, Marketing 

Club, University Committee on 


Jonathan V. Hock 
Computer Engineering 
4 Turtleroclv Court 
Baltimore, MD 21234 
Theta Delta Chi 

Alexander B. Holz 


992 Valley Road 

Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417 

Sigma Phi Epsilon (Vice President 

Programming), WLVR (Music 

Director), Brown and White 

(Online Editor), Order of Omega, 

National Society of Collegiate 


Brmn Homeijer 

Mechanical Engineering 
17 Hickory Drive 
Stanhope, NJ 07874 
American Society ot Mechanical 
Engineers (Treasurer), Pi Tau 
Sigma, National Society of Colle- 
giate Scholars 

Marc Eduard Horn Von Muralt 


AvPaseo Del Golf A-22 

Valencia, Venezuela 

Ryan M. Howard 


8139 E. Mercer Lane 

Scottsdale, AZ 85260 

Pi Kappa Alpha (President), Balance 

Lauren Hoyt 

English, Journalism 

34 Thomas Newton Drive 

Westborough, MA 01581 

Brown and White (Lifestyle Editor), 

Alpha Gamma Delta (Public 

Relations Coordinator) 

Alicia Hubley 


650 Valley View Drive 

Boiling Springs, PA 17007 

Alpha Phi, Balance, Swimming 


Greg Hucklebridge 

Civil Engineering 

1 1 5 Geneva Avenue 

Del Haven, NJ 08251 

Chi Epsilon (President), American 

Society of Civil Engineers, Outing 

Club, LU EMS, Jazz Band 

Gloria Huh 


5304 N. Fifth Street 

Philadelphia, PA 19120 

Asian Cultural Societ)', Korean 

Student Association, UC Building 


Katy M. Hunchar 


288 E. 7th Street 
Bloomsburg, PA 17815 
Swimming Team 

Andrew Hutchinson 


4887 Meadowview Drive 

Macungie, PA 18062 

Intertraternity Council (Treasurer), 

Fraternity Management Association 

(Vice Chairperson), Alpha Tau 



Matthew Vincent Ilardi 

Industrial Engineering 
23 Hewitt Drive 
North Port, NY 11768 
Sigma Alpha Mu, LU Choir 


Andrew Jackson 


702 W. Mt. Airy Avenue 
Philadelphia, PA 19119 
Rugby Club 

Deidre Jacob 

Social Psychology 

587 Berwvn Baptist Road 

Devon, PA 19333 

Chi Omega (President, House 


Saffya M. Jafari 


3520 Skipping Rock Way 

Richmond, VA 23234 

National Society of Black Engineers 

(Vice President, Finance Chair, 

Webmaster), Genesis Gospel Choir, 

Cultural Programming Board, 

Brown and White 

Matthew L. Jaffe 

Industrial Engineering 

1 Devon Drive 

New Hope, PA 1 8938 

Interfraternit)- Coimcil (President), 

Phi Sigma Kappa (Vice President) 

Sara Jensen 

Materials Science 
600 Dr. Jack Road 
Port Deposit, ML^ 21904 
Women s Rugby (Captain, Trea- 
surer), Society of Women Engineers, 
Tau Beta Pi, National Society of 
Collegiate Scholars, Student 
Materials Society 

Jess A. Johnson 


820 N. Main Street 

Allentown, PA 18104 

Matthew Johnson 


1 18 West Main Street 

Shortsville, NY 14548 

Balance, Pi Kappa Alpha 

Darryl Jones 

Electrical Engineering 
6402 Morris Park Road 
Philadelphia, PA 19151 
Delta Sigma Phi, Institute of 
Electrical and Electronic Engineers 

Nicole Denise Jones 

Computer Engineering 
21A Lofton Drive 
Fayetteville, NC 28311 
National Societ)' of Black Engineers 
(President), Institute of Electrical 
and Electronic Engineers, Society of 
Women Engineers, Society of 
Hispanic Professional Engineers, 
University Productions, African- 
Caribbean Culture Club 

Laury Jones 

Biology, Psychology 
2437 Cherrywood Lane 

Bath, PA 18014 

Alpha Omicron Pi, Gryphon 

Society, Resident Hall Association 

Ruth Joseph 


1430 N. 40th Street 
Allentown, PA 18104 
Alpha Phi 


Justin Kahn 


188E. 76 Street, Apt. 26A 

New York, NY 10021 

Alpha Sigma Phi 

Tracey Kanar 


64 Livingston Avenue 

Edison, NJ 08820 

Finance Club (Vice President, 

Program Coordinator), Alpha Phi, 

Investment Club, Women in 


Nicholas Kane 

International Relations 
CMR 415 Box 4614 
New York, NY 091 14 
French Club, International Rela- 
tions Club, Scabbard and Blade, 

Paul C. Kaser 

655 Kennedy Drive 
Washington Township, NJ 07676 
Marketing Club (President), Society 
of Manufacturing Engineers, The 
Newman Council, University 
Productions, Tennis Club, Admis- 
sions Fellow, Career Services Peer 

Ronald Kashlak 


1948 Mary Ellen Lane 
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 
Golf Club 

Sermet Aysu Katun 

Marketing, Business Information System 

Anadolu Sitesi A Blok No. 29 

Ankara, Turkey 06550 

Outing Club 

Andrew J. Kauffman 

Environmental Sciences, Sociology/ 
Social Psychology 
1943 Morrell Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19115 


David Kaui-man 
Vlirlhiiiiad I'ligiiieeriiig 
i5 Ncwh.ud Place 

iipi.'wi.-ll JuiKiion, NY 12533 
'i I .111 Sigma, I'au Beta Pi 

Vi.i isoN Kaye 

'o/iliail Science 

5 I liinters Trail 
Uihany, CT 06524 
\l|iiui Chi Omega (Vice President 
if New Member I'diieatiDii) 

Jruci; Keuv 

Hieiice Technology and Society, 


12 i^ockrose Drive 

vlevvark, DE 19711 

X'restling Team 


•Mgliil), Mcclmnicul Engineering 
1 Lorimer Road 
k-lmont, MA 02478 
\merican Society of Mechanical 
■Ingincers, Chi Phi, University 
'roductions, Societ)' of Automotive 

Ivan Kent 

"itisiucii Information System, 


i35 New Jersey Avenue 

^ke Hopatcong, NJ 07849 

\.lpha Chi Rho, Marketing Club 

Zhad Keiiering 

Mechanical Engineering 

j5 Mcivin Drive 

.eola, PA 17540 

'hi Sigma Kappa (President) 

Jenjamin KEL'L\Rrs 
hemical Engineering 
\0. Box 335^ 
<ingshili, VI 00851 
\merican Institute of Chemical 


Meclianical Engineering 
7 Amber Lane-Stones I hrow 
last Stroudsburg, PA 18301 
Tau Beta Pi (Vice President), Pi Tau 
iigma, Phi Sigma Pi, Phi Beta Delta 

VIkhaei Km KiREW 


54 Seaward Road 

'JCellesley, MA 02481 
•iigma Alpha Mil 

Pearl S. Kim 
huluiirial Engineering 
(02 Kane Drive 

\mbler. PA 1 9002 

\sian Cultural Socier\- (SecretarvO, 

vorean Student Association (Global 

Union Representative), Institute of 
Industrial Engineers, Society of 
Women Engineers, Toekwando 

Moi.i.v KiN(; 

Sociology/Social Psychology 

204 W. Market Street 

Scranton, PA 18508 

Pi Beta Phi (Steward, Alumni 

Relations C'hair, (ireek Week Chair) 

Xaneve Penny King 


130 Clarkson Avenue, Apt. 5J 

Brooklyn, NY 11226 

Cenesis Gospel Choir (Secretary) 

Jaye M. Kinnaru 

Journalism/Public Relations 
1213 Zorba Drive 
Whitehall, PA 18052 
PRSSA, Brown and White 

David Kinsley 

AU'clhuiical Engineering 
21 Holly Lane 
Pilesgrove, NJ 08098 
Thcta Delta Chi (Corresponding 
Secretary, Rush Chair, Program 
Chair, Pledge Educator), American 
Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pi 
Tau Sigma 

Allison Kinter 


82 S. Brookline Drive 

Laurel Spring, NJ 08021 

Delta Gamma (Vice President Social 

Standards), Scabbard .uid Blade 

Michael Kitchko 

Chemcial Engineering 
1 1 1 Park Avenue 
Nesquehoning, PA 1S240 
Track and Field Teams, Tau Beta 
Pi, National Society' of Collegiate 
Scholars, American Institute of 
Chemical Engineers 

Sharon Kiahre 


21 1 Grant Avenue 

Hightstown, NJ 08520 

Gr)'phon Society (Vice President), 

Kappa Alpha Thcta. 1 U Senate, 

Resident Hall Associ.iiion 

Colleen Knapi' 

Economics, Political Science 

1202 Marinaview Piive 

Arnold, MD 21012 

S.T.A.R. Academy, Brown and White 

Danielle Rae Kot mi nour 

Architecture, Industrial Engineering 

1866 Austin Lane 

York, PA 17404 

Women's Varsity Golf Team 

(Captain), Alpha Phi Omega 
(Secretary), Alpha Pi Mu (Secre- 
tary), Balance, Society of Women 
Engineers, Tau Beta Pi, Women in 

Adam Kocse 

Computer Engineering 

1 2 Arlene Drive 

Tuckerton, NJ 08087 

Institute of Electrical and Electronic 

Engineers, Thcta Xi 

Michael Koerner 

Mechanical Engineering 

229 Greenway South 

Forest Hills, NY 11375 

Sigma Nu (l.t. Commander). Crew 

(Equipment Manager) 

Lawrence Koestler 


440 E. 20th Street 

New York, NY 1 0009 
Delta Phi 

Kacey Kohlman 


183 Northridge Drive 
Landisville. PA 17538 
Alpha Gamma Delta 

KiviN Konkos 

Electrical Engineering "^B^^H 

19 Tunnel Road 

Newtown, CT 06470 

Phi Gamma Delta 

Eric Konst 

Computer Engineering 
52 Amberstone Drive 
Sugar Land, TX 77479 

Paul Koob 


56 Canterbur)' Lane 

New Milford,' NJ 0-646 

Indoor Track Team, Finance Club 

Sandra Kopp 


28 Bartram Road 

Marlton. NJ 08053 

American Chemical Society, Best 


Andrevi Korin 


50 Village Hill Drive 

Dix Hills. NY 11746 

Chi Phi, Investment Club 

Amanda Kosarin 

30 Stonewall Drive 
Livingston, NJ 0^039 
Alpha Phi 

Kelly Michael Kramer 


I'il'-'X-s Neptune Drive 

Dana Point, CA 92629 

Alpha Tau Omega (Rush Chair, 

Worthy Chaplain) 

Gretchen Krause 

English. Journalism 

926 Johnston Drive 

Bethlehem, PA 18017 

(Choral Union, Marching Band. 

Public Relations Society of America 

Joel D. Krayer 

Mechanical Engineering 

24219 Preakncss Drive 

DamasciLs, MD 20872 

Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Wind 


Samantha Kreitzer 

Marketing Business Information 


730 West Broadway 

Long Beach, NY 11561 

Women in Business, Association of 

Information Technolog)' Professionals 

Eric Kronenberger 

1 2 Revere Road 
Ardslcv, NT 10502 
Kappa Alpha 

Elisabeth Kuebi er 

Mechanical Engineering 

1373 Stokes Road 

Mcdford, NJ 08055 

Pi Tau Sigma (President), American 

Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pi 

Beta Phi. Society of Women 

Engineers, Crew 

Delia Kurry 
Psycholo^, Education 
4111 Oliver Street 
Chcv)' Chase. MD 20815 
Crew (Secretary). Pi Beta Phi 


Jill Lagowski 

Architecture, Spanish 

51 Coleman Road 

Southampton. MA 01073 

Alpha Omicron Pi (Corresponding 

Secretar>'), Balance, Cross Countr\- 


38:^ ♦• 


Christopher Lambert 

Bio/oiQ', Psychology 

23G Nob Hill Apts. 

Roseland, NJ 07068 

Track and Field (Captain), Outdoor 

Track Team, Scabbard and Blade, 

Student Athlete Committee, 


Benjamin G. Lance 

Mechanical Engineering 

13 Wayne Road 
Camp Hill, PA 17011 
Cycling Club (President), Theta 
Delta Chi 

Margaret M. LaNeve 

Civil Engineering 

1635 Taylor Avenue 

Utica, NY 13501 

American Society of Civil Engineers 

(Social Chair), Gryphon Society 

Becky Lapidow 

Environmental Sciences 

14 Warner Drive 
Hillsborough, NJ 08844 
Scabbard and Blade Society (Presi- 
dent), Pi Beta Phi (House Manager, 
Philanthropy Chair), Women's 
Rugby, R.O.T.C. 

Donald Law 

Chemical Engineering 

920 Ridley Creek Drive 

Media, PA 1 9063 

American Institute of Chemical 

Engineers, Soccer Club, Swing 

Dance Club 

Priscilla Law 


18 Monroe St. Apt. KG3 

New York, NY 10002 

Order of Omega (Treasurer), Kappa 

Alpha Theta, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi 

Eta Sigma, Gamma Phi Sigma, 

Student Senate 

Lyndsey Leach 


Rt. 2, Box 41 

Sulphur Springs, TX 75482 

Peer Educator, Oxfam 

Lauren Leadbeater 


1526 Vernon Road 

Blue Bell, PA 19422 

Field Hockey, Gamma Phi Beta, 

Order of Omega Honor Society, 

National Society of Collegiate 


Steven Leary 
Industrial Engineering 
1940 N. Plantation Drive 
Dunkirk, MD 20754 
Chi Psi (President), Institute of 
Industrial Engineers, Interfraternity 
Council, C.O.A.C.H. Program, 
Varsity Football 

Steven C. Lee 

Computer Engineering 

89 Pierce Boulevard 

Windsor, CT 06095 

Institute of Electrical and Electronic 


Nathanael Lee 

Economics, Industrial Engineering 

36 Crosstrees Hill Road 

Essex, CT 06426 

Kappa Sigma 

RiLA Lee 


162 Valley Park South 

Bethlehem, PA 18018 

Korean Student Association 




1030 Portside Drive 

Bensalem, PA 19020 

American Chemical Society, Asian 

Cultural Society, Chinese Culture 

Club, Equestrian Club 

Stephen M. Lee-Urban 
Computer Engineering 
1 1 Solebury Mountain Road 
New Hope, PA 18938 
Gaming Club, Tau Beta Pi, 
Philosophy Club 

Daniel Lehman 

Mechanical Engineering 

392 Cross Keys Road 

Harrisonburg, VA 22801 

Pi Tau Sigma (Treasurer), Phi Eta 


Amanda Lehrhoff 

English, Psychology 
33 Laura Lane 
Morristown, NJ 07960 
Gamma Phi Beta 

Joseph Lentine 


14 Eagle Nest Road 

Colts Neck, NJ 07722 

Amanda Leong 


1 149 Estates Boulevard 
Hamilton, NJ 08690 
Chinese Culture Club (Vice 


President, Cultural Chair), Asian 
Cultural Society, Accounting Club 

Bill Levien 

Business Information System 
71 Flat Rock Road 
Easton.CT 06612 
Theta Xi 

Mandi D. Levine 


81 Biltmore Avenue 

Oakdale, NY 11769 

Alpha Gamma Delta, Choral 

Union, Psi Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, 

Psychology Club 

Cara Levitt 


1201 Southport Drive 
Sarasota, FL 34242 
Balance, Psi Chi 

Lauren Levy 


7111 Skyline Drive 

Fort Lee, NJ 07024 

Marketing Club, Women in 


Antoinette Ligas 


25 Stuyvesant Court 

Clifton, NJ 07073 

Ski Team, Drown Writers Series, 

UC Building Supervisor 

Ryan Austin Lindquist 


861 W. Deerpath Road 

Lake Forest, IL 60045 

Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Delta, 

Kappa Sigma 

Meussa Lisch 

Accounting, Finance 

7 Round Hill 

Holmdel, NJ 07733 

Accounting Club (Secretar)'), Hillel 

Societ)' (Co-President), Pi Beta Phi 

Arthur Loder 

Computer Science 

1350 Mark Drive 

Westchester, PA 19380 

Alpha Phi Omega, Ultimate Frisbee 

Katie J. Loomis 

98 Phillip Drive 
Rockawa\', NJ 07866 
Track and Field Team 

Enrique Luna 

Industrial Engineering 

Pje. Libertad #227 CoI.Escalon 

San Salvador, El Salvador 


Katusw Lundi 


251 S. Ridgewood Road 

South Orange, NJ 07079 

National Society of Black Engineer; 

Women in Business 

Michael Luongo 


491 Millwrighter Way 

Lansdale, PA 19446 

Bryan Lustig 


78 Nancy Boulevard 

Merrick, NY 11566 

Theta Xi, Investment Club, 

Marketing Club, National Society 

of Black Engineers 

James M. Lynch 


39 Princeton Street 
Rockville Centre, NY 1 1 570 
Delta Phi 


Jeremy Mack 

Environmental Sciences, Education 
6910 Blue Church Road S. 
Coopersburg, PA 18036 
Varsity Baseball, Student Athlete 

Matthew Mackay 
Accounting, Finance 
37 Lumber Circle 
Hertford, NC 27944 
Accounting Club, Finance Club, 
Cross Country Team, Investment 
Club, Kappa Sigma, Lacrosse, 
Outdoor Track Team 

Bryan Maculloch 

Computer Science 
P.O. Box 423 
Dallas, PA 18612 
University Productions 

David Mait 

Political Science 
7 Fern Road 
Larchmont, NY 10538 
Alpha Sigma Phi 

Yo maris J. Maldonado 

7 Alpine Court 
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 
Presidential Scholar, Tauck Scholar, 
Global Union (Vice President), 
Epitome (Photo Staff Editor), Phi 
Beta Delta Honor Society, Interna- H 
tional Club (Secretary), Asian Culmi 
Society, French Club, LU Senate, 

\MA, Mustard & Cheese Drama 
iocict)', Marketing C^lub, Packer 
'hurch Choir, Japanese (ailtiire 
Zlub, Society' of Hispanic I'rotessional 
engineers, History Club, Philosophy 
Jiub, Genesis Cospel Choir 


'finance. Marketing 
->.0. Box 377 
krnardsvillc, NJ 07924 
Vlarketing Club (Treasurer), 
ipitome (Creek Editor), Brown and 
CChite (Sports Writer). Alpha Phi, 
nvestmcnt C'luh 

\ntonu) Marino 


)4 Grand Street 

Jttie Ferry. NJ 07643 

v'arsity Track and Field Team 

Captain), C.O.A.C.H. Program 

Co-Chair), Student Athlete 

ixecutive Board, Accounting C^lub, 

/)utdoor Track Team 

Christian Maxim Marino 


37 Hilton Avenue, Apt. C4 
Garden City, NY 1 1 530 
Kappa Sigma 

Alison Markowitz 

188 E. 76th Street 
Mew York, NY 10021 
\lph.i Phi 

Oarcy Marks 


26 In wood Road 

CCoodbridgc, CT 06525 

\lpha Phi (Qmimunit)- Senice Chair) 


English. Journalism 

^0 Asbury Drive 

■.mithtown. NY 11787 

irnun and ^X'hite (Editor in Chief) 

VIiCHEi.i.F. Marshall 

'■^ Laura Drive 
xi.diester, NY 14626 
:'anhellenic Council (Vice President 
)f Administrative -Affairs), Pi Beta Phi 
I iPanhellenic Delegate), LU Orchestra 

Thonus Mason 
I finance 

S72A Holmdcl Road 
„riolmdel, NJ 07733 

Fhonus Matarazzo 

'iitt-nidttonal Relations 
\ 1^ Green Way 
\llendale. NJ 0-^401 
.Zhi Psi 

Gregory M. MATriiiws 

Architecture. Cii'il Engineering 

1250 Limekiln Pike 

Ambler, PA l'>()02 

Crew (Treasurer), Asian CAiliural 

Society, Wrestling Club 

RanuallJ. Maurizio 
Mechanical Engineering 
115 Cobalt Ridge Drive S. 
Levittown, PA i')()=i7 
Society of Amomotive Engineers 
(Vice President). Marching Band 
(Instrument Manager), C^oncert 
Band, Pep Band, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau 
Beta Pi 

I Ben Mautner 

Comptiter Science 
2140 Mallard Drive 
Northbrook, IL 60062 

Irina Mazo 


1 Wittkop Place 

Millburn, NJ 07041 

Amnesty International (President), 

Russian Club (Vice President), Phi 

Sigma Kappa (Vice President), 

Hillel Society, Choral Union, 

Economics Society. Progressive 

Student Alliance 

Scott Mazur 

Industrial Engineering 

9495 Angelina Circle 

Columbia, MD 21045 

Class of 2003 (Vice President), 

Institute of Industrial Engineers 

(Vice President Membership). Delta 

Tau Delta, Rugby Club 

Lezlie L. McCabe 

Industrial Engineering 

448 Highland Terrace 

Holmes. PA 19043 

Alpha Phi, Institute of Industrial 

Engineers, Society of Women 


Justin McCarthy 

Civil Engineering 

1624 Russett Road 

Orefield, PA 1 8069 

American Society of Civil Engineers 

(Treasurer), Phi Sigma Kappa 

(President, Secretary), Chi Epsilon, 

Interfraternity Council, Tau Beta Pi 

Edward McConnei.l 
Chemical Engineering 
3110 Sheffield Drive 
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 
American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers, Phi Eta Sigma, Track 
and Field 

Eliz^bfih McDermoit 


212 Forest Drive 

Linwiiod. NJ 08221 

Alpha Omicron Pi (Social C^hair), 

Up Til Dawn (Entertainment 

("hair). Accounting Club 


Siei'iianie McElroy 


174 Old PascackRoad 

Pearl River. NY 1096S 

Alpha Gamma Delta (Publications 

Coordinator), Residence Hall 

Association (President of Lower 

Centennial Dormitory), Pi Beta 


Erin K. McEnerney 


12 Copper Penrn- Road 
Flemington, NJ 08872 
Women in Business (President), 
American Marketing Association, 
Marketing Club 

Meghan McGarry 

History. Ldiication 

43 Cleveland Avenue 

Sayville, NY 11782 

Phi Alpha Theta (Secretar)'), Phi Eta 

Sigma, History Club 

Michael McGrath 

Industrial Engineering 
706 Great Glen Court 
Barrington, IL 60010 
Crew Club (President) 

Timothy McHugh 

Electrical Engineering 

58 W. Sheffield Street 

Oakland, NJ 07436 

Sigma Nu (Treasurer), Soccer Club 

Elizabeth McKinney 


20 Churchill Road 

Pittsburgh, PA 1 5235 

Delta Gamma 

Stephanie McKinney 

20 Churchill Road 
Pittsburgh, PA 15235 
Delta Gamma 

James Kevin McKittrick 
History, Political Science 
108 Foxdale Lane 
Port Jefferson, NY 11777 
Fencing Club (President), 
R.O.T.C., Ranger Challenge 

Rob McMenimon 

29 Portridge Way 
North Easton, MA 02356 
Golf Team (Captain), Student 

AthKir V\'-' iitivc Committee 

Elizabeth Mendlnmall 
International RcLiiions 
81 Dinsmore A\enue 
Pittsburgh, PA 1 5205 
Alpha Phi Omega. Epitome, 
International Relations Club, 
Outing Club, Soccer Club. Phi Beta 
Delta, Phi Eta Sigma 

Meron Mengistu 
Molecular Biology 
1122 Florida Avenue NW 
Washington, D( : 20009 Cultural Club 
(President, Tre;isurer), National 
Society of Black Engineers (Secre- 
tary), Phi Beta Delta (Student Vice 
President), French (^lub. Volleyball, 
Phi Eta Sigma, International Club, 
Phi Beta Delta 

Amanda Menic 

7 Leah Lane 
Plainview. NY 11803 
Alpha Phi (Faculty Relations, 
Administrative Assistant), Account- 
ing Club 

Stephanie Menjfvar 

Chemistry, Education 

169 Alverda Road 

Northern Cambria, PA 15714 

American Chemical Society, Outing 

Club. Women in Business 

RiSHA Mehta 


14 Woodshire Terrace 
Towaco, NJ 07082 
Epitome Yearbook (Features 
Editor), Pi Beta Phi (Corresponding 
Secretary, Efficiency Chair), 
Women in Business (Treasurer), 
Indian Student Association, 
Marketing Club 

Jonathan Mesagaes 

33 Garside Avenue 
Wayne, NJ 07440 
Psi Upsilon 

Rachel Meshonek 

Political Science 
590 West Broadway 
Cedarhurst, NY 11516 
Alpha Phi 

James Middleton 

Civil Engineering 

8209 Whistler Road 

Richmond, VA 23227 

American Society of Civil Engineers, 

Investment Club 

Gabriella Migioia 

Industrial Engineering 
1326 Geary Street 
PhiLidelphia, PA 19148 
Alpha Gamma Delta (Vice President 
Membership Development), Best 
Buddies (Membership Coordina- 
tor), Institute of Industrial Engi- 
neers, Society of Women Engineers 

Brynn Miller 

Mechanical Engineering 
632 Baltimore Pike 
Chaddsford, PA 19317 
Psi Upsilon 

Erin Miller 


458 Mildred Place 

Oradell, NJ 07649 

Accounting Club, WLVR-FM, 

Women In Business 

Jessica Miller 

Materials Science 
143 87 Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11209 

Eric Miller 


256 Heritage Road 

Cherr\' Hill NJ 08034 

Pi Kappa Alpha (Vice President, 

Treasurer), Fraternal Management 

Association (Recording Secretary), 

Accounting Club 

Joshua Miller 

Business Information System. Finance 
107 Division Street 
Port Jefferson, NY 11777 
Investment Club (Executive Board), 
Business Information System Club 
(President), Theta Xi 

Michael Milman 

Mechanical Engineering 
2685 Brown Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11235 
American Society of Mechanical 

Karen Miranda 

Civil Engineering 
62 Wyandanch Boulevard 
Commack,NY 11725 
Lehigh Mardiing 97 (Publicity 
Manager), Tau Eieta Pi (Initiation 


Coordinator), American Society of Civil 
Engineers, Chi Epsilon, Concert Band, 
Pep Band, Society of Women Engineers, 
Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, Tour Guide 

Brandon Miranda 

Industrial Engineering 
82 Schuylkill Avenue 
Hayward, CA 94544 
Alpha Chi Rho 

Maura Misiti 

Industrial Engineeri>ig 

10894 Ryan Road 

Medina, NY 14103 

Society of Women Engineers, Alpha 

Pi Mu 

Kris Molendyke 

Computer Science 
710 Jamestown Way 
West Chester, PA 19380 
Roller Hockey Club 

Michael Moll 

Computer Science 

431 Green Valley Road 

Sinking Spring, PA 19608 

University Productions (Music 

Director), Resident Hall Association, 

Soccer Club, Tau Beta Pi, WLVR FM 

Timothy Monahan 

Computer Engineering 

60 Lynford Road 

Richboro, PA 18954 

Cross Country, Track & Field 


Lauren Montgomery 

Economics, Psychology 
50 Elmwood Avenue 
Allendale, NJ 07401 
Alpha Phi 

Kathryn S. Mootz 


970 Cross Lane 

Blue Bell, PA 19422 

Gamma Beta Phi, Lacrosse Team 

Caroline Moran 

Accounting, Marketing, Psychology 
P.O. Box 24 
Cornwall, PA 17016 
Accounting Club, Alpha Phi 
Omega, Marketing Club, Women 
in Biisiness 

Justin Gaetano Morea 

BioloQi, Computer Science 

107 N. Lakeside Drive E. 

Medford,NJ 08055 

LU Choir, Ski Team, Theta Delta Chi 

Melissa Morris 

English, Education 
6451 Sweetbriar Lane 

Zionsvillc, PA 1 8092 
Panhellenic Council (President), 
Best Buddies (Activities Coordina- 
tor), Alpha Gamma Delta (Vice 
President Recruitment), Soccer 
Club, ASA, College Republicans, 
Christian Fellowship, Order of 
Omega, Community Service 
Program, Spanish Club, Political 
Science Club, FORWARD 

Tiffany Morrison 


305 Raymon Avenue 

Boiling Springs, PA 17007 

Epitome, Psychology Club 

Clint Moyer 

Chemical Engineering 
2079 Big Road 
Gilbertsville, PA 19525 
American Institute of Chemical 

Melinda Mucci 


P.O. Box 776 

Meredith, NH 03253 

Michelle Catherine Mulcahy 


Supply Chain Management 
3 Spinning Wheel Lane 
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274 
Best Buddies (Treasurer), Alpha 
Gamma Delta (Ritual Coordinator), 
Brown and White (Business 
Manager), Order of Omega, Beta 
Gamma Sigma 

Joshua Mullen 

Mechanical Engineering 

209 Dodd Drive 

Washington, PA 15301 

Ultimate Frisbee (President), Pi Tau 


John Murphy 


233 Quaker Meetinghouse Rd. 

Catawissa, PA 1 7820 

Delta Tau Delta (Intramural Chair) 

KiMBERiY Murray 

P.O. Box 415 
Jacksboro, TN 37757 
Outins Club 


James Nagy 

Computer Eiigiiu'eri)ig 

34 Sharon Drive 

Sparta. NJ 07871 

Phi Sigma Kappa, Soccer Club 

Jenny Najm 

Supply Chain Management 
5292 Creekview Drive 
Orefield, PA 18069 
Women in Business 

Christopher Neu 

Chemical Engineering 

5126 Mallard Drive 

Bensalem, PA 19020 

Theta Chi (President), American 

Institute of Chemical Engineers 

(Treasurer), Epitome, Interfraternit 

Council, Soccer Club 

Scott Newman 

Electrical Engineering 

8 Woodford Lane 

Manalapan, NJ 07726 

Institute of Electrical and Electronic 

Engineers, Outing Club 

Michael Nichol 

Industrial Etigineeruig 
17 Springdale Avenue 
Massapequa, NY 11758 
Delta Upsilon (Vice President 
Scholarship), Institute of Industrial 

Catherine Nicholson 


3031 Williamswood Road 
Richmond, VA 23235 
Varsity Basketball 

Jarrod Niedosik 


3137 Eisenhower Drive 

Norristown, PA 19403 

Anthony Nigara 
Electrical tngineertng 
1 Apple Tree Lane 
Morris Plains, NJ 07950 
Institute of Electrical and Electronic 
Engineers, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigm 

Caroline Nigg 

Interiiational Relations, Political 


152 Valley Hill Drive 

Moraga, CA 94556 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

Hayley Niles 


62 Foreside Road 

Falmouth, ME 04105 

Alpha Omicron Pi, Marketing dull 

Collin Nippert 

Electrical Engineering 
111 Pleasantview Road 
Sanatoga, PA 19454 j 

Institute of Fllectrical & Electronic I 
Engineers, Anime Club, Symphoni 
Band ; 

Jessica Nixon 

Asian Sttulies 

2273 Linden Street 

Bethlehem, I'A 18017 

Pi Beta I'hi (Social Chair), S.T.A.R. 



Computer Engineering 
20 Norman Place 
CranFord, NJ 07016 
Theta Delta Chi 

Richard C. No\ac.k, Jr. 


226 Lyons Road 

Basking Ridge, NJ 079.10 

Kerry Novalany 

Finiince, ALirkeling 

338 Bcrthold Avenue 

Rahwa>-. NJ 07()6S 

Dancin , Women in Business, 

Health Center Peer Educator 

Pairic;ia Nugent 


P.O. Box 1744 

Sonoma, CA 95476 

Alpha Gamma Delta (Alumnae Li;iison) 

Epitome, Alpha Gamma Delta 

Stacie Nussbaum 
An. ALirkeling 
409 Minden Way 
Wynnewood, PA 



Joseph Oberlander 


I 31 WexFord Court 

' Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 

f. Alpha Phi Omega (President). 

II Marching 97 (Manager), Pep Band, 
I Symphonic Band, College Scholars 

„ Chrisiopher Olzinski 
Computer Science 
7172 Linden Road 
Macungie, PA 18062 

■ Epitome, Institute of Elearical & 
Electronic Engineers, Smdent Ambassa- 

Lisa Opare 

Electrical Engineering 

457 \ Winters Chapel Road 

\il,mta, GA 30360 
\trican - Caribbean Cultural Club 
(President), National Society of 
Black Engineers (Finance Chair), 
Tau Beta Pi, Phi Beta Delta 


9 Clover Lane 
Downingtown, PA 19335 
Women's Soccer, Gamma Phi Ber.i 

Melissa 0'Siih:A 


44 Hunting Llollow C'ourt 

Dix Hills, NY 11746 

Alpha Chi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma 

Jennifer Ostrow 


747 Rolling II ill Drive 
River Vale, NJ 07675 
Hillcl Society 

Shawn Overture 


9741 N. Easton Road 

Kintnersville, PA 18930 


Architecture, Ciril Engineering 

P.O. Box 56 

Gilbert, PA 18331 

American Socier\' of Civil Engineers, 

Balance, (.iryphon Society 

Emirhan Ozsoy 

Business Injormation System 
3465 Manor Road 
Bethlehem, PA 18020 
Accounting Club, Economics 
Society, Chi Phi, Soccer Club, 
Business Information Svstems Club 


Margot N. Paige 

Finance, Marketing 

30 University Lane 

Manchester, MA 01944 

/VJpha Gamma Delta (Treasurer), 

Women in Business, Marketing 

Club, Student Senate 

David Pai ii 1j\ 
Biology, PremecUcal Science 
11 MacArthur Avenue 
Plainview, NY 11803 

Erika Pai'accioi.i 
Chemical Engineering 
617 Roosevelt Boulevard 
Paramus, NJ 07652 
Alpha Phi, Tau Beta Pi 

Greg Parent 

Civil Engineering 

41^ Montclair Avenue 

Bethlehem. PA 18015 

Lehigh Choir, Ultimate Frisbee 


Pameij\ McCarthy Passareli.o 

257 Ardsley Street 
Staten Island, NY 10306 
Alpha Chi Omega, Phi Sigma Pi, 
PRSSA, Cheerleader, Order of 

Saloney Pai El 

Chemical Engineering 

3845 Gabriellel.ane#721 

Aurora, IL 60504 

American Institute of Chemical 

Engineers, Asian Cultural Society, 

Indian Student Association, Society 

ol Women Engineers 

Richard Pearson 

Business hiformatin)/ \]si,-m 
257 Irenton 
Fairless Hills, PA 19030 

Michael Peck 


1 2709 Forest Drive 

Edinboro, PA 16412 

Alph.i 1 .ui OriKga, Dancin', 

Marching Band, Pep Band, 


Christopher A. Pedecine 

Industrial Engineering 
30 N. Stone Hedge Drive 
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 
Alpha Chi Rho (President, Vice 
President, Philanthropy Chair), 
Wrestling C'lub 

Jules Pelto 

140 West Road 
Ashby, MA 01431 
Ice Hockey 

Daniel Perciballi 

Computer Engineering 
1 8 Brandywine Court 

Lafayette, NJ 07848 

\'arsitv Soccer (Captain), Tau Beta 


Helene Perrucci 


6''! Barr^more Street 
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 
Delta Gamma, Jazz Ensemble 

Kelli Peterson 


21 Valley Drive 

Churchville, PA 18966 

Pi Beta Phi (Vice President Mental 


Matthew Petrozelli 

Interruitional Relations 

44 Old West Mountain Road 

Ridgefield, CT 06877 

Kappa Sigma (President), Interfra- 

ternity Council 


Finance, Marketing 

60 Cloverdale Avenue 

Paranuis, NJ 07652 

Alpha Tau Omega (President), Pre- 

Law Society (President), Interfrater- 

iiirv ('ouncil 

Sahah Pickard 

Marugemciil, Marketing 

102 Shadows Drive 

Lifayene, U 7050H 

Pi Beta Phi (Rash ( !lidir). Tour Ciuide 

Mathews Pikrson 

Histor)', International Relations 
13450 Bauer Road 
Eagle, MI 48822 
Cycling Club (Sponsorship Direc- 

Eric Pilarczyk 

Mechanical Engineering 

131 Cornwall Avenue 

Cheshire, CT 06410 

Ski Team (Vice President), Phi 

Sigma Kappa, LU Orchestra 

Alison L. Pine 

Supply Chain Management 

180 Pitman Downer Road 

Sewell, NJ 08080 

Dancin' (President), Dance Team, 

Gamma Phi Beta 

Kjmberi.y Pinkos 

Materials Science 
1 1 3 Lincoln Street 
Nor%vell, MA 02061 
Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team 
(Treasurer), Student Materials 
Society (Secretary), Cross Country 
Team, Outing Club. Socien- of 
Women Engineers 

Caline Pinto 
1 155 Park Avenue 
New York, NY 10128 
Alpha Phi, PRSSA 

Sarah Piperato 
Journalism/Public Relations 
20 Bowman I-ine 
Westborough, MA 01581 
Gamma Phi Beta (Vice President, 
Crescent Correspondent), Junior 
Panhellenic Association (President) 


Lauren Pogrob 

Management, Marketing 

33 Hunt Court 

Jericho, NY 11753 

Gamma Phi Beta, Varsity Women's 


Bernardo Pontes 

Computer Engineering 

23 Fawn Circle 

Trumbull, CT 06611 

Anime Eld (President), Asian 

Cultural Society', Wrestling Club, 

Society of Hispanic Professional 


Kimberly Porpora 

Finance, Marketing 

12 Whitney Drive , 

Marlbobo, NJ 07746 

Alpha Omicron Pi (Alumni 

Relations Chair) 

A\rv Pournaras 


479 West Main Street 

Huntington, NY 11743 

Gamma Phi Beta 

Marcus Po\xtll 


2759 E. 23rd Street 

Oakland, CA 94601 

Genesis Gospel Choir (Treasurer, 

Director), National Sociery of Black 


Katharine Preate 

715 Glenburn Road 
Clarks Summit, PA 18411 
Panhellenic Council (Vice President 
Finance), Gamma Phi Beta (House 
Manager, Pace Chair), Accounting 
Club (Vice President), Student 
Senate (Constituency Chair), LU 

Andy Prescott 

Materials Science 
1 104 Grant Avenue 
West Collingswood, NJ 08107 
Student Materials Society (Presi- 

Clinton E. Preslan 

Marketing, Supply Chain Manage- 

17900 Riverside Drive 
Lakewood, OH 44107 
Phi Sigma Kappa (Secretary), Phi 
Sigma Pi, LU Philharmonic 
Orchestra, Marketing Club, 
American Marketing Association 

Kelly Price 

Behavioral Neuroscience 
5526 Russell Avenue 
Pennsauken, NJ 08109 
Pi Beta Phi 

Tanla Proechel 

English, History 
1 1 Hannah Lane 
Wanaque, NJ 07465 
Kappa Alpha Theta (Scholarship 
Chair), Order of Omega, Phi Eta 
Sigma, National Society of Colle- 
giate Scholars 

Meghan Punschke 


334 E. 26th Street 

New York, NY 10010 

Matthew Puzio 

Electrical Engineering 
10 Volcanic Hill Road 
Wantage, NJ 07461 
Tau Beta Pi 

Brlum Quinn 

Electrical Engineering 
562 Overlook Road 
Philadelphia, PA 19128 

Mark A. Quinn 
Political Science 

331 Market St. E. #353 
Gaithersburg, MD 20878 
Theta Xi 


Jesse Matthew Rabinowitz 

Mechanical Engineering 
639 West End Avenue 
New York, NY 10025 
American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers, Hillel Society, Soccer 
Club, Theta Delta Chi 

Kevin Raftery 


136 Hillman Avenue 

Glen Rock, NJ 07452 

Dean's Scholar, Finance Club 

Neil Raghoo 

Chemical Engineering 

25 Second Street Springlands 

Gasparillo Trinidad & Tobago 

American Institute of Chemical 

Engineers (President), Indian 

Student Association, Soccer Club 

Stephanie Raimo 


16 Maria Drive 

Sparta, NJ 07871 

SuRAj Rao 


P.O. Box 752 

Waverly, PA 18471 

Balance, Best Buddies, Gaming 

Club, Kappa Alpha, Tony Danza 


Gibral Raphael 

Religion Studies 

1613 Carroll Street 

Brooklyn, NY 11213 

National Society of Black Engineers 

Mohamed Rasul 

Electrical Engineering 
83-58 265 Street 
Floral Park, NY 11004 

Jason Reier 

Chemical Engineering 
2637 Stockton Road 
Phoenix, MD 21131 
American Institute of Chemical 

Justin Rettaliata 

Mechanical Engineering 

1001 Ridge Road 

Bangor, PA 18013 

American Society of Mechanical 

Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma, Lambda 

Chi Alpha 

Keith Reynolds 

20 Ford Lane 
Roseland, NJ 07068 
Kappa Sigma 

Laura Rheinauer 


2907 Whitemarsh Place 

Macungie, PA 18062 

History Club (President), Phi Alpha 

Theta (President) 

Dani Rhen 

Physics, German 
1 1 Avenue C 

Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972 
German Club (President), Philhar- 
monic Orchestra (Treasurer, 
Adviser), Global Union, Interna- 
tional Honors Society 

Courtney Riccardelli 

Economics, Finance 
59 Snowberry Lane 
New Canaan, CT 06840 
Economics Society, Finance Club 

Stephanie Richart 


71 1 Elder Court 

Glencoe, IL 60022 

Women's Rugby Club (President), 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

Erika Riddle 

835 Wafford Lane 
Bethlehem, PA 18017 
Gamma Phi Beta (President), 
Epitome ("Living" Editor), 
Accounting Club, 

Jennifer L. Riegel 

Chemical Engineering 
310 Lanie Drive 
Birdsboro, PA 19508 
Chi Omega (New Member Educa- 
tor), Epitome (Sports Co-Editor), 
American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers, Society of Women 
Engineers, University Productions 

Nicole Roach 


1 576 Longview Drive 

Latrobe, PA 15650 

Panhellenic Council (Vice President 

of Education), Kappa Alpha Theta, 

Mustard and Cheese Drama Societ)' 

Nicole J. Robertson 


448 Chestnut Hill Avenue 
Waterbury, CT 06704 
Gift of Life Fund (President), LU 
Choir (Tour Manager, Recruitment 
Chair), Senior Class Gift Commit- 
tee (Solicitations Chair), Admissions 
Office (Intern and Fellow), Choral 
Union, French Club, International 
Club, LU Senate, Track Team, 
Gospel Choir 

John Robinson 

1413 Alpine Lane 
Williamstown, NJ 08094 

Arsenio Rodriguez 


66 Orchard Street 

Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 

LU Senate, Rugby Club, Lambda 

Chi Alpha 

Brandon Rogers 

Accounting, Finance 
621 Parkhill Street 
Bethlehem, PA 18017 
Senior Class (Vice President), 
Accounting Club, Finance Club, 
Tae Kwon Do Team, Soccer Club 


TEPHANii; Paige Rogers 


1 16 Doiihlctrci- 

lampstcKl, Ml) 21074 

ar.sity Soccer, Aljiha Oniicton Pi, 

mcrican ('hcmical Society 

Hii RoGoi r 

usiiicis Injornuition System, Supply 

'haiii Management 

367 Chagrin River Road 

enticvvilk-, OH 44022 

i Ka|i[i.i Alpha 


iciology/Social Psychology 
3 Cireylock Road 
/elk-slc-y, MA 02181 
'eita lau Dcha 

(atthew Romero 

\lectrical Engineering 
\'tl S. Moctz Drive 
hlitown, NJ 08850 
istitute of Electrical and Electronic 
ngineers, Society of Hispanic 
otessional Engineers 


meriiiin Stitdiei 

) Pamela Court 

iburon, CA 94920 

zz Ensemble, Pi Kappa Alpha, LU 

rchestra. Percussion Ensemble, 

'ind Ensemble 

I I K M. RosAN 

,11 kiting 

)^() Davenport Street, NW 

'ashington, DC 20008 

«c Rose 


.1 S\V 93rd Avenue 

mbroke Pines, FL 33025 

tican Caribbean Cultural Club 

ecretary). International Club, 

ational Society of Black Engineers 



Sandra Circle 

estfield, NJ 07090 

pha Sigma Phi (Treasurer) 



108 Gossum Court 
lymarket, VA 20169 
yphon Society, R.O.T.C., LUEMS 

JDREW Rubin 

Rose Glen Drive 
idover, MA 01810 
vestment Club, Peer Tutor 

Nathaniel J. Ruey 

790 Mt. Pleasant 
Winnetka, II. 60093 
Accounting Club, WIVRTM 

Naihaniee Russell 

(iril /-ngineering 

101 Hill 

Ashfield, MA 01330 

American Socicrv of Civil Engineers 


Thomas R. Riuh 

Mechanical Hngineering 
242-408 ralcorrville 
Vernon, CT 06066 
Delta Tau Delta 

Jennieer Lynn Ryan 

14 Polo Lane 
Westbury, NY 11590 
Alpha Phi (President, Rush Chair) 

Natalie J. Ryan 


289 Circle Hills Drive 

Grand Forks, ND 58201 

Dance Team (President), Dancin' 

Club (President), Delta Gamma 

(Vice President Foundation), 

Marketing Club 


Michael Sackrison 
Chemical Engineering 
1456 Westgate Drive 
Bethlehem, PA 18017 
Delta Upsilon (Treasurer), Ameri- 
can Institute of Chemical Engineers 

Warren T. Sadaphal 


#9 Endridge Rd. Petrotrin 
Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad 
Indian Student Association, 
International Club, Philosophy 
Club I 

Joseph C. Sahl 

Materials Science 
327 Bailey Road 
Montgomer)', NY 12549 
Outing Club, Wrestling Team 

Emilia Sama 


9 Scirvani Drive 

Wanaque, M 07465 

Beta Alpha I'm (Recording Secre- 

tanO. Accoiintint; CAub 

Rachel Sapir 


1 8 Spruce Street 

West Windsor, NJ 08550 

Accounting Club, Eacrosse Team, 

Women's Rugby, Women in 


Jessica Sapirstein 

Biology, Science Writing 

1 3 Astor Drive 

Manalapan, NJ 07726 

Alpha Chi Omega (Risk Manager) 

Shane Sauer 

Mechanical Engineering 
9200 Pavonia Court 
Potomac, MD 20854 
Ice Hockey 

Leah Sax ion 


6808 Hyde Park Drive 

San Diego, CA 92119 

Dancin', Outing Club, STAR 

Academy, History Club, Lehigh 


Bret Sayre 


29 East Drive 

Livingston, NJ 07039 

WLVR-FM (Program Director), 

University Productions 

Brittany Schaeffer 

Materials Science 
3304 Harrison Avenue 
Reading, PA 19605 
Choral Union, LU Choir 

Justin Schaffer 

Mechanical Engineering 
4976 Nor-Bath Boulevard 
Northampton, PA 18067 
Pi Tau Sigma 

Chris Schaible 


1001 Grant Avenue 

Blue Bell, PA 19422 

Accounting Club, Ice Hockey, Beta 

Alpha Psi 

Darron Schall 
Computer Science 
79 Yeats Run 
Northampton, PA 18067 

Maureen Schaub 

Supply Chain Management 
12 Greenbrier Avenue 
Farming\ille, NY 11738 
Cross Country Team, Outdoor/ 
Indoor Track Feam 

Micfuel Schechter 


1 56 Sunset Bay Drive 

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 

Investment Club, Kappa Alpha, 

Baseball Club 

Suzanne Sciii it ini 


45 Mallett Drive 

Trumbull, CT 06611 

Pi Beta Phi (Vice President Moral 

Advancement), Lehigh Valley 

Summer Bridge Program (Site 

Supervisor), Tour Guide 

Derek Schiavone 

Finance, International Relations 
222 W. Center Street 
Nazareth, PA 18064 
Delta Phi 

Christina Schindele 

Electrical Engineering 
120 Post Road 
Richboro, PA 18954 
Alpha Omicron Pi (Risk Manage- 
ment Chair, Vice President Educa- 
tion), Tau Beta Pi, Rho Chi, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Order of Omega, 
Institute of Electronic and Electrical 

Patrick Daniel Schmid 

Computer Science 
Bismarckstrasse 5 1 
Kusterdingen, Germany 72127 
Global Union (President), Tau Beta 
Pi (President), French Club, Chinese 
Culture Club. Institute ol Electrical 
and Electronic Engineers, Inrema- 
rional Club, German Club, Council 
of Student Presidents, ACM, Visiting 
Lecturers Committee 


Matthew Schmidt 

Chemical Engineering 
121 Brossman Court 
Leesport, PA 19533 
University Productions (Program- 
ming Manager), American Institute 
of Chemical Engineers, Tennis C'lub 

Margot Schneider 


1609 Asbury Avenue ^_ 

Winnetka, IE 60093 ^ 

Alpha Omicron Pi 

C. Ta^tor Schofield 

500 Ashwood Drive 
Nazareth, PA 18064 
Gr\phon Socien- (President, Trea- 
surer), Phi Eta Sigma (Treasurer) 


Valerie Schultz 

Geological Sciences 
5171 Pennsylvania Street 
Whitehall, PA 18052 
Alpha Phi Omega (Secretary), 
STAR Academy 

Robert J. Schumaker 


1 1 Richmond Hill 
Irvington, NY 10533 
Kappa Alpha (Treasurer) 

Deborah J. Schwartz 


478 Arbor Place 

New Milford, NJ 07646 

University ot Dreams Internship 

Program (Campus Representative), 

Dancin', French Club, Hillel 

Society, Outing Club, Running 

Club, Swing Dance Club, Finance 

Club, Latin Dance Club, Spanisii 


Lauren A. Schwartz 


478 Arbor Place 

New Milford, NJ 07646 

Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team, 

Dancin', French Club, Hillel 

Society, Finance Club, Outing 

Club, Spanish Club, Latin Dance 


Jennifer Schwartz 


6 1 South Bay Avenue 

Massapequa, NY 11758 

Elizabeth Schwartz 

Political Science 
1534 W. Congress Street 
Allentown, PA 18102 
Alpha Gamma Delta (Vice President 
Membership Development, Sister- 
hood Coordinator), Rho Chi 

Joseph Sclafani 

47 Dogwood Lane 
Rockville Centre, NY 1 1 570 
Delta Phi 

Tara Scollans 

Public Relations 

12 Magnolia Avenue 
Denville, NJ 07834 
Alpha Omicron Pi, Epitome 

Andrea Scoit 
Economics, Finance 
500 Simsbury Road 
Bloomfield, CT 06002 
Women's Tennis Team (Captain), 
Finance Club, Outing Club 

Michael Seaberg 

Civil Engineering 
39 Maple Court 
Staten Island, NY 10312 
Theta Chi 

Dana Seelely 

Mechanical Engineering 
1285 Oxford Road 
Bridgewater, NJ 08807 

Steve Seide 

Supply Chain Management 
41 Ledgewood Road 
Redding, CT 06896 
Phi Delta Theta (President) 

Jill Selbo 


35 Pine Avenue 

South Amboy, NJ 08879 

Dancin", Theater 

Brian Semel 


602 South Avenue 
Glencoe, IL 60022 
Lacrosse Team, Theta Xi 

Andrea Servidone 


21 Oriel Lane 
Rensselaer, NY 12144 
Gamma Phi Beta 

Patrick Sexton 

Fi)iancc, Economics 
17 Broad Brook Lane 
Stamford, CT 06907 
Sigma Nu 

Jessica Shadoff 

Political Science 
1931 Babbs Court 
Marriottsvillc, MD 21104 
Alpha Chi Omega 

NiRALi Shah 


63 Albert Court 

Parsippany, NJ 07054 

Allison Shapiro 


79 Arlen Way West 

Hartford, CT 06117 

Beta Alpha Psi (Vice President), 

Peer Mentors (Executive Board), 

Alpha Phi 

Michael Shapiro 


82 Meadowbrook Road 
Short Hills, NJ 07078 
Sigma Nu 

Amanda Sherman 


76 Stilwell Road 

Holmdel, NJ 07733 

Delta Gamma 

Brendan J. Sherriff 


1 Glenwood Road 
Weston, CT 06883 
Investment Club, Ski Team, 
Finance Club 

Rosemary Sherry 


8355 Sanderling Lane 
Vero Beach, FL 32963 
Alpha Omicron Pi, Women's 
Lacrosse Team, History Club 

Kanoko Shimizu 

Asian Studies 
601 Saucon View Drive 
Bethlehem, PA 18015 
Japan Club (Vice President) 

James Shondel 

Business Information System 
1 Bush Hill Terrace 
Kinnelon, NJ 07405 
University Productions Chair 

David Shoup 

4554 Cairo Drive 
Whitehall, PA 18052 
College Republicans (President) 

Kim Showstead 


10 Carrwright Road 
Wellesley, MA 02181 
Delta Gamma 

LoRi Shuler 

Computer Engineering 
49 Pine Valley Drive 
Rochester, NY 14626 
Society of Women Engineers 
(President), Tau Beta Pi, FOR- 
WARD, Student Orientation 
Leader, Phi Eta Sigma 

Keith Shuler 

Chemical Engineering 
453 Rt. 94 
Columbia, NJ 07832 

Amanda Sidman 


94\4 Shouse Drive 

Vienna, VA 22182 

Panhellenic Council (Vice President 

Communications), Up Til Dawn 

(Executive Director), American 

Chemical Society, Alpha Gamma 


Daniel John Siegwart 


1529 Williamsburg Place 
Pittsburgh, PA 1 5235 
Progressive Student Alliance 
(President) LU Film Society 
(President), American Chemical 
Society, Asian Cultural Society, 
International Club, Philosophy 

Randy Paul Silang 
Industrial Engineering 
630 Riverside Avenue 
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071 
Asian Cultural Society (President, 
Global Union Representative, 
Senior Class Officer), Institute of 
Industrial Engineers, Crew Club 

Matthew Ryan Silverhardt 

1436 Marshall Lane 
Meadowbrook, PA 19046 
Chi Phi, Hillel Society 

Amy Silverman 

Political Science 

1 1 Hilltop Lane 

Framingham, MA 01701 

Alpha Chi Omega, Choral Union, 

Lacrosse, LU Senate 

Jonathan Jacob Silverman 

83-33 Austin Street 
Kew Gardens, NY 11415 
Interfraternity Council (Commu- 
nity Relations Chair), Delta Sigma 
Phi (Community Service Chair), 
Accounting Club, Society of 
Hispanic Professional Engineers, 
Phi Gamma Delta 

Jennifer Silversmith 


1 28 Ocean Avenue 

Woodmere, NY 11598 

Pi Beta Phi 

Joshua Silverstein 


5 Polo Court 

Woodbury, NY 11797 

Dreyfus Portfolio (President), 

Investment Club (President), 

Finance Club, Theta Xi 

Danielle Simone 

Journalism, Theater 

3 White Oak Circle 

Purchase, NY 10577 

Alpha Chi Omega, Public Relation 

Society of America, Mustard & 

Cheese Drama Society 


Jonathan Simonini 


40 Battery Street, Unit 304 

Boston, MA 02109 

Delta Tail Delta (dorrespoiidini; 

Sccretan,'), Marketing C.Wdi 

Gerrae L. Simons 

English, Fimiiicc 

19 Columbia Avenue 

Somerdale, NJ 08083 

National Soeiety of Black Engineers 

(Secretary), Gr)'phon Society (Head 

Gryphon), Cienesis ("lospel Choir 

(President), LU Wind Ensemble 

Stephanie Sinaikin 


5 Belvedere Drive 

Livingston, Nj 07039 

Sabrina Skari 


1517 N. Snead Avenue 
Boise, ID 83616 
Marketing Club 

Jennifer Skii.bred 

En I'iro n men till Scieiiees 
22 West Drive 
Sag Harbor, NY 11963 
Women's Rugby 

Jason Skypeck 


157 Coventr)- I.ane 
Longmeadow, MA 01106 
Theta Xi (Steward), Ice Hockey 

David Siobotkin 

Finance, Marketing 

32 Summit Road 

Port Washington. NY 11050 

Alpha Sigma Phi, Tennis Team 

Alexander Small 


1091 Cherry Hill Road 

Princeton, NJ 08540 

Sigma Phi Epsilon (Vice President 

Commimications), LU Senate, 

Finance ("kib 

Bryan Smith 


3514 Bayshore Road 

N. CapeMa>', NJ 08204 

Delta Upsilon 

Edward G. Smith 

Electrical Engineering 
618 Signers Circle 
Marlton, Nj 08053 
Taylor College (President), Institute 
of Electrical and Electronic Engi- 

Erin Smith 


8 Bluff Lane Mountain Hill 


Equestrain Club, National Society 

ol Black Ijigineers 

Marc.o Smith 

Finance, Marketing 

35 Stacy Drive 

Belle Mead, NJ 08502 

Delta Camma, Field Hockey Team 

Zachary a. Smiih 


4 Rutland Road 

Scarsdale, NY 10583 

Km.i.y K. Smuii 

Finance, Marketing 
30 Segsbur)' Drive 
Williamsviile, NY 14221 
Delta Gamma (Vice President 

Stuart C. Smothers 

Supply Chain Management 
8350 Dubbs Drive 
Severn, MD 21144 

James Snevily 

Fconomics, Religion Studies 

61 Ashley Court 

Bedminster, NJ 07921 

Economics Society, Investment 


Laura Sobocienski 


44 Amelia Drive 

Clark, NJ 07066 

Accounting Club, Swimming Team 

Taurin Spalding 

Mechanical Engineering 
5785 Muckland Avenue 
Red Creek, NY 13143 
American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers (President), Outing Club 
(Treasurer), Pi Tau Sigma, Rugby 
Club, Soccer Club 

Jared Spangenberg 

Chemical Engineering 
1950 Freier Road 
Quakertown, PA 18951 
American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers, Tau Beta Pi 

Samantha Stahl 


2103 Marabou Place 

Goshon, TN 46528 


Christopher Stanton 

Electrical Engineering 
645 North Wales Road 
North Wales, PA 19454 
Sigma Chi 

Michelle StavoIj\ 


2048 Pleasant Drive 

Bethlehem, PA 18015 

Earth & Environmental Sciences 

Club (Treasurer), Phi Alpha Theta 

(Treasurer), History Club, Phi Eta 


Bryan Stear 

Mechanical Engineering, Astrophysics 
3030 Coleridge Drive 
Erie, PA 16506 
Kappa Alpha (Vice President 
Housing), American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers, French Club, 
Gryphon Society, Outing Club, 
American Physical Society 

Brian M. Steib 


179 Hamiltonian Drive 
Red Bank, NJ 07701 
Rugby Football Club (Match 
Secretary), Outing Club, Crew 
Team, LU EMS 

Jeffrey B. Steinberg 

Political Science 

1471 Barton Drive 

Fort Washington, PA 19034 

R.O.T.C, Delta Upsilon 

Andrew Steinhandler 


355 E. 72nd Street 

New York, NY 10021 

Intramural Basketball (Manager), 

Finance Club, FMA 

Jessica Steinitz 

International Relations, Journalism 
1536 Cooper Drive 
Ambler, PA 19002 
Kappa Alpha Theta 

Joseph C. Stephanak IV 


147 Gin Mill Road 
Mohrsville, PA 19541 
Delta Upsilon, University Produc- 

Lora Sterner 

Environmental Sciences 
1424 Washington Avenue 
Northampton, PA 18067 

Stephanie Ann Sterrett 
English, Psychology. Spanish 
6240 Winding Road 
Coopersburg, PA 18036 

Alpha Omicron Pi (Vice President 
Academic Development), Phi Eta 
Sigma, Admissions Ambassador, 
Admissions Fellow, Outing Club, 
LU Senate 

Mark Stevenson 

Economics, Marketing 
7242 Old Post Road 
Boulder, CO 80.301 
Interfraternity Council (Vice 
President), Chi Phi, Tennis Team 

Roberi Sione 

Computer Engineering 
10 Wood Lane 
Winchester, MA 01890 

Michael Stotler 

Computer Engineering 
12 Settlers Lane 
Westfield, NJ 07090 
Theta Xi 

KiMBERLY Strauss 

7 Leo Chasse Way 
Framingham, MA 01701 
Alpha Chi Omega ( Man- 
ager), Hillel Society, Marketing 
Club, Histon.' Club 

Samantha Succop 


107 Forest Drive 

Pittsburgh, PA 15238 

Delta Gamma (Honor Board), 

Dancin', Scabbard and Blade, The 

Newman Council 

Colleen Sullivan 

Industrial Engineering 

2622 Skv'view Avenue 

Langhorne, PA 19053 

Alpha Pi Mu (President), Institute 

of Industrial Engineers, Society of 

Women Engineers 

Mary Lynn Super 

Chemical Engineering 
5102 Western Avenue 
Omaha, NE 68132 
Alpha Gamma Delta (President, 
Vice President Scholarship), Order 
of Omega (Vice President, Trea- 
surer), American Institute of 
Chemical Engineers, LU Senate, 
Panhellenic Council, Society of 
Women Engineers 

Gary Sutton 

Economics, History 
5 Wesickaman Drive 
Shamong, NJ 08088 
Economics Society, Phi Delta 
Theta, Ski Club 


Cyrus Tanaka 
Industrial Engineering 
5421 S. Berry Lane 
Greenwood Village, CO 801 1 1 
Anime Club (Vice President), Jazz 

David L. Tancona 

Political Science 

27 Church St. Box 115 

Libert)- Corner, NJ 07938 

Theta Chi (Vice President), College 

Republicans (Treasurer), LU 

Student Senate 

Andrew S. Tarlau 

Electrical Engineering 

8 Autumn Lane 

Ewing. NJ 08638 

Institute of Electrical and Electronic 


Amanda Taylor 

English, Psychology 
AA Rockland Avenue 
West Paterson, NJ 07424 
University Productions, Psychology 
Club, Tour Guide 

Natasha Taylor 

Civil Engineering 
652 Beverly Road 
Pittsburgh, PA 1 5243 
Society ot Women Engineers 
(Treasurer), American Society of 
Civil Engineers (Secretary), Chi 
Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Varsity Soccer 

Theresa Teasley 

His tor)' 

6 Mountain Drive 

Mt. Pocono, PA 18344 
Kappa Alpha Theta (Vice President of 
Development, Music Chair, Alumni 
Chair), Gryphon Society, History 
Club, Asian Cultural Society 

Zareen Tehsildar 


7 Deer Run 

Hillsborough, NJ 08844 
Accounting Club (President) 

Lauren Thayer 

P.O. Box 62 
Sagaponack, NY 11962 
Alpha Phi 

Hayley Thompson 
Psychology, Social Relations 
7 Woodcrest Road 


Westborough, MA 01581 
Alpha Omicron Pi, Epitome 

Holly R. Thompson 

Mechanical Engineering 
15560 Ponderosa Lane 
Auburn, CA 95603 
Pi Tau Sigma (Vice President), 
American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers, LU Choir (Executive 
Committee), Tau Beta Pi, Outing 
Club, Society of Women Engineers 

Heather Thomson 


36 Old Farmers Road 
Long Valley, NJ 07853 
Kappa Kappa Psi (Parliamentarian), 
Alpha Chi Sigma (Master of Ceremo- 
nies), Reformed University Fellowship 
(Secretary), American Chemical Society, 
Concert Band, Marching Band, Pep 
Band, Fencing Club, Sigma Xi 

Thaid Thor 

Finance, Marketing 
721 N. Jerome Street 
AUentown, PA 18103 

John Timko 

920 Sassafras Circle 
West Chester, PA 19382 
C.O.A.C.H. Program, Delta 
Upsilon, Football Team 

Thomas H. Toepke 

723 Lake Avenue 
Greenwich, CT 06830 
Lacrosse Team, Theta Xi 

Albert Bryan Tomlinson 

Political Science 
21 Canton Lane 
Langhorne, PA 19047 
Brown and White (Business Editor, 
Assistant Business Editor), House 
Council (Programming Coordina- 
tor), Gryphon Society, Resident 
Hal! Association, STAR Academy 

Lisette Torres 

Environmental Science, Religion 


7 E. Fairview Avenue 

Dover, NJ 07801 

Alpha Phi Omega (President, 

Treasurer), Society of Hispanic 

Professional Engineers 

Stephen Trainer 
Industrial Engineering 
17 Deer Cross Lane 
North Brunswick, NJ 08902 
Society of Manufacturing Engineers 
(Secretary), Kappa Sigma (Grand 
Scribe), Club LAX, Lacrosse, Brown 
and White 

Michael Trexler 

Industrial Engineering 
WAG Schwenger Road 
Mount Joy, PA 17552 
IE Council (President), Institute of 
Industrial Engineers (Vice Presi- 
dent), Rugby Club 

Christiaan Troost 

Industrial Engineering 
444 Brickel Ave., Ste. 51265 
Miami, FL 33131 
SALSA (Treasurer) 

Drew Truxel 

Mechanical Engineering 
16 Valley View Road 
Warren, NJ 07059 
Alpha Tau Omega 


Mark Udis 


103 Flick Drive 

Fort Washington, PA 19034 

Theta Xi (President) 


Russell Vaccaro 


31 Spruce Street 

Garden City, NY 11530 

American Society of Mechanical 

Engineers, Balance, Phi Sigma 


Victoria Van Duzer 


90 Meyersville Road 

Gillette, NJ 07933 

Alec van Gelder 


Ave des Hants Taillis 9 

1330 Rixensert 


Laura Vanaskie 

Political Science 

102 Possum Way 

Clarks Green, PA 18411 

Alpha Gamma Delta (Membership 

Coordinator, Social Chair), Order of 

Omega, National Society of Collegiate 


Joy Vanterpool 


1 Ens Place 

Irvington, NJ 07111 

Gryphon Society, Career Services, 

Admissions Fellow, Gospel Choir, 
STAR Tutoring, National Society ol 
Black Engineers 

Irene Vardaxis 

Materials Science 

2000 Riverbend Road 

AJIentown, PA 18103 

Hellenic Club (Treasurer), Epitome 

TiAGO Vasconcellos 
Chemical Engineering 
5483 Grace Avenue 
Bethlehem, PA 18017 
American Institute of Chemical 

Vadim Vassiliev 

Computer Science, Economics 
556 Carlton Avenue, Apt. 5 
Bethlehem, PA 18015 
Russian Club (President, Vice 
President), Table Tennis Team 
(Treasurer), Economics Society 

Marcelo Vazquez 


1880 Plaza del Sur #103 

Santa Fe, NM 87505 

French Club (Vice President) 

Steven Vescio 


144 Old BriarclifiF Road 

Briarchff, NY 10510 

Theta Delta Chi 

Rebecca Vezza 


620 Kensington Drive 
Westfield, NJ 07090 
Alpha Phi 

Dean Paul Vlecides 


27 Wind Hill Way 
Holmdel, NJ 07733 
Kappa Alpha 


Paul Waldeier 

Business Information System 

51 1 N. Wynnewood Avenue 

Narberth, PA 19072 

Sigma Chi (Vice President, Social 


Mandy Walis 


36 Flanagan Drive 

Framingham, MA 01701 




173 Newton Street 

South Hadlcy, MA 01078 

Chi Psi 

Mt:(;AN Lucas Wai.iace 
Political Science 
2637 Buchanan Street 
San Francisco, CA 94 1 1 5 
i'anhclicnic Council (Vice I'tcsidcnt 
ludicial), Alpha Chi Onie^a 
(I'anhcllcnic Delegate), Brown and 
White (Photo Hdiior) 

jAMiis Kyi.k Waliers 

Industrial lingineeri)ig 
2176 SW Main Street 
Portland, OR 97205 
Institute of Industrial Engineers 

Mai tiiEW H. Waiion 

A leclhuiical Engineering 
1 1 Water Street 
c:iinton, NJ 08809 
himbda Chi Alpha (Vice President, 
Treasurer), American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma, 
Tau Beta Pi, Order of Omega, Phi 
Eta Sigma, National Honor Society 
for Collegiate Scholars, (Xitdoor 
Adventure Program 

Chrissu; Walton 


4 Flintlock Road 

FIcmington, NJ 08822 

Community Interaction Day 

(Chair), Alpha Phi Omega, Women 

in Business 

MArrHEW Wanner 

Architect II re 

14123 M.idison Road 

Middlefield, OH 44062 

Iheta Xi (Vice President), Intertra- 

ternity Council (Secretary) 

Pairicia Ward 

Environmental Sciences 
169 Weston Avenue 
Chatham, NJ 07928 
Choral Union, Pi Beta Phi 

Mauri Fravne Warren 
Computer Engineering 
41 5 Paseo Miramar 
Redondo Beach, CA 90277 
Kappa ;Alpha Theta, Outing Club, 
STAR Academy 

Gran i Wasch 


^'30 Bedford Hills Drive 

Farlysville, VA 22936 

Student Athlete Executive Board, 

Lacrosse Team 

Jenniier Wasserman 

Finance. Marketing 
8 Dogwood Lane 
Skillman. NJ 08558 

Sara Was.serman 


30 Kingston Ro.kI 

Media, PA 19063 

Choral Union, Cirsphon Society, 

Kappa Alpha Iheta 

Roijvnd Waz 

C^oinputer Engineering 
4129 Broadway 
Allcntown, PA 18104 

Luke Weher 


1701 Hamilton Drive 

Valley Forge, PA 19481 

Lambda (!hi Alpha 

Mai-ihew Weick 


605 Preston Avenue 
Voorhees, NJ 08043 
Soccer Team 

RoNNi Weii>en 

37 Locust Street 
Greenvale, NY 11548 
Alpha Chi Omega 

Kevin Weight 
Computer Science 
15 Linden Circle 
Weston, MA 02493 
Alpha Tau Omega 

LiAM Weiner 

Business Information System 
65 Arleigh Road 
Great Neck, NY 11021 
Phi Delta Theta 

Jon Weiskopf 

Mechanical Engineering 
303 Old Mountain Road 
Farmington, CT 06032 
Kappa Sigma (Vice President) 

Chris Wenner 


56 Bittersweet Lane 

New Canaan, CT 06840 

Spanish Club, Baseball Te;im, Zeta Psi 

Lindsay Werkheiser 


35a Argonne Road East 

Hampton Bays, NY 11946 

Psycholog)' Club (Secretar)-), Choral 


Martin J. Wexler 
Economics, Finance 
130 Quail Lane 

Lebanon, PA 17042 
Sigma Alpha Mu (Vice President), 
Accounting (^lub, Hillel Society, 
Investment (!lub, Jaz/ Ensemble 

MiciiAEi Whai.en 

Political Science 

1 36 Prospect Avenue 

Quincy, MA 02170 

Heather C. Whai i n 


287 Syosset- Woodbury Road 

Woodbury, NY 11797 

Gainm.i Phi Bcla. M.irketing Club 

Jonathan White 

Computer Science 
1001 N. 5th Street 
Perkasie, PA 18944 

Sarah Wk.hryk 

Marketing —_ ,^_^^_. 

411 Rohrmann Road 
Darlington, PA 16115 
Alpha Chi Omega (President), 
Panhellcnic Council (Delegate), 
Finance Cltib 

Jason Widdes 

Materials Science 
2153 Northgate 
Northfield, IL 60093 

Warren Widener 

Mechanical Engineering 

27 James Farm Road 

Lee, NH 03824 

Ice Hockey B Club (President), 

Lacrosse Club, Pi Tau Sigma, Theta 


Jessica Wildman 

Sociology/Social Psychology 
245 E. 24th Street 
New York, NY 10010 

MArniEW WiL-soN 
Computer Engineering 
4463 Leesburg Road 
Marietta, CA 30066 

Kara Winne 

Business Information System 

58 Colgate Drive 

North Andover, MA 01845 

Women's Rugby, Crew Club 

Tommy Sun Hung Wong 

Computer Science 

86 Myrtle Avenue 

Allendale, NJ 07401 

Asian Culture Societ)- (Sccretar)-). 

Chinese Culture Club, Toekwando 

Justin Woodruff 
Industrial Engineering 
24 Pintinalli Drive 

Hamilton, NJ 08619 

Alpha Pi Mu, Institute of Industrial 

Engineers, Outing Club, WLVR 


Erika Wortmann 

Marketing, Finance 
80 Knollwood Road 

Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 
Alpha Phi 

Sharon Li^nne Wright 

Molecular Biology 

37383 Parson Creek Road 

Springfield, OR 97478 

Kappa Alpha I beta (Philanthropy 

Chair), Choral Union, LU Senate, 

Rho Chi, Student Health Advisory 


Mary Lynn Wright 


216 Lamp I'ust Line 

Camp Hill, PA 17011 

Histor)' Club (Vice President), Phi 

Alpha Theta (Vice President), 

Marching Band, Pep Band 

Kevin Wright 

Computer Science 
15 Linden Circle 
Weston, MA 02493 
Alpha Tau Omega 

Patricia Wu 


1528 Wild Cranbern,- Drive 

Crownsville, MD 21032 


Linda Wu 

Chemistiy I Education 
15 Valley View A\xnue 
Randolph, NJ 07869 
American Chemical Society 
(President), Alpha Chi Sigma (Vice 
President), Asian Cultural Society, 
Gryphon Society, Chi Omega 

Julie Wulf 


17 Punch Bowl Drive 

Westport, CT 06880 

Pi Beta Phi 


Tina Xu 


82-20 Parsons Blvd. 2nd Floor 

Brianvood, NY 11342 

Asian Cultural Society (Vice 

President), American Chemical 

Society, Chinese Culture Club 



Resat M. Yalkin 

Industrial Engineering 

Kuzu Sok4/7, Kamelya Apt. Saudiye 

Istanbul, Turkey 8107 

Turkish Students Association 

(President), Soccer Club, German 


Matt Yarnold 

Civil Engineering 

14 Chelsea Drive 

BuddLake, NJ 07828 

Baseball Team (Captain), American 

Society of Civil Engineers, Sigma 


Andrew J. Yates 

Asian Studies 
601 Saucon View Drive 
Bethlehem, PA 18015 
Japan Club 

ESRA Yavuz 

Industrial Engineering 
Dr. Kazim Lakay Sok.5/3 Daylan 
Istanbul, Turkey 8003 
Economics Club, Turkish Student 
Association, Economics Society, 
International Club, Society of 
Women Engineers 

Sarah Youssef 

Architecture, Urban Studies 
5919 Ricky Ridge Trail 
Orefield, PA 18069 
International Club (Treasurer), 
Asian Cultural Society, Balance, Phi 
Beta Delta, African-Caribbean 
Cultural Club 


Erik Zambelli 

Mechanical Engineering 
209 Canterbury Lane 
N. Versailles, PA 15137 
American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers, Chi Phi, Pi Tau Sigma, 
Soccer Club 

Francis S. Zane 
Chemical Engineering 
2518 S. 22nd Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19145 
Roller Hockey 

Leigh Ann Zangaro 
Finance, Marketing 
1 23 Longmount Drive 
Pittsburgh, PA 15214 


Alpha Omicron Pi (President), 
Women in Business, Order of 
Omega, Phi Eta Sigma 

Ann Zawartkay 
Classical Civilization, Astrophysics 
2 Crest Circle Drive 
Freehold, NJ 07728 

Anne Zurilla 
International Relations 
20 Fox Hollow Drive 
Blooming Grove, NY 10914 
Resident Hall Association (Secre- 
tary), Gryphon Society, Interna- 
tional Relations Club 

David Zwirn 


22 Marling Lane 
PleasantviUe, NY 10570 
Delta Phi 

J V- 


Benjamin Ache 
Glenn Adams 
Jonathan Adams 
Theresa Adcliyi 
Folashadc Adeshuko 
Sartaj Ahmed 
Kevin Albert 
Jamee Alexander 
Jason Allen 
Thomas Alvarez 
Sami Amin 
Michael Andreychik 
Mark Antar 
Herbert Armstrong 
Martin Arteta 
Masako Asaka 
Benoni Asamoah 
Kurt Avunduk 
Byron Bach man 
Adam Balgach 
Elizabeth Barkauskas 
Jeffrey Bairron 
Aaron Batalion 
Devon Battaglia 
Donald Bauch 
Byron Bean 
Jessica Bedoya 
Jimena Begaries 
lenny Bender 
Christopher Bentley 
Charles Blades 
laik Blenheim 
Christopher Bloom 
Jason Blum 
Ying Bo 
Joseph Boates 
Erich Boettcher 
lared Boschcn 
Louis Bosurgi 
Dana Breitbart 
William Brine 
Kevin Brink 
Julie Brinker 
Lauren Brinker 
Stephen Brodsky 
Christopher Bromley 

Robert Chambers 

Ching-Yue Chen 

Jung-Hee Cho 

Dae Choo 

Jason Chrin 

Joel Clinton 

Eric Cloyd 

Melissa Clymer 

Joshua Colistra 

Eric Condran 

Ryan Conlin 

Lindsey Connors 

Timothy Conrad 

Allison Cozzini 

Carrie Crane 

Matthew Crawford 

Brian Crossan 

Christopher Crowe 

Leo Cruz 

Brittney Crystal 

Michael D'Orvilliers 

Michael Daly 

Mona Dashti 

Daphne David 

Heather Davis 

Kevin Day 

Thomas De Marffy-Mantuano 

Talia DeCennaro 

Oscar Delavilla 

Christopher Delp 

Meggan Dencker 

Andrew Detwiler 

Julie Diasparra 

lonathan DiLauro 

Eric DiRuzzo 

Madhusha Dissanayake 

Qualson Dodd 

Aaron Drago 

August Drufke 

Kaihn,n Dubina 

Thoniivs Duffy 

Ted Dufresne 

David Dunham 

Edward Elder 

Mark Endress 

Larry English 

Keith Erekson 

Brian Ervvin 

Emilv Feinberg 

Louis Brown 

Ashley Felden 

Rachael Brownstein 

Victoria Fenimore 

John Bryner 

Daniel Floberg 

Matthew Bucciero 

Meghan Foley 

Gina Buntin 

Mark Follert 

Westley Burns 

Vincent Fong 

Kari Burris 

Billi Ford 

Manhew Buttacavoli 

Barrett Frankel 

Jeesuk Byun 

Jill Frazier 

Leslie CaiTert)' 

Diana Fredericks 

Matk Campinell 

Andrew Freed 

Michael Capozzi 

Jodie Friedman 

James Cardamone 

Holly Froum 

Timothy Carlin 

Perry Fuller 

Scott Carpenter 

David Fusco 

James Carr 

Piotr Gajewski 

Whitney Carrier 

Lisa Gambarella 

Elizabeth Carroll 

William Garehime 

Christophet Cassin 

Kathryn Gartner 

Christian Castellani 

Joseph Garvey 

Philip Chadbourn 

Whitney Gaunter 

1 iniiirhy Chadwick 

Danylo Geletkanycz 

Ncncho (icorgiev 
Simon Gibson 
Sicvc-n Gilfin 
I'ctcr (iiftortl 
Allison ("il.idstone 
Brandon Ciolm 
Galina Corclik 
Scan Gorniley 
Brian Green 
R.iy Girccnicy 
Jian Giian 
Debbie Guha 
Gomeri Giineri 
Seclet Giin.siu 
Ghclsea Gu/.owski 
Sarah Halpren-Ruder 
Sabrina Haworth 
I inies Healy 
jeiiniter Helms 
Sean Henry 
(iregory Hilcl 
('hristine Hintze 
Ailani Hoch 
Herbert Ho(tnian 
('barles Hopkins 
Jason Horowitz 
James Huemocller 
Michael I iuertas 
Ryan HLinter 
Grant Hutchings 
Ricky Illigasch 
Andrew Irwin 
Ghristophor Jewel! 
Anjuli Jindal 
Monica Jindal 
Kristin Johnson 
Fara Jubanowsky 
Jason Juchnik 
lin Kang 
John Kasameyer 
F.dward Kavanagh 
Nicholas Kazimiro Sasa 
Michael Kclleher 
Brian Kelley 
Andrew Kelly-Hayes 
James Kitaji 
Aaron Kling 
Dustin Knoop 
Vanessa Knopp 
Garrett Knutson 
Matthew Kocher 
Joshua Koehler 
Vishal Kothari 
Michael Kotila 
Kendra Ksiazek 
Marshall Kimz 
Brett Langley 
Shieva Latitpour 
Bess Lawrence 
David Lee 
Jung-Ho Lee 
Min-Soo Lee 
Benjamin Lehrhoff 
Kyle Lesniak 
Samantha Lewent 
Zachariah Liberman 
Joseph Lilly 
Glendy Lin 
Michael Linck 
Brian Linton 
Carly Lipnick 

Timothy Llewellyn 
Matthew Logic 
Tracey Lomranrz 
Shannon Long 
Martin Lot/. 
Michael Lovecchio 
Anthony Lowe 
Adam Loyack 
Michael Lozanoft 
I'ricia Ludovic 
Graydon Lutes 
David Lutz 
Anchor Mak 
Anil Makam 
Menka Malhotra 
Monica Malhotra 
Sean Malin 
Ghristopher Mansley 
Robert Mantell 
Rebecca Markowicz 
John Marlovv 
Jason Marrella 
Philip Martiens 
Roman Martinez 
Dominic Martino 
|ohn Mather 
Roy Maihis 
Jon-1'aul Matychak 
David Mayland 
Joseph McGabe 
Garner Mcclayton 
F.dward Mcconnell 
Elizabeth Mcdermott 
Jonathan Mcdonald 
Erin McGee 
John Mchugh 
Daniel Mcketta 
Patrick Mclaughlin 
Paul McLaughlin 
Daniel Mcweeney 
Elkin Mejia 
Christopher Menges 
Brandon Meyers 
F. Alexander Middleton 
David Miesse 
Harold Miller 
Jason Miller 
Michael Minicozzi 
Amol Mohapatra 
James Monica 
Brendan Moore 
James Moore 
Piper Morrison 
Joi Motley 
Stephanie Moy 
Alison Murphy 
Kevin Murphy 
Kelsey Musselman 
Adam Naiman 
George Najm 
Jerry Natale 
Erika Neilson 
Benjamin Neumann 
Tiarc Neumann 
Peter Newman 
Amy Neyenhouse 
Joshua Novack 
Kerry Novalany 
Mark Novasack 
Elizabeth O Connor 

Shane Obcr 
C'raig ODonnell 
Abigail Oelker 
Hiioshi Okonogi 
Charles Ormsby 
Kwadwo Osato-Maafo 
Joshua dstroski 
J a red Otto 
Oluseun Otulaja 
Fllena Ovstein 
Jarupol I'admasankha 
Kevin Padncs 
Hitesh Panchal 
Maria Panichelli 
Hugo Pellejero 
Ryan Perkins 
Anthony Petti 
John Pfilc 
Christopher Phelan 
Brian Piacitclli 
Jeffrey Pictrak 
Kenneth Pitter 
Jason Pizzollo 
Philip Pleasant 
Erin Pokrzywa 
David Poniatowski 
F^lizabeth Prather 
/.achary I'rocita 
Clinton Protack 
Kevin Prudente 
George Pushchinsky 
Brian Quigley 
Michael Quinlan 
Kirstin Rabe 
Matthew Read 
Stephen Ready 
Paul Rearden 
Mark Reccek 
Christopher Reed 
Rickia Reid 
1 odd Reynolds 
Bryan Richter 
Daniel Richter 
Zachar)' Rimmele 
Christine Rinaldi 
Laura Riordan 
Donnelle Rivers 
Elizabeth Robbins 
Michael Roche 
Ricardo Rodriguez 
Erik Rominger 
Eugene Rosamilia 
Amber Rosenberry 
Tovah Ross 
Shea-Marie Roth 
Derek Rounds 
Susan Rubow 
Cassandra Rimyan 
Nathaniel Russell 
Matthew Salvaterra 
Jeffrey Santacroce 
Nitin Sapru 
Ajaypal Sarkaria 
Benjamin Savage 
Mark Schmutte 
Ryan Schneck 
Eric Schreiber 
Zachary Schroedel 
Ronald Schulhof 
Michelle Schuster 
Sallv Schuster 

Hunter Schwarz 
Drew Schwoyer 
Brad Sersch 
Samir Shaikh 
Sarah Shepherd Stewart 
Patrick Sheridan 
Jessica Shields 
John Shields 
Matthew Shoenthal 
Jason Shupc 
Tara Siebelist 
Taylor Simpson 
Raina Sinha 
Joseph Sipley 
David Skeie 
Jeremy Smith 
Margo Smith 
Melissa Snyder 
Peter Somcrman 
Michael Song 
Amy Soong 
David Sosna 
Mehmei Sozen 
Adam Spivack 
Ajiastasios Stamidis 
Jeffrey Sternberg 
Henry Swormstedt 
Greta Tang 
Daniel Tapyrik 
Gwendolyn Taylor 
Meagan Thompson 
April Thurman 
Jonathan Thwaites 
Lisa Tiernan 
Anne Tierney 
Mathew Tillotson 
Christina Tinucci 
Jason Tober 
Heather Tomasctti 
Neal Toomey 
Franklin Torres 
Christopher Trindade 
Joseph Troiano 
Beau Truitt 
Paul Tsai 
Yu-Ju Tsai 
Brian Turner 
Trevor Twist 
Prakash Vasudevan 
Janelle Veldman 
Jennifer Walsh 
Elizabeth Wambold 
Kevin Wardlow 
Timothy Weber 
Lindsay Werkhciser 
Kevin Weschlcr 
William Whitesel 
Lauren Williams 
Michael Wilson 
Judson Winquist 
Joseph Wojcik 
Wai Wong 
Yu Wong 
Jordan Wood 
James Woomer 
Sharon Wright 
Kendall Wriglcy 
Carrie Yeakel 
Keith Yimoyines 
David Zippin 


Pomp and Circu mstance 

A clear sky and warm weather greeted 1,185 
graduates at Goodman Stadium on Monday, 
May 19, as they accepted their degrees during 
spring commencement. Tim Russert, host of 
NBC's "Meet the Press," and this year's com- 
mencement speaker, urged graduates to help 
those who are less privileged, especially children. 
The ceremony began shortly after 9 a.m. with 
remarks by President Gregory Farrington. Senior 
Class President Catherine Breckenridge thanked 
her fellow officers for their hard work and told 
her classmates that education has become more 
important than ever in a post-Sept. 11 th world. 
Honorary degrees were awarded to four people, 
including Russert. The other three recipients 
were Marlene Fowler and Priscilla Payne Hurd, 
both local philanthropists, and Martha 
Nussbaum, a professor of law and ethics at the 
University of Chicago. This year's ceremony was 
the first in recent years to be held on a weekday 

Alumni Association President Gerard Tarzia, '82, gives a special welcome to 
the newest alumni. 

President Gregory Farrington introduces tine Class of 2003 to the 
audience at Goodman Stadium. 


Above: A graduate proudly describes 
his college experience on his cap. 
Below: Two graduates compare their 
diplomas and make sure their names 
are spelled correctly. 

Above right: Jessica Brams-Miller 
sings the National Anthem at the 
ceremony. Below right: Gina Buntin, 
Shelita Burks and Carl Fulton walk 
arm-in-arm during the procession. 


Tim Russert, political analyst and senior vice president of NBC News, 
bestows wisdom during his commencement address. Russert is also the 
host of NBC's "Meet the Press." 

Class President Catherine Breckenridge shares advice with her fellow 
classmates during her speech. 

The Road to the Real World 

C^ornniEnaEniEnt 200^ 

Clockwise from top left: Four 
friends give congratulatory 
hugs. Sarah Youssef, Pearl Kim, 
Yomarls Maldonado and Randy 
Sllang proudly pose for a close- 
up. Lisa Wang and Lisa Opare 
celebrate. A graduate tries to 
track down his parents after 
the ceremony. Tara Scollans 
gets assistance putting her 
gown on. 



the ceremony. Far above: 
it up with family members. 


Dear Andrea 
We love you and are so proud of you. 

Graduating Lehigh is a wonderful accomplishment 

and you should be proud of it for the rest of your life. 

Now, as you go forward on your own, know that we 

will always love and 
support you, and wish 
you a happy and 
successful future. 

Mom and Dad 


Dear Matthew, 





From nursery school 
through college you 
have made us very 
proud of you. 
Congratulations on a 


Wi^: -^'-^--J^H 

job well done! 



Mom, Dad, Lisa, 

- "Miil^s^WH^^^-. 

Michael and Sammy 

Congratulations Jeff, 





I^H^K^' ^'^^^"^^^ 

well done! 

""Mi^^'^YJii' ^ 


; ^ - f^^K'tV" am'"** 


May success be yours. 




Your proud parents 

ll 11 









J onathan J . i^ilverman 

You are going to make a 
difference in this world. 

on your huge success. 

I couldn't love you 
more or be prouder of you. 




We couldn't be more proud of you 
and the person you hove become. 
You hove taught us all about cour- 
age, perseverance and rising 
above devastating circumstances 
with a quiet dignity and an unfail- 
ing sense of humor. You have truly 
become our hero. 

We love you and wish you all the 
happiness, health and success you 
so richly deserve. 

Mom, Dad, Adam, 
Kerry, Sarah and Ed 

You always wanted to be an LU engineer. 

Congratulations Patrick D. 
We're so proud of you. 


Mom and Dad 









Congratulations Matt, 
we're very proud of you 
and love you very 

Love always, 
Dad, Mom and 

(-onaxatuiationi BP^^^^^^^^H 




(1 u7 miiibiLj itax mau uou ^^^^^^B '^^^^^^^^1 



alujaui. brina out uoui tuLEnti. ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^k 



and uphoLd ijoui£i. ■^XW ^l^^^^^^^^^l 


^'Vlom, -L>ad and ^irnonn ^^^^^H^^^^^^^K ^^H 




We knew from the begimiing that you would go far! 

Congratulations on all you have accomplished and 

wishing you success and happiness in the future. 

We are very proud of you! 


Mom, Dad and Drew 




Congratulations on your terrific success at Lehigh! Your many accomph'shments bring great 
pride, admiration and joy to our family. Best wishes as you begin the next step of your 
wonderi'ul journey. We are so proud of you! Congratulations to the Class of 2003! 

With all our love and support. 
Dad, Mom, Mike (and Mogul) 


Since your first day of kindergarten. 

We've tried to give you roots and wings. 
Now as you graduate from Lehigh, 

We l^now you will continue to accomplish great things. 

Mom, Dad, Philip and Casey 



May all your days be even brighter as your future unfolds. 

Mom, Dad, Ann and Matt 

(^oncnatuLationi to owi c^ELEnE'. 

ijoux ramiLij Louei uou... tliii ii 
onLij tliE LJECjbinuiLj, Jdeoji! 

-AoL^E, ^V{oni and Cmlit 



What a wonderful beginning to your 
journey in life. 

Love, Mom and Dad, Cindy, 
Don and IVlellisa and Ella 


Congratulations James! 

You've always had your sights on the 
open sea. As you graduate, the world 
lays before you with endless possibili- 
ties. Like the sea, your journey will not 
always be calm. Set your sights on 
your star and don't be afraid of the 
challenges... your boat is swift and 
sturdy and will weather any storm. 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Michael and Gregory 










^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^spi^^ vb^ft ^^^H 


HI^^HT « 


'^^^m ^K 

a 1 




^^^^^k. ^KL ''> 




Micaela — 

Always follow your dreams — ^y 


have the power to change the w 


May all your greatest wishes be 


ized — we are so proud! 

All our love. 

Mom, Dad, Allie, Bailey and D 





Keep on 






and Justin 



Mandy Walls 

The future is your life's story. Use your kindness 

and determination to make it a good one! 

With Love and Pride, 

Mom, Dad, Brooke and Becca 

Lea Bender 


On a gagne... 
To your continued success! 


Maman, Dad and Emilie 

To Katie Preate 

Congratulations on your 
graduation from Lehigh. We 
are so proud of you and wish 
you well as you venture out 
into the world. 

Mom, Dad and Sam 

Congratulations Michael 

We're so proud of you! 

We wish you much success and 


Dad and Mom 









Congratulations to our 
wonderful son, Jared, on 
his graduation! We're so 
proud of you! 

Love, Dad and Mom 

Congratulations Melissa O'Shea 
and the Class of 2003 

AU of us are extremely proud of your ac- 
complishments. We wish you much love 
and happiness and a future filled with 
hope and success. 

Mom, Dad and Michael 


Dear Matt, 

"There are many paths to a full life. 
The most important is the path that 
is consistent with who YOU are." 


We are so proud of you — may your 
future be bright with your hopes 
and dreams fulfilled. 

Much love, 
Mom and Dad 

D vr£ oftzn hs-zn tola uou can onLu do tunat uou knocv liotv 
to do njuLL — cvid tkat i uou, bs. iunat uou xs. Liks., hs. LinE. 


uouiizLr. ^liELj ^^'Hiant Jde ^fianki. 
J^auxun and ^Jxii-on 

My dear Matthew, 

Congratulations on your graduation trom 
Leinigh! Your hard work and tremendous 
etfort made you reach this very important 
milestone. My blessings are always with 
you. I am so proud of you! 

Much love. 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 
CLASS OF 2003 


We have watched you grow from a beautiful baby to a 

fabulous lady, making us proud all along the way. Yet we 

couldn't be prouder of you than we are now. Congratulations 

on all your outstanding accomplishments! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Mike, Matt, Gram and Pop. 


^^pi^VL B From an adorable 



i M" *TVt 1 baby to an 

inA^^fl\| accomplished 
■■^^jlJ^H scholar. We're so 



^ ■|W- ^^^^^^1 very proud of you. 
Ml fc--^^^^B Congratulations 

fli ^^^^^BH Drew! 

^BI^BpJl^^^^l We love 

V ^m ^H^H ^cid, Mom and 

Jf Ip'^B Robin 

From soccer star to 
Lehigh graduate; 
time goes by so 

quicl<ly. Congratula- 
tions, we're so 
proud of you. 


Mom, Dave 

and the Gang 

Congratulations! We're so proud of you! 
Love. Monh Dad and Bonnie 

41 1»- 


Your smile reflects your journey. 


MODELS guided you. 

Now it's your turn to guide. 

Congratulations on a job well done! 

We Love You, 

YOUR GODSON CALEB, Uncle Rick and Alicia 


We are so proud of all you have 
accomplished. May you continue to 


Mom, Dad, 
Kristin, Allison 
and "Liberty' 

Dear Antonio, 

We are all very proud of you and your accomplishments, 
especially today as you gradtiate from Lehigh University. 
We will always be there for you in all your endeavors. 

May your future he filled with good health, much 
happiness and continued success! 

W^th much pride and love. 
Mom, Dad, Leo, 
Melissa, Nonna Teresa 
and Nonna Antonia 

Congratulations and 
Best Wishes, 

Super Ant!! 


At take-off, 

it looked scary. 

But you landed Top Gun! 

Congratulations Eddy! We are so proud of you! 
Love, Dad, Mom and Jen 

Congrats JB. 
rm so proud 
of you! 







We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Rob and Laura 








We love you. 

May all your 
dreams come true, 


Mom, Dad and 


■it ■»<' 

Congratulations Delia 
and best wishes to the Class of 2003 

We have always been so proud of you. 

You have worked hard on and off the river. 

We wish you much happiness and success in life. 

All our love always, 
Dad, Mom, Mary and Jed 




<:yV[uu all UOU1 ii^iiriEi. come tius! 
We ui£ lo bioua or uou. 


iJ- £.uton, J.un,J\ini, czrfLExa ana ^ack 

Congratulations Amy! 

We are extremely proud of every- 
thing you have accomplished. 
We wish you all the best that life 
has to offer. 

Lx)ve, Mom, Dad and Lindsay 








We are very proud of 

who you are and what 

you have accomplished, 

May your future be bright! 

Love, IVIom, Dad, Steven 
and Michael 









Congratulations Jaime (Zsa Zsa) 
and the Class of 2003! 

You've earned your wings J, now as always soar as 
high as you can with all our love and support. We 
are so proud of you and all your accomplishments. 
May all your dreams come true. 

Love Mom, Dad, Lys and Jolie 

Congratulations Clint! 

We are extremely proud of all you 
have accomplished. We wish you 
lots of love, happiness and 

Mom, Dad, and Doug 



Look back at the great times, 

The friends you've made, 

And the things you've learned... 

Look forward 

To a future fliU of promise. 

Opportunity and success. 

We are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad and Jennifer 




Mary Lynn, 
For your hard work and accomplishments, 
For your service to others. 
For your fidelity to faith and family, 
And for taking me along, 
I am very proud and grateful. 


Congratulations Jason 

We are so proud of you and 
all you have accomplished, 
and for the special man you 
have become. May your 
future be filled w^ith health, 
happiness and success. 

We Love You, 
Mom, Bob and Ali 

Darcy Marks and 
the Class of 2003! 

You've earned your wings, now reach 
for the stars! We're so proud of you. 
We'll always love you, Darcy Do! 

Mom and Dick 


Wishing you health, success, happi- 
ness, love, good friends, and may all 
your dreams become a reality. We are 
very proud of you. 


Mom, Dad and Aunt Marlene 

s Congratulations 

"A good head and a good heart are always a 
formidable combination. " 

-Nelson Mandela 

Congratulations Jess! 

We re so proud of you. 
Mom, Dad and Chip 






Ws. axE lo lixoud of LjOul 

Jd£.LLzijs. ui uouxi.£Lr: 

<:::7TaLT£ j-aitk ui uoux auilitiEi..... 

<We doll 

J-ous., <::yV{om, <^V{£.nan atia Jaion 

Congratulations Jeremy! 

Happiness isn't sometlning you experience; it's 
sometlning you remennber oscar Levant 

« IV 

The tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. 
The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach Benjamin e. Mays 

Good Luck, 
Mom, Dad, Sam and Gabby 



Congratulations on 
your graduation 
from Lehigh 
University 2003. 

We're so very proud of you! May you 
always have lots of happiness. 
Dad, Mom, Mark, Melissa and Koko 

Dear Jenny, 

How wonderful you 
are — our summer girl — 
our shining star! With all of 
our hearts and with all of 
our love, always remember 
how very much, 

Mom, Dad and Eric 


Brendan Hilley 2003 

Always follow your dreams, Brendan, 
and congratulations on your graduation. 
We are very proud of you and love you. 
Mom, Dad and Ryan 


—Ihii (i u [•iu ^ti.b ijii u^<i.i.\ \^'ud to u ixLjIiL hduxi. ' lis a-£ 
l2-c<ua cr uiS'u una knour uou ceilL huu£ much <ucc£ii ui uoux Zi/f . 
cirf-U. OU1 tors. 

Congratulations to our remarkable son — 

Adam Hochhauser. 

Your determination was strong; 

Your achievements were great. 

We are so very proud of you! 

All our love and best wishes. 
Mom, Dad, Alison and Eric 


^fn!9^ '•!? 

m- -■'■' 







■L' ' 






If ■ > • ♦ 


You're looking 



^ ^ 

good and 



k :1 

ready for 



the world! 

We love you, Mark! 

Mom, Dad and Jenny, Liz and Tyler, 

Annie and Steve, Shelby and Sophia, 

Grandma and Grandpa McDermott 






We are so very proud of you and 
all that you have accomplished. 
May all your dreams come true! 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad and Mary 


Congratulations Jon Hock 






We're so proud of 
all your hard work 
and great 

Love, Mom and Ed 

Dani Rhen 

We are so proud of you!! 

We wish you happiness and 



Love, Mom and Dad 









We are so very proud of 
\-oii! Congratulations. 
The world is yours. 
Love, Mom and Dad 

Congratulations Lisa 

We're very proud of 

you! May all your 

dreams come true. 

Love always. 
Mom and Dad 


Wherever you go, no matter what the 
weather, you always bring your own 

You have brought such joy and happiness to our 
lives. We wish you success in your hiture. May 
God bless you. 


Mom, Dad and Jennifer 



There are no words to de- 
scribe the depth of our love 
and pride for you. Be true to 
yourself and kind to others. 


Mom, Dad, Mike and 


Congratulations J.C. and 
the Class of 2003 

It is hard to believe 
that you are now a 
graduate of Lehigh 
University; where 
did the time go? We 
are very proud of 
you. You followed 
your dreams and 
again graduated 
"With Honors." 

We love you. 
Dad, Mom and 


You have always set your goals and made 
them happen, by commitment, determina- 
tion and will. We're so very proud of you. 
You're the light in our lives. 
Love you always. 
Mom and Dad XO 


Wc are so proud of you and all your accomplishments 
at Lehigh and throughout your entire lite. You have 
grown into a fmc man with great personalit)', a strong 
sensitivirv and lo\ing character. Upon graduation as you 
enter into the next phase ot vour lite, may you tollovv 
your heart, and \'our tuture will abound with the success 
vou deserve. 

Our wish tor you, Keith, is a lifetime of health and 
happiness, wisdom in all your decisions, the spirit ot 
love, and a deep contentment in your soul of realizing 
your dreams. 

We love you trom the bottom ot our hearts. 
Mom, Dad and Brian 


We are extrennely proud of 
all you have acconnplished. 
Good luck in all of your 
future endeavors. We love - 

Jason, Snnidgen and all 
your family 




C ona xatuLahionfL 


aui£>2 : 


^ We ax£ io ttxoud of uou and uoux 
manu accomjiLimniEntfi I <:yl/{au all 
uoux nojiEi ana axEanii co/tze txus,. 
We Loue uou! 


I <^om, [had, ^Maht and 



Cherish your visions 
and your dreams, as 
they are the children 
of your soul the blue- 
prints of your ultimate 

Kris, we feel so privileged 

to share in your vision 
and Journey through life. 

Love Always, 
Mom, Dad and Jacqui 








Kath?irine Barry Bruce 

Congraailations, Kate! 

We love you and are very proud of you. 

Our hope for you is a future bright with 

promise and every happiness. 

Love always, 

Mom and Dad 

Congratulations Jennifer 

We are extremely proud of you and 

all that you have accomplished. 

May all of your dreams come true. 


Mom and Dad 

C^onaxaLiLcdioni czrpiiana 

cma inz ^mtan Claii of 200S 

^ We axs. Exhsmslu jixouA or uoux aacomhliik/nsnti.; 

tn£ aoali ana LaEali. uou naus. i.£.t rox uouxisli. 

<:yv{oi.t LmjioxtaniLu oje ax£ jixoua or ins. biaiuLauoL uou liauE lj£com£. 

JDs bias to uouxiELi and ksEb i.tiiubiq to maJzE 

tnz cvoxLa a usttEX jjIoce. 

<::yv{au all uoux axEOjni. coniE tiUE. 


^y\om, J^aa ana ^ vanEi.i.a 





1999 - 2002 

Junior Co-Captain - 2001 
Senior Co-Captain - 2002 

Thanl<s for the Memories! 
Love, l^om and Dad 

Sevgili Esramyz, 

Bu mutluluSu bize ya^attySyn i^in sonsuz teJ^ekkurler.Hayatynyn 
bundan sonraki doneminde de,arzulady5yn tiim giizellikleri ve 
ba^arylary Tanrynyn sana ya|)atmasy dilediyle. VarlySynla onurluyuz ve 
seni gok seviyoruz. 

Sonsuz sevgilerimizle, with love 

Annen, Baban, Sara, Osman 

Gecmise baktigimda en guzel gunlerim deyince aklima, seninle 
gecirdiklerim geliyor yalnizca. Bu guzel gunlere bir yenisi daha 
ekleniyor mezuniyetinle. Yeni bir hayatin baslangici senin icin, piril 
piril basari dolu. Ve ben hep yaninda olacagim paylasmak icin, iyi gunde, kotu gunde. . . 

Now that I have you, I found the meaning of life. You are my dreams; my happy days 
that Lehigh made them come true and brought us together far away from our home. To 
these happy days, a new one will be added with your graduation. The beginning ot a new 
life, a bright and successful future is ahead of you, and I will always be there to share 
with you the good times and the bad times. 





From the moment you were bom, you've 
made us so proud, brought us lots of joy 
and laughter, and brightened up the world 
with your beautiful smile! 

Love, Daddy, Mommy and Richie 

To Don Gwiazdowski, 

Congratulations! We're very 
proud of you, your hard work 
and determination. 

LUB Always, 
Mom, Dad and Rog 










P ^If ... M apt ^^^8 



^» ** * 






^^^^^^^^ ^I^^^H|<;«^ 

Love, Dad, Mom, Alicia 


Pumpkins, a college, a career. 
You always make the right pick. 
We're so proud of you! 


Mom, Dad and Ashleigh 

J^EOi c^bljiE cy\oiE, 

c^rfii aLi\ 

aiaui, (ME axE ±o 





bxoud of uou! 

C oncj xatuLationi I 

c::7jlL oux Loue, 

^V{om, J^aa anaJlnvnu 

Congratulations Yazzi, 

We are very proud of you. Your hard work 
and diligence has finally paid off. May all of 
your future dreams come true. 


Mom, Dad and Alex 


We are extremely proud of 
all of your accomplishments. 
You have succeeded in all of 
your endeavors. 


Mom, Dad, Vanessa, 

Nono and Nona 

Congratulations, Jeremy! 

From the beginning, you 
have brought joy and 
happiness into our lives. 
You went from being our 
little boy to the wonderful 
young man that you have 
become today. We have 
cherished your every 
moment along the way. 




We are extremely proud of you and 
your accomplishments. Remember- 
always reach for the stars and follow 
your DREAMS. With your faith and trust 
in God, you will be successful. 
Luke 11:9 
LOVE: Mommy, Daddy and Renee' 

''I love you! 'Sistter' Simons— Love Ne'Ne' 
LOVE: Renee' 

We mark this 
milestone with 
you vv^ith thank- 
ful hearts and 
confidence that 
His hand is 
shaping you for 
every good 


Mom, Dad, Sian 
and Lauren 

We are so 
proud of you, 


Your family 

loves you. 






You met the 


Love, Mom, Dad and 


._ ^'^ m)k 



^. -- 

*M — 

; f 

\ "^ \^ ■ , 


You made it, David! Now your 
life begins, and we're still with 

All our love. 

Dad, Mom, Allie, Sammy and Philiy 


Congratulations Mat T. 


'Success is a continuing thing. 

It is growth and development. 

It is achieving one thing and using that as a 

stepping stone to achieve something else." 

May your graduation be one of the many achievements 
in a life filled with success, happiness and dreams come 

We love you, Mom, Dad and Ash 


czrfctii - ^lanaz 

CongxatulatLOHi. on all uoux accoml2LiiJmis.ntii. 

ijou axe a iJEauiij-aL, intsiLliaenk ana caxina 
young (Moman. <^yl/{au all uoux axzarm. corns 

-J\atniun ana <::y\/{LcnaEL 



Dreams, thoughts and plans.., 

Continue to follow your heart, 

We are so very proud of you— 


We'll still always love you. 

Mom, Dad, Lewis, Matt, 

Jake and Buddy 

Duss, follow your dreams wherever 

they lead you, remembering that 
you're very dearly loved and appre- 
ciated. Your family is so proud of 
your accomplishments. You'll be 
\ great in grad school! 


We all know there have been hard times 
and good times; but God is good all the 
time. We are proud of you and love you. 

From Mom, Dad and Patty 

Samantha... You are "very special" and have "many 

talents and interests." We re sure whatever road vou 

take in life will lead you to success. 

Congrats to the 
class of 2003 on 
your graduation 
from Lehigh. Sam, 
never forget lips 
and blush... 

We love you and think you are the greatest! We are so 


Mom. Dad. Elyssa. Brian. Uncle Ricky and Zach 



Since infancy you have 
gested" knowledge and been 
ready to party at a moment s 
notice! Congrats on your gradu- 
ation... now go out and shake 
the world. 

Our love, 
Mom, Dad 
and Katie 

Congratulations, Lauren! 

We are extremely proud of you 

and we love you very much. 

The best is yet to come! 

Love, IVIom and Dad 


Laura Ogden 
Rheinauer and 
her Class of 

Enjoy life! 
Love from family 



We're so proud 

of you! 

Melissa's first 
school picture 











^^^^^^^^H ^^^^^^^^H 



Congratulations Alisoi 

I are so proud of you. May 
' world's wonderful possib 

ties become your reality. 

Mom, Dad and Parie, '00 




C ona \a£ulationfL 



a aLL 

or uou arii 









a(jE accom 


Congratulations Dana 

We are proud of you, Dana. May your 
future be successful, filled with happiness, 
and all your wishes come true. 


Mommy and Daddy 










From that ''ambiguous" look 
on your face — to that accom- 
plished and confident man you 
have become... 

Congratulations Joe!! 

We are so very proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, Bill, Chris and Jen 





1 Sj^ ^ 

We are so very proud of your 



^^ / 

accomp ishment. Remember, 



good times become good 



memories, bad times become 




good essons. You have grown 
up so beautifu y. The word 


awaits you now. 

A our ove. 

Mom, Dad, Evan and Joseph 













Class of 2003 



^^^^^F^'^ ^JIPI^^^H 

You made us all 




Mom, Dad and 



We're so 
proud of you! 

Love, Mom 
and Dad 

Congratulations Fareed 

We are so proud of you! 
Mom, Dad and FariaL 





We are extremely 
proud of all you have 
accomplished. Keep 
enjoying life's small 
joys while going for 
the big ones. 

Love Mom, Dad, 
Juliene, Johnny 



May your dreams 

today become 

reality tomorrow! 

Patti, Ian, Shayna, 
Lexie and Jessica 










Congratulations Chris 
Schaible on great work 
and Lehigh ice hockey 
league champs. 

Love, your family 

Congratulations Melissa! 

We are so very proud of 
you! As you graduate 
Lehigh and walk into your 
future may you always 
meet with great success 
and your heart and life 
always be filled with love 
and happiness. 

We love you very much! 
Mom, Dad and Michael 




Congratulations Dae-Woong! 

Thank you for all the joy and happiness 
you have brought into our lives through 
the person you are and all your achieve- 
ments. May your dreams come true and 
future be bri2;ht. 



Mom and Dad, Young-Eun, 

Dae- Young 


You are on your way! 
Congratulations Jillian 

Love and God Bless, 

Mom, Dad, Jordan 

and Pop-Pop 

Congratulations Camila 
We are extremely proud of all 
you have accomplished. May all 
your dreams come true. 


Mom, Dad, Karla and Jose Antonio 



You have followed your Lehigh dream to 

great success — with perseverance and 

fun along the way. 

We are very proud of you and 

we love you lots. 

Mom, Scot and Grandma 






Brian Homeijei^2003 

You make us VERY proud! 

Love and Happiness Always! 
Mom, Dad and Dan 

Congratulations Katusia! 

In life what 
sometimes ap- 
pears to be the 
end is really a 
new beginning. 
Love, Mom, Dad, 
Rick and Family 



Days become weeks, then months 
and evolve into years. As each 
[xissed, you developed the charac- 
ter traits which define who you 
are today, one who is honorable, 
imbued with integrity and most 
importantly, kind and generous. 
This palette will serve you well. 

When chaos is pruned away, all 
that a person owns is his word. 
Yours is impeccable, candid and 
rcfrcshinelv direct. What we love 
about you the most though is your 
oFibeat humor and your ability to 
look at supposedly normal events 
and glean a laugh from them. At 
the end of the day, the ultimate 
question in a relationship is 
whether or not there is more joy 
than pain when being around 
another person. And whether it's 
at the end of a bad day, a frustrat- 
ing event or just plain confusion, 
vour presence and sense of humor 
make it all go away. What a gift. 
And what a gift it is to have you in 
our lives. 

As you journey forward to 
wherever your dreams take 
you, remember not onl\' the 
happy times, but the sad 
ones as well. They will help 
you in understanding the 
totality of any decision you 
have to make. 

Know that you are loved and 
respected. Hold on to this; it 
will cushion you always. 
Keep your positive outlook 
even when it seems as 
though nothing is positive. 
Trust your intuition. And 
most of all, remember to 
seize the day. It is unique and 
will not happen again. 

Happy Graduation!!! 

You're the best. 


Mom and Dad 

^•* 1 »-■ 

Dear Steve, 

"Blessed is the man.. .whose.. .delight is in the law of the 
Lord.. .and he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of 
water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also 
shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper" 
(Psl:l-3). God has given you a kind heart, a wise head, and 
a soul that touches many. "Go ye therefore, and teach all 
nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of 
the Son, and of the Holy Ghost" (Mt28:19), for the "Lord 
seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward 
appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart" (ISam 
17:7). As you embark on your like venture, "commit thy 
way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it 
to pass" (Ps 37:4-5). He will continue to guide you as we 
continue to encourage and be the wind under your sails. 
Love and prayers always. Mom and Dad 


Your energy is limitless. 

Your future is bright. 

With great pride, admiration and love, 

Mom, Dad and Jeff 

\fxom Ljoux rixit aau of 

icnooL to Ljoux Laii, 

uou (j£ inaasi ui 

i.o hxoua! 



By following your star, 
you've made us very 
proud! Congratulations 
Rachel Thais Goodman 
and much success! 


Mom, Dad and Dan 

Congratulations ^3nen\ 

We are extremely proud of all you 

have accomplished. May all your 

dreams come true. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Deor^, Patti, Soomi 
and Granny 


Congratulations Ken! 

We are so very proud of you! Attaining your goals is very 
rewarding. Keep reaching for that next goal. Remember to have 
fun along the way. 

Wishing you lots 
of love, happiness 
and success... 


Mom, Dad and Jen 

Congratulations Larry! 

The Brown and White, Dean's List, Delta 

Phi, Lifelong friendships — a great four 

years; so many memories and a promising 

future. We are so proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad and Craig 


We are always so proud of you! 

May your life be fiUed with 


Sois sage. Sois gentille. 
Sois prudente. 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad 
and Hazel 

Luke Weber 

How proud and blessed we are— 
your ready smile, quick wit and 
thoughtful manner always shin- 
ing. You have brightened our 

Wishing you love, happiness and 

Mom, Dad, Jill and J. P. 

A Marketing/Management Man Right From the Start 

Congratulations on your bachelor of 
science in business and economics. 
Best wishes in law school. We are so 
proud of you! 


Dad. Mom. Anne and Aunt E.G. 










■ L f 

%Z^ tun ' ^'-^ ^-vt 



Frank. Dean. Sammy, & Peter 
Host Live Roast' Nigritly All May 2003 

To my baby, a few words to tell you what you are to me; the most valuable, 

precious, admirable and wonderful jewel in my life. I wish tor you a world of 

health, success and jov. May God continue to guide you on a perfect and safe 

p.iih. 1 will always love you. MOM 

l.ickie... ('oiii;r.its on .ill ot \our accomplishments; 1 am wrv proud ot you. Soon 
enough I too will say that 1 graduated college and heading toward success. 1 
know vou will be great in the luture at whatever you choose to take on. God 

M. ss Mill' I cue, \<Hir little sister, Yosie 


We have shared victory 
and defeat, and through 
it all, you have made us 

All our love, 
Dad, Mama and 






Congrats Joe Sclatani! 

May all your dreams come true. 

We're so proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad and Teresa 

Congratulations Jesse 

You're wonderful. 
We love you and 
are very proud. 

Mom, Dad, Jake 
and Buba 

Congratulations to the 
Class of 2003 

The 2003 Epitome 

staff wishes you luck 

and happiness as you 

iourney on to the next 

sta^e of vour hves. 


From knee-high to Lehigh, 
To your dreams on high, 

Congratulations, Sarah Pip. 
Go get 'em! 

All our 



^^^^^H ^aH^H 

^^^H^P'^^'N "^^^S^^l 


^^B ^^H 


^ET^^' ;^^H 






Congratulations Hay ley! 

For all that you are, and for all that 
you will be.. .we love you so! Make a 
wish sweetheart, and make it come 

Love, Mom, Dad, Mike and Connor 

Good Luck Antoinette! 

Soar high and be all you can be. 
We are so proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Adam and Eddie 





Patrons & Sponsors 2003 

The Epitome thanks the following iiidi- 
viduabfor their generous contribution to 
the yearbook. Without assistance from 
our Patrons aiul Sponsors, we would not 
be able to publish this book. 


Contribution ol S^^ m liii;lKr 

liobcit and Barbara Blaiiclic 
l.llin and (Christopher Booras 
janct l^ottighcri 
Pat and Peter BouUikos 
Mr. and Mrs. WAlhm S.C. Bradford jr. 
J. Brian Buckley 
Nicky and Barbara Capezzera 
Anthony and Mary Capone 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Chow 
jini and ("arol Crosson 
Mary Davidson 
Mary and Larry DiLegge 
Mr. and Mrs. John D'Luhy 
John and Sandra Dugan 
John and Elizabeth Dyer 
John and Margaret Forbes 
Judith E. Forker 
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Giordano 
Bruce P. Hansen 
Philip and Colleen Hcmpleman 
Margit and Rick Hershey, '67 
Mike and Karen Kacheiriess 
Stephen and Doris Korin 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. l.agowski 
Raymond and Linda Lindenmoyer 
Jonathan P. Marshall 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Mattson 
I'.rnest and Sandra Minclli 
Florentine and Elisabeth Miranda 
Rev. and Mrs. Kurt P. Nemitz 
Al and Carol Olzinski 
Jt)hn and Karen Orobono 
i he Painter Family 
Cynthia Rhen 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Riegcl 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Rinaldi 
Peter C. and Deborah G. Rossin 
Audrey and Stuart Rubin 
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Seigel 
Joan Ser^idone 
, Nan and L.J. Skeie 
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Smith 
Michael and Jane Sta\ola 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Stear 
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Teisch 
Lisa Tiger 
Marilyn and John Toriello 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Torodash 
Marion and Bob Van Pelt 
Joe Vitella 

Margaret and Tom Warren 
Michele and Michael Weiden 
Ross Weiss and Margie Stein 
Mark and Susan Whitmore 
Linda and Russell Wulf 
Francis and Lina Zane '^ 
Emorj' anci Linda Zimmers 
Ruth Zowadcr and Phil Anderson 


Contribution ot $40 or higher 

Karen and Fierand Abcarian 

Josie and Carm Adimando 

Terri and Stephen Afromowitz 

Lynn and Jim Anderholm 

Mary and Bill Anderson 

Joyce and Robert Auerbach 

L Awan Family 

John and Kathleen Balboni 

Myra W. Baum 

Myron and Barbara Beckner 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Braxtan, III 

Cherry Mathew M.D. Lila Cherry M.D. 

Jennifer and Dan Coffey 

Michael Cooley 

Frank and Lynn Cremen 

Margot and Jon Davis 

Robert Diamond and Ilene Gerstein 

Lee and Cherie Dolan 

Steven and Candice Dubensky 

Robert Dubuss 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Ferrel 

Martin and Georgianna Fisher 

Betsy and Richard Fiske, the family of Darcy 

Sharon and Kenneth Flax 
Gerald E. Frick 

Amy Frolick and Brad Eric Scheler, 74 P '05 
Frowley Family 
Richard M. Gabor 
Mike and Michaelann Galiyano 
Kathy Cassidy-Gerhard and Larry Gerhard 
The Giletto Family 
Mr. and Mrs. James Gladstone 
Robert and Cher\'l Goldberg 
Peter and Diane Gorvnski 
Luis G. Hernandez 
Diane and Arnold Hochhauser 
Marcia and Bruce Holz and Family 
Joel and Mona Jaffe 
Jon and Cathy Jenkins 
Bruce and G. Leigh Kelly 

Ian Kessler, Class of 2006 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lewis 

Mrs. Harold Mait, in honor of David Mait 

Michelle and Jim Masland (parents of 

(Christopher Postlewait) 
Christopher Matchett 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Maurer 
Joseph and Patricia Mazella 
Patsy and Don McKinney 
Marcia and Louis Meshonek 
John and Leslie Moran 
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Moyer 
Deborah and Edward Murawinski 
Rudaina Nasr 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Nicholson 
Nippert Family 
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Oliverl 
Kevin and Carol O'Shea 
Al and Ginger Pcdecine 
Gary and Lynnc Pell 
James and Laura Regnier 
Mark and Linda Reiner 
The Family of R. Keith Reynolds 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Riddle 
David and June Rokoff 
Dr. Gary S. and Patricia A. Roth 
Su. Chong San 
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Schmidt 
Annie and Tom Schulhot 
Joseph L. and Graceann Z. Sclafani and 

AJan and Willa Sheppard 
Valerie and Joe Shondel 
Charles and Sandy Shotmeyer 
Linda and Lenny Silversmith 
Dr. and Mrs. Arne Skilbred 
Mike and Jean Thompson 
Tliomas J. \'.ille\' IIL in memor\' of Barbara A. 

Richard and Arlene Vezza 
Ronda Seifer Walis 
Barbara, Joe and Luke Weber 
Scott and Renae Wenner 
John and Bonnie Williamson 
John Win fie Id 
Al Wojtas 
Mary and Robert E. Wortmann 

For i}iforiiialioii on lunv to become n Patron or 
Sponsor of the 2004 yearbook, please call the 
Epitome office at 610-758-4185 or visit us on 
the zeeb at and click 
on the "Ci~cing" link. 

Where the Lehigh's rocky rapids 

Rush from out the West, 
Mid a grove of spreading chestnuts, 

Walls in ivy dressed. 
On the breast of old South Mountain 

Reared against the sky. 
Stands our noble Alma Mater, 

Stands our dear Lehigh. 

Like a watchman on the mountain 

Stands she grandly bold, 
Earths and Heaven's secrets seeking. 

Hoarding them like gold. 
All she wrests from Nature's storehouse 

Naught escapes her eye. 
Gives she gladly to her dear ones. 

While we bless Lehigh. 


. .— ' I 

We will ever live to love her, 

Live to praise her name, 
Live to make our lives add luster 

To her glorious fame. 
Let the glad notes wake the echo 

Joyfully we cry: 
Hail to thee, our Alma Mater; 

Hail, all hail, Lehigh! 

1 ^ 

^^M— — ^t---: ' - •^^ H| ^TB 


^^^HlVi^ viniiH 







.^ ^^^^^^^^1 

^^^^^^^H /a^A:^ 






^^^^^^^^^^HtT' t''^ ^& 

Ua tl^K^H''ML^Hk:<^^^^^^^H 

^^^^^^^^^^^E^^ 1 i ^sp;r-' 

HlJmY \ ■ a^Hre'^^^^I 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^BlMlti y*^^ "^i 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^■BKf'lf ^-.',,1 ■'<! 


^^^^^^^^^^^' , ^'^ S 


^^^^^^^^K^) /^^l 


^^^^^^^1^ IW 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H ^^k 

- ~ " '"*~'""^^1^^^H 

^^^^^^^^^^H :^ 

' .' 'Jofik- " ~ &^3^S9^^^H 

^^>q9Lm^ ^^^^BI 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^B ^ 'SHI 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B '')^^^l 


H^^^^-'' ' '"'^^^1 

^^^^^^^^^^^^H^L ' i^H 

P^'^Bf"-''*' *■' ■ ■-■^'^fllB 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H >-. ^^H 

^o^V'*..^ . ^--^^^al 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B ' fl^H 


^^^^^^^^^B ^ 'fl 





Volume 127 of the Hpitomc yearbook was printed by Jostens Priming and 
Publishing of State C'ollege: 401 Science Park Road, State College, PA 16801. 
Phil Klein served as our local sales representative. Dave Hartnett was the 
designated plant service representative and Bob Eyster served as the design 
consuli.uii. Copyright 2003, the [epitome. No part ot this book may be 
reproduced in an\' form without prior written consent. 

Cover: 1 heco\'er, which uses process color, is a 1 rue life lit ho 
combo with matte lamination and Adobe 1175 grain. I he 
background color is Pantone 504 Mix-Match. The text is 
embossed in Pale Cold 328 ink and uses the Palatino font. 
Photographs used for the collage were taken by DaVor 
Photograph)', Inc. and Yomaris Maldonado. The cover was 
designed by the editorial board and prepared using Adobe 
Photoshop 7.0 by John Misinco with assistance from Mark 

Endsheets: The endsheets use process color and are printed on 
Snow White 280 paper. The cream color used lor the 
background ot the front endsheet is Pantone 7499. The three- 
line maroon border around the photo boxes uses Pantone 504 
CVU color. Each section name uses the Palatino font, while 
the page numbers are in ACaramond. 

Typography: All body copy uses ACaramond l4-point text 
and all captions use 8-point lahoma. The lolio text is in 8- 
point ACaramond. The leaf used in the folio and throughout 
the book uses the Zapf Dingbats font. The "What it Takes" 
logo on the title page uses Palatino. Other fonts used in the 
Features section include ITC Officina Sans Book, Bookman 
and ACaslon Regular. Fonts used in the Academics section 
include Eras Medium and Park Avenue. The Athletics section 
includes Serpentine Medium, Bookman and ACaslon Regular. 
The scoreboards in the Athletics section use Palatino and 
Avant Carde. The onl\- additional font in the Organizations 
section is Eras Medium, which is used lor the headlines. The 
Creek Life section uses Flora Medium and Avant Carde. The 
Creek letters contained throughout this section use the Symbol 
font. The Living section uses Avant Carde lor headlines, 
although the collages for off-campus residences are submitted 
by students and contain various fonts. The Craduates section 
uses Palatino for the "2003 Seniors" insignia at the top of each 
page and ACaramond for the names below each portrait. The 
Advertisements section contains a mix of all the lonts used 
throughout the book. 

Design: Templates for each section's layout were designed by 
John Misinco and Marjorie Hoffmann with the advice and 
consent of the editorial board and section editors. Section 
editors and their staffs then completed the layouts, which 
entailed selectingand editing all photos, soliciting information 
and writing copy and captions. All pages were created on PCs 
using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Adobe PageMaker 7.0. 

Color: The first 48 pages ol the book use process color. In 
addition to the cream and maroon colors, other spot colors 
utilized are Pantone 354 CVC and Pantone Reflex Blue CVC. 

Paper Stock: The entire 456 pages of the book are printed on 
Meade gloss enamel #80 paper. 

Photography: Professional photography services are provided for 
the Epitome by DaVor Photography: Box 8507, 654 Street 
Road, Bensalem, PA 19020-8507. Our local sales representative 
is Mark Huff. DaVor also handles all senior portraits. Additional 
photographs for the 2003 Epitome were taken by Yomaris 
Maldonado and her photography staff. Cody Smart took most of 
the landscape shots used in the Opening and submitted many 
candid photos. Candid photos were ;ilso solicited from students 
for the Organizations, Creek Life and Craduates sections. 
Photographs of the Coppee Hall dedicadon, used in the Academics 
section, were taken by John Kish. All theater photos used in the 
Features section were picnided hv the Zoellner Arts Center. 

Finance and Operation: The Epitome is an entirel\- student-run 
publication and does not receive Rinding from the university. 
Each sororit)- and fraternity pays a fee for space in the book The 
Student Senate pays for each organization to have a half-page of 
space, and organiz;itions can purchase additional space. Other 
funds are generated from book sales, parent advertisements, off- 
campus residence advertisements and generous donations from 
parents, families and friends of the university. The 2003 year- 
book sold for S60. Shipping and handling cost $7.50. The total 
press run was 1 ,300 books. 

The Epitome "^» Lehigh UxixTRSiTt' '■»> 33 Coppee Drive r» Bethlehem, PA 18015 

Phone: 610-758-4185 — Fax: 610-758-6198 — E-mail: 

Web: w^^^ 


to maks a UEaihook 

Misinco Hoffmann Cappadona Murad Dymek Lipko 

The 2002-03 Editorial Board at State College: 

Marjorie Hoffmann (co-editor in chief), Nick Cappadona 
(managing/technical editor), Linda Murad (associate 
editor), Phil Klein (Jostens sales representative), Linda 
Lipko (adviser), John Misinco (editor in chief), Diane 
Dymek (assistant adviser). 

In August, the editorial board began the planning process for this year's book by taking a trip to State College, Pa., 
to visit the Jostens Printing and Publishing plant. While there, we finalized our plans for the theme. With much 
excitement, we met with Dave Hartnett, our plant representative, Bob Eyster, the design consultant and Phil Klein, 
our sales representative. After two days of hard work, we created the preliminary designs that resulted in this Epitome, 
Now that the book is completed, it is amazing to see just how far those plans have come. 

Producing a yearbook of this size is no easy task and cannot be accomplished without the hard work and 
dedication of many individuals. First, I would like to thank Mark Huff and the entire staff of DaVor for another 
excellent year of photographs and senior portraits. These guys are truly lifesavers; I don't know what we'd do 
without them. As always, a big thank you goes out to all the folks at Jostens, including everyone behind the 
scenes, for their support and hard work to help to make this the best yearbook possible. 

Of course, there are many people right here at Lehigh whose assistance to us is invaluable. First, our proofreader 
extraordinare, Ann Koffel. In addition to pouring through page after page of text, Ann also spent a great deal of time 
assisting with many other important tasks such as processing yearbook orders and typing all of the information 
contained in the senior index. Another big help came in the form of our journalism department student assistants 
Rich Pearson, Jen Ryan and Amy Komarinetz. These three did everything from stuffing envelopes to packaging last 
year's books. I would also like to thank the Student Senate, especially Treasurer Matt Giusto, ft)r agreeing to pay fo 
each student organization to have space in the book. 

My deepest thanks and gratitude goes to all the hai-d working editors and staffs members, who without reward spent 
countless hours completing layouts, gathering information and taking photographs. Without their dedication and 
commitment, this yearbook would not have been possible. 

Last, but not least, a big diankyou to our advisers, Linda Lipko and Diane Dymek, who spent coundess hours assisting us 
to prepare diis book. As ftin as producing die yearbook is, woridng widi diese two truly makes the experience enjoyable. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2003, and I hope you find this yearbook has "what it takes" to help keep alive 
the memories of your Lehigh experience. 

Thank you everyone, 

r /U&^',.-y..-^^er-^ 

John Misinco 
Editor in Chief 







' .-^i